~ Chapter Fourteen ~

Silas wasn't entirely certain how it happened. One moment he had been ready to speak with Marvolo through the green flames and the next he had been dragged through the floo and ended up in the man's lap. Everything had happened so fast and left Silas disorientated. Yet his mate held him tightly till he gathered his bearings and the room stopped spinning.

This room he was familiar with. It was the library, the very room that Silas had discovered that Marvolo was his mate. The thought that Marvolo bought him here was very sentimental and not something highly expected of the man. Of course at the time Marvolo hadn't known that Silas knew but all the same this room was the very beginning of everything for them. The library was where their relationship began and from there everything had just ignited into something so much more.

It was only then that Silas realized that Marvolo had brought him through the floo for physical contact. They hadn't had any physical contact since the first bond had snapped into place and Silas, not really knowing any better, had left it at that. At the time of their first bond snapping into place, Silas hadn't really thought about the needs of Marvolo. He only knew what he needed for this to work. The first bond, their kiss, was more than enough for him at the time. However Marvolo was much older than him and more than likely not use to having someone like Silas to rely on.

It was rather daunting to think on. Marvolo was many times his senior but his mate hadn't even balked at the thought. The Nymph recognized Marvolo as his mate and that was all that mattered for him. He'd never even taken the time to think on what Marvolo might want from this at all. Only his Nymph side had mattered at the time. Regardless, Marvolo had agreed to bond with Silas and hadn't even mentioned any of this. Certainly there were many topics they needed to speak on but age wasn't one of them.

"Why am I here?" Silas questioned.

Everything had happened so fast that he would have liked an explanation. Yet Marvolo offered none. The arms around him were tight but not entirely uncomfortable. He could at least still move around should he desire so that wasn't a problem. However something in Marvolo's gaze made Silas pause in questioning his mate further.

It wasn't a look that he was used to. There was a need in Marvolo's eyes that went beyond anything that Silas had ever witnessed. Sure there had been times when people had needed him but this was different. Marvolo's need was purely selfish in the fact that he didn't want Silas to do anything except sit and accept the touch he was given. Everyone else had needed him to accomplish a task they simply refused to do. But this, this was something that Marvolo was giving him and something he desperately wanted in return.

"I had an entertaining day." Silas commented lightly.

He was certain that Marvolo wasn't going to let him up any time soon nor would he speak. His mate simply wanted to be near him without the distance of the floo to keep them apart. Silas was all for it so he decided to merely speak what he had originally planned to say.

"I went to speak with the twins today, Fred and George Weasley." He began. "I needed a day to myself and they'd supported me in everything no matter how ridiculous it seemed. Everything was moving so swiftly and I couldn't wrap my head around anything. But when I arrived I calmed instantly. They have this way of dealing with me that just relaxes me regardless of what state I'm in. I also learnt so much about their store and what they were doing with the money that I gifted them. It was wonderful."

When Marvolo's arms tightened around him as he spoke, realization settled over him. His mate had obviously taken his wording incorrectly. Silas corrected his assumptions with a calm face and tone.

"I merely needed someone or something that hadn't changed from my past life to be present in my new life. They were two of the few that I could depend on for anything when I was at Hogwarts. They listened when Weasley and Granger couldn't care. I suppose in a way they always knew or realized what I needed and fought to grant it to me. At the time they were the siblings I didn't have. My life has entirely changed for the better but I need the occasional reminder of where I came from and who supported me to keep me in balance."

Silas could feel Marvolo relax once again and continued on.

"Of course in the past few years I have also gained Neville and Luna. They have both been there for me when I needed them and not because they were instructed to or believed that I needed to be watched over like a child. Of course I can't actually spend time with them anymore because they're still at Hogwarts. I might be able to visit them during a Hogsmeade weekend though if I had father or mother with me and if you agreed to it. I might even be able to visit Draco."

Silas looked hopeful however there was a glint in Marvolo's eye that led him to believe the answer at the moment was no. The more he brought the issue up however, the more likely Marvolo would eventually agree. He would just have to wait till then. Of course being that close to Hogwarts was also a risk that he would need to monitor carefully. Severus would always be there now that he was considered a Death Eater traitor. Yet Silas couldn't hide from his problems forever. That however left him with an idea.

"Actually there was a matter that I wanted to bring up with you regarding the twins. The twins have always protected me and I wanted to ask, if they accepted this as well, if they could become my guards or simply become a presence that protects me when I'm not with you. That way you, father and mother would know that I'm safe. You wouldn't have to worry as much as you do now over me."

Marvolo narrowed his eyes. What was this incessant need for the Weasley twins? Did Silas truly trust them enough to put his life back in their hands? Was there something more than Silas was telling him? So many questions, so many doubts that Marvolo really didn't need to be feeling given the situation.

"Why do you believe they would agree to this?" he finally questioned.

Silas brightened once he realized that his mate hadn't entirely disagreed with the idea. There was a chance he could get his way with this! There was a chance that he didn't have to keep his past and his present separated for the rest of his life.

"Fred and George have always wanted to protect me. I paid them back, or so I believed, with the Triwizard Winnings yet they still continue to protect me even from their family. I know I can trust them. They know what has been happening every step my life has taken and of our relationship and yet they still haven't abandoned me. They remain by my side. Fred and George are two of the few people I can trust with my secrets, with my life." Silas spoke with certainty.

Marvolo held Silas closer as he lost himself in thought. There were many concerns about this. He knew that Silas was likely speaking the truth as far as he was aware. However Marvolo wasn't as convinced. He needed to know with a degree of certainty that these Weasley's were trustworthy. He wouldn't allow them to roam around with Silas until he was certain. After all, none of the Weasley's was on his side of this war. That would involve some planning for later. For now, he needed to speak with Silas.

"We have other topics we should be discussing." He finally spoke.

Silas knew what he was speaking of. There were certain topics that had been sitting between them that really should have been discussed. His parents' murder was merely one of them. Yet he couldn't quite bring himself to speak with Marvolo about this. He may have trusted that Marvolo wouldn't lie to him but the topic was too heavy to begin with. They should have begun with something small but even that was still too much for him at the moment. Perhaps when they were a little better acquainted he could stomach that talk.

"Perhaps another time, I'm still adjusting to this and I don't want anything bad to happen and set us back."

Marvolo, hearing the hesitancy in his mate's voice, decided not to push further at this point in time. But they both knew it would have to occur soon. The topic was simply too large between them to ignore. If they did, it would remain a block in their relationship that wouldn't ever be fixed.

"Why did you pull me through?" Silas enquired again. "You were fine yesterday with merely speaking through the flames."

The arms around Silas tightened with his question.

"Merely because the physical bond is complete doesn't mean I don't want to continue being this way with one another. Certainly the emotional bond is the one to currently focus on however I would like to believe that we can still be close without needing to work on a bond. The bonds will fall in place whether we actively work towards it or not."

Silas nodded smiling. He'd reframed from more physical contact merely because he wasn't entirely certain if Marvolo would welcome it. However now that he did, Silas would always be there. He craved having a connection to his mate and now that Marvolo had said he enjoyed having Silas in his arms, he would be there more often. However it was getting rather late and he'd been taken from Malfoy Manor without any warning.

"I should leave. Father and mother likely don't know where I am and are worried if not already fretful."

Marvolo merely sneered. At the time he'd honestly thought it would be rather difficult for him to bring Silas through the floo without permission. Obviously his minion, Lucius, had set the floo to allowing any contact as long as it was from his manor. That was a flaw that anyone could utilize and he disliked it immensely.

"Then they should know that their security needs updating."

If it wasn't fixed Marvolo would definitely be having words with Lucius the next time he saw him. Such a serious lapse in security could possibly allow Severus in and Marvolo wasn't going to have that. Silas belonged with him. Giving his mate a chaste kiss, Marvolo released him and nudged him gently towards the floo.

Silas agreed to tell his parents Marvolo's words before flooing back home.


Being home was a relief for Silas. Certainly spending time with his mate was a plus however there was simply too much between them for him to sit at the moment and listen to Marvolo speak on the past. He certainly hadn't thought that it was the correct time to speak on tough topics that lay between them. Thankfully Marvolo had agreed otherwise they would have had their first argument as a couple and wasn't that rather daunting for most couples. A Dark Lord and a Water Nymph certainly weren't the two people you wanted to begin an argument especially if you were within hearing range.

As Silas entered his home, he realized suddenly that he had entered into the main flooing room and not his own personal room. Obviously his parents knew that he had been missing or at some point realized that he was no longer in the Manor otherwise this wouldn't have occurred at all. The Manor should have been open to him at all times. But the Lord of the Manor could redirect all floo travel during emergencies to monitor and restrict the amount of people coming in at any one time.

Silas sighed. Obviously he'd been missing for a while then. He'd just have to blame the Dark Lord on this one. Just as he was about to leave the main room, Narcissa hurried in a look of relief on her face.

"Silas, where did you disappear to? Your father and I worried." Narcissa fretted.

He'd known that a sudden disappearance would have caused them agony. After all it was only recently that they'd been reunited. It was bound to frighten them when he suddenly vanished without any trace of his whereabouts especially with Snape still out and desperately searching for him. Silas suddenly felt very guilty. At the time all he could think of was keeping Marvolo calm and pleased. Nothing else had registered. The sky outside darkened with clouds blotting out the moon.

Narcissa hardly glanced at the weather outside as the emotions flashed across Silas' face. If there was one thing about Nymphs that made them rather easy to spot it was their poor emotional control. They jumped around so swiftly that if one payed attention to the weather and not the person they would miss the most important information one could gather.

"I'm alright. Marvolo merely wanted to speak with me without the floo between us." Silas began to explain. "I'm assuming that the bond between us isn't just one way any longer. He also feels distraught when certain occurrences happen or if we should not see each other for a long time. I didn't mean to put you and father through any worry. If I'd been thinking a little more clearly perhaps it wouldn't have quite turned out like this."

The guilt that Silas felt was easy to see. Yet of course he would take everything too hard. Even now as Silas Malfoy he couldn't quite shake some of the lessons practically burnt into his skin by the Order and Dumbledore. Any failure he was told had to be by him. Narcissa felt guilty for merely pushing Silas in this direction. The poor boy had been through enough as it was…

"Silas don't be silly. This isn't your fault. You don't have a lot of information to work with. You don't understand your Nymph instincts any better than the Dark Lord understands his own. Your mother should have been teaching you this. There shouldn't have been a circumstance where you were left on your own with no one to aid you. If it were possible your father would scour the world looking for someone to teach you however Nymphs don't come out of hiding for nothing and they certainly wouldn't allow you to remain here. You are after all one of a kind."

Silas smiled. Narcissa, despite not being his birth mother, treated him exactly as her own son giving him advice and aiding him whenever she could. She really didn't have to but perhaps it had more to do in her nurturing side than anything else.

"Do you believe other Nymphs would take me away?" he questioned.

"Of that I have no doubt." Narcissa confirmed. "However since you have already begun bonding with someone I don't believe they are capable of doing that any longer. The Dark Lord simply wouldn't allow something like that to happen and neither would your father or I. They would have to wage war with the Dark Lord over you. I rather doubt they would attempt something as fool hardy as that. No, you belong with us Silas."

Smiling, Silas gave Narcissa a warm hug. There was nothing better than having family around for support. Somehow they knew exactly what to say even when you weren't certain what it is you needed to hear.

"Marvolo says that the Manor security should be improved if he can simply steal me out of the floo otherwise I won't be remaining here for long."

Narcissa smiled and agreed certain that if it wasn't done soon their Lord would punish them and take Silas away for protection. That man certainly treasured his bond with Silas to a degree that none had seen before.

"Come Silas, it is time we put your father at ease."

Laughing, they moved out of the room knowing that his father would be rather frantic until it was certain he was alright. Sometimes Lucius Malfoy could be more cautious than even the Dark Lord and that thought alone was enough to make them laugh even harder.


Severus scowled. He'd known that the potion would take a month to brew but he hadn't anticipated on being so impatient. It seemed like every time he went to start the potion something mind about Silas or Harry Potter wold cross his mind and he would completely zone out. The few steps he would have taken into the potion would be completely ruined. He growled, knocking over his useless cauldron. Polyjuice obviously was no longer an option with him in this state. There had to be another way to get Silas.

Sitting behind his desk, Severus frowned. Why was it that every step he attempted to take towards obtaining Silas it always fell through? Dumbledore had been useless. Not only had he been unable to force Silas to return to Hogwarts but he hadn't been able to even speak with the boy. As a respected man he should have been able to easily get acceptance to see the child even for a moment. The old man had given up. There hadn't been any verbal confirmation of this but Severus knew that Dumbledore would no longer interfere with Silas Malfoy even to aid him.

Not that it mattered. The Order all held his belief. Dumbledore was outvoted there. They wanted Silas on their side and the only way to do that currently would be to allow Severus to court him. It was perfect. The fact that it gave Severus what he desired also held its own appeal.

He even had it all planned to the last detail; nothing would ruin the time he planned to spend with Silas Malfoy alone. After all what Lily would enjoy Silas would theoretically also enjoy since they were so similar. If not, Severus was certain that he would be able to please his little mate in… other ways. All he needed to know was where Silas would turn up next.

From sources, he'd heard that Silas had spent the day in Diagon Alley with the Weasley Twins. But that wasn't useable information. The Weasley Twins didn't agree with his family. They believed that whatever made Silas happy was perfect for him. They didn't see any other way around it; either that or they simply didn't care. If he did act, knowing the Weasley Twins were present with Silas, he wouldn't get within twenty metres of his mate. No, that definitely wouldn't do.

His only chance would be Hogsmeade and he wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. Rumours held around Hogwarts led him to believe Silas would come to visit with friends that still attended. Knowing Silas, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood were the only two people he would want to see from his past life. Granger and Weasley had obviously been pushed away with the remainder of the Weasleys so he wouldn't need them.

With this in mind Severu sat back. There was only so much he could plan before that time came. He would be prepared and he would have Silas by his side by the end of it. Silas would have no choice but to forget his other mate and accept him completely. This time he would come out on top.


He probably should have thought his plan through before acting upon it. Considering the people, he really should have planned each detail out thoroughly before acting but he'd been concerned about their influence and intentions when it concerned Silas. He should have known better, should have realized that this was bound to happen. He had kidnapped the Weasley Twins.

Marvolo sighed. It really wasn't his best plan to date.

Everything had gone wrong. The group he had sent to apprehend the pair had returned covered in purple slime that appeared to stick like glue. Some had trouble standing up straight as it oozed from their clothes and caused them to freeze to the floor. If they ceased moving entirely they couldn't move from that spot at all. They weren't about to move in any hurry so Marvolo had enlisted the help of another group hoping this one would be able to get past whatever had ensnared the first group.

They also failed. By then it was obvious that sending in teams wouldn't help to outsmart the Weasley twins. They were smart, smarter than the Dark Lord gave them credit… until now.

Silas had attempted to explain that the twins were trustworthy and that they often protected him. Marvolo merely believed at the time that the Weasleys had just protected Silas from other students. With this evidence he doubted that was all that they did. He had a belief that they protected Silas from everyone that looked at him in a negative or predatory way. He probably should have paid closer attention when Silas was speaking instead of listening to his jealousy.

In the end Marvolo had sent them a portkey and a vague letter which they activated and now they were before him. But it wasn't exactly how he'd expected them to react. They were calm.

For five minutes they did nothing but stare him down and it was a little unsettling their identical stares making it rather difficult for him to enforce his rule and power. They had the upper hand solely with having each other. Even if he called Silas to even out the numbers, Silas would more than likely ignore anything he said anyway. He trusted these two more than anything at the moment.

"Why were you so desperate to get us here?" they broke the silence together.

Marvolo wasn't proud but he flinched. Good Merlin, they even spoke at the same time, he bemoaned. It didn't help that they weren't terrified of being before him. Of course that probably had to do with the topic they were about to discuss…

"Silas…" It was the only word that they truly needed after all. It was the only one that mattered.

Fred and George traded unreadable glances. Of course this was about Silas. When was it not? Their entire family spoke about Silas constantly. It was one of few reasons (though the most important) they had chosen to live above their shop. They no longer desired to listen to plots against Silas. Those that had solid ideas were unmentionable. The Order who planned to initiate some of these ideas truly had no sense of moral.

"Why, oh glorious Dark One, would you want to speak to us about Silas?" Fred questioned.

George checked to make certain they were alone. It wouldn't do to get into an argument with the Dark Lord while other people were around that would be likely to retaliate. Having two against one was simple but two against a dozen weren't odds they were likely to win especially if these people were from the Inner Circle. They really knew how to punish people and no matter how connected to Silas they were, they weren't going to risk it.

"You need not worry," Marvolo reassured, "there aren't any Death Eaters around at present. This situation isn't something I want to get out of hand and I do believe that you would give some of my followers quite a difficult time."

Fred and George snickered. Those idiots had practically asked for it. If they couldn't get past simply pranks then they didn't deserve to get away with kidnapping them. The purple goo had been tripped as they'd walked from Knockturn Alley with evil intent. Then the second group had fallen prey to the jokes inside their shop as they'd gone around Knockturn and simply through Diagon. A nasty bout of vibrant pink hair was what they received. Every joke was harmless but enough to make the Death Eaters rethink moving forward.

"Regardless, this matter is about Silas and I don't believe that they should be a part of it. Silas is my mate and I shall look out for him when he is in my presence. In that, I need no help."

The twins knew from Silas that the Dark Lord was going to be honourable. What they didn't really understand is what that had to do with anything that occurred between them. They were only friends and they protected Silas whenever possible. What that had to do with this they weren't certain.

"What is it that you want then?"

Marvolo sat back against his throne, "Silas informs me that you have been protecting him since he entered Hogwarts. I wanted to know why."

Fred and George shared another glance. This conversation could go either way depending on the Dark Lord's mood. However if it was for Silas' sake then they would do anything.

"The first time we met Harry he was attempting to get onto the Platform from the muggle world. Every year past we had taken the floo but that year… that year was the year Harry Potter was meant to be starting as well." Fred started.

"Dumbledore had been to visit Mum the night before." George continued. "We'd seen the Headmaster on occasion because we were the pranksters of Hogwarts and constantly in trouble but never had he visited our home before. We couldn't help ourselves in that situation and eavesdropped on the conversation. It was about Harry. That night, they organized everything."

Marvolo couldn't' quite believe what he was hearing. He'd never imagined that Dumbledore would go that far just to keep Harry in line. He'd believed that the old fool would want Harry to make these decisions on his own. Not like this, it shouldn't have been like this at all. Silas should have had a different childhood a better childhood. Of course it didn't help that Silas had yet to speak with him about any of this. There were many things that Silas hadn't spoken to him about. That would need to change.

"Ron was to be Harry's friend. Ginny would be a love interest later. They would meet outside the muggle entrance to the Platform because Hagrid had conveniently forgotten to tell him where to go. Honestly it made us sick to think that anyone would take advantage of an eleven year old even if he was the famous Harry Potter so we started plotting our own way."

"For obvious reasons we couldn't make it seem we were keeping people away from him especially people from our own family. We let them have their way but when other people began to follow Harry at school they would have unfortunate accidents. That's the reason he doesn't have such a large following. We only allowed people who were true to his friendship to speak with him. Neville and Luna are the only others that we permitted to aid for any amount of time. Even we only spoke to him when no one else was around."

Fred paused and nodded towards George to continue once again.

"Then it was discovered he was actually Silas Malfoy and everything changed. Ron, Hermione and Ginny all went into overdrive. They wanted everything he owned especially since he was now a Malfoy and held claims to the Black and Potter lines. It was a disaster. They wanted so much and when Silas discovered that… well you know they aren't friends any longer. Yet Neville and Luna have remained true like we originally thought."

Marvolo sighed. "You have successfully protected him from a great many people then."

Fred and George could only nod. That was exactly what they did. Now that he was Silas they could protect him from Dumbleore and their family as well not to mention the numerous people within the Order who were after him as well. Nothing could easily stand in their way especially know that they were independent of their parents.

"Will you continue to do so?"

That was the question they had been waiting for. Together they grinned at the Dark Lord.

"Did you really believe-"

"That we would risk our lives for-"

"Our dear Silas Malfoy-"

"And not continue to do so when given the chance?"

Marvolo groaned. They were giving him a headache. He hoped that even though he was allowing them to remain by Silas' side that he wouldn't be spending too much more time in their presence. After all there was only so much one could take.

"Will you do so even when he isn't near your store or in Diagon Alley?" Marvolo pushed.

Fred nearly scoffed at the question until he realized Marvolo was being serious, thorough but serious nonetheless. So he let George answer instead.

"If he asks for us to accompany him or you ask us to accompany him then we will do so."

That answer in itself was a relief for Marvolo. Now that Draco had returned to Hogwarts Silas didn't have anyone close to him that would protect him when he left Malfoy Manor. Certainly if he was visiting a venue with his parents it wouldn't be necessary. However Silas travelling alone wasn't something that he would permit until Severus Snape was taken care of.

"Will you join me?" It was a longshot question and he knew that the likely answer would be…

"We will stand by Silas and in doing so you but we won't take your mark."

Well it had been worth a try. At least he knew where they stood and that was something he could live with easily. The Weasley Twins wouldn't stand against him and that was definitely something to celebrate at least for his minions who had suffered their wrath. There was also the knowledge that Silas would be safe no matter where he travelled. Someone would always be with him.

"I will inform my mate then of this decision. Silas will be pleased knowing that his judgement was accurate."

Fred and George nodded before smirking at the Dark Lord. They couldn't pass up on this opportunity.

"I guess that is our time up in the present of the fearsome Dark Lord George."

"I believe you are right Fred we should take our leave before he questions us ferociously with a feather."

Passing the Dark Lord a giddy expression they apparrated away without any injury leaving silence in their wake. Marvolo was already regretting his decision.

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