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The door cracked. Whatever was out there, it wanted in: badly. And judging from the destruction that had been dealt to the rest of the manor, it wouldn't quit until it had made its way into the barricaded room. The room itself wasn't very large, but for those inside it was essential. Basically just an entryway, it allowed passage into the technical hallways of the Royal Manor.

Craniamon, a tall humanoid digimon with purple armor, slammed himself against the door to aid the weakening bar that was holding it closed. Behind him, a similar humanoid with pink armor was pulling away a third being, doused in white armor, away from the door. She leaned him against the wall and held her hand against his stomach, which was covered in blood.

"Don't worry Omega," She told him comfortingly, "We're going to get you out of this."

"Where is Saka?" Omega the Omnimon asked weakly. He was too out of it to realize that his friend KabukiSakuyamon had been murdered in the hallway they had just escaped from.

"She didn't make it." Crusadermon, the fuchsia knight, replied.

"Damn it…" Omnimon winced as even his smallest breath caused him pain. A crash was heard, signaling a particularly strong strike against the door that caused part of it to crack.

"Blast…" Craniamon grumbled, "I can't hold this much longer. Rhodo, "He addressed the Crusadermon, "You need to contact Makuramon before it is too late."

"What about you?" Crusadermon inquired.

"I'll keep this door closed as long as possible," Craniamon answered, "Just contact Makuramon and get those eggs to safety."

"Good luck Terin," Crusadermon said solemnly, "Come on Omega." She wrapped her ally's arm around her shoulder and tried to stand up. She couldn't do it; it was getting too difficult for Crusadermon to manage the weight of her form.

"Leave me here." Omnimon groaned.

"Omega no!" Crusadermon was offended by the thought.

"Rhodo it's more important that you get those eggs to safety and warn Makuramon. We're not going to make it out of this, but we need to make sure that someone is there to carry on in our place."

"Damn you," Crusadermon near tears.

"It's for the best Rhodo," Said Craniamon as he struggled to keep hold of the door, "Now go!" Rhodo reluctantly let go of Omnimon and ran down the hallway at a slow pace. She felt her arm weighing her down, so ripped off the shield on her right arm and threw it down an irrelevant hallway. With less weight, she quickened her pace, and within a few minutes made it to the door she was looking for. She knocked it open and found herself in a dark square room with only three objects: a desk with a radio on it and an incubator.


"Ugh!" The beatings got stronger. Or maybe Craniamon was just getting weaker. He hoped it was the former. But as the door began to give way, he knew that no matter which one, it wouldn't matter.

With one final punch, the door shattered into pieces, and Craniamon was thrown back into the wall a few feet away from Omnimon. Now, the two weakened knights were getting their last look at the Digimon whom had penetrated the Royal Manor and killed all but three of the Royal Knights.

A young teen walked into the room. A hefty boy, he had short yet spiky brown hair and was dressed in an ocean blue jumpsuit with yellow sleeves and pockets.

"J.P.," A voice spoke into the com device in J.P.'s ear. "H…. says to b..ng back one of th.. alive." The other voice cut in and out, but the message was somewhat clear.

"Gaomon," He spoke to his partner, "Kill the one on the left." At the command, his partner, an upright blue dog with boxing gloves on his arms walked into the room and crushed Omnimon's head.


Crusadermon was fiddling with the radio. She was having trouble finding the right frequency. It seemed that in times like this the radio never worked. But finally the static ended and some feedback could be heard from the other side.

"Makuramon!" She screamed into the mic. "Makuramon please answer me!" She cried again. "Is anybody there?" She cried. No one answered. She dropped her head in defeat. No one was on the other line. But she still had one last task. She ran over to the incubator and typed in a code, instigating a beam to fire at one of the eggs. It began to materialize, about to transfer to Puppetmon's palace on Server. Then, she heard a noise from the radio.

"Thank Yggdrasil…!" She whispered. "Makuramon, is that you?" She yelled into the mic. There was still no answer, but she knew someone had been there. She just had to get them to hear her. "Makuramon, I don't know if you can hear me, but we need your help. I don't know how it happened, but we're in trouble. The Dark Beacon is back!"


























The Digimon Omnibus

















Chapter One: The Oliphant

Fukagawa Senior High School

Koto Ward: Tokyo, Japan

7:00 A.M: January 11th, 2010

Koushiro Izumi navigated the halls of Fukagawa Senior High School as inconspicuously as possible. After the events of the past month, he didn't want to draw any unnecessary attention to himself. After all, it wasn't his fault what had happened. But that didn't stop people from staring. That didn't stop people from gossiping. That didn't stop the company his father worked at from relocating him due to the bad publicity. Some random hacker had done it, but Kyoto would forever associate the Izumi name with the greatest crime wave the city had ever seen.

It was Okawa. He had moved in next door, on the lam. Koushiro was online, as usual: nothing special. Then he got a tip. A lengthy project he had been working on. He had given up some time ago, when he came across a forum. Somebody had mentioned something. It seemed like a wild goose chase, but he went for it anyway, and didn't even find goose egg. But in his anticipation he had slipped into a government secure site, and his friendly neighborhood hacker spotted the action. He slipped in after Koushiro, and the things he got access to were too numerous to contemplate without shuttering. He only targeted local firms, which kept the bulk of the travesty to Kyoto, but it still burned.

Maybe then the move to Tokyo was for the best. After all, nobody in Tokyo cared about what was happening 500 kilometers to the west on the other coast. And his parents didn't resent Koushiro at all for the move, or so they said. Despite their best efforts, the Izumis could not convince their son that they didn't hold some sort of animosity towards him. He could see it in their eyes. They had left their friends, their home of 40 years, and their lives behind, all because Koushiro had accidentally stumbled where he didn't belong.

But that was all in the past. They were in a new city: one so big that he could have jumped off a skyscraper and only a few people would have even taken notice. Sure, Kyoto was big too, but Tokyo. No, Koushiro didn't need to worry about what had happened anymore. He was confident that he could make a new life for himself, hopefully similar to the old one except that one minor discrepancy.

Koushiro had voluntarily given up his high tech laptop in favor of a less powerful one, a move that satisfied the city of Kyoto, even if Koushiro knew he could do the same thing again if he wanted or needed to. But he wouldn't. He hadn't meant to cause so much trouble. He just needed to know. For the past four years, he had no leads, and when he finally saw that the government had information on Fac-

"Oof!" Koushiro, lost in thought, didn't see the tall dark haired boy in front of him, and collided with him at a grueling 2 miles an hour.

"Hey, watch it!" The teen protested as he and his friends congregated together to get a look at who had just run into one of them.

"Sorry…" Koushiro said with head ducked. He had dropped a book so dipped down quickly to pick it up. "I wasn't looking where I was going."

"Yeah no kidding." The boy growled. His scowl then disappeared to a look of curiosity. "Do I know you?" He asked suddenly.

"Uh, no, I don't think you do." Koushiro then slipped away from the scene and rushed towards his classroom.

"Huh…" The teen hummed to himself. Koushiro didn't waste any more time. He didn't want to risk another encounter. Fortunately, his first class wasn't too far away. He made it there and was relieved to find only the teacher, writing on the blackboard, and a few students keeping to themselves inside. Glancing at his schedule to get the teacher's name, he walked up to the man and addressed him.

"Mr. Fujiama?" Said Koushiro.

"Yes." The neatly kept man replied.

"My name's Koushiro Izumi; I'm new here."

"Ah," He said half heartedly, "Did you get the notes from last week?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay then, go ahead and take a seat. You don't need to do anything else, just get that first assignment in by Friday as well as the one that I'm going to assign this week." With that, he returned to what he was doing, oblivious to the boy who had just talked to him. And that was the way Koushiro wanted it. He didn't need any teachers recognizing him from the newspaper: especially this one.

Koushiro turned and started walking down the aisles of seats, trying to find a nice secluded one. He spotted a good seat on the left side of the classroom in the second to last row. The only person near it was a boy with extremely long spiky hair… sleeping. How many spiky haired boys can there be in one school? Koushiro thought to himself. As he walked, Koushiro glanced at the item residing on every desk. Koushiro noted the irony that his first class of the new semester would be this one.

Computer lab.

Koushiro sat down and sighed. With only minor incident, Koushiro had made it out of the crowded hallways and into his first classroom without anybody noticing him. Now he got a break until next period. A minute later the bell rang. A snort behind him signaled that his new classmate had woken up just in time for class. Koushiro kept his head low and rubbed his temple. It's only seven hours, he thought.


Koushiro exited the school as quickly as possible. After the ridicule he had received at his old school he was in no hurry to stay at his new one for longer than necessary. He made his way to his locker and then to the side exit. Now all he had to do was get off of campus and to the subway and he was home free.

"Hey Koushiro!" Someone behind called to him. Koushiro made the mistake of turning around. Someone had recognized him.

"I knew I recognized you." Said the dark haired boy Koushiro had run into earlier.

"Crap…" Koushiro whispered to himself. He stood still but prepped to move as the teen and his three cronies made their way over to him.

"You're that kid from Kyoto, aren't you?" He asked as his greasy bowl cut reflected the sun.

"Um… I'm not sure what you're talking about-" He wasn't allowed to finish.

"Stop lying!" Bowl cut barked. "My parents lost a fortune because of you!" He stepped up right in Koushiro's face and grabbed his collar. Just as Koushiro had expected, this was going to get violent.

"Listen, I didn't-"

"No! Punks like you are the reason people are too scared to do business with people like my parents anymore. You disgust me cyber-geek!" Bowl cut threw his face right in front of Koushiro's. Koushiro had heard all of this before, just not so up close and personal. He had to find a way out of there fast.

"I didn't do anything," Said Koushiro. "Okawa was the one-"

"I think he needs to be taught a lesson." One of the other guys snarled.

"I think you're right Takky." The leader laughed. He then threw Koushiro onto the ground and cracked his knuckles. "What do you think we should do to him?" He chuckled. Koushiro scrambled away, but the other three had closed in on him and he was now trapped. Koushiro stood up and dropped his backpack around his wrist in preparation.

"Is there a problem here?" Someone asked from the direction of the school. Everybody turned to see a tall spiky haired boy walking towards them. Koushiro recognized him as the same one who had sat behind him in the computer lab.

"Oh hey bro," Bowl cut obviously recognized him as well, "We were just about to teach this cyber-terrorist a lesson: want to help?"

"Why don't you just leave him alone okay?" The guy asked as he readjusted his backpack strap.

"Don't you recognize him from the news? He's the guy who-"

"I don't really care." Obviously he had some sort of authority over the other four boys, as they looked a little nervous.

"You're going to defend him? You don't even know him!" Bowl cut cried.

"Are you going to leave him alone Taro or should I get a teacher involved?" New guy asked cockily.

"Fine." Bowl cut, or Taro, rolled his eyes and started walking away. "Let's go guys." The other three stormed off as well.

"It's your lucky day." One of them sneered as he passed Koushiro.

"Thanks." Koushiro said to the boy once the others were gone.

"No problem." New guy said with a knowing smile on his face. Neither said anything, and after a few seconds Koushiro got uncomfortable.

"Listen I'm grateful and everything but is there something you wanted?" He didn't want to be blunt, but the other teen wasn't saying anything.

"What, you don't recognize me?" New guy chuckled.

"Um…" Koushiro stared at his rescuer with a confused look. He did look a little familiar, but then again, there were a lot of people with spiky hair. "From computer class?"

"What? No," the boy sighed. "Here, maybe this will help." New guy slipped his backpack off of his shoulder and opened it, digging around until he found what he was looking for. He then pulled out pair of blue goggles, which he proceeded to strap onto his forehead. "How about now?"

"Tai!?" Koushiro yelled in surprise.

"Izzy!" Tai yelled back. They man-hugged.

"I can't believe it," Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi scratched his head for lack of a better activity, "I had completely forgotten that you lived in Tokyo. I tried to look you up after I got back but there were so many Kamiyas in the phone book. I must have skipped over yours on accident."

"I tried to find you too, but it was the same thing. Izumi to Kyoto is like ant to ant hill. When did you move to Tokyo?"

"Last week," Izzy answered.

"Huh," Tai half laughed, "So where do you live? I'll walk you home: just in case, you know?"


"You're kidding? Me too!" Tai cheered. He slapped Izzy on the back and the pair of them started walking down the sidewalk towards the train.


On the subway, Tai and Izzy were speeding along towards Odaiba, deep in conversation.

"From what I had read it sounded all like Okawa's fault." Tai commented.

"It was!" Izzy enunciated in agreement. "He was the one who hacked onto my computer and stole the information."

"So why did everyone crucify you?"

"Because the media in Kyoto are a bunch of jerks who made me sound like an accomplice."

"Damn…" Tai shook his head, "Wait, why were you in the server in the first place?" Tai inquired.

"Well, that part was my fault." Izzy sighed. "Do you remember Factory Mark?"

"The address of that e-mail you got?"

"Yeah: I had been looking it up after I got back, but after three months I still couldn't find anything, so I gave up. But a month ago I found this forum where someone mentioned Factory Mark as a company wrapped up in the government. When I tried to look it up that way it led me to the government site so I… hacked into it."

"Oh." Tai said in surprise. "So I guess it was your fault then." He smiled jokingly. Izzy gave him a sour face but passed it away.

"Now entering: Odaibakaihinkōen Station."

"Here's our stop." Tai announced, and the pair hopped out of the train into the station and started walking onward. "So, where do we go from here?"

"Right over there." Izzy pointed forward at the pair of massive rectangle buildings that was the Odaiba Apartment buildings.

"Okay, now you're just screwing with me; I live there too."

"Really?" Izzy inquired.

"I'm not lying." Tai laughed, "Where are you?"

"815, you?"

"1016. I saw a moving truck last week but I'd never imagine it could have been you." They crossed the street and piled into the elevator, going up towards Izzy's house. "So is it Koushiro now or can I still call you Izzy?"

"Izzy's fine." He shrugged.

"Hey since you're only two floors down why don't you come over to my place first? Kari will be ecstatic."

"I'll just have to tell my mom; I wouldn't want her to worry."

"Of course, we're going up there anyway." The elevator stopped, and the two friends walked over to the 15th door. Izzy opened it and walked inside.

"Mom, I'm home!" He called, then leaned his head out the door. "C'mon." He said to Tai. The leader followed, slipped off of his shoes, and stood by the door as Mrs. Izumi walked in.

"Hey Koushiro," She said in passing, "Oh, who's your friend?" She noticed Tai suspiciously.

"This is Tai," Izzy replied, "He's an old friend of mine."

"Not a computer friend, I hope?" She inquired.

"Oh, no ma'am," Tai replied with a small bow, "I wouldn't know what to do with a computer if I had ENIAC itself in my room."

"He fell asleep in computer lab." Izzy added.

"Jee, thanks." Tai mumbled under his breath.

"Mom, do you mind if I go to Tai's apartment? His sister is an old friend too and I'd like to see her again."

"Where did you meet all of these people Koushiro?" His mother inquired.

"Three years ago at that summer camp." He answered. "They only live upstairs."

"That's convenient." She raised an eyebrow. "Be back before dinner."

"Thanks Mom." Izzy nodded, slipped his shoes on, and then followed Tai back outside. They took the stairs this time, not needing an elevator for two floors, and then entered Tai's house.

"Summer camp?" Tai asked sarcastically.

"Well I could have told her that we met four years ago in an alternate dimension, but somehow I don't think she would have believed it." He shrugged.

"Ha ha. I meant I'd never peg you for somebody who went to summer camp."

"Well I didn't want to go; she made me."

"Tai, who are you talking to?" Mrs. Yuuko Kamiya called from the kitchen.

"A friend of mine: Izzy." Tai called back. "You're not making any snacks are you? I don't want him to get sick his first week in Tokyo."

"Don't start with me Taichi," She walked into the room with a plate of four dark orange drinks. "Hello Izzy, it's nice to meet you. How do you know Tai? Would you like a carrot smoothie?"

"He's a pen pal who just moved to Tokyo." Tai replied, "Don't take the drink." He whispered into Izzy's ear.

"Yes, thank you." Izzy bowed. Tai rolled his eyes in a condescending fashion, but took one as well. He would dispose of it later.

"Hey Mom, hey Tai." Kari Kamiya, a twelve year old girl dressed in an odd fashion of yellow and pink clothing ran in dragging yet another spiky (yet flat) haired Japanese boy with her, "Bye Mom, bye Tai." She ran into the first of two rooms in the hallway to their left, still dragging the boy with her.

"Does Kari have a boyfriend?" Izzy inquired doubtfully.

"That's Takato," Tai answered, "He's a family friend. Come on."

"Bring Kari and Takato their drinks." Mrs. Kamiya shoved the platter in Tai's hands.

"She's not going to drink it Mom."

"Just do it." She glared with mock anger. Tai fled the scene as he ran into the room he shared with Kari. Izzy followed.

"You see," Kari was leaning over Takato, who was at the computer desk while she directed his motion. She was showing him a new online game she had found. "It's awesome isn't it?"

"You've got that right." Takato mumbled as he found himself entranced in the online video game.

"Hey Kari, hey Takato." Tai spoke from the doorway.

"Hey Tai." They both spoke half heartedly, not paying a lot of attention.

"Hey Kari." Izzy spoke to the girl. Kari didn't recognize the voice, so she turned around to investigate.

"I'm sorry do I know you?" She asked Izzy. He didn't look the same as before. He was still the same height, but that was only because he had cut off most of his hair and had grown to fill in the gap.

"Imagine him the same height but with most of that being hair." Tai joked. Izzy glared, but shook it off.

"Um…" Kari was having trouble recognizing him.

"I wish I had a pair of goggles to make people recognize me." Izzy sighed.

"Izzy!" Kari cheered. "I can't believe it!" She ran over to him and locked him in a bear hug. Izzy grunted in pain; Kari was stronger than she looked. "What are you doing here?"

"Izzy and his family are the ones who moved in last week." Tai answered for him.

"Wow! So where do you live?"

"Right downstairs in 815." Izzy answered.

"Hey Tai can I use your bathroom?" Takato asked as he said hi to the new person in passing.

"You ask that every time you're here and every time we say yes: go." Tai rolled his eyes. Takato thanked him and hastened out of the room.

"Tai, come take out this trash!" His mother called to him from the main room.

"But the dumpster is so far down there." Tai complained.


"She's so violent." Tai said in an emasculated voice. As he exited the room, Kari and Izzy wandered if they would ever see him again.

"So were you able to find anybody else?" Kari asked obscurely. Izzy still knew what she was talking about, however.

"I was only able to find Eric and Zoe, because they lived on military bases. I talked to them for a couple years but then Eric moved back to the U.S. and Zoe moved back to Italy."

"Aw." Kari expressed.

"Yeah." Izzy concurred. They reminisced for a few minutes before Tai came back.

"Why they decided to move into the tenth floor I'll never know," Tai said exasperated, "Where they high at the time?"

"I HEARD THAT!" Mrs. Kamiya screamed from the other room.

"Tai, do yourself a favor and stop talking." Kari joked.

"Bep-bep-bep! Beeep beeep beeep! Bep-bep-bep!" A loud beeping noise sounded from the desk drawer.

"What's that?" Izzy inquired.

"I don't know." Kari shrugged. She opened the drawer and gasped.

"What's wrong?" Tai inquired.

"It's… the digivices." Kari said amazed as she pulled two identical objects out of the drawer. They both looked like beltless watches, and hooked onto them were two long strings with a hexagonal pendant attached.

"No way." Tai grabbed his digivice and stared at it intently. "I'm starting to think that maybe your being here isn't as big a coincidence as I first thought."

"No kidding." Izzy agreed. "Wait…" He listened closely to the beeping noise coming from the devices. "That's Morse code." Izzy gasped.

"What?" The two Kamiyas asked in surprise.

"It's Morse code: the Digimon are trying to communicate with us."

"You're kidding!" Tai cheered.

"No, listen:" They all listened. "S… O… Uh oh."

"What?" Kari inquired.

"S." Izzy finished.

"An SOS," Kari murmured, "They're in trouble."

The three burst out of the room with Tai in the lead. "Follow me." He instructed as they trained out of the doorway while hopping to put their shoes on.

"Where are they going?" Takato asked Mrs. Kamiya as he exited the bathroom.

"I don't know." She replied apathetically, but Takato had already taken off after them.

"Where are we going?" Izzy asked Tai as they slowed down in front of the elevator.

"The park where Kari and I were when we went to the digital world is close by." Tai answered as he rapidly pressed the down button to no avail.

"It's on the second floor." Kari looked up at the lights above the door.

"Crap…," Tai muttered under his breath.

"We can take the stairs!" Kari exclaimed as she ran to the passage that led to the stairs.

"We're ten stories up!" Tai complained, but Kari and Izzy had already started down. Tai rolled his eyes and started after them. Behind them, Takato had started jogging after them as well, deciding to wait for the elevator. Meanwhile, Tai, Kari, and Izzy were galloping down the stairs two steps at a time. Izzy stumbled a little and slowed down as Tai and Kari went on, but continued after them. Once they reached the fifth floor, however, something caught his attention. Through the passage from the stairs to the railing overlooking the courtyard, Izzy spotted a person that was unmistakable with the purple bandana over her hair.

"Yolei?" He inquired partially to himself. The girl heard him and turned around.

"Do I know you?" Yolei answered.

"It is you!" He stepped towards her, but realized that he needed to follow the others and didn't have the time to explain what was going on. "Just… stay here: on this floor: please!" Izzy then bolted down the stairs after the others. Once he reached the bottom, he saw that Takato had made it down there as well and was running after Tai and Kari.

"Guys, wait up! What's happening?" Takato called as the siblings quickened their pace.

"You'll find out." Izzy answered him as he ran faster than and past Takato.


Iori Hida moved his rook to E-3, and then tapped the clock. His opponent, a girl oddly dressed in blue-jeans, a yellow shirt, and a blue helmet-like hat, quietly scoffed at his move.

"What?" Iori asked irritated as the girl he had just met quietly drummed her fingers along the park bench they were at. Iori had accepted the girl's challenge to chess after he had easily defeated an older gentleman who had been there earlier.

"I don't think you're doing it right." His friend, Jeri Katou, commented as she leaned against the bench and watched.

"Quiet I can win this…!" Iori hissed.

"She's right," The girl added, "You're not doing it right." She moved her bishop, who had been quietly concealed by a mass of pawns, into the rook's space and knocked it away. But that wasn't all. "Checkmate." She announced while stopping the clock.

"What!" Iori dropped his hands against the bench and stared in bewilderment at the game stopping move. "How did you do that? Nobody's ever beaten me!"

"There's a first time for everything." The girl smiled and extended her hand. "Good game."

"Yeah, good game…" Iori begrudgingly shook the girl's hand and began to clean up. Just as he finished, he saw two of his friends (Kari Kamiya and Takato Matsuki) run by with two other people, one of which he identified as Kari's brother Tai.

"Where are Kari and Takato going?" Jeri asked.

"I don't know but it looks urgent." Iori said in a half-trance. He then ran off after them, not really sure why. Jeri hopped after Iori as well.

"Hey, you forgot your chess pieces!" The challenger called to them. She grabbed the board, box, and clock and took off after them.


"This is Shiokaze Park." Tai explained as they ran into a large open field where a few people were receiving food from some vendor buildings on the right side, "Well really it's more of a tourist attraction, but a lot of times we'll play soccer here. Kari and I were in those trees over there when we were brought to the digital world." The three destined and their companion crossed over the field and ran for the mini-forest to their left.

"What's the digital world?" Takato asked.

"It's not important." Tai answered.

"It seems important if we're doing all of this running just to get to some trees." As he said this the group piled into the small forest, their beeping digivices echoing all over the trees.

"What now?" Kari asked.

"Now we wait and let Makuramon do his job." Said Tai.

"I wonder if there is some significance to this forest as a pathway to the digital world." Izzy pondered as he drifted over to the edge of the woods. No one answered, so he turned around. Nobody was there. "Guys?"

The Digital World

Tai's eyes were shocked open. He was immediately exposed to a sea of blue. He couldn't figure out what it was, but what he did know was that he was having trouble breathing. As a matter of fact, he couldn't breathe at all. He began to flail. The sea of blue around them was just that. He was totally submerged in a body of water. He flapped his arms down, trying desperately to get higher. And just when he though his lungs would collapse from the lack of oxygen, his head broke water and he was exposed to fresh air. He breathed in rapidly, grateful for the sweet tasting air. But it didn't last long. As he wiped the water out of his eyes, the sweet smell was replaced with a putrid one. But he couldn't focus on that now; he had to find Kari and Takato. He looked around. Nobody else had surfaced.

"Kari! Takato!" He called out into the empty air. Thankfully a second later another head surfaced to his left, and Tai turned to see Kari gasping for air. "Kari, are you okay?" He asked as he swam over to her.

"Yeah, I'm fine," She huffed, "Where's Takato?"

"I don't know." Tai answered. Then a splash of water behind him signaled Takato's arrival.

"What the heck just happened?" Takato gasped. "Where did that wave come from?"

"It's not a wave," Tai answered as he stroked over to Takato with Kari hanging on his arm, "It's a wormhole to another dimension.

"Then why are we in water?" Takato asked irritated.

"This is just where the wormhole happened to drop us off." Tai shrugged.

"Do you realize how insane you sound right now?" Takato growled.

"If you don't believe me, look over there." Tai pointed to their left, and everyone turned to see the sight that Tai had spotted while making sure everybody was okay. It was a lone island, with nothing but neatly cut grass and a huge white medieval manor taking up the center of the island. An abnormality in the form of a pillar of smoke was coming from the back of the building, the source of the putrid odor. "How many of those do you see in Japan?"

"Where do you think this is?" Kari asked Tai.

"Probably the Royal Knight's castle, up on the fifth plane, that Leopardmon was talking about."

"What's a Leopardmon?" Takato asked as he scrambled onto the shore.

"You really shouldn't have followed us Takato," Tai said as he and Kari walked onto the beach, "But since you did: do you remember four years ago when Kari and I disappeared and you couldn't find us until the next morning?"

"Yeah…?" Takato didn't see the connection.

"Well this is where we went." Tai started towards the castle. "Let's hope whatever the emergency is we weren't just brought into the center of it."

"Have we ever been that lucky?" Kari asked rhetorically as she followed. Takato stood behind them confused.

"Takato, stay close!" Tai ordered him. Takato came out of his head and followed.

"How do you think we were brought here? The data streams were destroyed." Kari inquired of Tai as the three of them quickly ran up to the door, and then Tai checked to see if it was open. It was. They slipped in and found themselves in a pure white hallway that split off in several directions. "Which way?" Kari inquired. A loud thump in the distance to the right answered that question.

"Maybe they repaired themselves," Tai sighed, "I don't know." Tai lead the way down the corridor, and after weaving through it for a few minutes (guided by various dents, cave-ins, and burns on the wall) arrived at a door that was smashed in.

"I really hope our guys did this," Tai muttered.

"Maybe we should turn back." Said Takato. "This is starting to look really dangerous."

"The Royal Knights are our friends; we're not leaving until we know they're okay." Kari answered him.

"And we can't leave you by yourself." Tai added. He then continued down the hallway. A few dozen yards later, the group passed a hallway to their right with a shining pink object laying in it.

"Oh no!" Kari bolted down the hallway and skidded to a halt by the object. "It's Crusadermon's shield."

"This isn't good." Tai murmured. "I didn't even know Crusadermon could take it off of her arm."

"This shield is impenetrable," Kari sighed, "If the Royal Knights were under attack she wouldn't leave this behind for anything."

"Then there must be a pretty good reason she did it this time." Tai began walking down the hall. "We should keep moving." Before he got too far, a thunderous slamming noise sounded from the continuation of the hall they had turned off of. The three rushed back to the original hallway and turned to the right, towards the direction they hadn't come from, to see what was happening.

"Crusadermon!" Kari cried at the sight of her battered partner, collapsed in the middle of the floor, cradling something in her arm. She slowed down rapidly and dropped to her knees and held her partner's head. "Crusadermon, what happened?"

"Kari, what are you doing here?" Crusadermon asked weakly.

"We got an SOS from the digivices. They brought us here. What's happening; where are the others?"

"They're all dead…" Crusadermon answered, "Kari, the Dark Beacon is back; but it's different: stronger, more focused. It's operating on a whole new level that's…" She couldn't finish. There was an unseen wound on her back.

"Do you know who is doing this?" Tai asked sorrowfully as he walked over to his friend. "Is it Apocalymon?"

"I don't know," She answered, "Maybe. I think it might be whoever created it for the Dark Masters in the first place but…

"But what?" Kari asked worriedly.

"Whoever's doing it is a lot more of a copycat than just the beacon. They…" Crusadermon started coughing violently.

"Crusadermon, just rest for a minute; we'll get you out of here and you can tell us later."

"No, there isn't time." She sputtered. Crusadermon then took the item she was holding and held it up in the air, trying to hand it to somebody. "Take it. Get it to safety."

"What's so important about this digi-egg?" Tai asked as he reached for it.

"Nothing." A teen voice sounded from the hall. Tai looked up along with Kari and Takato to see a large boy in blue staring at them, forgetting to grab the digi-egg.

"Please, someone protect it." Crusadermon pleaded. Takato complied and, while still disturbed about what was happening, took the egg and held it in both arms.

"Why is it not important?" Tai growled.

"It's not important because in a few moments we're going to kill it and wipe out its significance all together." He scoffed.

"We?" Kari barked. The boy responded by raising his hand halfway up, signaling another figure, an upright dog with red boxing gloves, to come out from behind him.

"You think we're scared of a rookie Digimon?" Tai asked a little pretentiously.

"That's part of the power of the new beacon," Crusadermon groaned, "It makes them stronger and us weaker."

"Weaker?" Kari whined.

"Weaker than a baby Digimon," The new boy laughed, "She can barely even walk upright, let alone defend herself against us."

"So there are more of you." Tai stated angrily.

"It doesn't matter, because your deaths have all been ordered. Gaomon, kill them."

"Run!" Crusadermon screamed.

"We won't leave you." Kari protested.

"Go!" Crusadermon shoved Kari away, and then lunged at Gaomon to give them time to flee.

"Crusadermon no!" Kari ran after her, but Tai grabbed his sister's hand and started running in the opposite direction. Takato trotted alongside them. "I won't leave her!"

"She's sacrificing herself so that we can escape; don't let that be in vain!" Tai shepherded Kari in front of him and kept her moving as fast as they could.

"Stop toying around and go after them!" The boy, J.P., ordered to his partner. Gaomon complied and threw Crusadermon against the wall. She punched her in the gut, puncturing her stomach and killing her.

"GYUGH!" Crusadermon coughed a spat of blood before falling to the ground and dissipating into a stream of data.

"No…" Kari choked back tears.

"What are you waiting for?" J.P. ordered in annoyance. Gaomon ran after them as fast as he could, but fear was too big a motivator. Tai, Kari, and Takato bolted through the hallways and back to the main hallway, towards the door. They jumped through it with intense speed with Gaomon right on their tails.

"Where do we go now?" Takato cried as they ran straight with no particular purpose.

"Back into the water," Tai answered, "The Royal Knights didn't call us here, which means the digivices are responsible. If they brought us here for this purpose, then now that we're done they'll bring us back."

"Are you sure?" Takato's voice cracked.

"Not at all." Tai answered with confidence.

"That's not comforting!" Takato exclaimed.

"He's gaining on us!" Kari warned, looking back. She was right. Gaomon was kicking up grass and dust as he came within a few inches of Tai's heels. Fortunately, they had made it to the beach.

"Dive in!" Tai ordered. Neither one questioned him. At the edge of the water they jumped as far as they could to get as deep as they could. The ground under the water was very steep fortunately, and they made it into deep water without injury.

"Go after them!" J.P. screamed. Gaomon shook himself and then dived in after them. But as he looked around, confusion consumed him as the digidestined were nowhere in sight.


"Jim, why are we doing this?" Joe Kido rolled his eyes for the fifth time as he and his older brother Jim sat on the boardwalk of Odaiba, fishing in the middle of Tokyo Bay. He was a lanky fellow, 17, in a blue school uniform with long, hippy-like hair.

"Mom wanted us to go out and get dinner. I thought we might be a little creative." Jim shrugged.

"Jim, this is Tokyo Bay. The only fish in here that aren't dead have three eyes and wings instead of fins." He said sarcastically.

"You're always in such a rush, aren't you?" Jim sighed. "You can never take a minute to enjoy the simple pleasures in life: like fishing for mutant sea creatures."

"You're always trying to teach me a lesson." Joe rolled his eyes for the sixth time. "What is this about, Harvard?"

"I just don't see what's wrong with going to a school in your own country. I mean, I might be crazy but…" He said facetiously.

"Harvard Medical School is one of the best in the world. Getting into there will be the greatest achievement in my life."

"At the cost of your sanity?" Jim exclaimed. "Joe, you already push yourself enough. If you get into Harvard you'll have to shove learning in an entire language into your year before college. Why are you always trying to save the world at the cost of your own life and happiness?"

"It's too hard to explain." Joe replied, thinking back.

"So try me." Jim urged. As he spoke he could see that Joe was not completely listening to him. Instead, he was staring to their right at someone leaning against a podium, overlooking the water in a stressed out manner with his hair in his hands.

"Is that…?" Joe stared at the boy intently. He was very good with faces, but couldn't place this one too well. "It couldn't be."

"Izzy!" A girl, the same age as the boy, dressed in a green school uniform and pants, stormed towards the worried boy with a furious look on her face.

"I don't believe it…" Joe stood up in bewilderment.

"Yolei!" Izzy turned around in surprise as the angry girl stomped closer to him.

"What is the matter with you!?" She screamed as she approached the peer. "I haven't seen you for four years, and then you just bump into me in my home and tell me to wait there without any explanation as to what you're doing there!"

"Um, I'm sorry?" Izzy said nervously.

"What the hell is going on Izzy?" She demanded. "Was that Tai and Kari with you?"

"Yeah…" Izzy was nervous due to the angry woman standing in front of them.

"Is that all you have to say? Tell me what's going on!"

"Yeah, it's… complicated. You see-"

"Izzy, Yolei?" Someone spoke to their right.

"You're really just going to leave me Joe?" Jim asked irritated. Fine then, I'll go home." Jim shrugged and walked off.

"Joe?" Yolei gasped. "Joe Kido."

"Honestly I'm not surprised." Izzy said. "That whole digidestined thing probably wasn't just a fancy title."

"What's going on?" Joe asked. "You said Tai and Kari were here too?"

"Yeah," Yolei replied, "But I'd no more if Izzy would stop stuttering and answer me."

"I'm trying but you keep yelling at me." Izzy protested.


"There," Iori, a short boy in tan clothing and bowl-cut, pointed over to the boardwalk where three figures were standing, "That boy with the short hair is the one that was with Tai and Kari."

"What do you think is going on?" Jeri Katou, a girl one year Iori's senior with long brown hair tied in a pig-tail on one side and wearing a long green dress-shirt, asked.

"I don't know but Tai and Kari looked really worried, we should go figure it out." Iori answered her. They then made their way over to the boardwalk, with another girl following a little ways behind them.


Tai gasped for air, again, and shook the water off of his face so he could get a better look at his surroundings. He was in another body of water, and fortunately this time Kari and Takato were floating next to him.

"So where are we now?" Kari gasped while keeping her head afloat. Takato solved that question for them. He accidentally dipped his head underwater and swallowed a mouthful of water.

"Pugh!" Takato spit out the water violently. "That tastes disgusting."

"It's polluted," Tai sighed with relief, "We must be in Tokyo Bay."

"Oh, look." Kari nodded to their front, and Takato and Tai looked up to see the Odaiba boardwalk a few yards in front of them. On that dock was also a group of six people: Izzy Izumi, Yolei Inoue, Joe Kido, Iori Hida, Jeri Katou, and some other girl they didn't recognize.

"Joe, Yolei, what a surprise," Tai laughed, "Did you just move to Tokyo or do you live here?"

"I live here," Joe answered as he helped Tai out of the water. Izzy and Yolei helped Kari and Takato out.

"I moved onto the fifth floor of your apartment building three months ago." Yolei added.

"Huh, I'm sorry I didn't notice you." Tai tried to dry himself as best as possible.

"Do you mind telling us what's going on Tai?" Yolei grumbled. "Like what you were doing diving in the chemical sea?"

"Well we didn't start out there," Takato commented as he brushed some of the water out of his hair," Although I couldn't tell you where we were the rest of the time."

"It was the digital world," Tai answered for Joe and Yolei, "We got an SOS on our digivices. This park was where Kari and I first came to the digital world, so we came here and as luck would have it fell right back into the digital world."

"What happened there?" Izzy inquired.

"Nothing good," Tai answered, "The Dark Beacon is back and it's stronger than before. They killed Crusadermon with a rookie Digimon." At his words Kari let out a short whimper.

"Oh God…" Yolei covered her mouth.

"Not just Crusadermon," Kari said through suppressed tears, "All of them. Omnimon, GoldenRapidmon, they're all gone."

"No," Izzy bit down on his finger.

"What about Puppetmon and the others, are they gone too?" Yolei asked with worry.

"We don't know," Tai answered, "But what we do know is that there's at least one new evil digidestined. He came in and destroyed all of the Royal Knights, and then he tried to destroy us. We were fortunate enough to make it out alive, at least with one survivor." He waved his hand over to Takato, who although confused came forth with egg in hand.

"A digi-egg," Izzy examined, "Who's in it?"

"We don't know," Tai shrugged, "But Crusadermon wanted us to protect it."

"Excuse me," Iori half rose his hand, "but do you think you might enlighten the rest of us as to what in the heck you're talking about?"

"Yeah I wouldn't mind knowing what just happened." Takato agreed. "Who's that?" Takato nodded to the girl in the blue helmet-hat, who was standing off to the side in confusion.

"I, uh, they forgot their chess set." She answered, feeling a little foolish.

"Is the digi-egg glowing?" Yolei observed. Everyone directed their attention back to the object held by Takato, which they could now see was covered in some sort of aura.

"It looks like… data," Izzy added, "Maybe it brought back something from the digital world."

"How do you know it's not supposed to look like that?" Tai asked. "We've never brought something from the digital world back to the human world before. Not that we've had a lot of opportunities but still."

"We've brought back our digivices and they didn't have this field." Izzy answered as he reached to touch the egg. As he did so, the egg's shine intensified.

"Uh, what's it doing now?"

"Whatever hooked onto the egg during the journey through the wormhole must be about to materialize." Izzy said bewildered. Then, the egg flashed a bright light and a second later the scenery had changed. The field around the reddish egg was gone, but now two dangling chains were suction hooked to it. One looked sort of like a non-flip cell phone, but bulkier in width and with only a few buttons. The other was something the digidestined had all seen before: a hexagonal pendant with an apparently meaningless symbol engraved into a plate in its center.

"A (new) digivice and a crest," Tai gasped, "This Digimon's a digidestined."

"Um, people," The new girl whined from the side. Everyone turned to see that she now held a crest and digivice in her hands as well. Needless to say she had dropped the chess set.

"No way," Tai dragged her over to Takato so that they now stood next to each other. "You're both digidestined: new ones, but digidestined all the same."

"What's a digidestined?" Takato asked nervously. He was being introduced into too much new terminology at once. Unfortunately his answer would have to wait. Before anyone knew what was happening, a giant stream of water blasted out of the bay, engulfed Takato, the new girl, and Joe Kido, and fell back into the body of water, taking both of the 12 year olds and the 17 year old with it.

"Well that can't be good."

AU. Apocalymon fell and the Royal Knights rebuilt. 4 Years later the digidestined are drawn back to the digital world to find it once again falling into chaos. Helpless to fight, new digidestined will rise to finish the job the others left behind.