~ Chapter Sixteen ~

The words echoed around Silas' mind. Severus Snape wanted a chance though he hadn't said at what. From the rather pitiful attempts of begging, Silas could tell he didn't want to be here but he didn't want to be where he'd come from either. Exhaustion dragged Snape's face down ageing him something terrible. The desperation over his head had pushed Snape to this point. No doubt Snape felt tired of the attacks he seemed to be receiving from all sides.

Dumbledore couldn't be happy with his pursuit of Silas. He'd known of course that Dumbledore had desired to marry him to Ginny Weasley when he'd still remained Harry Potter. The union would have brought the Weasley family back into power somewhat. They would also be blessed with wealth, status, and prestige. If he had remained Harry Potter, Silas was certain he would have given them everything just to keep them happy. After all they had been his entire world and his main support. Dumbledore wouldn't have wanted anyone to interfere with that plan.

Then there was his family. His father, Lucius, was pressing Snape on all sides. First he wasn't permitted to step foot within the Manor unless someone of the Malfoy Bloodline let him enter. This kept Snape from a man whom he had once considered very dear and the teen with whom he desired to spend the remainder of his life. Of course, when Snape had gone too far Lucius had also warned him away from Draco, his godson. Truly there wasn't a Malfoy in the world who would accept Snape into their lives.

Of course Silas couldn't fail to forget Marvolo. The Dark Lord had yet to mention it but discovering Snape was a traitor hadn't left a good impression. Sharing a similar background, Marvolo had believed Snape knew and shared a similar hatred for all muggles. He'd never believed Snape's connection to Lily would have been strong enough to break that hatred enough to switch sides. This was just one of the reasons however that Marvolo had to be deeply angered at Snape. Snape's lingering connection with Silas definitely remained the top reason for Marvolo's anger. Yet for now there was nothing either could do about the problem.

All three of these factions working against Snape couldn't have been helping him work through his life. Every single factor would be weighing on Snape's mind and not allowing for any thought to be concentrated on anything other than his problems. His teaching would definitely be a problem with his current concerns.

What Silas didn't know was how he expected Silas to fix anything. Certainly he may want a chance to live his life and not have to think about anything else but Silas was not the answer to his problems.

"How do you expect me to solve your dilemma?" Silas questioned.

He still hadn't permitted Snape to enter the manor. Without cause he was certain that his father wouldn't be pleased to find the one person capable of dragging his son away inside the manor.

Snape shuffled forward. "Please, just listen to me. Give me a chance to explain myself. I promise I won't pull you away from the manor. You don't have to fear me trying to take you away from your family."

Truly, Snape's promises meant very little to Silas. However with the updated wards and the fact he could eject Snape at any time Silas knew he would be well protected within the manor. He was also curious as to how his Light mate planned to speak his way out of this one.

"Very well, Severus Snape you are welcomed into Malfoy Manor for one day."

Silas' words activated the manor wards which flared and permitted Snape to step through. He stepped through with great certainty he would ejected from the manor. Every step seemed more of a shuffle and so far from the stern man he had first seen during his Sorting Ceremony at Hogwarts. Silas didn't give him a chance to reconsider his choice to approach however as he turned and began walking back to the manor.

Overhead, the sky turned cloudy. It wasn't a light fluffy cloud but a dark murky grey which brought gloom upon those trapped beneath its gaze for too long. Silas couldn't control that at the moment. He didn't want to. The sky would alert his family to his change in mood and cause them to wonder what was wrong. They would come searching and they would discover Silas and Snape but by then it would be too late.

Severus didn't bother watching the sky. He was too preoccupied watching Silas' back. Red hair danced along his back so much like the strands of his mother that Snape had to take deep breaths to stop from apologizing for letting Lily down. Yet he knew behind that were features which belonged solely to the Malfoy family. This wasn't Lily and nor was it the son of James and Lily. This was Silas Malfoy and Severus wasn't about to make a mistake in this. Silas was his only chance.

The manor felt harsh and cold when Severus was on the outside of the family. None of the portraits spared him a glance and the ones that greeted Silas levelled him with a furious look. Severus felt displeased as they did so. No one should have looked at Silas in such a manner. Yet he didn't say a word. The Manor could easily take any words towards the portraits as an attack. He couldn't risk it.

Silas led Severus into the main formal lounge. It wasn't what he desired but it was what he expected. They sat down opposite each other as Silas called for tea. Severus watched as Harry Potter melted away before his eyes. All of the mannerisms he was used to had faded in Silas. He was starting to become a young Lord before his eyes.

As soon as Silas had served the tea he sat back.

"You have come to me for a chance to talk so talk."

Severus flinched at Silas' tone. Yet despite the lack of empathy in his tone, Severus' determination led him to speak over his exhaustion.

"I should not have rejected you out of turn when I learned of your status as a creature. The entire situation wasn't properly handled and because of it I ruined my chance to know you."

"You ruined your chance to know me long before that. I might not be Harry Potter any longer," Silas said, "but I retain the memories. There is not one instance when you held me in any respect. You only held open hostility to me. Every turn you pushed me down. There was no reason for it and it still affects my choices in life including the search for me mate."

"And you have no problems with the Dark Lord?" Severus spat.

Silas scowled. He'd known eventually Snape would bring up the past. It continued to be a major problem all round. The only person however he had opened up to was Draco. Only his brother would know the entire truth. Eventually he planned on speaking with his father, mother, and Marvolo but til then he would keep his silence. Besides he had other problems to deal with first.

"Marvolo acted on the words of a prophecy. The specifics no longer apply to me; however this does not mean we don't have numerous past experiences to speak on."

There was a list of items Marvolo and he needed to speak on. It wasn't Marvolo however who was stalling those talks. Silas needed to bring forth his courage or their relationship was never going to move into further stages. They would never be able to completely bond then and that was something Silas desperately sought.

"Our past is just as similar. I don't understand why you would select him over me. I knew your mother and your father. I could tell you all about them." Severus pleaded.

"This isn't a contest." Silas snapped. "You don't get to compete for my love in such a way."

Certainly his mates were permitted to offer opportunities to become acquainted with their personalities to make a choice but this was too much. It was Silas' choice based on numerous observations about what he personally desired. Severus was not this person regardless of the terrible selections he had faced to begin with.

Silas was glad he had chosen Marvolo. Though they had a lot to work through they were both more than willingly to try to be equal. There were no attempts to alter his choices or the people he selected to befriend. Marvolo was acknowledging his was an individual person and not just some submissive creature he could control. Snape had yet to prove this and with his current attitude it wasn't leaning in any favourable outcome.

"You might have known my parents but that hadn't stopped you in the past. Every year offered you an opportunity to speak to me about them. Even if you didn't wish to share knowledge of my father because of your past you could have spoken to me about my mother. No one speaks about her and you knew that. You guarded your knowledge from me."

As soon as he had heard, Snape had known his mother long before he had arrived at Hogwarts jealousy had flickered through him. The one man who despised him had known his mother best when they were younger. There had never been an instant in which the man had thought to bring up the knowledge. He had just offered his student open hostility from the moment he had arrived at the Great Hall. Silas would never obtain the knowledge of his mother through this man. He would guard it knowing it held power over his potential mate and that was something that kept Silas even further at a distance.

"You have kept everything from me. Why should you deserve a chance?"

Before Severus could speak a reply echoed from the door to his right. The voice chilled him.

"Yes, Severus, why should my mate give you a chance?"

Silas turned towards Marvolo. He hadn't known the man would be within the manor. There had been hope his family would intervene when they spotted the turn in the weather but this was much better. Having Marvolo and Severus face each other would prove to be interesting.

Severus froze as he heard the Dark Lord speak. He couldn't believe the man would come near him whilst Silas was present. He had known if the Dark Lord ever approached him again it wouldn't turn out well. In fact, he'd hoped to get something out of Silas in time to leave before a confrontation could occur. Silas however hadn't been as cooperative as he'd been planning for. Now he was trapped in a situation Severus felt was worse than all three sides pressing in on him.

"Why did you send for the Dark Lord?" Severus questioned. "Did you believe I would ignore my word and allow harm to come to you? I gave you my word and I won't harm you."

Silas truly didn't care. Snape's word didn't mean anything to him. He hadn't trusted it as Harry Potter and it his distrust had carried with him.

"I didn't send for Marvolo. If you feel that I would do such a thing then that is your problem." Silas replied.

Marvolo scowled. He moved closer to Silas and sat beside him. He didn't feel pleased finding Silas and Severus in the same room together. The fact they were sitting opposite each other didn't help at all.

"Silas doesn't need to send for me to deal with you. He is more than capable of dealing with you alone." Marvolo boasted. "I merely desired to spend time with Silas this afternoon and unlike some I do not need to plead my way through the Malfoy wards."

The remark had Severus nearly jumping across the coffee table. He didn't need to be reminded he was to be kept away from Silas by everyone around him. Marvolo already had the upper hand in this regard.

"You haven't answered Marvolo's question." Silas continued. "What makes you believe I should offer you a chance?"

Severus shifted his attention away from Marvolo. There was no way he would allow Marvolo to take this opportunity away from him. He was here to see if Silas would offer him any aid and that was what he planned to achieve. The best solution he had to this however was speaking about his past.

"Lily and I were friends for a long time." Severus began. "We grew up amongst muggles. Lily had wonderful parents whilst I had trouble at every turn. My mother tried but my father despised what she could do and what I could do. He loved to drink and abuse me."

Silas felt for him. None of them had wonderful childhoods but that so far didn't offer any excuse for what he had done. So instead of offering any words he kept silent.

"We both knew before Hogwarts that we could do extraordinary things that most people could only dream of. Then, she was sorted into Gryffindor and me into Slytherin. For many years it was fine and then we started growing up and James Potter started showing an interest in Lily. For years he had bullied me and now he wanted to go after my one friend. I lashed out when he tried to humiliate me in front of Lily and it ended our friendship."

Severus couldn't help but let his mind wander back to that day. They had all been enjoying one of the nicer spring days. James had simply spotted Severus and decided he was good enough to take away his boredom. He'd been upside down, humiliated, and Lily had tried to defend him. He hadn't been able to handle it, between the other purebloods trying to get him on their side and the terrible situation at home, he'd snapped and he'd lost his first friend.

"You asked me for aid."

Lucius spoke as he entered the room with Narcissa at his side. They both glanced at the image Marvolo and Silas made before turning their attention back to Severus.

They had known something was odd when the weather had turned soured. Never had they imagined Severus would attempt to make a move towards Silas yet again. With their threats they had thought they had pushed Severus into a corner. They had believed they could push him from their lives and possibly from Britain. Yet with the confidence from Silas they knew this would at least move in their favour.

Severus nodded.

"I turned to you for aid and you introduced me to the Dark Lord."

For a long time Severus had held disgust towards the Dark Lord. The murders and utter foulness he was capable of hadn't inspired Severus at all. He'd been in two minds on the Dark Lord's thoughts on muggles as well. His father was despicable but Lily's parents had been wonderful. In the end it hadn't mattered all that much, he had believed he'd found a place where he could find acceptance.

"I welcomed you into my world and brought you into the fold. It didn't take you long to rise through the ranks and become one of my most trusted followers. You betrayed that trust I placed in you however and sold out my plans to Albus Dumbledore." Marvolo accused.

"If I hadn't have done that you wouldn't have been able to realize Silas was possibly your mate. My actions gave you a chance at love. Without me you would be a loveless creature." Severus spat.

The room tensed. Silas turned away from Snape. Marvolo looked ready to attack Snape at any second however there was still so much he needed from the man. They still had much to speak about and they weren't anywhere near the end. His father and mother had taken seats nearby though there was still a large space between them and Severus Snape. No one was planning on missing this information.

Silas placed a hand on Marvolo's arm to keep him calm and in place for the time being before turning towards Snape.

"Why did you turn from Marvolo?"

The question seemed to bring forth even more emotions within the usually stoic man. Yet another part of the history between them all was about to unfold and Silas was willing to bet it simply became darker from here.

"I overheard the prophecy as Sybil Trelawney spoke it to Albus Dumbledore. As a good little Death Eater I took this news to my master and he praised me for being so forthcoming. I knew not what he did with this information for a few years until he learnt that two of the Light's main supporters was going to be birthing children during the time in which the prophecy suggested."

Severus hung his head in shame. He was the reason Lily was dead. The information he had provided led straight to the attack on the Potter's. There was little denying that and yet Silas had remained silent where he would have assumed the teen would lash out. Hope sparked.

"When I discovered the Dark Lord planned to attack Lily I immediately carried the information to Albus Dumbledore with the hope he would be able to protect her. I pleaded with the Dark Lord to spare Lily. It meant little. Yet even as I placed my faith in Dumbledore, he failed as I did. Lily died."

"You are wrong, Severus." Marvolo interrupted.

"In what?" he snarled.

"I gave Lily Potter the chance to step aside. I offered her life as I took her son's. She refused."

The information didn't sit well with Severus, immediately claiming the Dark Lord for a liar. Silas stepped in.

"Marvolo is speaking the truth. He offered my mother the chance to step aside but she protected me, she died protecting me."

It was hard for him to remember that day. Silas only recalled a small amount but it was enough. He would never forget the screaming or the flash of green. The cackling from the Dark Lord only made the memory worse yet as the man sat beside him he couldn't bring himself to blame him. A lot of information had been passed around and misinterpreted during the start of the war. From his side Marvolo took his hand offering support.

Severus accepted Silas words as truth, the words hitting hard and causing him to lean forward on his elbows.

"What did you do after you heard my mother had died at the hands of the Dark Lord?" Silas questioned.

"I went back to Dumbledore." Severus admitted. "I mourned the loss of my friend and I made him a promise. I promised I would protect Lily's son."

And yet even in that he had failed. There were no words he could use to make this right. There was nothing he could do to erase years of emotional abuse by his hands. Dumbledore had told him to keep his cover and so he had been horrible to Harry Potter and yet it had gained him nothing. He was still facing his crimes. He was still trying to regain everything he had lost that day.

"You did little to protect me though." Silas spat.

He couldn't help but be bitter. This man had offered to protect him but he hadn't been there for him. There had been no mention of his time spent at the Dursley's. There was no one there for him when he needed a family. Snape hadn't even tried to offer his aid instead hiding in the shadows like the Death Eater he had once aspired to.

"I protected you at Hogwarts. I was there when Quirrel was attempting to curse your broom. I was present when Dementers swarmed you at the Quidditch Pitch. The situation with Black was another time I was present. I may have always been in the shadows, Silas, but I protected you when I could."

Snape was getting desperate but to Silas these times just weren't enough.

"Where were you when I was five and I didn't understand why my aunt and uncle could love my cousin and yet despise me?" Silas broke. "Or, what of the time when I turned my teacher's hair blue and my uncle hit me as punishment? No one helped me when my letter from Hogwarts arrived and it was addressed to the 'Cupboard Under the Stairs'. Where were you when I needed protection from my family?"

Silas hadn't wanted his history to come out like this. But his frustration had been mounting and telling Draco had helped. Not all of his horrible past had come to light but it was enough for his parents and Marvolo to piece together. He just hoped as he hung his head that the remainder of his family accepted the torture his life had been.

Severus sat back aghast. Truly he'd never thought about Silas' family. At Hogwarts every year would pass and nothing would change. Everyone would speak about Harry Potter and the life he must have been living. It must have been grand to be so famous. The wealth must have been amazing. The stories had never been confirmed but Severus had always felt spite at hearing them. After all, he'd never been able to afford nice items but Lily's child was handed everything he'd desired.

He never questioned the occasional odd item of clothing or the fact Harry Potter never went home. What child wouldn't go home to a loving family especially if he was rather spoilt? The occasional ratty jumper or scratched footwear didn't cross his mind as important. All he'd truly seen was the out of control hair and the green eyes.

"I didn't know." He muttered.

His words disappeared beneath the worry from Marvolo, Lucius, and Narcissa.

"You didn't inform me of this." Marvolo said softly.

Having a tragic childhood was never something anyone wanted to speak on but it would seem necessary now. It wouldn't be something they could avoid. Yet he was glad for the information and the ability to offer his own past as another way to connect with his mate.

"Were you punished whenever you did magic?" Lucius questioned kneeling before his son.

They had been aware abuse had been suffered at his previous house. It had been one of the many reasons they sought to remove Silas from the Order. The people there had actively ignored all of the signs and permitted Silas to return every year. They hadn't any idea of what had occurred in the house however as Silas had refused to speak on it til now.

"They liked to be normal and I wasn't normal." Silas said. "My aunt was jealous of my mother's gifts. When I was little she would watch me as I did accidental magic. She would never hurt me that was always for my uncle when he caught me. But she was jealous I could use magic as well."

Lucius looked ready to drag out their address and torture them as they had done Silas. Narcissa wasn't far behind.

"She's better now." He hurried to correct. "Now that I'm no longer beneath the same roof she doesn't have to deal with her jealousy every day. She's happy I have found a home where everyone loves me."

"Silas, she might be better now but even if you remained under her roof she shouldn't have taken her jealousy out on you. She should have accepted you as you were." Narcissa commented.

"I don't plan to ever visit her. I just like to remember my past and know that I was strong then and I can be strong now. I can survive. I only write to her when I need an outside opinion."

"But that is what family is for Silas. When everything is down and you feel like you have nowhere to go, your family are the people who remain by your side, who support you. Your aunt has never done that for you and thought she might be trying she should have done this from the moment she found you."

Silas nodded. He understood, truly he did. Family was not what he had at the Dursley's. He had family now and the support was fantastic whenever he needed it however some things they just wouldn't understand about how he lived his life.

Sensing his wandering thoughts, Marvolo stepped in.

"A tragic childhood is something that we share. I grew up surrounded by people similar to your relatives. However I won't explain what happened right now."

Silas knew that Marvolo wouldn't offer any information on his past and his feelings to others outside Silas unless it proved necessary. Currently it wasn't a necessity and with Snape in the room it wasn't likely to happen.

"We'll speak later." Marvolo promised.

The promise held a lot of concern for Silas as much information would be exposed especially topics he didn't feel ready to speak on. But they truly needed to move past the horror in their childhood to be able to look towards the future. Silas felt more support from the bond as Marvolo turned back to Snape.

"Your explanation was 'I didn't know'?" he accused.

Snape nodded. Dumbledore had always told him that Harry Potter was rather spoilt as a child. He'd believed it as he hadn't bothered to check on anything else. He hadn't cared to check on a child that might be too similar to that of James Potter or Sirius Black. He wished he had pushed more now so he wouldn't be in this mess.

"Dumbledore kept me up to date on everything Arabella Figg told him about Har- Silas."

It was a weak argument.

"Did Dumbledore know about Silas' life at the Dursley's? Did he know how terrible it was?" Lucius questioned.

When they had first met Silas at the Ministry it had been confirmed that abuse had stemmed between Silas and the Order. At first they had just believed it to be verbal abuse. No one could deny that the Order wasn't pushing Silas into various positions to keep the Dark Lord on the move and the people at peace. If Dumbledore knew, however, that Silas had been abused physically at the Dursley's that was just another strike against him.

Severus Snape gave an uncertain nod.

"Dumbledore knew everything about Harry Potter. He gave us information that a person not in regular contact couldn't have offered. Everyone believed Harry Potter was well cared for. No one bothered to question him."

Silas frowned. Dumbledore, no matter how many times he begged, never had permitted him to remain at Hogwarts. His reasoning had always been due to the blood he shared with his aunt and cousin. However he was beginning to suspect Dumbledore didn't know as much as he thought he did. When it came to Harry Potter and Voldemort he seemed to be remarkably foresighted. Everything he assumed was wrong and Silas was going to make him very aware of it.

"We shall deal with him in time." Marvolo promised.

Lucius turned to Severus. As Silas father he had all rights to see whether or not the man was suitable for his son. Marvolo constantly proved he was capable of taking care of his son but Severus… well he had yet to prove anything.

"Why do you believe Silas should offer you a chance?"

"Also," Narcissa added, "What do you believe you deserve from this chance?"

Severus straightened.

"Everyone deserves a second chance. When Silas grants me a chance I will do as he asks. What I want most is for Silas to accept me should Marvolo prove the wrong choice and to leave the country and avoid this war."

The demands came and Silas simply sat there as everyone watched him. The words were definitely something Dumbledore had repeated constantly to keep Snape tamed. As Silas looked around the room, he could tell Lucius and Narcissa weren't happy with Snape's demands. Marvolo wasn't happy with Snape at all. Silas wasn't happy with Snape's demands at all. All in all, Severus Snape was amongst people who didn't care one bit for him.

"As my light mate," Silas smiled. "I don't care for you. Nothing you as said has interested me or appealed to me. I won't be giving you a second chance."

Severus's face fell. He hadn't thought of this as an option. Harry Potter had always been forgiving he hadn't though that with the Malfoy's surrounding him that part of his personality would change.

Marvolo smirked. He had won this round and he was going to see how far he could push this.

"Silas, do you care for Severus enough to let him live?" he questioned.

Silas startled. He had known Marvolo wouldn't want Severus to live. Marvolo was a jealous man and didn't care much for other people being around him. The fact he might have to share Silas between them didn't make it any easier to focus on Silas. He hadn't counted on Marvolo asking for permission to take care of his other mate.

"You may do whatever you want with him." Silas confirmed.

Marvolo smiled and nonverbally cast a spell. Before Snape had time to move a long cut split open his chest. Blood poured from the wound as Snape failed to remember where his wand was kept. It took seconds for Severus Snape to bleed out all over the Malfoy's prized white sofa. Narcissa frowned and couldn't help but comment.

"James didn't feel threatened by Lucius presence, forgive me my Lord but why did you kill Severus?"

Marvolo continued to watch Snape's corpse with a twisted smile.

"Lily had already chosen James. Lucius also had a wife. There was no rivalry between the two of them. They worked together to create a child, a child which all of his parents recognized whether blood related or not. Every single parent of Silas Malfoy loved him."

Silas smiled. "And you, do you love me?"

Marvolo turned away from Snape and knelt down before his mate knowing he was the only person to have Silas' affections in such a way.

"I love you and I will protect you from anyone that does you harm."

Silas smiled. There was still a long list of people who were against his new life. But like Severus Snape they wouldn't last long with the Dark Lord protecting him. The Order of the Phoenix wouldn't know the dark presence spreading over the horizon was Silas Malfoy until he had a weapon stabbed in their back.

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