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The Festival can finally begin! It's gonna be hard with all the elements involved with the Festival itself but with my readers support I am sure to do it! Enjoy!

It was the start of the three day Mahora Grand Festival, crowds of people eagerly rushing past the entrance to begin enjoying what was the 78th festival Mahora had ever had. The crowds were welcomed by a parade of people in various costumes, from Medieval Knights to Futuristic Robots. In the skies above a team of jets flew over the Festival, leaving Smoke trails of various designs in their wake, fireworks shooting off safely away from the jets to further impress the crowds below. On the grounds below various shows and activities had begun, from a show featuring Super Sentai like wannabes to simple dressed up characters handing out balloons to happy children.

"Wow!", Negi Springfield said in awe as he looked around at the crowds of people, awed by how amazing the Festival looked around him," I didn't think the Festival would be this big!".

"I have to say, I AM impressed", Naruto followed with, looking around from besides his younger brother, though he swore he smelled Ramen," Yet another testament to how amazing this school is".

"Well, there are more schools involved then just Mahora", Yue informed the brothers from besides Nodoka and Haruna, all three girls dressed in similar black dresses," It involves campuses from all over the country, making it a World Famous event".

"Is that so?" Naruto asked Yue curiously, wondering why he had never heard of it before today then," All this fuss for three days though?".

"While officially the Festival only lasts three days, it's such a big event it usually lasts longer", Yue replied, taking a sip of the juice box she held.

"Your also allowed to dress up in anything you want for the Festival", Haruna piped in, smiling as she explained," It's fun to see what some people will dress up as".

"... Is that so?", Naruto asked with a fox like smirk, looking to Negi," I'll be right back!", Naruto told his brother, chuckling as he suddenly rushed over to a bathroom.

"I should have known", Negi sighed with a smile, before looking back to the three girls," Sorry, please continue your explanation Yue".

"Of course", Yue said with a smile," Mahora academy hosts this Festival once every year in order to show people the meaning of fun, during the festival the academy is filled with energetic students hosting their own events, However because of how popular the Festival has become more effected by the Society around it, making it more Business then fun in some cases, It's said last year Two Billion and Sixty thousand was made in one day".

"T-two billion!", Negi and Naruto asked in surprise, Naruto's pinkie moving to the corner of his lips as he said it, before Negi looked in surprise to Naruto," Your back!".

"Yep!", Naruto said with a smirk, arms crossed over his chest in a way that could be considered posing," Try and figure out what my costume is!", Naruto dared his younger brother.

Naruto was wearing what appeared to be a skin tight blue jumpsuit on his body, a strange set of white armor on his chest with yellow shoulder pad likes extensions. On his hands were white gloves and on his feet were white half calf high boots. Finally on Naruto's face was appeared to be a strange device, part of which was covering his right ear, while a red lens like attachment covered his right eye.

"... Your really a fan for that show aren't you?", Negi sighed, recognizing the outfit from many years of Naruto's worship of Dragon Ball Z (Don't own it!)," Isn't that the outfit you've been trying to get for the past 4 years?".

"Found it last week!", Naruto stated proudly, smirking in a Vegeta like way," I have many of the DBZ Cosplay outfits, but it took me forever to find the complete set of Vegeta's saiyan saga clothes! I even got the Scouter!"

The three girls nearby stared in surprise by Naruto's geekish tone, as the blond did not seem the type to collect anime memorabilia," So Naruto-sensei is a Dragonball Z geek?", Haruna asked teasingly.

"Dragon Ball too", Naruto replied with a smirk as Negi continued speaking with Nodoka and Yue nearby," Both series are amazing in their own ways!".

"What about GT?", Haruna asked curiously, only to find Naruto frowning darkly,"... Not a fan?".

"Let's just say it left much to be desired", Naruto sighed dramatically.

"Yet that didn't stop him from collecting all the memorabilia from it", Negi said with a smile as he walked over, a map in hand Nodoka had just given him.

"While I have my reasons for disliking it", Naruto began to explain his case," As a collector I cannot let any type of Dragon ball items escape my collection!".

"... Right", Negi sighed, before he held out what looked to be a Theme park map over to Naruto," I got you a map from Nodoka".

"Thanks", Naruto said with a smile, taking the map Negi had held out to him before looking over it," Damn!".

"I know", Negi agreed, looking over his own map," I doubt we'll be able to go to every place in three days... well maybe you with your Bunshin".

"It's not always the same as actually doing it", Naruto replied with a shrug, before suddenly grabbing Negi as the young teacher almost swerved into the path of a large robotic T-rex," You alright?".

"Y-yes, I just didn't get too much sleep", Negi replied sheepishly.

"He was too excited for the Festival!", Chamo spoke up, before gaining a playful look," Or maybe it was his date with Nodoka?".

"I see!", Naruto said with a wide smirk, Negi blushing at their accusations," I knew you took after me and Nagi!".

"I-it's not like that!", Negi protested as Naruto and Chamo laughed.

"Whatever", Naruto teased, easing up for now," Come on, we should could check up on the class, I have a pair of buddies to speak with anyways", Naruto mused, before looking back to the three Library expedition members," You guys up for coming along? You guys could use a break right?".

"Alright!", Haruna cheered, grabbing her two friends to follow after both Teacher and Assistant Teacher.

"Why is there such a long line?", Negi wondered in surprise, Naruto whistling at the line leading up to their class Haunted House.

"Either Kirai REALLY made it scary", Naruto replied as both of them tried to make it upstairs," Or their here for the hot girls in sexy outfits".

"I'm betting on the second one", Haruna giggled, lightly pushing up her glasses.

"Negi! Naruto!"

Both brothers turned to find Yuna and Sakurako rushing over to them, Yuna wearing a sexy cat girl outfit while Sakurako was wearing a sexy demoness costume," We were able to finish it in time!", Yuna said happily, referring to the completed Haunted House.

"Because of you guys, Gaara-kun, and Kirai-kun, the "Heart Beat Girl's" Haunted House is a huge success!", Sakurako said brightly.

"Why are there only girls!", Negi demanded, blushing at the outfits both girls were wearing... while Naruto was reaching for his camera phone to snap a pic.

"Every guest has a girl as their partner", Sakurako replied with a giggle," Each touch costs 500 Yen!".

"This is just like the Touching Tea Shop!", Negi accused... while Naruto had put his phone away to see how much cash he had on him.

"It's not like that!", Sakurako giggled, finding Negi's reaction funny.

"Come on sensei!", Yuna said with a smile, lightly taking his left arm as Sakurako took his right," Why don't you try it out?".

"Sounds good", Naruto chuckled, wanting to see how freaked out Negi would be... why? Because he was the older brother, that's why!

The two brothers moved past the rest of the crowd into the Haunted House, the area filled with a creepy mist as a shadowy form suddenly rose before them, a pair of red eyes peering out as they walked up, Negi shivering at the sight as Naruto watched his brother's reaction with a smile," Welcome Gentlemen, we hope you will enjoy the horrific sights that lay before you", The figure spoke in a demonic tone, slightly moving aside to reveal three doors, one manned by Ayaka in a pure white dress, the next manned by Makie wearing a black Kimono, and finally the last one had Akira wearing an old school girl's uniform," You see before you three doors, each one leading to a nightmarish world filled with various Ghouls and Goblins... Choose your path and pray you survive".

"I-I choose the least scary path", Negi replied, already looking freaked out just from the shadowy figures words.

Naruto laughed softly to himself, looking over to the doors to find Ayaka and Makie were staring hard at Negi, Naruto figuring they each wanted him to take their door, while Akira was looking quite calm and collected.

"I choose that path!", Negi said with a forced smile, pointing to Akira's door as Ayaka and Makie fell over in surprise.

"A fine choice you have made", The demonic figure chuckled as Negi moved stiffly over to Akira," Be careful and just maybe you'll survive... MAYBE!", The figure laughed, before seeming to fade into the mist, its red eyes being the last thing seen.

"Are you sure about this sensei?", Akira asked Negi, a little creeped out herself from just hearing the figure's demonic laugh," My door's pretty scary".

"I-It's fine", Negi replied sheepishly, following her into her door," I have a feeling the other two doors would be worse".

Once Negi was inside, Naruto turned towards the mist, moving into it before putting his hand in... and pulling out Kirai Onizuka," I have to say, your good at the creepy stuff", Naruto mused with a smirk, Kirai standing up on his own.

"What can I sa-", Kirai began to reply, before rubbing his throat,"... there we go, anyways what can I say? I live for this stuff", Kirai mused.

"Was that last Maybe needed though?", the form of Gaara asked, popping from behind a tarp, having been manning the mist machine.

"Maybe?", Kirai suggested with a laugh, earning deadpan looks from both his friends,"... Anyways, now that we freaked your brother out shall we move on?".

"I have to see how he reacted to the Haunted House first", Naruto replied with a smirk, motioning both of them to follow him.

"What are you wearing by the way?", Gaara had to ask Naruto, seeing Naruto's weird Cosplay choice.

"I am the Prince of all Saiyans!", Naruto declared in response, his voice matching that of the very character he was cosplaying as,"... It's from an anime".

"I see?", Gaara asked, still a bit confused as he hadn't watched much anime since his arrival in this world.

"I'd Cosplay myself", Kirai spoke up, mask shifting into a frown," But not many outfits work with my mask".

"You COULD take it off", Naruto suggested, only to find Kirai ignoring him,"... It can't be THAT bad!".

"Naruto-kun!", Konoka's voice called, Naruto's group pausing as they spotted Konoka, Setsuna and Asuna further down the hall from them, Asuna and Setsuna wearing the Summer uniform for Mahora, though Setsuna had her hair down for once and was donning a pair of Nekomimi, while Konoka was wearing what appeared to be a Wizard robe and pointed Wizards hat," Over here!".

"Kono-chan!", Naruto gushed, instantly before her and Asuna," You and Set-chan decided to dress up too?".

"I actually have to wear this for my club", Konoka giggled, looking him over," But yours looks so cool! I'll have to make up for it tomorrow during our date".

"Sounds nice", Naruto said with a happy smile, before looking to a frowning Asuna," Not dressing up?".

"Why would I waste my money on a stupid outfit I'd only wear these three days?", Asuna asked with a huff.

Naruto gained a thoughtful look at that, recalling she had to pay for all her own expenses. Naruto pondered this as Kirai and Gaara finally caught up with them. Suddenly a yell came from their right, the group turning just as Negi burst from the dark room that was the exit of Akira's Haunted door... lacking his pants. The young teacher jumped into a surprised Asuna's arms, tears falling from his eyes.

"Negi?", Asuna asked in surprise," You went through the Haunted House?".

"A-asuna!", Negi cried, obviously scared out of his mind by whatever occurred within," H-hands! O-Ookuchi-san! Lots of hands came out and started to touch me!".

"Um... Negi", Naruto had to speak up, smiling brightly as he motioned to Negi's hands... which were lightly groping Asuna's chest.

"... I-I", Negi began to say, lightly backing away from a pissed off Asuna.

"Y-you look like that... Yet you H-hands!", Asuna began, an aura of anger seeming to surround her as she rose a fist.

"She's going Super Saiyan!", Naruto shouted just as Asuna swung her fist upon Negi's head.

"We hope you enjoyed it!", Yuna and Sakurako called out as Negi, Asuna's group, and Naruto's group began to leave.

"Sorry we scared you", an apologetic Akira followed with, frowning a bit as she noticed Negi's current state.

"It's good the Haunted House is doing well", Konoka commented as the now large group headed back into the Festival," At this rate it should make quite a bit of money".

"Sounds good", Naruto mused, before looking to Negi," Now, should we get you ready for your date?".

"Oh YEAH!", Asuna followed with, a teasing tone in her voice," You have your date with Honya-chan later".

"I-It isn't a date!", Negi protested for what seemed like the thousandth time.

"Wait, isn't the date with Nodoka on the last day of the Festival?", Konoka asked Negi curiously.

"Nodoka said it would be okay for today", Negi replied with a sigh, wishing they'd all stop calling it a date when it clearly wasn't.

"Cause of the possibility of Evangeline-san Hm?", Kirai asked Naruto, who nodded back with a sigh.

"Y-yes", Negi said, suddenly swerving once more of his feet, this time being caught by Konoka.

"Eh?", Konoka asked in surprise," What's the matter?".

"Are you alright?", Asuna asked worriedly as the group moved to check Negi over.

"He seems to be tired", Gaara spoke up, looking Negi over as the young teacher was set back onto his feet.

"You would know", Naruto mused with a sigh, looking Negi over himself," I think you need a nap before you do anything, it's alright since we have a long while before your date with Nodoka".

"It's not a date", Negi whined as he let out a yawn.

"Whatever", Naruto chuckled.

"We should get him to the infirmary", Setsuna spoke up, before looking to the rest of the group with a smile," I'll take him since my club has no activities".

"I'll go along just to make sure he gets to sleep alright", Naruto followed with, before looking to Gaara and Kirai," We'll have to hang out later guys, sorry".

"Its fine, we'll have to try again tomorrow then", Gaara mused, understanding.

"I can use this time to prepare for my own date", Kirai mused, mask bearing its usual smile," just make sure Negi-san gets his rest".

Yomi smirked as he left the confines of Chao's lab, looking at the crowd around him, keeping him from standing out too much... that and the ring on his right hand that made him undetectable to any who would sense him. Zaiaku had already left, saying he wanted to get some breakfast from Satsuki, whom both merc's had been getting all their meals from. Yomi found himself feeling hungry from his own thoughts, the human girl's food being some of the best he had ever had.

"Perhaps I should visit Yuna's class...", Yomi wondered as he made his way towards Chao Bao Zi, lightly brushing through the crowd.

Yomi paused, his gaze locking onto the form of Orion Avalon, who was heading his way, a smirk on the man's lips. Yomi stared at the mans face, unsure why he felt anger for a man he could not recall ever meeting this person. Orion continued on, lightly brushing past Yomi before vanishing into the crowd.

"... I know him", Yomi reasoned with himself, but for the life of himself could not place the man's face.

"Here, I made some tea for you all", the nurse said with a smile to the three people in her office, handing Negi, Naruto, and Setsuna each a cup of tea.

"Thank you Nurse-san", Naruto thanked her, taking a sip of the tea... which was good, yet it tasted a bit... off, perhaps she added some vitamins to it or something.

"Sorry about this you guys", Negi said tiredly from the bed he was lying in," just let me sleep for 30 minutes and I'll be okay... I have a lot of things to do still".

"Its fine, take a good nap", Setsuna told him with a soft smile.

Negi nodded, shutting his eyes as he soon slipped into a deep sleep," Thanks for helping with him", Naruto said to Setsuna, smiling in thanks.

"I don't mind, he's my teacher after all", Setsuna replied with a smile of her own, before taking another sip of her tea, suddenly noticing she and Naruto were basically alone,"... I was wondering Naruto... if you had some free time during the Festival... if you wanted to maybe walk around for a while... with me?", Setsuna managed to ask, cheeks a dark red.

"Um... Of course", Naruto replied, surprised for a moment before giving her a bright smile," Since me, Gaara, and Kirai moved our hang out time for another day I have a long time before my date with Kae-chan, so how about after this we go for our walk?".

"Great", Setsuna said, giving him a smile before suddenly yawning," I-I think I might take a nap too then".

"Um... sure", Naruto replied, a bit confused as to her sudden tiredness, the swordswoman lying her head onto the bed as she quickly fell asleep,"... Weird", Naruto mused with a frown, taking another sip, his eyes widening as he suddenly felt immensely tired," Sh-shit", He managed to get out before falling over, sleeping before he hit the ground.


He opened his eyes slowly, unsure of where he was or how he had gotten there... before recalling what had happened back in the village. He looked around, finding himself inside of what had to be a tent, a warm blanket covering his body.

"Ah! Your awake", A voice spoke from the tent's opening, his eyes turning to find a young man with red hair smiling happily at him, something that made him feel unsure... no one but the Old man or the Ichiraku's looked at him like that," I was worried for a moment there, you just fell right out of the sky... are you alright kid?".

He backed away, unsure of this was another person acting nice in order to hurt him later like many other had, his eyes narrowed at the Red haired man. The man seemed surprised by his reaction, before smiling yet again, a hand reaching out onto his head. He flinched, expecting to be harmed again... only to feel the man's hand lightly ruffling his hair. He opened his eyes in surprise, staring at the smiling man yet again.

"It's alright... you don't have to be afraid any more, no one will hurt you ever again", the man informed him,"... I'm Nagi Springfield, what's your name?".



Naruto's eyes snapped open, quickly sitting up from the ground he had been sleeping on to look around frantically, his eyes finally landing on a freaked out Negi and Setsuna," What's wro-?", He began to ask, only for his eyes to catch sight of the window, to his shock it was already night outside, before he quickly looked over to the clock on the wall," I-it's Eight P.M.!".

"We don't know what to do Naruto!", A freaked out Negi yelled at his brother, Naruto having moved back to his feet.

"I-I've never overslept like this!", an also freaked out Setsuna followed with," YOU of all people know this!".

"I've never overslept THIS badly either", Naruto growled, knowing now they had been drugged... but till both of his companions calmed down he'd keep that bit of information to himself.

"That's not all!", Chamo suddenly spoke up, having had some of the tea too," Aniki's date with Nodoka was at four in the afternoon!".

"OH GOD!", Negi yelled, quickly putting his coat on," We have to go to the meeting place now!".

"It's too late now", Setsuna told him.

"No, knowing Nodoka personally...", Chamo began with a sheepish look.

"... She most likely is still there waiting for him", Naruto finished, pointing to Negi with a deadpan look.

"WHAAAA!", Negi yelled out, looking quite crazed now," This is BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD! WHAT SHOULD I DO!".

"I apologize! It's my fault, I was supposed to wake you a half and hour after you fell asleep!", an apologetic Setsuna spoke, bowing apologetically to Negi.

"Actually...", Naruto began to say, about to tell Setsuna they were drugged since she was obviously blaming herself for what had happened.

"We need to hurry!", Negi interrupted, grabbing the clock device Chao had given him from the bed, almost instantly Naruto felt a strange magic surround them, a moment later they found light coming from the window nearby,"Um... Huh?".

"It's ten in the morning...", Setsuna noted, blankly looking to the nearby clock.

"... I am no longer surprised by anything that happens in this school", Naruto sighed dramatically, looking to Chamo," The whole world's against us man, I swear".

"Damn right", Chamo shot back with a frown.

Zaiaku blinked, looking curiously over towards the nearby Nurse's office,"... Weird", He mused with a frown, before shrugging it off to continue on his way towards Chao Bao Zi for breakfast. Hopefully Yomi joined him there later on!

"Plus Zai Zai has desert!", Zaiaku said proudly, holding up the red candy he had found the other night before continuing on... just missing Negi, Naruto, Chamo, and Setsuna leaving the very nurse's office he had just past.

"It WAS just dark outside a moment ago... right?", Negi asked Naruto and Setsuna, obviously confused.

"Um... maybe we're dreaming?", Setsuna suggested, just as confused.

"Nope", Naruto spoke up playfully, looking to Setsuna," You're not naked and lathered in Ramen s-".


"-o it's obviously not a dream", Naruto spoke, rubbing his newly added bump with a frown, Setsuna blushing as she put her Pactio card away.

"Maybe the clock in the infirmary is broken?", Chamo suggested, lightly smirking at Naruto's joke.

"Right, what time is it?", Setsuna asked Negi curiously, the young teacher pulling out his cell phone to see.

"I-It's Eight P.M.!", Negi replied in surprise, wondering what was going on.

"... Could it be?", Naruto mused to himself softly, frowning at the thought that had entered his head. Suddenly above jet planes like Naruto and Negi had seen that morning flew overhead, leaving smoke trails... just like those in the morning,"... Yeeeep".

"Why are the people around us in such a hurry?", Negi asked suddenly, the crowds around them rushing past them towards something.

"Attention Students, its Ten O'clock!", A voice on the loudspeaker suddenly called out," Mahora Festival officially starts!".

The crowds cheered as the group of four stood in shock... except Naruto, who at this point had accepted he was living in a Mad World filled with crazy people... and he happened to find that just fine.

"S-STARTS NOW!", Negi repeated, once more in freak mode.

"W-what does this mean!", Setsuna asked, freaking out yet again along with her sensei.

"We'll talk about this some where else", Naruto mused with a frown, motioning the group towards a nearby cafe," Let's get out of sight for now".

"Naruto-sama's right!", Chamo spoke up from Negi's head.

Both Negi and Setsuna looked confused but did as they were told, following Naruto quickly into the cafe. After being seated at a table the discussion continued.

"Naruto, Chamo... what's going on here?", Negi asked them curiously, Chamo having jumped onto the table as Naruto took out the clock he had been given to by Chao.

"Thanks", Chamo told Naruto as the blond set the clock onto the table, the Ermine giving it a look over," Hmm... Apart from this thing there isn't anything else I could see rolling back time".

"Rolling back time?", Setsuna repeated, looking a bit surprised," So you're saying...?".

"It would seem so Set-chan", Naruto sighed, having started to eat the Ramen he had ordered, having already paid for it.

"I don't know much about Science, so I don't know how this thing works", Chamo continued to say," But just from the look of this thing I'd say it was the real deal".

"I really cannot believe this", Setsuna said with a frown," No matter how powerful a Wizard may be, THAT spell cannot be done".

"Tell that to Raistlin", Naruto muttered to himself.

"H-hey! What are you three talking about!", Negi suddenly demanded as he jumped from his seat, not getting what they were talking about," What do you mean Rolling back? Explain more clearly!".

"Oh, sorry", Setsuna apologized, Naruto frowning as when Negi had jumped he had spilled a bit of Ramen broth onto his costume... luckily he knew a spell that would fix it.

"I figured YOU, as a nerd, would figure it out", Naruto laughed.

"Th-", Negi began to reply, only to lightly bump into someone, whom he turned to with an apologetic look," I'm very sorry".

"N-no, it's fine", Nodoka Miyazaki replied... wearing the same outfit she had earlier that morning, a surprised look coming to her face at seeing him there," N-Negi-sensei?".

"Nodoka?", Negi asked in surprise.

"Ah, crap", Naruto muttered, wondering how they'd handle this one.

"B-but why are you here?", Nodoka asked in confusion, looking to Negi and then back where she came from," A-a minute ago you were...".

"I-It's nothing important Nee-san!", Chamo suddenly spoke up," We're gonna go back now, you go first!".

"Um... Yes", Nodoka replied, obviously confused even as she made her way back the way she had came.

"What's the matter Chamo?", Negi asked the Ermine, still not getting the situation.

"No talky, just watchy", Naruto spoke up instead, heading after Nodoka before being joined by his companions. Naruto paused outside of the cafe behind a large plushie, pointing over to Nodoka... just as she walked up to Yue, Haruna, Negi, and Naruto.

"Eh!", Negi said in surprise," Is that me!".

As he said this Nodoka began turning back in confusion, Setsuna and Naruto quickly pushing Negi and themselves out of her line of sight.

"Wow!",The other Negi said in awe as he looked around at the crowds of people, awed by how amazing the Festival looked around him," I didn't think the Festival would be this big!".

"I have to say, I AM impressed", the other Naruto followed with, looking around from besides his younger brother," Yet another testament to how amazing this school is".

"I KNEW I smelled Ramen", Naruto mused, looking down at the small stain in his costume.

"W-what is going on?", Negi asked in a loud whisper to his companions.

"I don't know the details", Setsuna began to explain," But this is a spell even the World of Magic cannot accomplish, in other words... a Time Machine".

"Time... Machine?", Negi asked cluelessly, before his eyes widened in shock," TIME MACHINE!".

"Not so loud!", Setsuna said in a loud whisper.

"Plus you should have said "Great Scott!" ", Naruto said with a frown to his brother," Everyone loves a Back to the Future Reference".

"I-I've only seen these kind of things in Movies and Manga", Negi said, looking some what excited by the thought of the device he now held being a Time Machine," Is it really a Time Machine? Something this small?".

"There's no other explanation", Chamo informed Negi," I already figured if it was an act it wouldn't be this big... that goes for illusions too".

"Plus size doesn't matter when it comes to Magical items", Naruto followed with, before sighing as if recalling some memory," Believe me I know".

"... I want to go to Dinosaur land!", Negi suddenly said with an excited gleam in his eyes, Naruto groaning as he slapped himself in the forehead.

"I should have known", Naruto sighed loudly.

"Just like a kid", Setsuna giggled.

"We have a Festival to worry about first", Chamo said with a chuckle, snapping Negi out of his thoughts.

"R-right", the blushing Ten year old replied, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, before smiling," But this is great! Now I can keep the promise with Nodoka now!".

"While I myself can make my date's all fit in nicely while also being the grand Assistant Teacher I am", Naruto said with a wide smirk," Go me!".

"But don't you feel this Time Machine is a bit suspicious?", Setsuna asked Naruto with a worried frown.

"Of course it is", Naruto replied with a cool smirk," The matter is no matter how much of a Genius Chao-chan may be, something like this is WAY beyond the Science of modern day times... I doubt many people would us give away such an amazing device".

"What are two talking about?", Negi asked curiously, spinning around happily with the Device in hand," How can you not trust your own classmate and student? With this all our problems are solved!".

"But...", Setsuna began to protest, a bit surprised at how... kid like Negi was acting compared to normal.

"Why are you spinning around so wildly?", A familiar voice demanded, freezing Negi's spinning instantly," Have you finally been infected by the idiots in our classroom?".

"MASTER!", Negi said in shock, not having expected to see her, Evangeline having Chachazero by her side for once.

"Aw! Eva-chan looks just like a little doll!", Naruto suddenly gushed, pulling his cell out to snap a pic... much to the anger of Evangeline herself, who happened to be dressed up like a Victorian doll, before looking to Chachazero," You must be Zero-chan! You're looking quite cute yourself".

"So your the blond master complains about?", Zero asked curiously,"…. You don't seem so bad… Anyways, have you see Gaara-kun today?".

"Gaara?", Naruto repeated in surprise, before smiling," Ah yes, he should be at the Haunted House right about now".

"Stop speaking with my Doll", Evangeline told Naruto with a glare, before smirking to Negi," By the way, that's quite the interesting item in your hands".

"O-oh no... This is... um", Negi began to reply fearfully, hiding the device behind his back.

"Hiding it like that make's it even more suspicious, I sense something powerful inside of it", Evangeline said with a fang filled smirk," Hurry up and hand it over... What's the matter? I won't take advantage of it".

"Your stuff is master's stuff", Zero followed with," And master's stuff is master's stuff!".

"Err...", Negi began, before suddenly running off into the crowds," SO SORRY!"

Setsuna and Naruto quickly gave chase, leaving a pissed off Evangeline in their tracks," DON'T RUN FROM ME!", Evangeline screamed out in anger,"... What the hell is wrong with him?".

"He's a nerd", A voice spoke behind her, Evangeline turning... to find a smirking Naruto.


"Phew, that was close", Negi sighed once he was sure they had escaped from Evangeline, having led Naruto and Setsuna into an empty Alleyway.

"Did we really need to run from her?", Setsuna asked curiously.

"Well, knowing Eva-chan", Naruto mused with a smile to Setsuna," She might have taken the device from Negi... or not, It's hard to tell with her".

"I get your point", Setsuna agreed, before frowning," So what now?".

"Well... now we have plenty of time", Negi reasoned, Naruto swearing his brother's eyes were sparkling," I want to take my time checking out the stands!".

"But what about the schedule?", Chamo asked, sitting on top of a trash can lid.

"With this we don't have to worry about the schedule!", Negi stated happily, showing off the Time Machine.

"True", Naruto mused with a smirk, though he still wasn't too sure of how safe the Devices would be.

"I mean, with this I can easily complete everything on my schedule and still enjoy the Festival!", Negi said with a wide smile, before looking to Naruto," Right?".

"... Right", Naruto replied with a nod, for even if he had his suspicions... Negi was finally getting a chance to act like the kid he was, so who was Naruto to deny him that?

"I'm still not sure if we should use the watches", Chamo said with a frown, still untrusting.

"But why?", Negi asked in confusion, as usual finding it hard to think any of his students might have ill intentions.

"I think we should find Chao-san and get an explanation out of her first", Setsuna reasoned," We don't even have a manual that can tell us how to use it safely".

"Well... that's true", Negi agreed, frowning a bit as he spoke, before nodding," Alright, let's find Chao-san first!".

"Alrighty then", Naruto spoke up, smiling at his companions," But first we need to change outfits!".

"Why?", Negi and Setsuna asked, both confused.

"It's not a good idea for you all to be dressed the same as the other you's", Chamo spoke up for Naruto," Plus Naruto-sama's outfit kind of stands out... even in these crowds".

"You're just jealous", Naruto shot back, frowning at having to change out of his awesome costume.

"Look, there's a costume shop over there!", Negi pointed out, motioning out of the alley towards said shop.

"There's a lot of people changing too", Setsuna noted as she and the others headed inside.

Naruto sighed, wondering if he would find anything that would make this enjoyable... right before his eyes locked onto a costume just PERFECT for Setsuna,"... Ooooh Set-chan!", Naruto called to the Swordswoman, grabbing the outfit for her...

Cue to Two and half minutes later

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!", Setsuna demanded with a red face, the Swordswoman now wearing quite the sexy bunny girl outfit.

"But it looks great on you!", Naruto said happily as he snapped a pic of her in the outfit," Plus no one would believe you'd wear something like this!".

"Exactly!", the blushing teenage girl continued, looking at herself in embarrassment," My stomach is showing! What if Ojou-sama or Asuna saw me like this!".

"Kono-chan would like it", Naruto mused with a smile, before looking to Negi, who was wearing a full body bunny suit with just his face exposed," Shall we start looking?".

"I suppose... but why aren't you matching us?", Negi asked curiously, motioning to Naruto's current attire... which was making him look like the Mad Hatter, right out of Alice and Wonderland.

"I don't do bunnies... except Set-chan here", Naruto replied with a perverse grin, earning him a punch to the back of his head by a still blushing Setsuna," Plus this outfit just called out to me... and I'm a fan of Johnny Depp".

"Should have known", Negi sighed, before turning to the crowd," Let's start looking for Chao-san then".

"Where should we start?", Setsuna asked, frowning as she followed the brothers through the crowds of people.

"Hmmm... Chao Bao Zi?", Naruto suggested.

"There!", Negi suddenly called out, Setsuna and Naruto following Negi's pointing... only to find one of the many rides the Festival had set up," That place looks suspicious!".

"Um... I don't think...", Setsuna began to say, a bit surprised by Negi's reasoning, only to be lightly elbowed by Naruto, Setsuna turning to find him giving her a "just go with it" smile,"... Alright then, let's check it out".

After blasting their ways through the Alien attack on Earth, the group then followed Negi's leading to a nearby Dinosaur ride... then a 3-D showing of a new Fantasy genre movie.

"That place looks suspicious too!", Negi called out, rushing off towards another thing he figured Chao would be with Chamo on his head.

"He sure seems more like a child now", Setsuna noted with a smile, not minding Negi's ploy of enjoying the Festival instead of finding Chao.

"Without his schedule to worry about, he's free to enjoy the Festival to the fullest", Naruto replied with a smile, happy Negi was having so much fun for once,"... He's never been to a Theme Park you see... neither have I though".

"Really?", Setsuna asked Naruto curiously, wondering how much information she could get out of him,"... Why not?".

"Well, for him he was always so busy studying to become a mage... while I made sure to be close to him at all times", Naruto replied to her question.

"... What about before you became brothers?", Setsuna dared to ask, Naruto frowning at her question," Sorry, it's none of my business...".

"Without parents or a steady source of income I didn't really have the money to go to any sort of them park... and the only Festival around was one I would prefer not being a part of", Naruto replied with a deep frown, before putting on the fake smile she hated so much," It doesn't matter though, I'm here now right?".


Naruto rubbed his forehead in surprise, Setsuna lightly glaring at him as he rubbed the small bump she had given him," What have I said about that phony smile?", Setsuna demanded, before frowning,"... Whatever your life was like before... I can understand it, so don't try and hide from me".

"... Right, sorry", Naruto replied, this time giving her a real smile," I'll tell you... all of you soon enough".

"Good", Setsuna replied with a smile of her own, inwardly happy she had been able to have such a moment with him... alone... they were alone!," W-where did Negi go?", She asked suddenly, blushing as she looked for the child teacher.

"He's right there", Naruto laughed, finding her actions cute while he pointed towards Negi, who was rushing over," Find Chao yet?".

"Nope, but she might be there!", Negi suggested, smiling as he pointed to a nearby blimp," Let's go ride it!".

"Okay okay", Naruto and Setsuna said at the same time, following the excited boy towards the Blimp. The group moved onto the Blimp ride, soon lifting up into the sky above the Festival.

"Wow!", Negi said as he looked out at the window from above," It looks amazing".

"Aren't you used to this kind of sight?", Chamo asked curiously, referring to Negi's staff.

"Flying on a staff isn't the same", Negi replied, before looking to Naruto," What's it like flying on your own?".

"I'm not too great at it yet, I just hover to be honest", Naruto replied, also peering out the window at the Festival grounds below," But... it's some what like this I suppose, Set-chan would be the best person to ask".

"Well", Setsuna began, unsure how to explain it as she never spoke of flying with her own wings to anyone,"... I haven't done it much recently... I-It's not something one can really put into words".

"Eh, whatever", Naruto replied with a shrug, before giving her a smile," I know, how about giving me a ride some time... I meant in the sky!", Naruto said, quickly adding the second part as she blushed.

"I'd like that too!", Negi said, looking excited at the thought.

"W-well.. We'll see", Setsuna replied, looking away with a hint of a smile, a silence following for a moment before she spoke again," You know... I never really thanked you both".

"For what?", both brothers asked with the exact look of confusion, Setsuna unable to not giggle at how cute they both looked.

"Back at Kyoto... it was because of you both that I was able to become friends with Asuna and reconnect with Ojou-sama", Setsuna told them with a happy smile," Not only that... I no longer have to hide my true self from Oujo-sama, that's why... if you both ever need anything I'm happy to help".

"Oh... yes", Negi replied, a bit surprised at her offer.

"Same with us Set-chan", Naruto said with a smile of his own," Nothing will trouble you as long as we're around".

"Thanks", Setsuna said, turning her focus to Naruto," That means a lot".


"... So are you in love with Aniki or Naruto-sama?", Chamo suddenly asked, smirking as Setsuna turned red, Negi blushing, and Naruto frowning at the Ermine.

"W-what!", Setsuna demanded in embarrassment.

"Me of course!", Naruto spoke up with a smirk, pointing to himself," I have DIBS!".

"I-I do not!", the red faced Setsuna protested to Naruto's claim," I mean SURE I think he's handsome... I also thought he looked great in his older form", She began to ramble, turning even redder as she realized what she was saying," I-I mean... I ONLY HAVE FEELINGS FOR OUJO-SAMA!".

"Oh, so it's like that!", Negi spoke up with a smile, Naruto holding back his laughter at Setsuna's words and Negi's tone.

"... I DID'NT MEAN IT LIKE THAT!", Setsuna suddenly roared out, her face redder then any girl's ever had been, even that of Nodoka and Hinata combined.

"So it's Kono-chan you like", Naruto said with teasing smirk, shared by Negi," I suppose if she's okay with it I can allow you to court her...".

"Naruto's so kind", A teasing Negi followed with, only to be gripped onto by Setsuna.

"N-negi-sensei is one to talk!", She began to say," Do you like Ayaka-san or Nodoka-san more!".

"How did it come to this topic!", A blushing Negi asked back.

"Well", Naruto began with a smirk," It began with Set-chan being unable to admit she loves me and Kono-cha-".


"Teasing Setsuna-san is fun", Chamo mused with a chuckle, watching Naruto run from Setsuna, who was swinging her Tessen at him wildly.

It took a while, but Setsuna finally calmed down (After hitting Naruto three times). Negi had just left to the Bathroom, leaving Naruto, Setsuna, and Chamo to themselves.

"Your both mean", Setsuna said with a frown to the two perv's with her.

"Sorry", they both said with apologetic smiles.

"... Whatever", Setsuna sighed," I just wonder where Chao-san could be".

"Ask and you shall receive!", A voice spoke from behind them, The three turned in surprise to find a smirking Chao standing just a few feet away, wearing a dress with Chao Bao Zi written on it with a pair of high heeled shoes with wings attached for decoration," So how does it feel to Time Travel?".

"Eh, could have been more dramatic", Naruto reasoned with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Chao-san!", Setsuna said in surprise, before frowning at her," So, I'm guessing YOU drugged our tea".

"Well, I felt it would be better to let you all experience it yourselves without needing me to explain it", Chao reasoned with a dramatic sigh," I apologize for that though".

"No biggy... though I'm curious as to how you knew just the sleeping drug needed to put ME to sleep", Naruto followed with, a frown coming to his lips," Few people know of that particular blend".

"That's a secret!", Chao spoke up, giggling at Naruto's groan at her words," I'll be happy to share it with you later perhaps".

"Chao-san", Setsuna suddenly spoke up, a determined gleam in her eyes," No matter how much of a genius you are, no human can create a device with the power to travel through time... who are you?".

"You want to know my true Identity then?", Chao asked curiously, before looking to Naruto who nodded simply, Chao giggling as she put a hand on her chest," Sometimes I'm a Chinese Inventor full of Mystery! Sometimes I'm a treasure box inside the class, a Mad Scientist! Other times I'm the number one Genius of the Academy! And Finally I am sometimes the boss of the famous "Chao Bao Zi" food cart!", Chao declared in a dramatic tone that one would usually get from Naruto," But my true identity is...".

At this both Naruto and Setsuna waited eagerly

"... An Alien from Mars!"


"WHAT KIND OF JOKE ARE YOU PLAYING!", A pissed of Setsuna demanded as she hit Chao over the head with her Tessen, though Naruto had gained a surprised look on his face. Setsuna calmed down a bit, glaring at Chao," In the class there are Vampires, Robots, Ninja's, and even Spirits... So I wouldn't be surprised even if you were an Alien".

"I don't think YOU of all people have the right to say that about me", Chao said, gaining a some what vicious smirk, Setsuna looking surprised at Chao's words, before Chao looked to Naruto," Of course both you and Negi-sensei aren't normal either... you more so then him".

"... True", Naruto replied, gaining a some what vicious smirk of his own," So Alien-chan... What is your plan for me and Negi exactly?".

"Well... I cannot say I won't betray you and Negi's trust", Chao sighed with a simple smile, before looking right into Naruto's eyes," But the watch's I gave you two are for you both to simply enjoy the Festival".

"... Can I trust you on THAT?", Naruto asked with a frown, staring right back.

"Of course", Chao giggled, lightly leaning towards him with a fox like smile that looked just like his own," Negi-kun is related to me in a way... so in a way you and me are family too, I won't hurt him or you", She told a surprised Naruto, before gaining a sad smile as she continued staring into his eyes,"... like bright Sapphire's... just like I remember", She whispered softly to herself, almost too low for Naruto to catch.

"W-what?", Naruto asked, more confused then he had ever been.

"So don't worry!", Chao followed with, once more standing straight as she smiled brightly at them both," Alien's never lie! Trust me!".

Naruto only stared, wanting to know why she had looked at him like that... it made him feel weird. Setsuna frowned from he spot besides Naruto, not liking how Naruto was reacting to all this.

"Zai Zai loved it!", Zaiaku said happily, licking his lips to catch anything left of the meal he had just finished, giving his server a bright smile," Thanks Satsuki-chan!".

The chef of Chao Bao Zi nodded with a smile to the boyish looking demon," Any time", She told him before moving to work on another order.

"It's too bad Yomi-chan didn't come", Zaiaku sighed, downing the last of his soda before jumping off the stool he had sat on," I wonder why though... he said he would", Zaiaku mused with a frown, heading into the large crowd of people,"... Oh yeah! Desert for Zai Zai!", He recalled happily, pulling the red pill out of his pocket, making sure to clean it off first, before tossing it into his mouth, chewing it a moment before swallowing," Yummy!", He managed to get out... before with a poof he suddenly felt taller,"... Eh?".

"Wow! So it IS a Time Machine!", Negi said in awe, looking over the device in his hands after Chao's explanation.

The group had just left the Blimp ride after it had landed, this time accompanied by Chao in order for her to better explain the device's she had given Negi and Naruto," That's right", Chao said with a smirk," It's called Athena, It allows a user and his companions to jump through time, It's a super high technology item!".

"Yet she gave it to us", Naruto muttered lightly, still thinking over Chao's words from before.

"You're lucky no problem occurred on your first jump", Chao continued, giggling lightly," The truth is it's only been used twice, and the last time was two and a half years ago".

"Eh, and what does that mean?", Negi asked curiously.

"The watch's require a large amount of magical power from the user, that's why I haven't used them", Chao replied, lightly poking the watch Negi held," But thanks to you guys the experiment was a success! I'm so happy no problems occurred!".

"Um... what might have happened if something HAD gone wrong?", Negi had to ask, Naruto and Setsuna both looking curious as to what might have happened as well.

"You all would have probably fallen into a different dimension and floated there for all eternity", Chao replied matter of factly," It's good it succeeded, I can relax now".

"W-what!", Negi and Chamo yelled at her words.

"W-we were guinea pigs?", Setsuna asked with a shocked look, just thinking of what might have happened to them was freaking her out.

"... At least Set-chan would have been there", Naruto mused playfully, earning him a light glare from said girl," It's a compliment!".

"Still, now I won't be late to my meeting with Nodoka!", Negi said, once more happy at the gift he had been given," Thank you Chao-san, for lending me and Naruto such great items!".

"Your welcome", She replied, smiling once more as she handed Negi a book," Here's the manual, feel free to use it as much as you want".

"Ah! Thank you again", Negi said, accepting the book, before looking to Setsuna and Naruto," We should go and finish up more of the schedule!", Negi said before taking off.

"That kid", Naruto sighed, sending one last glance to the smiling Chao before moving to follow after Negi, Setsuna by his side.

"... It's going to be hard turning him to my side it seems", Chao sighed to herself once the group left her," Still... it won't stop me from trying".

"What exactly is it with you and Uzumaki?", The voice of Yomi asked, Yomi suddenly popping out from a nearby building with a frown on his face," You hired me and Zaiaku to deal with him and anyone else trying to get in the way of your plans, which you have yet to explain to either of us, and yet here you are helping both him and his brother".

"No worries", Chao replied, giving him a playful smirk," There's more to those little watch's then what I explained to them you see... depending on if I convince Naruto and/or Negi to join us will change how act".

"And I am to trust you?", Yomi asked with a darker frown.

"You don't have to I suppose", Chao giggled, moving past him," But as long as I'm the one paying you, you should just do as I ask... ne?".

Yomi growled lightly, hating taking orders from such an annoying human... but he and Zaiaku needed that money she would be paying them. With a sigh he turned towards her, following her back to her lab... Zaiaku would be fine on his own for now.

"I still don't trust Chao-san", Setsuna said with a frown, both herself and Naruto following Negi's lead as they once more traveled the crowds of the Mahora Festival.

"Chao-san is a really nice person is all it is Setsuna-san", Negi said, still obviously happy at holding the Time Machine that would allow him to enjoy the Festival to the fullest." Just trust her for now, there's no harm in it".

"So it would seem", Naruto mused, a light frown on his face at Negi's acceptance of all this, before letting out a sigh," Well, no point worrying about it right now... but no using the watch unless we absolutely need to... just in case".

"I agree", Chamo spoke up from Negi's shoulder.

"Now, about your schedule", Naruto said with a smile to Negi," how about I help you figure out how to deal with it before I head off".

"Y-you leaving?", Negi asked in surprise.

"I have quite a few things to do myself after all", Naruto chuckled, lightly ruffling Negi's head," Don't worry, you'll be seeing me again soon enough... well, a future me anyways".

"I see", Negi said, regaining his smile as he handed over his schedule," Here you are then".

"Alrighty then... Your meeting Nodoka-chan at four... the Tournament's at Five Thirt-", Negi read off, pausing at that, lowering the schedule from his face to stare deadpanned at Negi,"... Your date is only an Hour and a half?".

"W-well... my schedule is tight", Negi replied sheepishly, before blushing," And it's not a date!".

"Poor Nodoka", Chamo teased," Only getting a hour and a half date!".

"I suppose we'll have to just use the watch", Setsuna mused with a sigh.

"First things first!", Naruto said with a determined look on his face, eyes burning as he began pushing Negi through the crowds," First thing we must do is get you properly attired for your date!".

"B-but what's wrong with what I'm wearing?", Negi asked in confusion," P-plus I still have to meet with the students at their clubs!".

"Let the other you's deal with it!", Naruto replied instantly," Right now you focus on Nodoka-chan and ONLY Nodoka-chan, to do less would be rude to her and YOU are an English Gentlemen!".

"... I hate to say it, but Naruto really knows what he's doing", Setsuna mused as she followed them through the crowd.

"Naruto-sama IS the best!", Chamo laughed, now on her shoulder.

"Zai Zai is so confused", The older looking Zaiaku mused with a frown as he made his way through the crowds of people attending the Festival, not noticing the looks girls were giving him as he continued on his way," How did I turn into big brother!".

Due to his confusion he had been frantic for a while before realizing he should get to Chao and Yomi to get them to help him figure this out… however due to the crowds he was QUITE lost and unsure of where he was.

"Where am I?", He whined, looking ready to cry as he looked around him, all the people blocking his view… but if there were no people he could see! So with that in mind he began charging an orb of hell fire… only to be lightly bumped into," Wha!".

"Will you move?", The form of one Chisame, wearing one of the any Cosplay dresses she would wear as her online persona Chiu, demanded with a glare to the guy in front of her, lightly fixing her glasses," Your holding up a lot of people here!".

Zaiaku looked to the angry girl with teary eyes, making her lose her glare for a look of surprise," I-I don't know where I am!", He whined, tears starting to flow.

"Uh… look, just calm down okay?", Chisame followed with, trying to calm him down so the people around would stop giving her and him weird looks," I'm sure whoever your with is nearby…".

"S-so… you'll help me?", Zaiaku asked in surprise, pausing his water works… before smiling brightly and hugging onto her, making the girl blush a bit while trying to break free of him," THANK YOU!".

"F-fine! Just let go!", She demanded angrily, wondering why this had to happen to her.

"Your leaving?", The Narutaki twins asked at the same time, frowns on their identical faces.

"Just for a few hours", Kaede replied with her usual smile, the ninja girl currently wearing an older styled school girl uniform like Akira had worn at the Haunted House," I'm making someone walk with me around the Festival grounds".

"I wouldn't say MAKING", Naruto's voice came as he walked up to the three, frowning lightly from her words," I happen to be quite willing here".

"I get it!", Fuuka spoke up with a smirk, pointing at Naruto," You and Kaede-nee-san are going on a date, aren't you sensei?".

"Really?", Fumika followed with, sending Kaede a surprised expression.

"I SUPPOSE you could call it that", Kaede mused with a playful smile back at Fumika, giggling once she looked back to Naruto, who was pouting," Yes, it's a date... I just like messing with Sensei is all".

"Everyone's picking on me today", Naruto sighed to himself, before looking to the twin girls," I'm just borrowing her for a while, I'll have her back to you guys before it get's too late, I promise".

"Alright", The girl's replied, both smiling at him as he offered an arm to Kaede.

"Shall we?", Naruto asked with a smile to her.

"Very Gentlemanly of you", Kaede teased, accepting his arm before they both began heading off into the Festival grounds. Once the couple was out of sight Fuuka turned to her sister with a smirk.

"Alright, let's go watch!", She said with an almost Narutoish smirk.

"B-but what if we get caught?", Fumika asked with a frown, not wanting to possibly ruin Kaede's date.

"We won't!", Fuuka reasoned easily," Think about it, Kaede-nee-san taught all about being a ninja, so as long as we're super stealthy she won't notice us!".

"But what about sensei?", Fumika asked next.

"Please!", Fuuka followed with, moving to follow after the couple," If Kaede-nee-san won't be able to notice us, there's no way sensei could!".

"I suppose", Fumika relented, following after her sister to watch the date... Unaware that they were not the only one's.

"God I wish I had some sushi", Kisame mused to himself with a frown on his blue face, standing besides a pocky munching Itachi," Can you explain why we can't just head over there and speak with the gaki?".

"It won't be that simple", Itachi replied, pausing for a moment to chew the piece of pocky in his mouth, much to the annoyance of his partner," Uzumaki-san more then likely will remember my name and the crime latched onto it... getting him to even listen to me might be difficult".

"Great", Kisame sighed, looking over towards the direction Naruto had headed," Even in this new world YOUR crimes come back to bite us in the ass".

"I suppose... but at least I blend in", Itachi mused, jumping down from the tree there were in just as Kisame sent a glare at him," Let us go... though we should wait for Uzumaki-san to finish his date I think".

"Yeah yeah", Kisame sighed, dropping down after Itachi before following after him," I still can't believe this kid is who you say he is".

"Jiraiya-dono would not lie", Itachi spoke, a light frown coming to his lips as he though back on his last talk with said man," Once I finish the mission, depending on Uzumaki-san's response, we will decide how we shall live in this new world".

"... Sounds good", Kisame replied with a sharky smirk.

With that the two Akatsuki members followed Naruto, making sure to keep out of range of detection for the moment.


Anyways, next time will include Naruto and Kaede's date, the prelims for the Mahora Tournament, Yomi discovering Chao's hidden project, and of course the meeting of Naruto and the Akatsuki members

Till then, Peace be with ya!