Hello everybody! I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long, and with so little explanation too, however, I am back! And I have a chapter on each one of my stories to help get those of you going through exams to brave it out!

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Harry walked as quickly as he could to McGonagall's office, not wanting to risk getting into trouble for running in the corridors when something as... urgent as what was currently going on in the Gryffindor common room right now was in need of rectifying. He stopped in front of the door to her office and knocked lightly. There was an authoritative 'come in' from somewhere inside the room. Harry turned the knob on the door and slipped inside the room, quietly shutting the door behind him.

"What is the reason for you coming to visit me so late, Potter?" McGonagall inquired with her peculiar accent.
"Um... well, its about the boy, Edward." Harry started nervously.
"What sort of predicament has he gotten himself into now?" She asked with a trace of worry lingering in her voice.
"Um, he sort of... somehow... destroyed our common room." Harry stated nervously.
"I... see." McGonagall said. "return to your dormitory and I will be there as soon as I have requested Dumbledore's assistance in this matter, since he seems to be the only one capable of dispelling that boy's strange form of magic." She stated ushering Harry out of the room as she briskly turned towards the corridor that would lead to the gargoyle staircase that would take her up to Dumbledore's office.

Harry sped back to the common room, desperate to see if any progress had been made since he had left. However, when he returned, it was exactly the same besides from the fact that the crowd had now dispersed into their respective dormitories.

It had taken the combined efforts of most of the Professors in the entire school to return Gryffindor common room back to it's original glory, except the decoration on the fireplace which was a big improvement on the way it had been before.

Once the common room had been restored, Harry checked around for Edward, finding him fast asleep in the chair that he had placed him in earlier. He smiled slightly as he picked up the young boy and headed up the stairs to the boy's dormitory to join Ron and the others in the room. When he got there, he saw a smaller version of his own four-posted bed in the corner of the room, obviously intended for the sleeping child in his arms. He smiled again as he laid Edward down in the bed and covered him up with the blanket before changing and getting into his own bed so that he could rest for the night.

Ed woke up to the sun that had just peeked over the hills, causing the sky to glow a golden-silver, he stood on his bed and stared out of the window, marveling at the sight. But his smile was soon replaced with a frown as he decided that he needed a better vantage point to watch from. His clouded face suddenly brightened when he remembered that he had heard Ron talking about an owlery to that girl with the poofy brown hair yesterday. He hoisted himself to his feet and took off as silently as he could over the cold stone floor, his left leg making a quiet 'clank' each time it was placed down. He snuck out of the entrance to the Gryffindor common room after he made sure that the lady that was trapped inside of the painting was asleep, and quickly hurried away from it. He looked around him, trying to determine which way to go. In the end he just opted to go up as high as he could, he would surely find the owlery if he did that.

Going around the castle on his own was terrifying, when he was going up the stairs they would suddenly jerk and begin to go in a whole different direction, and the quiet whispers of the portraits that were everywhere would echo ominously, as though foretelling some horrible incident that would happen to him while he was alone. But Ed had faced worse, his arm and leg were proof of that. Of course, they were proof that he wouldn't let the people in the castle know about, but they were proof all the same.

Surprisingly enough, Ed managed to find the owlery, and he watched with wonder as the sun came over the dark forest that was in the distance, bathing the world in gold, and turning the sky a fiery orange that reflected off of every dewdrop that littered the grass below. He was so entranced that he didn't hear the footsteps that came up the steps, stopping behind him. Ed was only broken out of his wonder when a sneering voice came from behind him.