Beautiful: Booth's POV

I smiled as Bones walked past me this morning. She smirked and winked at me. I grinned back. "Good morning Bones. You look beautiful this morning. I love how you did your hair." Yes, I made the last part up because her hair looks the same (almost) every day. Her eyes lit up when I said that.

"Why thank you Booth," she grinned. She was just about to walk off when I stopped her.

"B-Bones… how'd you like to come to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow?" I asked.

"Booth… I'd love that! Oh please invite everyone!" She grinned.

"Don't worry, I will," I smiled. She walked off happily and I could hear her lightly say 'yes!'.

A/N: I saw on my poll that someone voted for Bones. :D... So I decided to put up these random one-shots with Booth, Bones and co. :)