My first attempt at the fan fic. I own nothing that you recognize from the show, just my original characters. Thanks to Grace for being not only my muse, but my editor!

Hope you enjoy!!

Never Be The Same; Chapter One

On the outskirts of the Kenyon Farm County Forest Preserve, I lay in wait. For the fourth day in a row, I have been staking out the same run down cabin. Needless to say, I was starting to feel the affects.

My back and knees are screaming in pain from being confined to the driver's side of my beloved 1967 Pontiac GTO. I could have given myself a break during the day and retired to a motel for a hot bath or a nap in a somewhat proper bed. But, I couldn't help but wonder, what if I missed them? I swear I'm not a glutton for punishment. It's just that I've come this far. I have to see this through. They've been so hard to track and now that I've found their trail, I'm not letting this coven of vampires out of my sight.

Their gruesome path of destruction was reestablished in St. Cloud, Minnesota. They had not only sucked a family of four dry, but it also looks like they also enjoyed playing with their food. The depraved bastards… even took pictures of the children being tortured. I have no doubt they relished in watching the looks of horror on the parent's faces before finally slitting their throats and enjoying a mighty banquet.

The authorities believe the carnage was the handiwork of a group of Satanists, and who could blame them? Vampires don't usually mutilate their victims like this group does. For them it's not enough to take a life to get the blood they need to survive. This coven enjoys… no delights… in torturing and tormenting their victims. My only guess was that it gets the blood pumping faster out of their victims, so that they could get their fill that much quicker. Then again maybe it was also because they were a bunch of soulless monsters who did it because they could.

So here I am, in Clintonville, Illinois, after following the blood trail along the I-94. I was able to trail a newer member of the coven to the Preserve. The cabin in front of me is the only abandoned building that could easily house all five of them. I've been waiting… trying to get one of them alone out here in the bush so that I can get a better hand on the situation that I'm dealing with. I have to make sure that all five of them are there, so that I know that I can finish this once and for all.

And here I sit, sipping yet another Rock Star Punched-Citrus. I am hoping that the fizzing green liquid in the black oversized can will help me to remain somewhat alert. This is the "glamorous" life of a hunter; sleep deprived and running on adrenaline and caffeine, or whatever it is that they put in these damned drinks to keep your eye lids from gluing shut. I checked the can again.

What's the recommended daily limit? I thought to myself.

"Psh, not that it makes a difference," I said to myself through a laugh. "So long as I don't start seeing things…"

As if by cue, movement to my right freezes me before I can finish that thought. My thoughts ran wild… What the hell was that?! Maybe I have had a few too many energy drinks and not enough sleep and have started seeing things.

Wait! No, I'm not crazy!!

That was a person… a really tall person. And were they with someone? Yeah, there were two people… well two men to be precise. Idiots! They were headed straight for the cabin.

"Dammit!!" I cursed under my breath. I reached under my passenger side seat to grab the mini machete my mother had custom made for my sixteenth birthday. I felt the onyx handle of the hilt and pulled it out without taking my eyes off the two obvious morons heading towards the bushes that lined the yard of the cabin. "Why couldn't they find a better place for a late night rendezvous?" I asked no one in particular… perhaps an invisible force.

I snuck out of the driver side and made my way to the cabin. I wasn't exactly looking forward to taking on these five blood-lusting vampires on my own, but I would never be able to live with myself if I didn't try to save these two guys. Who wouldn't try to do what ever they could, knowing the kind of soulless killers that awaited them inside?

As I approached the two figures bent down behind the shrubs, I could hear them whispering. I closed in so that I could hear them better, but the conversation isn't anything close to the tawdriness I expected.

"Since we don't know how many are there, be extra careful, okay? Let's get a look at them, find out how many we're dealing with, then we'll regroup and finalize a plan. Got it?"

"Yeah, sounds good."

"Okay, I'll take the back, you take the front."

Luckily they were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn't hear me creep up behind them. "Actually there's a least 5 of them," I said barely over a whisper.

It sounded to me like they were hunters, so why not share what I knew? We were a good ten feet from the stairs to the cabin with a four foot dense hedge for cover. The chances that we would be heard if we spoke at a normal volume were slim, but since they were whispering I figured I'd startle them less if I did the same.

After my words came out, they both jumped, ever so slightly, and the taller one ended up flat on his ass. "Sorry." I said with an apologetic tone, offering my hand to help him to his knees again. The tall man gratefully accepted my hand.

"And how would you know?" the shorter one said with an undeniable hiss.

That voice… SHIT!

"Because DEAN, I've been tracking them for the past 500 miles and this coven has yet to lose a member," I said with a less-than-amused tone.

"You know each other?" Sam asked, utterly surprised and confused.

Dean shrugged before he added, "I guess"

Of course he doesn't remember me, I thought bitterly to myself.

"Follow me. We can go over a plan in my car," I said while pointing towards my beautiful Fathom Blue GTO. They both shrugged and seemed to accept that I, too, was hunter. They followed me as I inched my way back to the car.

Once inside the relative safety of the gray leather interior, we all get a good look at each other and Dean's cheeks flushed immediately from embarrassment. I could tell He didn't recognize my voice at first. But, now, with being in a dimly lit car and seeing the petite, auburn haired, brown eyed woman in front of him… with whom he shared freaking fantastic memories…

"Lay? Is that you?" Dean asked before he paused. "Wow! You grew up good." He HAD to have been eyeing me up and down, but it was too dark to tell for sure.

"Thanks Dean, you don't look so bad yourself. Apparently death becomes you."

Thank God the dome light is out because I can feel my own cheeks flaring up as my heart started thumping like an African drum. Damn, I thought to myself. He does look good. Suddenly, all the feelings I thought I had buried came rushing back, despite my ten year effort to keep them thoroughly suppressed.

Ignoring my conflicting feelings for the man in the front seat, I turn to The Hulk. "That must make you the infamous Sam Winchester," I said through a smile before offering my hand.

"Infamous? Really?" He asked stunned before accepting my hand. "Nice to me you too…" I suddenly realized that during the exchange between Dean and myself, Sam hadn't actually heard my full name.

"Oh, sorry! I'm Adelaide Jones. Most people call me 'Addy', but apparently your brother still wants to annoy me by calling me 'Lay'."

"Hey, you can't blame me that it fits you to a tee."

"Shut up Dean!" I said while punching him in the arm.

"Umm… well as fun as this reunion is," Sam interrupts in an attempt to get us back on track "What do you know about the situation in there?" He asked, jutting his chin in the direction of the boarded up cabin.

"Right. Sorry. They are a close knit coven of five vampires. They like to set up camp in a town until they single out their next victim family to torture and snack on."

"And they set up here…"

"About four days ago," I said. "And there hasn't been much movement since. Other than the newest member, Luke, who left and returned earlier tonight. I think he was out scouting for victims."

"So what was your plan? Just sit out here and keep watch over them?" Dean said with the utmost sarcasm.

"No, genius," I said mimicking his tone the best I could. "Without backup I wasn't going to storm the place and get myself killed. I was waiting until the group started to move out because they always move in waves. I figured I had a better chance on my own when the group spilt up. But now that you guys are here…"

"We can come up with a new plan," Sam said smiling warmly, cutting through the tension that was mounting between Dean and myself.

"Sure, why not?" I asked with a shrug.

As a group, we decide to stick with Dean's original plan; Split up and get a lay of the land. Dean would be going in the back, Sam through the front and I would cover the basement next to the back stairs. The only deviation from the plan is that instead of regrouping after getting a look at the targets, we're going in to systematically take them out. Since there's three of us now, we can position ourselves quite nicely to attack them in an organized fashion. We were hoping we could catch the group off guard and separate them for the kill.

"Okay, everybody understand?" Dean asked as we branch out from the large hedge.

"Yep!" Sam and I confirmed, heading to our posts.

I finally made my way inside the dark, dusty, musty smelling basement (after fighting to pick what can only be described as the world's rustiest lock). As soon as I made my way in through a cobweb, I heard grunting and banging coming from upstairs.

I guess Dean and Sam started the party without me. I thought to myself, mildly annoyed and slightly jealous. Not allowing this jealousy to overcome and distract me, I quickly surveyed the area while making my way to the stairs. In my haste to join in on the action, I failed to notice the dark figure skulking behind me.

"Adelaide," he said through a low hiss. "How the hell did you find us?!"

Before I could utter my usual witty comeback, I felt a booted foot connect with the small of my back. The force lunging me forward into the rotting wooden stairs that I had previously been making my way towards. I felt a pop in my left shoulder, along with the accompanying burning sensation of a dislocated shoulder.

"Guess that means you didn't miss me, Jax," I said with strained sarcasm. As I straightened myself into a standing position, I was trying not to favor my left side too much. The last thing I needed to do was to reveal the enormous amount of pain that radiated from my shoulder.


"And I guess you didn't come alone," Jax said as he began to approach me. Thankfully, in the soft light, he appeared to be unarmed. I could make out his 6' 3", emaciated vampire corpse, clad simply in a pair of torn black jeans, black T-shirt and signature black biker boots.

"Maybe I did. And then again maybe I didn't," I said as we started to circle each other. "Then again maybe your minions are just clumsy." Pleased with my own verbal sparring, I finally got a better grip on my machete, flipping it with my right wrist to prove that I was ready for the inevitable fight between myself and the leader of the pack.


My eyes turned to the stairs that were now to my left. I was confident in the Winchester's abilities during a fight. However, for some reason, my attention strayed from the task at hand. This allowed Jax to use the diversion to plant a powerful right hook into the left side of my jaw. Shortly after, he followed swiftly by a left upper-cut and before I could fall back, Jax had caught me by my throat.

"And now we finish this once and for all!" He said into my left ear before throwing me through a lead glass door that shattered under the impact of my weight.

The attack left me laying on my right side, covered in glass, unarmed, my machete landing half a foot away from me. Mini gashes formed on any exposed skin, including my back where my shirt had ridden up a bit.

Cautiously I raised myself off the ground with my good arm, trying to keep my left from moving. I expelled a mouthful of dense metallic tasting liquid, sliding a bit on the pool of slippery blood that had formed from what must have been a pretty nasty cut on my upper right arm. Seeing my apparent helplessness, Jax took his time making his approach and then he kicked my arm out from under me, grabbing and jerking me up with my damaged left arm before I could fall back down. He grinned, so delighted with the injuries he had already incurred. I could now see, under the dim light of the single hanging light bulb that illuminated the newly found room, a demented smirk spreading wider and wider across his face. I knew that meant that Jax was plotting the "fun" he was going to have inflicting more pain on my increasingly frail body.

"Please….stop…" I said absentmindedly, regaining my handle on my trusty weapon.

"Awww, little Adelaide is begging for mercy," he said with a mock coo. Lifting my limp body by my wounded left arm, he brought my left ear up to his lips and seductively whispered, "Keep it up beautiful. That's just going to make this more fun."

He then proceeded to connect punch after punch with his left fist onto my eye. He pulled me forward with my left arm as the impact of each blow jerked my body backwards. "That's for Estella… and Sophie… and Jordie. For all my family members that you took from me!"


During the beating, all I could do was breath shallowly and bleed. The blade in my right hand hanging limply becoming increasingly useless as the beating progressed.

Okay, Addy, how are you getting out of this one?

"This is gonna be…"


Before Jax could finish his taunting, my body flopped lifelessly to the ground. As my head hit the glass covered ground, I looked at the lifeless eyes of his decapitated head. I also felt the full weight of his body on my own.

"Lay! Lay! Can you move?!" Dean said with a slightly panicked tone.

"Mrrimphr" was the only sound I could utter.

Feeling the dead weight removed from my legs I heard Sam say with a reassuring tone, "Don't worry, I've got cha."

I ball till I fall…I stunt till I drop. My phone's ringtone cut through the silence while I was being carried out in Sam's strong arms.

"Toby… Toby…" I said through a moan before finally passing out, yielding to the healing darkness my brain craved.

Keeping pace with Sam, Dean had grabbed my machete out of my hand and direct Sam to my car. "Check her right front pocket, Sammy. Her car keys should be there. I'll meet you back at the motel."

"Okay, got 'em. Hey Dean?" Sam said, stopping Dean before he could tear off to his beloved Impala. "We might need more supplies."

"Yeah, you're right. I'll stop at the pharmacy on the way back."