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I. Hermione Granger

"I propose a toast," Grandfather Granger said, swaying to his feet and holding the glass of wine aloft in front of him. "To Hermione's success."

His words were echoed by the other adults around the table (those being her mother and father, and Grandma Granger and Grandma Puckle), and the sound of clinking glasses momentarily filled the air. Hermione focused her attention on the small glass of wine in front of her and sank slightly lower in her seat; she wasn't used to all this attention, not at all.

"I'm so proud of you, darling," Grandma Granger said with a smile and Hermione felt herself blushing.

"It's hardly a surprise though, is it?" Grandfather Granger laughed. "I mean if anyone would get an academic scholarship to one of the top schools in the country, it'd be our Hermione."

"I'm not that bright," Hermione mumbled, wishing that the topic would chance and that they'd finally talk about something other than the fact that she would be off to boarding school in two weeks' time.

"Don't be so modest, darling," her mother said. "And for goodness' sake, smile a little. You look awfully miserable."

Hermione tried to force herself to grin but it came out as a grimace.

"You'll have ever such a nice time at boarding school," said Grandma Puckle, a wistful look in her eyes. "I went to boarding school myself, you know, and it was so much fun. You'll be around people like yourself for once, too, and that'll make a nice change."

Hermione nodded, realising that her grandmother was right. Maybe she oughtn't be so worried; she was bound to make more friends at Hogwarts than she had at primary school if everyone was going to be just like her... wasn't she?