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This scene is Rose's musings while waiting for Edward to show up with Bella between Chapter 11 & 12.



Are we really doing this again?" I asked, raising the question one final time before he returned with her.

"Rosalie," Carlisle warned. "I thought we talked about this. At. Great. Length. We all decided it was for the best, that it would bring our family back together, finally. That it was a good thing for everyone."

"Please give me some credit! I'm just curious. What if she goes back to that dog? It will break him all over again. He might really go to the Volturi this time! Besides, I have to get it out of my system before they get back. I don't want Edward to know I have doubts about her, about them. As soon as that mind meddling, angsty loser gets within a hundred yards of us I will keep my thoughts to myself."

"Rosalie, can't you at least try to get along with Bella?" He urged for the hundredth time today.

"Yes, I said I would and I meant it. If she makes him happy, if this is what he truly wants and it sticks this time, then I'm all in. But I won't go through this family breaking up again. It's just not healthy, for any of us."

It wasn't a secret how I felt about the situation that unfolded seven long, excruciating years ago. I had been completely against Edward's relationship with Isabella Swan from the start. How could I not be? It went against everything we believed, everything we had been trying to keep concealed for so many years. Edward wanted to throw it all away. And for what…a fleeting high school romance with a human? It just didn't make sense!

The next thing I knew, Bella thought it would be a good idea to try to find a way to "get one by" the Volturi. When she told us about her off-the-wall idea about becoming a vampire herself, I almost flipped my lid! What was she thinking? Didn't she realize what she would be giving up? A life, a family, a future? It took every ounce of will power I had to keep myself from causing a grand scandal. One that would cause us to flee Forks, perhaps the entire continent, only able to return decades after our classmates' great-grandchildren had passed away.

It was Emmett who finally talked me off the ledge. He reminded me what I loved about this town, what living in an area where the sun rarely shown had allowed us. Yes, Forks was home. I could not, would not allow a mere human to stand in the way of my happiness.

No matter what her reasons were, I couldn't allow Bella to unknowingly give up her life. She had no idea what her future held, and ours wasn't a pretty fairy tale with a happy ending. True, we each found happiness in our mates and in one another, but what kind of life was it when you could never move forward. When you were frozen in time, while the entire world whizzed by, what did you have to look forward to?


It never ends.

You can visit every city in the world, but a good number can never be seen in daylight. Technology comes and goes, changing with time, but what good does it do when everyone you once loved is dead and buried?

That's what I hated most about this existence, the not knowing, the never ending storyline, the unanswered future. I had a dream once, now it was unattainable. I wanted a family of my own. Don't get me wrong, I love Carlisle and Esme dearly, and I couldn't have ask for a better husband than Emmett, but I wanted more. I felt like my life had been cut short, that I could have been so much more.

I thought back to that horrific, brutal night that ended life as I knew it. The frigid night Dr. Cullen found me, bloody and beaten. Mind and body bruised and broken beyond repair. The images played all too often in my head. The others will say they have very little recollection of their human lives and vaguely remember their change; however I remember it all too clearly. Some say I'm lucky to remember, I don't agree. It's a curse and a blessing. The good with the bad. I've relived key points in my life over and over in my mind to keep them fresh, to remind myself what I missed out on. I just can't let it go!

I longed for children of my own. Due to my living situation, or lack thereof, I couldn't exactly adopt. But Bella could have it all if she just gave it a chance. She could be what I never was, a mother. I just hoped I could share my story with her as I had done with countless others.

When Edward left Bella, Emmett and I decided to do our own thing. Rather I decided we should do our own thing. Alice and Jasper had already left; Jasper wasn't able to control the guilt he felt every time he looked at Edward. It was too much for him to bear; too much for any of us to tolerate.

Emmett slowly turned into a Mini-Edward; emo and sullen. All. The. Freakin. Time! I just couldn't take it anymore. I was putting my 3-inch Manolo's down!

By week's end Emmett and I were set for our year long furlough. We were going to visit each continent, starting with our own. We renewed our wedding vows at "The Little White Chapel" in Las Vegas, spending a few days gambling in the casinos afterwards. Then we hit a major city on each continent. We went to the Municipal Theater of Sao Paulo in Brazil and the Sydney Opera House in Australia. We made love under the Eifel Tower in France and beside The Great Wall of China. Finally we hunted lions in Africa and penguins in Antarctica.

As wonderful as it was, it grew tiresome. You could only see the sights by starlight, or hope for rain and clouds so many times. I wanted more.

That's what led me to my work at Covenant House Nineline. An organization devoted to helping those in need in any way possible. Topics ranged from basic needs all the way up to drug abuse and runaways. It was perfect for me. After one glance at my resume, they were begging me to join their team. I had never been happier that Emmett had talked me into taking psychology classes in college. Most importantly, the work was done over the phone or internet, letting me fulfill my dreams without suspicion of my age.

I quickly became the "friend" everyone looked up to. Fellow co-workers would e-mail with questions on how to better their answers. I not only used what I had learned in school, but what I had learned in my life. I had retold my story countless times, fabricating the ending slightly. I had found a purpose.

However all my training would not prepare us for what we faced with Bella.

Esme remembered she needed a few items from the store so she handed us a list, then sent Emmett and I on our way. My guess was she thought it would be easier on Bella to reintroduce us in smaller numbers. When we finally returned it was like we had never left. Our entire family was put back together again. We sat around talking about our lives now, leaving what happened long ago in the past.

After Bella had dinner, she began to tell us about her latest dream. Her description brought us all to the edge of our seats. Edward summarized what he thought, which only added fuel to the fire. It seemed she was adding the missing puzzle pieces all on her own. She had been kept in the dark and was furious and hurt about it.

Pictures began rattling, lights flickering, Bella was in the middle, creating this otherworldly phenomenon. Ranting about that dog. Soon random objects around the room began flying over our heads.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

She was like nothing I had ever seen. Our dear, sweet Bella with all that power! I was astounded by her ability. I knew we would be safe, she was so young, so new to her power, that anything she accidently did wouldn't harm us. But I feared for her life.

I didn't know what was going on in the minds of my stunned family, but I knew I had to try. I did my best to sound calm and collected, i.e. sound like a bitch, so that I didn't freak Edward out any more than he already was.

"God, look at the stupid grin on Emmett's face, you'd think he was at the circus...Edward looks freaked. Good. Tend to your mate idiot, don't just stand there, Esme will have to redecorate." I directed at him.

I know I came off aloof, but it was for Edward's own good. I knew this was not something to be taken lightly. Bella could do serious damage without proper training.

After a few moments, Edward was able to calm Bella down and everything seemed to be okay for the moment. She was even snapping at Emmett and his lame attempt at a joke. This was no laughing matter. I knew deep down in the depths of my soul that it wasn't over.

Her journey was just beginning.

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