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Summary of my life

The Chief calls us "Fighters" but everyone else at Head Quarters (HQ) calls us "Guardian Angels". I only have one partner, the other guardian angel, her name is Nicole, and she and I are like sisters. I love her so much that I would jump in front of a bullet for her. (Already did that on a mission in Fiji) We are apart of a project formed by Mr. Wilson. (From now on will be referred to as the chief)

Nicole was his niece. He promised his sister that he would make sure that nothing would happen to her no matter what! That all changed when she went on a mission and didn't come out of it alive.

The chief didn't know what to do, so he took her to his safe house in the mountains. He used machines to get her heart going again, and a year later, she was a living again! It truly was miracle.

Well, when Nicole woke up, her senses were doubled. She could move twice as fast, had some serious muscle, hear twice as well (which is pretty good if you're a spy) and her eye sight strengthened also. She spent 6 months prepping, learning how to deal with her new senses. I also got these senses. It took me along time to get used to my new abilities. (6 months too) I now have the strength to punch a whole though the wall. I hear so much, that I get such a big head ache that I have to wear ear plugs and still can hear a pin drop in a crowded room. I can see a grass hopper in the woods that I live in, just with my eyesight! We can move fast, and quietly! We're like supernatural ninja's! It's awesome!

She greatly accepted the challenge of taking care of me, when the chief brought my body home. You're probably wondering what happened to me.

My name is Cameron Anne Morgan and I'm a spy. I was married to the most amazing man, Zach Goode. When I became pregnant, he was so happy to be a father. I lost too much blood giving birth to her though, and died at the age of 22.

The chief didn't want to lose an amazing spy like me, so he brought me to the safe house in the mountains, just like he did with Nicole.

They had a problem bringing me back because Nicole just needed her heart to start again, but I had lost a lot of blood. After 5 years (I know that's along time compared to how long it took Nicole, but like I said, it mattered on how you died) I was up.

To tell you the truth, I was shocked at the news that I had died and had been dead for the past 5 years, but I appreciated what the chief did. I wanted to see my little girl grow up.

Another problem popped up though. If we wanted to continue being spies, Nicole and I had to do it secretly, the C.I.A couldn't even know. The chief had to be the only one. You see, even though the chief is the highest ranked, he could still get into trouble for illegal stuff. Let's just say, that bringing 2 people back from the dead, was pretty bad.

So, the chief came up with some nicknames for our little group. We were either called the "Guardian Angels" or the "Fighters". There's meaning behind each of them.

Nicole and I were fighters and that stood for what we did. We fought through life, death and the second life. (It's our lives after our death, but we are still on earth, just in case you're confused) To give even more meaning to it, the chief bought us necklaces. It has a circle emblem with an eagle and lion standing next to each other. (She was the lion and I was the Eagle, it is just a debate thing that we would joke about sometimes) They were the best known animals for fighting, and we wore our necklaces with pride and honor.

Our other nickname stood for what we do. We protect people. We were spies before and we protected people before also, but now, we had to save and protect spies. We were supernatural with our new abilities, so we could easily go into an enemy's building, grab what we need, and get out. (All just in a matter of two minutes, that's how fast we can move) Occasionally, we had to go on rescue missions, and the spies that we would save would sometimes still be conscious. Meaning, they knew that someone saved them, but the C.I.A didn't send for two people. Hm? That's when the spies at HQ started calling us Guardian Angels. They knew that someone was watching over them, but they just weren't sure who. I wonder... i'im kidding of course i know who it is.... it's MOI!.... and Nicole.

So, we have been a team, me and Nicole, for the past ten years. Everyone thinks that we are both dead and that's what we want them to think. We protectively look after our old fellow agents.

I spy on my friends every once in a while, just to see if there happy. If they were to go to a bar, then I'll be a bartender, if a park, then I'll be selling hot dogs, I did anything to see them, but have them not see me.

The chief is like a second father to me. He makes sure that I'm safe and keeps his ears open for Zach's and everyone's safety.

My daughter is now 15 years old, and I've missed so much from her life, but I did get to see when she first went to Gallagher. I also sent presents to her every once in awhile, (every birthday and every other Christmas)I know its risky, but hey, she's my daughter, she is still so confused as to who sends her the presents, but by now, she is used to it and expects them. For her 11th b-day I got her an I-pod and a laptop, but when she asked Zach who got it for her, I stopped sending those things. Her name is Karly Cameron Goode. Zach has done a great job raising her. I'm proud to call her my daughter.

So, in summary, that's how I had been spending the past ten years. On the anniversary of my 15 year death, everything changed.

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