A/N: The NCIS crew waste time instant messaging. Ok, the title's crap, but give it a go, okay? First NCIS fic, please be nice


26th of April, 2009, 12:15 PM

-Abbee has just signed in-

-McProbie has just signed in-

McProbie: Aw, crap, Tony's hacked into my account again!

Abbee: Aww.. Poor Timmy!

Tim: There, changed it.

Abbee: Well done, Timmy.

-DiNozzo has just signed in-

DiNozzo: Hey, Guys!

Abbee: Tony! :D

DiNozzo: should really get to work.

Abee: Ziva, stop ruining our fun!

Tim: Yeah, we're having fun without a case taking up all our time.

-Zee has just signed in-

Zee: Hey guys. Tony is currently pulling faces at his computer screen.

DiNozzo: Zee-Vah! U meanie. :P


Tim: Haha!!

DiNozzo: Hey, everyone, watch out, Gibbs is coming.

-Tim has signed out-

-Zee has signed out-

-Abbee has signed out-

26th of April, 2009, 12:30PM

-Tim has signed in-

-Zee has signed in-

-Abbee has signed in-

DiNozzo: Haha, Gotcha!

Abbee: *Gibbs slaps*

Zee: Haha, *Gibbs slaps*

DiNozzo: Owww…

Tim: Serves you right!

Zee: I agree.

Abbee: :P

Ziva: Abby, what did you mane before about ROFLMAO?

DiNozzo: It's an acronym used in instant messaging. It stands for "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off"

Abbee: Yeah.

Zee: Oh. Okay then.

{Gibbs secretly signs in}

Tim: Where is Gibbs, anyway?

Tony, Abbee, Zee: Director's office.

Tim: Ah. Okay, gotcha!

Zee, Tony and Tim received a new email from: Gibbs.

Abbee: What's that about? How come I didn't get one? I feel so unloved.

Tony: WHAT?! What's this? 'Fired for inappropriate use of NCIS property'?!

Tim: I don't get it.

Zee: They cannot fire us; we do not have a case. We're not doing anything wrong.

Gibbs: Pack up your things.

Dr. Mallard: Jethro, you cannot be serious.

Abbee: Ducky? You know how to use IM?

Dr. Mallard: Abigail, I may be old, but I am not an invalid. I happen to be quite adept with new technology.

Gibbs: I said, pack up your things.

DiNozzo: Seriously?

Gibbs: Yes, DiNozzo, seriously. We have a case.


A/N: Like I said, little bit of nonsense... Any good? Please let me know :)