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Summary: Lily had many secrets when she was alive. Now Harry must figure them out while dealing with the blame of Sirius death and the threat of the truly evil.

Warning: This story contains Creature!Harry, Slash, Weasley bashing (Good!Fred&George), Dumbledore bashing, pretty much Order bashing actually.

Pairings: Voldemort (Tom Riddle)/Harry, Severus/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa,

Disclaimer: Does Voldemort survive the Final Battle? No? Then I do not own Harry Potter.

- Chapter One -

During the past few weeks of his glorious summer holiday Harry through his depression had begun to notice many odd things that appeared to be happening around Privet Drive. At first they had been small and just appeared out of place in the "normal" home of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. Stuff like pictures warping which could be explained from anything like heat to misplaced items none of which actually belonged to Harry himself they were all of the Dursley belongings. However they weren't important or big items so it went overlooked thankfully.

When Harry took his first walk outside for the summer he noticed more and more weird phenomena. It was highly irregular for muggles but for Harry he just took it all in stride. None of it really bothered him after all it wasn't Voldemort's doing so why should he care especially when . . . we'll he wouldn't think about that at the moment or in the near future. The emotional scars were all too fresh for him.

The first thing he noticed was that everyone in the neighbourhood left him alone.

Not that he wasn't grateful for the small reprieve it was just different and brought on more feelings that he didn't really want to think about at the moment such as seclusion and loneliness. The people that usually wondered the streets during the day were fearful of him for some reason. Even the children who normally couldn't care if he was around gave him a wide birth. It was definitely odd and gave him yet another reason for his relatives to call him a freak.

Normally he would have blamed his family for this turn of events however they had asked him why the neighbours wouldn't even listened to anything spoken about him (they loved to gossip about his criminal ways). Harry had confessed that he thought it was their doing since he really didn't care they weren't talking. Neither his relatives nor he had any idea what had struck such fear into the hearts of their neighbours but knew that it was the Order's doing since neither Voldemort or the Death Eaters hadn't come anywhere near the house.

When he had decided to relax in a tree that was sturdy enough for him to climb he'd heard some of the neighbours talk about him. They had spoken of a few order members who had arrived a day before he returned home from Hogwarts warning them that he had killed someone close to them and they could be in danger if they angered him. So like good citizens they listened to the random people who they barely even knew and left Harry, who they had known for years, alone.

Harry was disgusted at this blatant disregard for his emotional welfare.

How was he supposed to heal when no one believed that he was innocent or that he was normal? Wasn't it bad enough that his own relatives couldn't care any less about him? They had to try and isolate him as much as possible. It was ridiculous and only made Harry's depression deepen further than when he had watched Sirius . . . no was wasn't supposed to think on that.

The second noticeable strange occurrence was his "family". They had been keeping their distance as well and not for the same reasons.

The Order had informed them that Sirius had died in the last few weeks of school and it had been a heavy loss for him. Normally this would have brought forth some sort of rant about how useless and freaky he was. Fortunately for him they remembered what occurred the last time someone had bad mouthed a member of his family. Aunt Marge had ended up like a balloon after he had raged at them. They weren't about to make that same mistake again. Add that to the firm talking to that the Order members had given them they weren't about to invoke their wrath. It gave him a small reprieve at least.

The third were his actual friends. Even though Dumbledore hadn't forbidden contact this summer they still weren't sending any letters. He'd figured out why when Fred and George (the only ones he could currently rely on) sent him a letter about their shop opening. It had definitely been an eye opener. He glanced over to the desk where it still remained open even though he didn't need the letter since he remembered every single word.


Dear Harry,

We know that your summers with your relatives aren't as cracked up as they ought to be so we thought that we should give our investor a chance to know what we are doing with his money and hopefully spending it to his requirements or well just tell him what we shall be giving his enemies when you finally return to our world.

This summer we bought a shop on Diagon Alley where we shall set up the main Weasley Wizarding Wheezes branch. It is the best location for it since many kids shall be buying their school supplies later in the following months. When you get the chance come and see it! Everything for you, our beloved investor, is free since you gave us the initial loan. No one else knows that it was you who aided us and it shall remain that way until we see fit to say otherwise. They don't need to know how we managed to accomplish this especially with what we've been hearing lately. We want you to remain as happy as possible so we are willing to keep quiet about it for your safety and happiness.

So you shall be our silent partner whom we shall reveal when the time is right and we have everything set up properly. Can you imagine everyone's face when they find out? Best prank ever! It also allows you to have everything we create before they even hit the shelves!

There are also the other things we should mention with the Order. (We overheard everything and thought that before someone censored a letter we would write you the truth like Dumbledore.)

Firstly the house which belonged to Snuffles is now officially yours. For the Order to continue using the house they have to ask you for permission however they aren't going to as they didn't want to "interrupt your only time to relax and forget about the dreadful ordeal he has lived through these past months" at least according to Dumbledore. For the same reason he also won't send anyone to pick you up until your birthday (hopefully) so you're stuck in the hell hole until someone deems it necessary to remember you again.

The house belongs to you but they continue to use it. We suggest that if you get tired of putting up with the lot of them banish them from the house. It's yours and you should be able to relax. Don't worry though. When you do that the Fidelius Charm that surrounds the property will revert to you since Dumbledore would have also been banished meaning you will become the secret keeper and only you will be allowed to enter the house. Everyone who knew the location will forget it so there isn't any worry about that either and only you will be able to tell anyone where the house is.

Since the house belongs to you, you are also entitled to the money in the Black vaults which so far no one has been able to enter. Hopefully you shall be able to enter it as not even Narcissa Malfoy can enter the vault and she is of the blood. Considering the Potter and Black vaults are now yours that makes you pretty rich. If you get the chance I'd write a will or something so that the money doesn't get given to the Ministry if you die. (Not that we think you will but a precaution is always great and then you won't have people fighting over who gets what or worry about the wrong people claiming the money!)

Then there is Mum. She has order all of her children (including us) to stay as far away from you as possible since you are a danger. That also included sending you mail for some reason. We snorted and left. There is no way that we would turn our back on you! What fool would listen to her with the reason that you were dangerous? Yeah she told them you were dangerous and she didn't want anyone near you. That was also the only reason she gave and it appeared enough for them, the backstabbing traitors.

We believe that Dumbledore may have told her to do this though there is a fat chance we will listen to the headmaster.

For some reason that doesn't mean the adults are going to stay away from you so Mum and Dad can pester you all they want. We don't understand their logic at all, do you? All the adults want to "help" you for some reason. They believe that you will bounce back after Siri's death and not react to anything. We both know that you took his death hard and are probably still blaming yourself. We're going to say this once so listen or well read well!!


Get it? Got it? Good! Sirius chose to go to you and help you when you were in trouble just like the other adults did. It was his choice and he wouldn't have had it any other way. We'll be here to talk if you want us! You can't bottle up the emotions it's not healthy.

Unfortunately we can't say the same for Ron, Hermione and Ginny who listened to mum's every word. Now they continuously say that they could have died etcetera in the D.O.M. and keep whinging about their nonexistent injuries since it took two weeks for them to heal properly. It was ridiculous. Even though all the kids agree with them they are already tired of listening to them complain.

The only problem is that even Bill and Charlie are agreeing with mum for some reason. They barely even know you and they are already labelling you as a danger. The only Weasley we don't know about is Percy and he supposedly still hates everything to do with you though we don't have any information to back that gossip with.

We're sorry that you had to hear all of this from us but it's better to get it all out rather than hear from an unsavoury source. Come and see us at Diagon Alley if you want to talk more. We'll be here for you!

Pranking your ex-friends,

Gred and Forge

P.S. The gifts are an early birthday present since we know for a fact that Dumbledore is blocking all of your mail on your birthday we shall warn the others that believe in you so you should get your presents early or later than normal! Enjoy the day as much as possible.


That letter had hurt but it was still good to know that someone cared for him ever if they were busy with their new shop. The odd thing was that it hardly mentioned anything about Lupin or the other Order members. He wondered whether or not that Lupin blamed him for Sirius' death. He hoped not since he was the last connection he had to the Marauders excluding Wormtail. For some reason though he knew he was wrong and Lupin actually did blame him probably more so than he did. It was a depressing thought.

The news of Ron and Hermione abandoning him due to something they willingly got into was ridiculous. He decided that he would ignore them completely. If they wanted to act all superior and blame him for everything they could go right ahead. He had no use for them then. Their friendship was obviously faked and he didn't desire fake friends. Harry no longer cared if they tried to make up for this. He was beyond putting up with their attitudes and knew that they would merely come crawling back when they realized they were in the wrong yet again. This time he wouldn't welcome them back at all.

The presents from the twins brightened his day immensely. Not only had they sent him numerous pranks and jokes from Weasley Wizarding Wheezes but they had also included a notebook that insulted anyone who didn't say the correct password before opening it. His password was in parseltongue so that way only Voldemort could open it which would be unlikely as he'd never get his hands on it.

Harry had to admit that the mix of Riddle's diary and the Marauder's Map was ingenuous and he absolutely loved it. It insulted anyone who didn't speak the password before opening it. The book came in a set which allowed the other person to write on a page that disappeared and reappeared in the other book. Harry guessed that it was meant to be an intimate or a secret page and he was glad he had discovered it before giving it away to someone else. He was going to give it to someone who he knew wouldn't turn their back on him.

The notebook also had endless pages meant for writing down notes for spell creations, pranks or just ideas. The note the twins had included stated that they were only giving the notebooks to certain people and he was the first and only person so far to own one. Both twins owned one each and that was as far as they were going at the moment. It was the highlight of his holidays so far and he was ecstatic.

Surprisingly he also received a present from Luna before his birthday. He had been cautious opening the gift to begin with as he wasn't sure what Luna had sent him since the gift was wrapped up with green and silver paper. If that hadn't screamed dark he didn't know what did especially since it was Slytherin green and silver though he really shouldn't give in to prejudice over something as silly as house colours. Upon opening the gift he realized he had been correct.

Inside the box was a Fennec Fox. (Harry had to look that up first. Luna really had an eye for the unusual.) He had a long snout, thin body and long tail like a normal fox but his ears were almost like that of a rabbits. It was definitely one of the more exotic pets you could own like that had stopped him before. Hedwig had given the fox a glance before deciding that it wasn't a threat and returning to sleep. That was enough to assume that it wouldn't attempt to kill him in the middle of the night. Hedwig was always concerned about his welfare.

The Fennec Fox which he'd named Nye after his golden fur coat was now sitting around his shoulders as he thought through everything that had happened to him this summer. It had been weird and depressing so far and it only appeared to get worse as the days continued into weeks.

One of the most important changes, or so it seemed to him, was the weather. It was summer so most people assumed that the sun would bear down upon them and everyone would spend the days indoors or resting beneath shady trees. People would go to the beach and enjoy the sun while soaking up the sun's rays or they would go to the local pool to cool down whilst in the suffering heat. This summer was different.

This summer it was raining, constantly and if that didn't scream magic then Harry didn't know what did anymore. The rain seemed to never end much to his confusion. Sure it was nice to know that his mood was being reflected by the weather but he knew that not even a wizard could do what he was currently doing without some sort of illegal ritual. No wizard was idiotic enough to mess with the weather where a muggle could be watching.

But so far no one had commented on it as if it appeared to be normal for that time of year. This was what worried him the most.

No muggles commented on the strange weather that was so unlike their normal year as if they were almost in a trance. It appeared to be the same with the wizards though. They didn't believe it was odd either. So with that Harry came to the conclusion that no one honestly cared what happened to him as long as he was prepared to save them all against Voldemort later in the year. Yippee.

Honestly if he knew how he would consider throwing himself at Voldemort's mercy and hoping that he would see reason that he wasn't spoilt and was indeed under the control of the ever benevolent Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Either that or hope for a speedy death. Harry didn't really care both options freed him from Dumbledore's neglect. However he knew that with each plan to escape there was no hope so he just remained at his window wishing for something to change.

With that Harry James Potter of number four Privet Drive, Surrey continued to watch the rain pour down on the dreary summer day.

For some days now Harry had spent them in his room not caring about what was occurring around him. Nye continued to remain as close to him as possible while Hedwig slept on her perch the weather not allowing her to fly. Of course the weather continued to be as miserable as he felt. It rained constantly now not allowing any sunlight to enter. At least at the beginning of summer it had only rained occasionally, remaining only cloudy with partial sunlight. Now that was all it ever did. Not that Harry was complaining he felt right at him.

The rain calmed him to some level. Whilst he didn't feel the urge to stampede the headmaster office or Order headquarters he didn't feel bright and joyful either. All that was left was misery and he was agreeable with that. It meant that the Dursley's would leave him alone for a lot longer before they began to assign him chores if they ever did. They were still not paying him any attention at all. Not that he could really blame them who would want to spend time with a lonely freak like him?

His friends certainly didn't. They were probably happily saying how dangerous he was and how it was certain that if they spent more time around them they would be served with Sirius' fate as well. It made him fell enormously bitter that they could even begin to think that way with everything they had willingly been through. They hadn't agreed with that thought after their first year what would change now?

His teachers didn't care about him. They didn't even know what he did during the holidays let alone whether or not he was happy spending the time with his beloved relatives. What they didn't know couldn't hurt them but it sure as hell could hurt him still.

Remus . . . Harry had no idea what to think of Remus. He prayed to whatever god or goddess was out there listening that his father's friend and his mentor on some level would still believe in him, would still want to sit and talk like they had done when Sirius was alive. Deep down Harry knew that Remus wouldn't ever look at him again and after everything he had been through with Sirius Harry couldn't believe that he was acting like this. But he couldn't complain he blamed himself as well.

All of this left him with a terribly miserable mood and further spurred the weather into acting out.

After a few weeks, his Aunt had begun acting strange casting Harry knowing looks as the weather forecaster predicted that the rain was here to stay even if they couldn't truly predict where it had originated from it was natural surprisingly. Well that was when Harry had finally decided that locking himself up in his room wasn't doing anything but make him increasingly hungry and without Mrs Weasley's usually cooking he had nothing to eat. He could only live off of the snacks he had brought off the food trolley on the Hogwarts Express for so long. Eventually his stomach began to complain about food.

It was one morning while he was doing the only chore he had, the dishes, he finally decided to ask the question that had been niggling in the back of his head.

"Is there something you wanted to say Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked when they were alone.

Dudley had decided to go terrorize people at the cinema where it was dry instead of being stuck at home during this weather. Vernon still had work since it wasn't a weekend and had left earlier that very morning to get there by avoiding the traffic. There was no way that he would speak to her like that otherwise. He wouldn't risk the glares or hits that his uncle would give him he didn't have the strength to recover from something like that at the moment with his measly diet.

"It's . . . well . . ."

Harry paused he had never seen his Aunt this flustered before. Normally she would snap at him for asking such a question and tell him to get back to work but this time she was actually going to answer him.

"During your mother's sixth year at Hog - at that school strange things began to occur around the house much like what is happening now. The weather would be forever changing and small items began to disappear around the house. Eventually it ceased but it took her quite a bit of research before that happened and everyone we knew in the neighbourhood began to see that the weather was particularly odd. It worried out parents but Lily never spoke of it. When it calmed down the subject was never brought up again until now."

"All of her research was kept in a journal that she handed to me along with a box of her other belongings telling me to give them to you if this ever occurred. She documented everything she could about whatever was changing in her. Numerous other things went in the box as well such as your birth certificate and other things we would need if you ever came to be in our care."

Harry made a face at that. Why would his mother give him to Petunia if they didn't really get along? As if hearing his question his Aunt answered.

"Don't look at me like that! Of course your mother wouldn't willingly hand you over to us if she had a choice. I know that they left a will stating that Sirius Black as your guardian should they were . . . pass on. I also know that if he was unfit that there were several others you could be placed with. I believe there is a copy of it in the box I shall retrieve for you. No it was that Dumblydore that did it. He left you here knowing that I would never care for you like my own son I doubt he knew exactly how you would be treated but it is all the same. He left you on the doorstep late at night with nothing but a letter explaining what happened to my sister, as if that was polite." Petunia scoffed angrily.

Harry could understand the anger that his Aunt felt for he was feeling the same. How could Dumbledore ignore his parents' last wishes knowing that he wouldn't be raised by loving caring relatives? Know he wanted more than anything to be able to see who could have filed for his custody.

"Anyway that should help you until those people come and collect you again just don't let anyone else know. Not even your closest friends. For Lily knew that she couldn't trust anyone not even her own family with this secret of hers. There were only a few people she trusted with this secret. One of them was your father and your godfather, then there was that horrid boy we use to live with – don't ask me about him I won't say anything – other than that she didn't speak of it to anyone. I trust you to do the same!"

Without another word Petunia swept out of the room as fast as her feet could carry her. Harry knew that she was going to retrieve the box from where ever she had kept it. He was actually surprised that his Aunt had kept anything that had belonged to his mother at all with the way she continuously ranted about her. However with the way she was acting he would guess that she hadn't really hated her sister but magic itself as it did take her sister away from her both emotionally and physically. He couldn't really begrudge her for that.

In no time at all she returned with an ordinary looking box. Harry wasn't sure how that was supposed to keep all of their secrets safe but he trusted his mother none the less. She would never lead him astray unlike his friends. His mother had cared about him more than anything else in the entire world.

"I'm hoping that this can help you with your own questions and eventually solve this weather problem so that we can have at least one day of sunlight this summer. Now take it out of the room before Dudley or Vernon return."

Harry didn't have any answers at his Aunt's strange behaviour. In fact it was a miracle that she was talking to him at all but he wasn't about to ruin this one chance to finally learn something about his mother and possible his father as well. So with a nod of thanks he picked the box up and returned to his room for another day of solitude with Nye and Hedwig.

Not even bothering with caution, Harry opened the plain box only to reveal a small chest inside of it. He could sense that it had numerous charms placed around it but that didn't bother him at all. This chest was his and he knew that his mother would never create something that could potentially harm him. Carefully taking the chest out of the box he allowed it to drop onto his bed. Nye had jumped onto the box and begun to tear it apart like a chew toy not that it bothered him it was just a disposable box after all to disguise the chest.

The chest was surprisingly green and silver and had nothing Gryffindor about it. Harry was learning very quickly to expect the unexpected when his parents were concerned. No one had told him that his mother had liked those particular colours? Perhaps they meant something to her personally? Oh well he would figure that out later right now he had more pressing issues to deal with like opening the silly thing.

How was he supposed to unlock the box without a key?

At sixteen he could hardly do magic out of school and his mother had known that beforehand obviously. It wasn't like the laws had changed at all since she had been alive. So how did he open it? Aunt Petunia would have given him anything else to do with the chest but there was only the chest. Nothing else was given to him. That could mean that he already had the object that unlocked the box but he didn't really own anything that had belonged to them anyway. However the box was meant specifically for him and him alone. Well if the object was an actual key then he only had one and that was his gold Gringotts key.

Shrugging Harry guessed that it couldn't hurt to give it a try even though the key was actually gold and had nothing to do with the chest but it would be an excellent way to hide both the secrets in the chest and the key itself. Riffling through his trunk he located his key and proceeded to unlock the chest. With a small click the chest opened.

Harry blinked he hadn't expected that to actually work but whatever he was glad that it had. Nye was now interested in whatever was inside the chest and was pawing innocently at it while flattening his ears in annoyance when he couldn't open it. Hedwig also seemed curious as she had woken up and was completely alert. Or it could have just been her way of keeping her charge safe, Harry wasn't sure.

With a deep breath Harry opened the lid and looked inside. The first thing he spotted was the journal that Aunt Petunia had mentioned. The journal was a simple forest green with a lily on the cover and obviously belonged to his mother. A note fell out of the journal and he guessed that he had to read it before the journal itself otherwise it would have remained in the book until he discovered it.


My dearest Harry,

There are many things in which I would like to convey through this letter and yet we both know that words would be meaningless without the physical attachments behind them like the numerous hugs and love that I would have showered you with if I were still alive. Those however have little meaning now. I hope dearly that you weren't left with my sister as our will dictates (a copy is also present here) if however by some mistake you were do not begrudge her as she has had a hard life and isn't very accepting of the things that have happened in her life. It doesn't mean you must be nice to her but do not live your life hating her for it.

Now on to the contents of this chest, in this chest I have left numerous items that should help you if you come in to your inheritance a year early as I did.

Firstly before you do anything else I want you to read my journal. It contains all of my thoughts and feelings during the time that I changed and everything I researched. I know it won't be the same as my actually teaching you these but it will help and should keep Petunia off your back. The weather changing was one thing that she despised as she lived the summer months.

The pensive I'm hoping you know how to use. It contains memories of James and I. The point of this was to give you memories of us that likely no one else has. They contain private moments between us (nothing intimate I can assure you), jokes and pranks played by the Marauders and most importantly our time spent with you however long that was. It updated every month with one that was joined to it. So I could place memories in it and they would be copied into the one before you. Share the memories if you so desire.

There are also numerous photos I have of those that loved me and were part of my family. Petunia wouldn't ever let you have any photos that she had collected. She keeps them all locked up so that only she may view them it's probably where she is also keeping the chest for you.

Along with that are the documents I had created at your birth such as your birth certificate and applications for your godparents. Trust me when I say you have some of the most caring godparents around though they are a little over the top at times. A copy of the will is also amongst these. If you are desperate to get away from my sister then hand a copy of the will to the Ministry more importantly Amelia Bones. She may not be the correct department but she is neutral in the war and will do everything in her power to aid you.

I have also included a few of your toys when you were a new born. Amongst them are the stuffed animals that are copies of the Marauders animagus forms. All of them are included. Plus there is a blanket that I knitted whilst you were younger. They all have preserving charms on them so you don't need to worry about them falling apart at the smallest touch.

That is all I have to give you my son. I am sorry that I have not been there for you but we can't change that now can we. Live your life the way you want to and not how others dictate. I only desire your happiness my child.

No matter what you do I shall always be proud of you.

Lily Evans Potter


Harry sighed, he wanted to cry. He really did. But he had dried up all his tears for Sirius. He was still depressed though and this just seemed to make it worse as the steady rain began to bucket down instead. Making a decision he picked up the journal forgoing looking at the other items in the chest. They were sentimental pieces that he wanted to look at another time. Right now he needed to learn control of whatever was causing the odd weather.

With this in mind Harry sat back for a long read.

Nye- Truly golden (Welsh)

So this chapter is like a prologue/teaser for the story. I'm also going to be adding the same for my other stories Eternal Darkness and Saint or Sinner. Depending on the reviews I get for them will choose the order I update them in and how quickly. Inheritance and Better in the Dark are going to be my main focus though.