"You're a monster."


"A demon spawn!"

"Mama, please... stop it..."

"It is only fit for you to sit here and rot!" A loud 'slam' echoed through the musky and frigid cellar as the boy's mother slammed the door, deeming him unfit of being in her presence. That painful revelation tore the child up inside, and try as he might, he could find no comfort within himself as he pulled his knees to his chest to try and conserve his body heat. Was he a monster? To him, it seemed as though his parents were the monsters. He could read their thoughts, their desires. They were much more wicked than anything he had ever dreamed about. The adolescent would never judge the ones closest to him... So why would they?


Never had the boy wondered what the final emotions of a dying woman would be. Never had he wanted to. So on his first and only night of freedom, while enjoying the calming breeze, the emotions that had ran through his core had almost left him dead along with the woman. While trying to recover from the shock, he glanced up to an angelic man with the smile of the Devil. He realized then, that the worst was yet to come.

The look on the mans face was terrifying. His emotions? They were like plunging into hell head first. The boy was feeling the pain of the things that man wanted to do to him even before they had happened. His grip was cold, his eyes were colder. Attempts at escape were in vain, and he realized as his back slammed onto the hard ground, that that wretched gaze could very well be the last thing he'd ever see...



Hisoka Kurosaki shot out of bed, his body drenched with cold sweat. He glanced down and grimaced at the curse marks that were fully illuminated in his dark room. Of coure it was a dream, he could've told you that DURING the dream. Hisoka just hated the wretched memories.

"Muraki..." He hissed through clenched teeth. The man who had taken everything from him. Sure, he was used to the thought of his lack of life, virginity, and his family, but more recently his motivation of hatred for Muraki was because of his partner, Tsuzuki Asato. How dare Muraki attempt to make such a gentle beings after life hell? Hisoka wouldn't have it.

With a glance at the clock, the green numbers told him he only had about an hour before he would normally be getting up for work anyway. He opted out of laying back down, and released himself from his covers, heading towards the bathroom. He needed a shower, and he hoped there would be enough time for him to calm down enough to relenquish the crimson marks.

Hisoka had a feeling that it was going to be a very long and tiring day.


"Good morning Hisoka! Hey, you okay? You look terrible." Tsuzuki Asato greeted, genuinely concerned for the blond. Hisoka truly did not look his best. His skin was paler than normal, making the dark bags under his eyes stand out quite a bit. Also, his normally neat hair was a wreck along with his disheveled attire.

"Nothing, I'm fine." Hisoka bluffed, brushing past Tsuzuki who was quick to follow.

The amethyst eyed man got in front of his partner and noticed the beads of sweat rolling down his face, the shudder in his breath, the tremble and clench of his delicate hands. "Hisoka... are you in pain?" Tsuzuki wondered.

The wheat haired boy clenched his teeth and shook his head no. Thats when Tsuzuki noticed it, a faint red outline showing through his black turtleneck. Muraki's curse mark.

After looking to see if anyone was around, Tsuzuki grabbed Hisoka's wrist and pulled him into the storage closet, locking the door behind him. He flicked on the light and turned to Hisoka who had leaned up against a shelf and looked like he was about to pass out.

The older man approached his partner tentatively before gently reaching out and lifting Hisoka's arm. He slipped up the sleeve to his dark shirt only a sliver, just enough to prove his thoughts correct. Hisoka pulled his arm back after only a moment and held it gingerly to his chest. "You shouldn't worry. I'm just tired." Hisoka mumbled, his eyelids becoming heavy.

The closet was quiet for a few moments. Tsuzuki took in his partner, his mental shields a wall of steel. Of course he was going to worry. Hisoka was important to him. He then remembered something Watari had given him for his birthday a few months back.

"I have an idea for something that will hopefully make you feel better. Would you come with me, Hisoka?" Hopeful amethyst eyes locked with emerald.

Shaking his head, Hisoka closed his eyes. "I'm too tired Tsuzuki, and besides, we have work to do.."

Tsuzuki gently tapped Hisoka's cheekbone with his knuckle. "Oh come on. You need to have some fun, kid. I promise if you're not having fun all you have to do is say the word and we'll leave, alright? And don't worry about Tatsumi and the work. I'll handle it."

Hisoka rolled his eyes and sighed "Fine, take me where you wanna go, but only for a little while... and don't call me kid."


"You took me to Disney Land?" Hisoka asked in shock as they stood in front of 'The Happiest Place on Earth'. He shuddered a bit, the happiness was radiating off of the place. Even though he was an empath, he knew anyone walking up to those big gates could feel it. He briefly had a sarcastic though, wondering if they made people wear those biohazard suits when they entered.

Tsuzuki grinned. "Surprised?"

"At the very least. Sometimes I think you're insane, Tsuzuki." Hisoka mumbled, crossing his arms.

He laughed nervously, and Tsuzuki looked down to the ground, moving his left foot in a circular motion. "Sorry... I don't really know what I was thinking. How about we just get some lunch and-... Hisoka?" He looked up, Hisoka was already about 15 feet in front him, moving towards the gates.

"Well? You brought me here, you dope. I'm not going in by myself!" Hisoka called.

Tsuzuki grinned and nodded, running to catch up.


The beginning of their day was pretty chaotic. They waited quite a long time to even initially enter the park, then had to go through the process of deciding which ride they wanted to go on, and how to get there. After a good six or so rides, plus the rides, Hisoka's fatigue was slowly returning. Tsuzuki was quick to notice, though, and offered that they take a break for something to eat, Hisoka eagerly obliged.

The cafe was a spacious one, decorated with the original designs of Mickey and his friends. Hisoka let Tsuzuki usher him to the back and they sat in a pretty secluded booth. After they had ordered, the younger Shinigami allowed himself time to better take in his surroundings.

Tsuzuki watched, fascinated, as his partner fixed his gaze on a small family consisting of two young parents and their tiny daughter. The corner of those thin lips twitched a bit as the girls father picked her up and held her close, the happiness pouring off of them in waves. The small girl looked towards them and smiled a toothless smile and waved eagerly. Tsuzuki had to smile as Hisoka's face heated up and averted his gaze to the black table.

Tsuzuki didn't have to be an empath to know what Hisoka was thinking about. He didn't know the whole story, but he was aware that Hisoka's parents had treated him as a nuisance, as if he wasn't one of them. His heart clenched at the thought.

Gathering up courage, Tsuzuki reached across the table and grasped Hisoka's hand in his own. The wheat haired boy looked up, startled. "I'm sorry.." Tsuzuki whispered.

Hisoka shook his head. "Mm-Mm. You dont need to be. Im alright and Im actully having fun" The emerald eyed boy blushed slightly. He let out a shuddering breath and watched carefully as Tsuzuki entwined their fingers.

They sat in a comfortable silence just staring at their hands until finally the waitress came back with their food.


The time was quickly approaching 9PM and both had decided on one more attraction and then they would call it a day. Tsuzuki had insisted on the ferris wheel, claiming it would be a terrific way to end their day, Hisoka wasn't about to complain.

They got into the spacious car, and with a jolt, the ride started moving. Hisoka uneasily grasped the hand rail at the bottom of the large window. His feelings of nervousness quickly melted away at the warmth coming from Tsuzuki as he gazed out from the window at the world. After a moment or so, Tsuzuki turned back to his partner. "I'm so glad you came with me today, Hisoka. It would've been no fun without you."

Hisoka scoffed a bit and looked to his feet. "Yeah right. I'm sure you and Watari would've had the times of your lives together... I assure you, I'm not fun at all." He trembled slightly when he felt warm fingers gently nudge his chin up, making him look into those gorgeous amethyst eyes. "... Tsuzuki?"

"I don't understand why you berate yourself in such a way, Hisoka... There's no one in the world, alive or dead, who I'd rather be here in this moment with... You're a beautiful person."

He tried to turn his head away, but Tsuzuki held a firm, but gentle grip on him. "You're an idio-"

"I love you, Hisoka."

The car jolted to a stop at the top. The only sounds were of steady breathing and the squeaking of the car. Tsuzuki nervously chewed on his bottom lip, releasing Hisoka's chin. Maybe he'd said it too soon? The blond was being way too quiet for comfort.

"I... I don't know what to say..." Were the words that escaped pale lips.

Tsuzuki's eyes widened and he shook his hands in front of him in surrender. "Ah! I'm sorry! I said too much! Maybe I should've wa- mm!" His words were cut off, and Tsuzuki realized that the next time he was to be shut up, this was the way he'd want it done.

Hisoka was kissing him. Tsuzuki could've died again in that moment. And although it ended way too quickly, Tsuzuki was sure he'd cherish that moment forever.

The younger male licked his lips quickly as he pulled away. "Thank you Tsuzuki..."

The ride was over and the door to their car was opened, which Hisoka quickly exited, rushing ahead out of embarrasment. Tsuzuki had to grin as he touched his lips. "You're welcome..."


"Would you... like to come in?"

"Hisoka... I don't think that's a good idea. Maybe you're not ready for this... Maybe I was too fast." Tsuzuki stood in the doorway of his partners studio apartment. Both knew what eachother wanted, but the brunette wanted to be careful. Moving things too fast could very easily lead to his loss of Hisoka.

Hisoka shook his head. "It's fine, Tsuzuki. I can do this... We can do this. I trust you..."

That was the leading factor as to how Tsuzuki and Hisoka had ended up in bed, gingerly holding and kissing eachother. Both could feel the heat pooling in their stomachs and in their loins. With shaking fingers, Hisoka slipped Tsuzuki's dress shirt off of his shoulders.

Suddenly, Hisoka was underneath his partner, and they were kissing deeply. He realized that this was the way things were meant to be when you were to be intimate with someone. Hisoka knew he'd be coming back for more.

Tsuzuki slipped his hand up Hisoka's shirt, feeling smooth skin on his hands journey up to one of the young males nipples. Hisoka cried out at the new and shocking feeling. The older male decided that Hisoka's shirt was a nuisance and that it needed to be ridded of immediately, which it was. When the shirt was discared, Tsuzuki took his time letting his eyes roam over the beautiful expanse of skin. It wasn't completely unmarred, quite the contrary, but his scars made Hisoka all the more mesmerizing to Tsuzuki.

After making sure he extracted enough cries of pleasure from Hisoka by expertly using his lips and tongue on his chest, Tsuzuki started making his way down to Hisoka's waist band.

Hisoka suddenly grew nervous. It wasn't about where Tsuzuki was going, no, he felt as if they were being watched... and he had a feeling he knew who their spectator was. "Tsu- Tsuzu-"

"Yes, my love, I know..." Tsuzuki whispered sensually against his naval, not realizing the boys troubles.

"N-No... Please... Not now... STOP IT!!!"

The explosion of power had sent Tsuzuki tumbling off the bed. "Oh god, Hisoka. I'm so sorry, I didn't realize-" He pulled himself up, clutching his bleeding head, but was unable to finish his apology due to the state Hisoka was in.

"I can feel him, Tsuzuki... He's close."

The curse marks had returned.


For it being after hours at the Ministy, the usually quiet and dark halls near the infirmary were filled with moans of pain and flooded with the light coming from one of the rooms. Inside the room was Tsuzuki, Watari, and Hisoka, whom was occupying a cot, laying on his side and biting his lip.

Watari gently grasped Tsuzuki's arm and pulled him aside, out of Hisoka's earshot. "There's really nothing I can do, Tsuzuki. I can give him painkillers but that's really all-"

"You don't have to talk as if I'm not here, Watari." The two older men turned around to see Hisoka weakly sitting up from the cot. A small trail of blood released itself from where Hisoka had damaged his lip, which he rid of quickly with his knuckle. "This is just going to continue for as long as Muraki lives... but it's getting worse. What happened today royally pissed him off today, Tsuzuki." The blond's voice trembled in his agony. "If he put any more force in these marks? I'd probably be in a coma right now. I have to stop him."

Tsuzuki's eyes widened and he took a step forward. "Hisoka, don't be stupid. You wouldn't be able to fight him alone on a regular day, let alone the state you're in now!"

Hisoka took a shuddering breath as the massive pain carved its way through his bones. "What? So you're gonna go? Alone?! Need I remind you of what happened last time, Tsuzuki?"

"We just- We need time to figure this out! Watari will give you something for the pain and- and you'll be fine in the morning! Then when you're having rational thoughts we'll think of a plan! Okay?" Tsuzuki was now kneeling in front of his partner, looking into his eyes.

"Whatever. Fine, I don't care. Watari, give me the meds. Then I want to go to bed." Hisoka leaned back onto the bed and glared at Tsuzuki when he made no move to leave. "... That means I'd like for you to leave, Tsuzuki."


"Please leave Tsuzuki. I want to be alone."


Tsuzuki's, Watari's, Tatsumi's, and the Gushoshin Twin's exhausting night was unsuccessfully tracking down Muraki's whereabouts. Around 9 AM, when the offices opened, was when they had finally given up and Tsuzuki decided to check on his partner.

He felt terrible about what happened the night before. He couldn't help but think that he had brought this upon Hisoka, that it was all his fault. Tsuzuki couldn't help but beat himself down, he had moved too fast, he should've realized the consequences of Muraki's curse, he should've been kinder to Hisoka when he was in that kind of pain. What kind of man was he? Tsuzuki decided that an apology would be the first thing to come from his mouth when he entered the infirmary.

Well, that would've been the case, had the infirmary not have been empty. The cot Hisoka had been sleeping in was neatly made, as if there had not been an occupant the night before, except for the small slip of paper on the pillow.

With shaking hands, Tsuzuki lifted the paper from the bed.

I'm sorry Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki knew what this meant. Hisoka had gone after Muraki, and if Tsuzuki didn't find them...



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