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-Note-This is told first person in George's POV, I might add Luna's POV at a later date...depending on how this is received...so please review!




I know some people couldn't believe it, the day I chose Luna Lovegood as my future. I know some so called friends even laughed about it...well, let them laugh, I have never given a damn what people thought and I am not about to start now.

I know most people don't get it. What I see in her. But the question I most often ponder is... what does she see in me?

I was broken when she came to us the summer after the war, she was like that first ray of sunshine after a thunderstorm...sunshine that I refused to see. I hid from her light, choosing instead to live in the dark, alone with my loneliness and pain as I mourned my brothers death. My brother...the person I loved most in all the world, the one I thought I couldn't live without...the one I decided I wouldn't live without.

She found me at his grave on a moonlit night, a bottle of poison in my hand. She reached out and covered my cold hands with hers, then pulled the bottle away and poured it in the grass. She touched my face and promised me, even though things looked dark now...the light would come again. She told me I need to be the one to take the first step, the step that would take me back out into the light.

And so Luna stood with me, she in the light and I in the dark. She reached out her hand and I...I took it, allowing her to pull me into the light...into the sunshine that was...and still is Luna Lovegood.

I lost track of the times I cried in her arms that summer, her gentleness like a salve on my broken heart. I knew she was the one the day I knelt with her, a girl who barely knew him, and heard her weeping at my brothers grave on the one month anniversary of his death. I knew that I was encountering a heart that was pure and true, a heart that was genuine, that would never lie or care that I was deformed...that I was what I had overheard others call a freak.

The months ahead were difficult, the summer came to an end and she had to leave me...to return to Hogwarts to finish her last year of school. The time moved so painfully slow, I thought at times the days were moving backwards. It was that Christmas that I gave her a ring...a ring meant to promise eternity...a future with her by my side...and me by hers.

We married that summer, in a meadow filled only with our closest friends. Neither of us were much for tradition, she wore a filmy dress of pale yellow, a wealth of wild flowers tangled in her plentiful hair. I wore my faded blue jeans and a white cotton button down shirt. I still laugh when I think of how my mother blanched at the very idea. But it was us...it was Luna and I, down to the plain family dinner as usual we held as our after wedding festivities. No dancing, no music...just us and the people we loved most.

We had each other...what more did we need?

And now, I look at her over the head of our newborn son as he nurses at her breast. The new light and love that has come into our lives, our own little Fred. He is a perfect replica of his mother, a thing that makes me happy beyond belief...I wouldn't have it any other way. Her eyes may be a bit too big, her hair wild and out of control, but she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Lovely, like the birdsong that comes through our bedroom window on a summer morning, comforting, like hot cocoa on a cold winter night.

Through the passages of time, we are always growing, always changing. Yet in the truly important ways Luna remains the same as the summer that she saved me. Strong, beautiful, loving.

My sunshine.