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Call of the Wild

Leah Clearwater




All this potlatch circle jerking, old fart herbage, wheezing and generally boring lore bullshit was getting on my tits.

Fucking hell.

Don't get me wrong, I was all for Team Wolf, especially as my brother Seth was our latest Teen Wolf. And as much as I shook my pom poms (not something anyone ever had, or ever would, see) for my ancestors, my tribe, the Quileutes, I was kind of over this shit. I mean, hell, I'd give my life for anyone of these old coots even if all they did in that sweat lodge of theirs was get high and talk smack, but enough was enough.

Did we really need one more ceremonial potlatch? We all knew what was coming. A goddamned Armageddon in the name of the Volturi. I was ready for some action.

Yeah, less talk, more fight.


I was the hothead of these hounds of Hell. I had a reputation to live up to.

Instead of bitching, pissing and moaning, I bit my tongue.

I was here for my family. I was here for Jacob. And I was here for Bella.

Those Cullens? Well there was the slim possibility I wished the blood-sucking, bone-crushing, paranormally well-endowed clan had never returned. I mean, look at the mess they caused wherever they went! I wasn't talking about the spoils of their big game hunts – they were all about the environment and Go Green and all that crap, making sure to tidy up after themselves with a big blowjob to Mother Nature. But, hell, now Bella was some kind of witch, like…the Head Honcho Hecate from a multigenerational matriarchal line, she'd left Jacob (not so sad about that, except for Jacob's sake), and nearly blew him to smithereens on First Beach. Though I'd wanted to do the same to him once or twice back in the day – like the first time he'd snapped my bra, or when he'd run my panties up the flagpole at school, assmaggot – this was all a bit heavy.

I hadn't even had a chance to ask Bella, my childhood friend and former confidant, how she felt about all this shit erupting from the Nether World.

One look at her tonight told me all I needed to know. She was glowing. And not in a freaky, 'I'm gonna' light a fire under your ass with my fingertips alone' kind of way. I had my answer. This all came down to her and Edward. Always had, always would, and we were fools to have thought otherwise. Jesus, they had a frickin' myth created about them! Talk about predestiny, star crossed lovers and shit… Romeo and Juliet had nothing on these two.

It was clear, in the rapture of their glances, the touch of their fingers, the way their bodies swayed ever closer, Edward and Bella would die for one another.

A shiver raced down my back and goosebumps raised along my arms. They might die. We all might die.

I shook my head of the morbid thoughts and scrutinized the Cullen's latest playmates. Otherwise known, at least to me, as the Vlads. It took up too much brain space to remember both their names when, for all purposes, they were interchangeable. The Romanian Wonder Twins – I wondered if their jewel-encrusted Signet rings would activate with an otherworldly superhero glow like the weird-ass Twilight Zone elemental shit Bella was capable of pulling out of her little pinky.

Crap! Could they read minds too?


Oh, now Edward was sniggering and decidedly looking away from me, his shoulders shaking with laughter.

I harrumphed and ignored the fucker.

I laughed a little bit myself.

And then, I really did begin to almost quietly snort behind my cupped hand as Bella pulled off one of her cunning little party tricks by doe-eyeing Billy and Harry while she discreetly ran her hand up and down Edward's ass.

I gurgled when she pinched him, and he yelped like one of my own.

He glared at me, and I raised an eyebrow thinking, "Yeah, you. I saw that."

I had to hand it to Bella, she'd taken a hell of a lot in stride. Knowing it wasn't easy for her to be here, understanding she was the lynchpin between wolf, vampire, and witch (she always used those fancy foreign terms), realizing she had to unleash Jacob with her forgiveness so we could all read from the next page of her hexed book, I was filled with sororal pride.

In an unconscious expression of concentration, Bella scrunched up her nose like Samantha Stephens, unwittingly bewitching her lover even more.

Even my boys heeled as she looked them over, something of the majestic Strigoi emanating from her. Oh yeah, that was the word!

I watched from the sidelines; Bella and Edward's mute motions towards one another more entertaining than Sam and Jacob playing tug-of-war with the last chew toy or banana-nut-chocolate-chip muffin straight from Emily's oven.

Well, that was kind of boring, actually. More entertaining than trying to figure out if Mulder and Scully would ever fuck during the first few seasons of the X Files. Yeah.

Sam growled at me. Asshole. Asshole who had shredded my heart. Forgiveness was hard. I wondered if Bella would be capable and able where I still wasn't.

At least I'd let go my blame of Bella long ago. Her and her preordained gathering of suctioning leeches was what had made us all into dogs, Pricolici.

If there was one thing I'd learned, it was that events were set in motion far beyond our understanding, and it was best to just shut the hell up and accept them.

None of us had free will any longer.

Case in point? Imprinting. Bane of my existence. Will I? Won't I? When?

See? This is what this happy hoodoo horseshit did to me! Made me all emo and crap.

I was tired, strung out, antsy, and kind of horny, actually.

Tribal drums had a habit of getting me worked up. I either wanted to sleep until this whole nightmare ended, or find a quiet wigwam somewhere and have my wicked way with some man who knew nothing about me.

Now I felt little more than a bitch in heat.

A ravenously hungry bitch in heat! I made begging eyes at Mom and motioned as if with a fork to my mouth.

She rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the elders.

What the hell? Was this congress of curs and Moroi never going to end? If we were at the Houses of Parliament at least I could leap to my feet and jeer the fuckers out loud.

Instead, I stewed about my pathetic sex life.

I didn't want any of the pack in that way and could hardly stand the matted furred musky scent of the motherfuckers.

Subtly, I sniffed my armpits. All good. Jacob caught my action and let half his pretty fleshy lips curve up.

I gave him the finger on the sly.

He mouthed silently with his starbright black eyebrows reaching his hairline, "Here? Now?"

More bong, more gong, more yip-yip-yip and yadda yadda yadda.

Drums, humdrum, myth, and cunt-ass shit.


I twiddled my thumbs. Yeah, thumb-wars.

I looked at Jacob's hands. Large and filled with strength. His thumbs were pretty fucking huge. I could almost imagine them opening me up, sliding over my dusky lips and sluicing inside.

Where the fuck had that come from?

Well, I could fantasize about him, I guess, if all the slobbery pack weren't waiting for my slutty thoughts.

We were so freakin' in tune these days, with the battle looming, we hardly needed to be in lupine form to communicate.

"Oh my shit, she's not doing this again," Quil tried to quell me.

"Leah, Jesus! Shut the fuck up already!" Embry tossed another piece of wood on the embers and glared at me, adjusting his crotch and just making me squick.

Someone wake me up when the chanting's over.

Fucking finally it was time to chow. I was starving, having spent the previous night and much of the day patrolling the Rez perimeter.

Tucking into the feast, I scarfed down a plateful, breaking only to give my mom two thumbs up.

Patting my stomach, I let out a refined belch and startled when Jacob leaned across the circle to slide his finger over the corner of my mouth. That finger was so fucking close if I opened my lips I'd be sucking and nibbling it. His wide chest shifted in the moon entering through the open recesses and the firelight, the bunches of muscle hilling his biceps rolled, and of course he had the audacity to smirk, "Missed some there, Leah."

I tried to make my dinner last as long as possible, knowing what was coming next. It wasn't a shocker that Jacob and the others made scraps of the meal even more quickly than me.


Mom stood and beckoned to me.

I rolled my eyes instead of my hips, "I'd love to join you, Ma, I really would, but I forgot my grass skirt and coconut bra." There were chesty chortles and a few laughs to that. I knew this was coming… I'd pitched a conniption fit when Billy first approached me about this part of the potlatch. I wasn't about to go all belly dancer for a bunch of non-breathing dead beings! Dad put paid to my pissiness though – man! He was one scary elder when he wanted to be! Worried he was going to call down the spirit of Uriah to whoop my backside, I'd reluctantly agreed.

Mom continued to stare at me, almost unblinkingly, and I wondered if she'd been hanging out with the bloodsuckers too much.

I growled, "What? I got confused there for a minute. I thought this was Gilligan's Island."

Shit, shit, shit.

Mom had even gotten to Bella. Her face was brighter than the sunset over the roiling Pacific, but she still got up and added her pleas, "Hey, Leah, if I'm doing this, you are too."

Aw, crap.

"Yeah well, it's easier for you, sister. You can just call forth some good moves from the goddesses on high… Shake ya' ass and all that."

No one bought that.

"Isn't there like a thirty minute rule about no dancing after you eat? What if I get a cramp or something?" I pleaded.

More silence.

"Whatever. If Mama Cullen," I turned and winked at her, and she grinned back – the old girl really wasn't half bad, "promises to shake her groove thang during the happy dance, I'll do it."

Adjourning outside, me with a scowl, Bella with a burning face, and Mom all fucking happy as a lark, we readied ourselves.

Re-entering the hall in our button blankets fashioned of cedar strips, we made centerpoint while all the party-goers -- heh, I could dream, right? I wondered why that little provident pixie, Alice, hadn't had the foresight to stash a keg somewhere -- affixed their crowns made from that same sacred tree.

My crew guffawed as I joined Esme and Bella so I warned them, "Better not catch wind of any kinky threesome fantasies when we morph back to wolves, boys."

Their gaping mouths snapped closed, that shut 'em up.

The only way to get through this embarrassment was to imagine my happy place. As soon as the flute and drums started their bass roll and raven rattle and fluid reed, I closed my eyes and thought of the purity of imprinted love I'd witnessed. Halfway through, I frowned, recognizing that Peace, Love and Happiness was just a little bit too Beatles inspired for the likes of me, a feisty she-wolf who enjoyed a good fight.

Thankfully, theT' Asala, Peace Dance, came to an end. Sam took off his D'ugwe wolf mask and ran from the hall, shifting into his own massive dark and bristling form to howl against the full-to-bursting moon.

As promised, when the Am'lala began, our whoop-it-up – in a native way, of course – started, Moms Cullen joined us, followed by her clan. Seemed she brooked no disobedience… weird thing was, she really reminded me of my own mom.

Now, I could live with this, as long as super-sensitive Jasper and control freaky-deaky Edward kept their undulations away from me. That Emmett? He looked like a whole lot of trouble, and fun. Shit, if it wasn't for Formica-face Barbie at his side, I'd give him a little tumble. Bet he liked some roughing, and ruffing, up!

Unfortunately, the hootenanny ended faster than it began and Billy and Dad deemed it time for another round of mind-numbing speeches.

My shoulders slumped wearily.

Holy crap! Where the hell had Billy stashed the alcopops? Probably had them hidden in the side-pockets of his electrometric wheelchair. Where were the Jell-o shots? Why was I here again?

Oh, right. Cold Ones… scary… treaty… whatever.

I glared at Billy holding court with all his ancestral long-windedness and stoked another tribal bowl with reefer.

My ears perked up when Billy intoned, imperially, with legend running through his veins, "Bella is part of our Tribe always. We will commit to teaching her everything we know of how to control her abilities, and we will lay down our lives for her should the need arise."

Bella's big Bambi eyes were filling with liquid. I sniffed at the air and stifled my own weeping.

I sure as fuck didn't want to look soft.

Of course the fuckers kept me on the verge of drowning waterworks when Billy and Carlisle faced each other over the ceremonial plate presented by my father that held the single parchment decree originally signed by Ephraim Black and Carlisle so very long ago. Billy torched the pact, "There is no need for a treaty between allies."

I gulped down hard swallows and blinked rapidly, and rabidly prayed this shit was nearly over so I could get the hell out of Dodge to prey on some weaker animal before all my guts and emotions made some fucking huge Exorcist-like exodus outta' me.

Of course, there was more.

Doc Cullen was not to be outshone.

Jesus fucking Christ! It couldn't be!

I leaned closer and held my breath as Billy opened the inlaid box with hands shaking, just slightly. As a man to be honored and respected, Billy let us all see his wet brown eyes when he lifted them from the lofty offering. Carlisle nodded and spoke with such warmth in his voice – heart, even --, "It's the flute of Taha Aki, made by his own hand. The Romanian's helped me acquire it from a museum for you."

Towing the cuff of my sleeve across my eyes, I shifted my focus. No, please. Not more emo bullshit!

If I didn't well know I was incapable of having my period anymore, I'd swear I was fucking PMS'ing!

I wanted to scream, "MERCY!" when Jacob stood to Bella, after playing A White Woman's Tears – as if that wasn't enough. Taking on a man's stance, Jacob presented Edward with his acceptance, "She is and always was yours. I kept her as safe as I could, but her heart was never mine."

With all my force and love for them both, I pleaded silently for Bella to understand Jacob's plight, and for him to let her go to her man, with his blessing. As an adult.

I felt for Jacob as my brother, my comrade, with a loyalty so deep it carved my garroted veins. Somehow I managed to treasure her just as much.

I clenched my sweaty hands into fists and begged them to let each other go.

At least so I could get to the remainders of the banquet laid behind them, or a soft bed, somewhere. I was adept at fooling myself.

Jacob's lips were big and wide. Like his thighs. He looked to me quickly under his ridiculously girlish lashes, as if he heard my thoughts.

Whoops, my bad, fucker probably had. This shit had to stop.

"Be happy, Bells. I am no longer your husband. But I will always be your friend."

Jacob's mammoth hands trembled as he slid the warped, melted seaglass necklace around her neck to thoughts of gazelle, elegant, graceful.

Amazingly, Edward stood aside with a nod. Bella lifted her hair, gratefully. Jacob linked the rubbed and strung jewels around her neck… and with the catch of the clasp, he released her.

Mercurially, I leant closer to gather the words said between the cuckolded husband and his off-the-Rez wife.

Curvy and ruddy and weary, Jacob's mouth was bent up and pulled down and my fingers ached to walk across them, wash the pain away, replace ache with pleasure.

The atmosphere darkened, like a thunderstorm's heavy black blanket of clouds low on the horizon scaring aside the willow wisps and whips of frailer skeletal formations. A monsoon of emotion wildened Bella's face from woman to witch. Snap, Crackle, and Pop had nothing on this!

In slow motion, it appeared as if she grew taller, her posture straightened, her voice was both dulcet and brusque and not to be ignored, she imbued Leda's blue blazing eyes, and Uriah stood like a Redwood beside her. Their shimmery apparitions were cottony and fleece and they fled with her words:

Jacob Black!!

You have given back what is mine.

I release your heart and it is thine.

Your imprinted mate walks beside thee.

The blood of Uriah's blood

Was meant to be your love,

And now the blind will see.

I bless you

As you have blessed me

As I will so mote it be.

An arc of every single friggin' color of the spectrum lit out of Bella's chest and struck me! Me? Hang on, this wasn't right. She was addressing Jacob, this supernatural shit had nothing to do with-

Lifted from within myself, out of myself, away from myself, thought stopped.

I looked down, to me, still standing there, gawping like a fucking idiotic guppy. There were two rainbows of glowing hues channeling out of Bella. One to me.

The other to Jacob.

As soon as I thought his name I dropped back to my body in awe at the unfiltered permeation of transcendental love slamming into me so hard I gasped for breath!


It was the light of sun's rays reaching between us, and the sightlessness of looking straight at that blinding, sparking orb. An opaque screen was thrown about us, glittering in strains of violet, cerulean, carnelian… leaving just me, and him.

There was no one else.

There would never be anyone else.

We didn't walk, we soared. We came together with the bang of a universe imploding, in its right time! But for his long soft lips, his lean and brawny body, his tongue inside my mouth, tasting me, touching me, holding me up when my knees weakened, but for the feeling that this was real, I would have imagined I'd died. And crossed over to the spirit realms.

Even placing a scant inch between our wondering mouths, my aching breasts wanting to belt against his chest evermore, was tantamount to death.

Displacement from Jacob hurt more than having all my bones fractured, or hearing the snap of sinew should all my limbs be torn from my body.

We flattened together.

There were no onlookers. Not to us.

Okay, I lied. I vaguely heard the rest of the pack having a fucking field day with this:

Shut it off!

It's not the fucking Playboy channel, dude, I have no control!

My head, my eyes!

Oh my HELL, my ears!

They're macking?

Leah, fuck. She's kinda hot!

Smashing my mouth to Jacob's, I demanded, "Get me off this godforsaken island."


We made it as far as the first stand of trees on the shore of the mainland. I'd sat across Jacob's lap the entire time he'd paddled us across the the ocean. Nibbling that secret skin on his inner elbows, I'd laughed when his oars splashed haphazardly.

We were fraught, furiously needy… bound. In love?

Jesus, this was way too fucking weird.

Before I could even follow that thought, Jacob was against me, gloriously hard, everywhere.

I moaned and angled closer, shredding clothes and leaving us breathing heavily, naked.

Ever surface on his body was taut. Yet he stilled to my strokes, up and down his ribs, across his sienna nipples, down to his groin where I fingered the ledges of flesh that made a sweet-fucking-ass arrow to his dick.

I almost fainted at its breadth and rigidness, ridgelines and veins silky and erect and long… Oh god! This man was mine!

Distractingly, he nipped my tits a touch too forcefully with his beautiful bright teeth. "Jake, just because we've imprinted doesn't mean you can bite me. Shit, no wonder Bella left your Cromagnon ass, I don't care how fucking sexy it is! Keep those canines in your mouth and off my nipples before you cause permanent damage."

"Oh, so you don't want me to bite you here for instance?" Motherfucker opened my legs with his colassal hands and expelled one hot languid breath up and down my labia, ending at my clitoris that just about shouted in its own hungry voice, "Bite me, you bad bad boy!"

All the while I bade my coochie to heel, she was having none of it.

Good God, his shaft was fucking gorgeous! Like I could sit at his feet and stare up at that wily, huge, fat, veined fucking totem – and maybe just lick it a little – for days. Hefty, weighty and wonderfully headed by a russet infusion of blood until it looked ready to spill over. And his gluteus maximus -- eh, one of us had been paying attention in Biology -- what the fuck was up with the sheer monumental muscled perfection of that? Shit on a Tlingit fillet of salmon, his chest? That wide torso, smooth as First Beach sands at dawn, and just as fucking rugged as the outcropping stones, all finely honed, toned, precipices and valleys, running in cliffs I wanted to jump into, right down to the goddamn glorious cock I was just about to suck.

Oh but I wasn't going to tell him that.

Or maybe I was.

Yeah, I was. I kneeled down and lifted my eyes up, my voice was deep with passion and complete awe, "Jacob, your dick looks absolutely delicious."

"Why, Leah, I almost think you care," and he carved one hand up and down his pole and then broke off when I tasted him, voraciously.

Fuck me hard, wolf boy.

Naughty and whole, pure and put back together, but way fucking better than I'd ever been, I even blushed when I sucked the succulent length of him down into my throat, wetting his penis and sliding all over him with my parted lips. He pulled me off him, shakily, and stood me up. Wandering with eyes and hands and his mouth, Jacob knew me. I could see the tension building as flickers of light pulsed between us, but he held back and torturously slipped his palms over my nipples, down to my pussy, first circling from one lean hip to the other. His fingers flattened, he swept them up and down my engorged lips, pushed two fingers in and out, and grabbed my ass so I yelped! Instead of smacking his grinning, concentrating, face, I got closer, so his cock was pressed between our stomachs and I held tight to his own bum. He felt so fucking good.

His neck strained, and I couldn't stop myself from leaping right up onto him with a reverberating howl, hot and lusty and demanding. I wrapped my legs around him and tried to slap his hands away to make room for his shaft.

Yeah, I was slobbering, and I didn't give a good goddamn.



"I wanna' do something I've never even thought of before," Jacob held my hips from their desperate dance down onto his solid hot flesh.

An evil grin unfolded over my mouth and he followed the curve hungrily, "Liar." I knew exactly what he was imagining.

He just shrugged those huge shoulders and flexed his arms so about ten thousand fucking muscles rippled all the hell over him, all six and way-too-many feet of him from toes to calves to thighs, and I broke from his embrace to once again swallow him like the horny bitch I was.

I stuffed my face in his balls, and hell he was smooth like shaved kindling. Licks of flat straight black silky pubes tickled my nose.


Oooh, demanding much?

I knda' liked it.

Hauling me up, he turned me around and clinched me to him, "I wanted to be gentle, this first time, Leah, but-" he snarled and grabbed my hair, plaiting it around his wrist, "Right now I want to fuck you… ferally."

Feigning innocence, even though the thrill I felt was insurmountable, I slithered away from him and made myself his quarry.

Nostrils flaring, limbs quivering, muscles transforming, Jacob took to his wolf nature.

My semi-dormant spirit form rose to the challenge.

This was who we were.

Prowling. Predatory. Erotic.

He hunted me, racing me from one side of the beach to the other, growling and his humongous russet furred contours crowded until I whimpered and backed away, my snout pointed straight at his rampant sex.

Wanting it.

Needing him.

In this surreal state.

Slowing enough that he could tackle me, take me, I bowed my forelegs to the dunes and snuffed sand away from my shaggy fur.

An otherworldly moan made its way out of my muzzle when I felt him nearing me, pawing earth, pitting sand, making room for himself, behind me.

Scraping his canines to my haunches, I snarled back at him, tossing up the rich loam and tearing up turf as he entered me; filling me with a wild pounce!

My entire body shook.

I held Jacob up on my back, sleek silky rust-colored limbs, waving with currents of savage sinews when he pounded from side to side over my hunched shoulders.

A cavern of nettle teeth sliced air as his slick huge dog-cock jolted in and out of me.

No one had ever fucked like us.

His belly ripped and sawed across me, a tight stretch of cleaned ligature and I fucking felt his ropey loins pushing, lunging, demanding my howls!

I felt what he felt because we were joined as Pricolici and lovers and mates; I knew he was right there inside my dirty, primal head too. My neck arched with another sure thrust from him that had my breastplate biting sand. This was tantamount to masturbating, but with another person in the room, taking the pleasure from me and throwing it back at me ten thousand times over!

Marking me with his scent, his cum.

Hot jets erupted inside of me, and I wailed until the waves turned tail and beat back a hasty low-tide retreat.

Salt ran into my eyes, and the trickle of his wet release matted the fur of my flanks.

Cumming, coming down, panting out jagged beast's breaths in hoarfrost and oceans of flesh jettisoning, fur tangling, forelocks sweat encrusted and our gaping maws gasping, we returned to humanity.

We rolled against the deep wells we'd created, a nude weave of long legs and toned sinew. I suckled the huge bluish welt I'd nipped into the ropes of his neck, he caressed the bruise of his claws grappling my waist.

Whimpering, kissing, wet, hot and not at all finished, this time he had my tits to his mouth and under his tongue, my hands were around his cock, and under to his balls. The scratch of sand dust echoed the lashing of our smooth teeth.

Small shoves and sucks and licks and love found me astride Jacob's goddamn awesome groin, the damp from his dick filling me still dripping from me.

I wanted to keep his seed in me.

I wanted more.

"Jesus Fucking Christ!" I exclaimed, breathlessly.

He snorted and pulled me against him, hooking his knee behind mine and spreading my legs further so his cock sat bold and strong and ready to go again against my swollen flesh.

"You are so naughty, Jacob."

He raised an eyebrow so fine it looked like a bone-carved angler, "Pot Kettle Black."

The way he said it, his last name… I knew it would be mine too.

We would belong to each other.

Already did.

When his hands, those monstrous, strong palms flat to my ass that was pushing back and up and into him again, made soothing, sultry circles on my rear, I retreated enough to steal across his rugged throat with my nose and tongue, a path to the promised land.

Jacob stopped my trail and kissed me with such utter passion I felt again the flash of color and feeling and just fucking everything that had tied us together in an unbreakable knot as soon as Bella let him go.

His heart amped up, his palm to my cheek, his eyes delving into me, "Clearwater. It all makes sense now. Lucid, translucent. To my Black. Two sides to the coin. We were always meant to be, Leah."

My eyes swamped with tears.

I hugged him so closely I thought I could conjoin with his body. Just to be one, forever.

Handling his penis, I bent low once more. I looked up, for once, forever, into his nougat brown eyes. I licked his head and laughed as his tremendous dick levitated towards my retreating lips; a husky chuckle, deep and filled with emotion though all I could admit to in this moment, having been bound to his being like rawhide biting my flesh was this, "You are mine, Jacob Black."

He strove his sumptuous prime meat up through my pursed lips, held my dilated hungry gaze, and wound in and out as I slurped him, supped him, lipped him and ducked completely over him. A striation of air beat out of him from his strapping chest, up his neck out his mouth and those goddamn long erotic lips, "No one else, Leah."

I opened up and swallowed him whole. His hips jerked up and he filled my mouth, my throat, my heart, further, "Oh yes. YES! Leah."

With my long midnight hair knotted in a fist, he brushed his other hand where my lips met his mouth-watering cock, walking along the wet trail I paved, following my mouth, groaning and almost fucking gone, "No one else, ever again."

Lifting up, I twirled my muscle right around his fat head, smiling, full of pride.

"My man," I pushed him back to the ground that was craters, ash, dust with our love making.

Crushing me into his lickable majestic physique, so taut and tantalizing, Jacob whipped his head from side to side so our locks were a maze of black on black. Like our hearts, but those were blessed. And white in raiment.

I sat over him and made love to him. His hips rose and beat and retreated. Jacob's fingers touched, tugged and tested. Slowly, I slanted over him, brushing my breasts to his chest, working his dick in and out.

When he couldn't stop for biting his lip, or holding his breath, or arching his neck or locking his arms back behind his head, Jacob lunged up into me. Until our cries placated the sunrise with streaks of radiating orange and red.

Against our wishes.

This was finality.

What we'd searched for.

Twinned beings. Different, and the same. Passionate, and hasty. Loving, and languourous.



To battle, together.


I rolled aside.

Jacob followed me.

Jacob spooned me.

I hid my smile against his forearm.

Figures my stomach was more insatiable than my libido. The motherfucker grumbled just as I was getting comfortable.

Sniggering against my back, Jacob asked, "Somethin' you wanna' say?"

I reached back to pinch his fine, supple ass, "I could eat a horse, I'm so hungry."

He tweaked my nipples and then tested them with the lightest, most feathery touch from his tough fingertips, "Much as I think you're sexy, that's not really a visual I need, baby."

I rounded my hips to his pelvis and felt his lovely dick against me, "Hmmph. What about you then?"

Stifling a fake yawn and stretching full out, Jacob sighed, "I could sleep for a week."

I sat up. He hauled me atop him. Every single part of our bodies was right. Aligned. Gasping, I rejoindered, "You calling me boring?"

Laughing broadly, he jostled me, "Not fucking likely, Leah!"

"Good." I slapped against his chest and leapt to my feet. His eyes were glued to my ass and the trim semicircle of my breast. I took his momentary distraction and turned it on him, hunkering down and finding Leah-the-wolf but not before I challenged, "Race ya!"