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Chapter II: Molar (K+)

He hissed.

Kurosaki Ichigo was in pain but he will never say it out loud. Still, his current distorted face was a visible indication of his painfulness. Hollows today were not some rookies like he usually purified. Maybe because of the lack of hollows attacks these past few days, his stamina had run down hill.

That, or he was too damn pissed at a certain raven-haired shinigami.

She did her best on tending his cuts and bruises. She used kido on the bruises and they healed right away. But the cuts, especially on the right side of his face were fairly deep. The cut started on his right eyebrow and ended at his jaw.

Kuchiki Rukia was rubbing some ointment on it and that made him hiss – a lot more that he usually did-. She reduced the force she implied when she heard it for the first time. But Ichigo kept on hissing and hissing as if he was trying to tick her off.

He is trying to tick her off.

Rukia didn't say a word. Usually, she would hit him for hissing when she tending his cuts and called him a girl because he couldn't stand some minor injuries. But desperate time calls for desperate measures and now, he was desperate to make her talk. Heck, he wouldn't mind if she started to hit him.

Rukia took some cotton buds and dipped it into a bottle of iodine. The foul smell of it made her nose felt like burning. She gently dabbed it onto the cut. It had stopped bleeding – thanks to her kido- but it still needed some treatment.

She sighed. Things like this wouldn't happen if she'd be more careful. Things like this wouldn't happen if she didn't forget to bring the most important thing a shinigami-in-gigai should have. Things like this wouldn't happen if she got her soul candy with her. And things like this wouldn't happen if they didn't fight two hours prior.

Needless to say, she was the one who started that silly fight.

Ichigo happened to catch the semi-audible sigh and frown at her. What is wrong with her? "Ruki-"

"Sorry." Her voice sounded a bit hoarse, much to Rukia's dismay.

"For what?" Amber eyes tried to search for a pair of violet.

"Both." Her vision stayed on the cut as she could feel a pair of brown eyes staring straight at her.

He stayed silent for a while. At least they were making progress. Still, the bitching Rukia was better than this monosyllabic Rukia. Ichigo closed his eyes, feeling her dainty fingers running along his jaw line searching for other injuries that maybe left unnoticed.

His mind drifted back to what happened two hours ago. How the silly fight started, how furious Rukia was, how she suddenly threw the scrapbook to him, how fucking hurt his nose was, how her skirt fluttered when she leaped out of the room, how he stared at her fine looking legs, how he-

Stop right there Kurosaki Ichigo! He snapped open his eyes to stop his imagination from running wild and what welcome his vision did stop his running imagination.

Rukia, she wore the same expression when Ichigo was sent flying across the road by the hollow. He got the deep cut on his cheek thanks to it. Ichigo was lost for words. He rubbed the back of his neck, as if it could it helped him in this tight situation.

Damn.. He cleared his throat.

"Rukia.." Smooth Kurosaki.

"Hmm.." her gaze landed on his for just a mere second.

"You looked away." Ichigo didn't know why, but he felt like a complete idiot for saying that.

She paused and her hands stopped moving as well as she channeled her misty indigo to him. "I'm looking at you now." a hint of humor in her voice.

"You looked away.. When that damn hollow hit me." Their gazes met, as if they were in a battlefield where the one who breaks the eye contact first lost. "Why?"

Rukia looked down. Her cinnamon-like scent assaulted Ichigo's sense when her raven hair brushed against his nose. She looks away.

"Reflex." She said as a matter-of-factly. She took the first-aid and walked briskly to the cabinet. She started to put back things she used to their respective place.

Ichigo stood up from the edge of the bathtub as he eyed the girl he risked his life to safe. "Rukia.." He noticed how she flinched when he called her name. "If you can, please look at me when I'm fighting, and not turning your eyes away." His long strides closed the gap between them within second. "Then, I will become stronger."

Rukia didn't know what to say. She turned around and looked up, only to meet his gaze, and she nodded. "Kay.." she could see how the frown on his face slowly wear off and was being replaced by his trademark smirk.

"Good to know that. Ohh, I almost forgot." Ichigo snuck his right hand into the back pocket of his worn out jeans with a glint of playfulness in his eyes. "Give me your hand."

Rukia blinked her eyes like a lost rabbit. "Wha-"

Ichigo took matters into his own hands and snatched her left hand. "Here." He put something on top of her palm. "Keep it."

Rukia's violet orbs went wide as she studied the object he gave. "A tooth?"

"Molar. It's a molar, Rukia." He said, giving emphasis on her name.

She rolled her eyes. "Same difference. Anyways, take it ba-"

"It falls out, during the fight." He tilted his head to the left and tugged his mouth upwards to show her a gaping hollow between a set of white teeth. "See.."

Rukia frowned at him, then at the tooth on her palm. "So you're giving this to me?"


"Ichigo, last time I check, I'm a death god, not a tooth fairy. Not a molar fairy either." She cringed at the mental image of herself as a tooth fairy, with fluffy wings and a halo?

"Yes, I know. I just want you to keep it." he said while turning around and made his way to the bathroom door.

"For what?" She asked the same question he asked earlier.

"Talisman, as a good luck charm. Or you could make it into a phone strap."

She gaped at his suggestions. "Take it back and throw it away!"

Her sudden burst made Ichigo stopped mid-step and turned on his heels to face her. "No! It's apart of me. My pride is in it!"


Suddenly, Ichigo grabbed the front of his t-shirt as if mimicking a soccer player singing their national anthem, and he said;

"Pride, by Ichigo Kurosaki."

After a few second standing like a statue, he then proceeded to twist the doorknob, pulled the door open and walked out of the bathroom, leaving a dumbstruck Rukia who was currently gripping Ichigo's molar.

I am very sure that hollow made him loose his mind.

"What the-, Ichigo!" She followed his steps. She pulled on the slightly ajar door and out of sudden a pair of lips crushed onto hers. Rukia instinctively closed her eyes and the last thing she saw was a mob of orange and a pair of amber orbs.

After what she felt like hours but in reality it was just a few seconds, her eyes fluttered open. Ichigo was leaning into her while his forehead connected to hers. He flashed Rukia his teasing smile and she swore she would do anything to wipe it away.

"You're welcome, Rukia."

She was planning to pluck his tooth one by one after this.




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