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"Ichigo!" She yelled.

"Ichigo!!" She yelled, louder this time.

"Ichigo you idiot!!" She yelled again, giving emphasis at the 'idiot' part.

The said man turned to her with a scowl on his face. It was not a new thing as he scowled all the time. "What did I do?"

Rukia huffed, and huffed again. She could see her own breath in this cold weather. One could see she was struggling to breathe and struggling to stand properly on her two feet. Kuchiki Rukia and Kurosaki Ichigo were currently standing on a frozen lake. Well actually only Ichigo was standing while Rukia was trying to stand.

"You said you wanted to skate like the people on TV right? So this is what we are doing; skating." Ichigo said while he started to skate around her.

"Well I don't want to skate anymore. It's not fair! How could you skate so easily while I could barely stand on my two feet?" She asked while holding on a tree bark that was covered with snow like it was her dear life.

Ichigo continued to skate around while eyeing the raven haired death god. Who would have thought a shinigami who fought with ice base zanpakutou couldn't skate. Seriously, she should be a pro when it comes to ice but she couldn't skate, period.

He scoffed at his own thought. "Let's just say, it's natural talent."

"Natural talent my as—" suddenly her right hand that was holding onto the tree bark slipped and she fell landing on her butt with a loud thud. "oww, my ass…"

Ichigo laughed while skating towards her. "That's what you get when you say bad things about me." he bent and placed his left hand under her knees and another one on her back. He scooped Rukia up, carrying her bridal style.

Rukia was still rubbing her sore butt when Ichigo suddenly lifted her up. "Ichigo, put me down! I don't want to be manhandled. Ichi—" She stopped struggling when Ichigo lost his balance. She closed her eyes and was ready to feel cold ice on her back but instead she felt warm. A kind of warmth that she learned to like every passing moment she was with him.

"Stop moving! Or else we are going to fall." He warned her while trying to stabilize himself.

"Put me down. Everyone's looking." She said with her eyes still shut.

"No one's looking midget." He scoffed. "And how do you know people are looking when you're closing your eyes?"

Rukia felt like an idiot for saying that. She slowly opened her violet eyes. Suddenly she let out a yelped and closed her eyes again when she felt them moving forward. She bit her lower lip when she heard Ichigo laughing at her. At first she found it annoying but when she felt his broad chest constantly vibrating and his heart thumping irregularly under her hand, a smile tugged her lips.

Ichigo looked down on the girl in his hands who was still closing her eyes shut. "Open your eyes Rukia. There's no fun skating with your eyes shut."

Again, Rukia slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a pair of amber eyes starring straight at her. She instantly felt her cheek heated up. "Baka! Look in front while you're skating. I don't want to bump into anyone or anything."

"Hai hai.." Ichigo looked up and started to skate at a steadier pace. Rukia was light, so light as if she was a snow. And he didn't know why but she fitted his torso perfectly when he carried her like this. Back then when Rukia was recovering her shinigami power, he usually carries her on his back when they went out to fight hollow. But he liked it better this way. He could feel her warmth and her cinnamon-like smell pleasantly lulling his senses.

A gracious feeling slowly washed her soul as she breathed in his spicy scent. Her gaze landed on the crook of his neck. She didn't know why but she liked it when he carried her like this. She felt save in his arms as if she would always be protected by him. Before he caught her ogling on his neck, she slowly turned her head to the side. Her violet orbs went wide when she looked at the view in front of her. "Amazing.."

There were numbers of Christmas trees around them and there were decorated with neon lights. But what really made her gape was a super large Christmas tree in front of them. It was very tall. She looked up and she saw a big gold star on the top of the tree. It looked amazing as it was surrounded by twinkling stars. It was a rare thing to see so many stars on a cold winter night and Rukia felt blessed to get a change to witness it herself and she was super happy as she could see it with him.

Ichigo smirked when he looked at her gaping mouth and her wide amethyst eyes. Her ears were red and so did her nose. There was something twinkling caught his vision and the trademark smirk slowly turned into a sincere smile when he saw she was wearing the necklace he bought for her as a Christmas present.

"Where's your muffler?" Ichigo questioned her.

Rukia looked back at him. She ran her fingers on her neck and she realized she was not wearing one. "Ohh.. I forgot to wear it."

He frowned at her. "Serves you right. You know you look like a reindeer. Your nose is blinking red."

Rukia put her hand on her nose while eyeing the man with orange hair. "You don't look any better. Your nose is red and your hair is orange. You look like a clown, an ugly clown who keeps on frowning."

Ichigo gritted his teeth. "You know I could skate faster than this." He tried to intimidate her.

"Hah! Do you think I'm scared?"

"I don't think so but I know so! You're the one who keeps your eyes glued together all the time when I'm skating."

"I would like to see you try Kurosaki!"

"You will be shutting your eyes when I try Kuchiki!"

"Hey, get a room already!" they were startled when they heard a foreign voice suddenly interrupted them.

"Bakappuru.." another voice from behind.

Ichigo and Rukia looked around them. People were staring at them and talking behind their back. Ichigo started to skate faster to run away from their gazes.

"This is all your fault, Rukia." His scowl deepened when he saw people were still looking.

"Me?!" She tried to lower her tone but it was still loud for Ichigo as he winched when her voice assaulted his eardrums.

"This will never happen if you wear your stupid scarf!"

"Hey, this will never happen if you didn't bring me here! This place is full of couples!"

"But it wasn't me who was so eager to skate at the first place!" His voice raised an octave.

They really stood up among all the couples who were skating there. The girls were attracted to see Ichigo carrying his 'girlfriend' bridal style and skating around. The guys, on the other hand were attracted to see Rukia's innocent face when she looked around, as if she never witness anything like it before (though it was the truth.).

But what really made they stood up was the fact that they were yelling on top of their lungs at each other and they still looked like they were enjoying each other's company.

A bakappuru indeed.

Rukia bit on her lower lip. She was furious. She was furious at the orange headed shinigami substitute who was currently 'manhandling' her. "Unhand me Ichigo! Let me down." She struggled to free herself from his hands.

"Stop moving, Rukia!" Ichigo tried his best to keep his balance.

"I said, put me down!" She kept on moving and yelling.

Ichigo slowed down but it was hard when the girl in his hands kept on yelling and struggling against him. "Stop it Rukia! We might fa—"


Ichigo lost his balance when Rukia smacked him square on the face. He slipped on his own feet and fall on his back while Rukia landing on top of his hard rock chest.


Rukia quickly get up when she heard a low grumble from the man under her. "Ichigo, are you okay?"

He got up on a sitting position with Rukia kneeled in front of him. He rubbed a sore spot on his head. "Oww my head.." Suddenly he felt smooth dainty fingers rubbing on the sore spot. He opened his amber eyes only to see an anxious looking Kuchiki Rukia.

"Where is it? Is it here? I can't feel any blood. Just a little swelling here. I can use kidou to hea—"

"Oii.." he tried to lure her attention on him, not on his head.


She couldn't end her word when suddenly a pair of lips crashed on hers for a chaste kiss. Rukia stared at the man in front of her. She could see a fine crimson shade slowly creeping up his face.

"That's horrible!" She yelled.

"No one's looking at us!" Kurosaki Ichigo was officially blushing. His red face looked funny when it goes with his permanent scowl.

"I know!" she huffed.

"So why are you—"

Rukia cupped his blushing face and slowly kissed him full on the lips. Ichigo was immobile for a mere second but when he felt her lips moved against his, his unoccupied hands started to move and settled on both side of her waist. He pulled her closer and angled his head to deepen the kiss. Her thumb carefully massaged his jaw and she could feel him relaxing under her touch.

It was a new experience for both of them. Rukia could see a vivid image of fireworks burst up on the dark sky while Ichigo felt like a burst of kidou ran through his veins and a familiar soothing feeling tingling on his skin. They didn't mind the looks they got from the people around them. Screw them! They could stare at them as much as they want. Ichigo and Rukia couldn't care less. As if they exist only on their own world.

Rukia hands moved up to weave her fingers around his orange locks. While Ichigo ran his hands up and down her side and finally stopped on the small of her back.

He tugged on her lower lip and Rukia instinctively parted her lips, welcoming him. 'This is the best Christmas ever.' His mind said and Ichigo couldn't help to agree. He slide his tongue and slowly touched hers when suddenly

"KYAAA!!! My gay son is making out with my third daughter!!!"

It was Ichigo's best Christmas indeed.


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