Based on a special dream I had! I wrote it on the same day I had it! Please don't get angry about how I portray Shiro aka Hichigo.

Warning: lemon, smut, swearing, possible rape, possible OOC and violence. Well . . . . enjoy!

Dark Moon Rising by Boogermeister

Chapter 1

"Ichi! Ichi! Ya don't hear me when I'm talkin' ta ya?! Ya retarded piece o' shit!" A orange-haired teen managed to dodge out of a way just before an empty bottle of whisky shattered onto the wall behind him. Not this again, he thought tiredly as he closed his brown eyes. It was the fourth time this week that his boyfriend became violently drunk, and he hated it. "Ichigo, doncha hear me?" Ichigo reopened his eyes and glanced at the fuming man; he would be a splitting image of him but the man was albino with a slightly bigger frame and gold-black eyes. "I said that I want ya ta get me some booze."

"You know I can't," mumbled Ichigo. "I keep telling you that--"

"Does it look like I care 'bout that?!" scoffed the pale man. "Just find a fuckin' way, or you'll be sorry!" Ichigo flinched slightly at the threat and glanced away, his skin tingled in fear. He hesitantly walked by him to reach for his jacket that was on the couch. Suddenly, his arm was roughly grabbed and he froze. He instantly assumed that he had done something wrong, but was nuzzled affectionately in the neck instead. "Ichi . . . . ya know I love ya, right?" purred the albino, kissing at his jawline.

". . . . Yeah," muttered Ichigo. "I love you too, Shiro." Shiro grinned as he turned him around and kissed at his lips, Ichigo didn't bother to grimace at his alcoholic breath. This was the only side of his boyfriend he preferred, the gentle side. "I'll try to get some beer for you," he muttered.

"Ya better," smirked Shiro, slapping sharply on his behind. The teen yelped out before scowling a little at him. He put on his jacket and walked towards the door, as he left he was glad that Shiro had left him unscathed this time. Often, he would be left wincing in pain from his 'episodes', but walked it off around his friends. The late winter air breezed lightly into the night as Ichigo walked through the deserted streets. Maybe he could nag his friends into getting liquor for him, then again they'd ask if it's for Shiro. He sighed deeply as he crossed the street, not realizing that he bumped into someone.

"Hey!" gritted the person, who fumbled backward onto the ground and nearly dropped his bags. "Watch where you're going!"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Ichigo exclaimed, offering his hand to the man. The man glared up, his unnaturally blue hair illuminated from the dull yellow streetlight.

"Tch, I don't need it," he grumbled, gathering up his bags. The items tinked from the movement, it was obviously alcohol in glass bottles. "Just look before you walk, kid."

"Sorry," muttered Ichigo.

"Whatever," the guy scoffed, ignoring his courtesy as he stood up and walked away. Ichigo frowned at the dwindling figure, wanting to stick his tongue out like a little child.

"Whatever yourself," he muttered. He was about to walk when he noticed a single bag left on the ground, the stranger must've forgotten it. For a minute, he considered taking it back to him but the man's attitude irritated him. He picked it up and looked inside, it was a six-pack of beer. It wasn't the same brand that Shiro liked, but it was better than returning home empty-handed and earning a black eye from him. Considering it once again, he turned on his heels and walked back home.

". . . . Shiro," muttered Ichigo as he opened his apartment door. "Shiro, are you still home? I . . . . I managed to get some."

"Ichi?" grumbled Shiro, stumbling from the hallway. "Shit, that was quick. Give them ta me."

"Um, about that . . . ." Ichigo muttered, and Shiro's expression instantly changed. "I-I mean, I got it but--"

"But what?" frowned Shiro as he stalked forward, and the teen flinched away in fear. "Tell me what's wrong, or you'll make me regret somethin'."

"It's the wrong brand of beer," he mumbled anxiously, his fingers twitched nervously.

"Oh, is that it?" scoffed Shiro as he stepped closer. "Lemme see." With obvious hesitant, he gave the bag to him and Shiro looked inside. "It's better than nothin'," he mumbled as he walked to couch and sat down, he opened one bottle and finished it in a few gulps. "What're ya standin' there for? Clean up that glass."

"B-but you're the one that made that mess!" argued Ichigo, only to have a glass bottle thrown at him. He ducked just in time only to hear a shatter.

"Ya want me ta make more mess?" Shiro muttered lowly. "I tell ya ta do somethin', you'll do it. Understand that?"

"Yeah . . . ." muttered Ichigo, taking off his jacket. To the outside world, nobody would understand why a nineteen-year-old stay with a person who was a few years older than him and was very demanding. Only his close friends were concerned about him, they would often noticed bruises and marks around his body but he would dismissed it by coming from a street fight. Ichigo had never told his family about it, he kept it away from them for their own safety since they were still wary about him living on his own for two years.

To be honest, he had met the albino on his last year of high school. At first, Shiro was very flirty towards him and Ichigo would often ignored his behaviors. Gradually, he began to warm up towards him and soon they started dating despite the subtle age difference. His friends were a little uneasy about the new person in his life but Ichigo didn't care. He was in love with him. However, he later realized that Shiro's personality was slowly changing the moment he finished high school and left home to live with him. He changed even greater soon after they slept for the first time, almost a complete 180.

The first time, during an argument, Shiro angrily struck him in the face. Ichigo was shocked from the sudden attack and nearly cried, but Shiro quickly apologized to him and said that he would never do it again. And that what he had said after every time, making sure that Ichigo loves him and stays for him. And every time Ichigo would forgive him, despite his temper.

Gingerly, Ichigo swept up the shards into a small garbage bag and tied it up. He kept glancing over his shoulders, Shiro had already drank four more bottles of beer and the glassy look on his eyes was intimidating. "Ichi," slurred Shiro, glancing back at him.

"Y-yeah, Shiro?" muttered Ichigo.

"Strip yer clothes off, we're gonna fuck," he grinned lazily as he stood up.

"But . . . . Tomorrow, I gotta go to work early," Ichigo replied quietly, backing away. "Please, Shiro, not tonight."

"No, I wanna get off, whether ya like it or not," leered Shiro as he walked up to him and grabbed him by the arm. Ichigo winced from the harshness as he was pulled into the hallway and into the bedroom. He was then pushed onto the bed and Shiro pinned him down, he couldn't fight back even if he had wanted to. "C'mon, Ichi," groaned Shiro, his breath was highly strong from the beer. "I thought ya love me."

"I do . . . ." whimpered Ichigo.

"Then why doncha wanna fuck wit' me?"

"Because I'm tired," he mumbled.

"Tch, yer fuckin' lyin' ta me!" scoffed Shiro, his hands gripping tightly on his shoulders. Ichigo winced from the bruising pain and glanced away from his angry eyes.

"I'm not, I just need to go to work early tomorrow," he whimpered. He gasped out as white fingers then gripped painfully at his orange hair and was forced to stare at him. "Please, Shiro, I need the money so we can pay the bills." Shiro glared at him before letting go of him.

"Turn over," he muttered. Ichigo blinked at him but complied, the albino promptly undid his pants and pulled it down along with his underwear. The teen bit his bottom lip and internally braced himself, he knew there was no use talking out of it once he started. "Ya wanna take it dry?" he muttered, and Ichigo shook his head. It wasn't long until he felt salivated digits invaded into his entrance, Ichigo muffled his soft cry as he shut his eyes from the dull pain. After a quick stretching, the drunk albino hastily undid his pants and pulled out his dripping erection. Without warning, he slammed into him in a single thrust.

"Ouch . . . .!" Ichigo cried out in pain, tears threatened to seeped through his eyes. All he could do now was to grip at the bedsheets as Shiro pounded into him mercilessly, only pain was making his mind blank. He was lucky enough that it had lasted for a few minutes before Shiro finally came in gratitude.

"Shit . . . . how come yer weren't enjoyin' it, Ichi?" slurred Shiro, pulling out of his slightly bloody entrance. Ichigo grimaced in shame before he was forced onto his back.

"I . . . . I did, but I was too tired to enjoy it," uttered Ichigo, his voice felt strained from the sharp pain in his lower back. Shiro simply frowned at him before lying next to him.

"Fuckin' piece o' shit," he mumbled drunkenly. Ichigo braced himself for a repurcussion but none came, his boyfriend soon fell asleep and started to snore. The teen sighed deeply in relief, it was a rare night that he was glad to have. He was just only forced to have sex against his will, but it was a wrong way to think like that. But it was better than to get beaten along with it.

"Hey, Ichigo, are you okay?" Ichigo blinked out of his thoughts and glanced up, two volupturous girls in waitress uniforms stared concernedly at him. "Is something wrong, Ichigo?" asked the auburn-haired one with dark grey eyes.

"No, I was just daydreaming, Orihime," sighed Ichigo, as he recurred to sweep in the empty restaurant. "Nothing's wrong."

"Uh-huhn . . . ." the girl with sea-green hair sighed.

"Guys, don't start," muttered Ichigo, gripping the broomstick tighter. "Shiro hadn't done anything to me last night, only to nag me to buy beer."

"But you're underage, Ichigo. How can you buy some?"

"I found a way, Nel," he muttered. "Now leave my problems alone, you girls gossip among yourselves."

"Oh, that reminds me," said Nel. "This past weekend, my cousin came to move here."

"Really, what for?" asked Orihime.

"Well, his parents kicked him out for hanging around so much . . . ." As they talked, Ichigo continued to sweep the floor clean. His mind was dulled from last night, he had a difficult time sleeping due to the pain in his lower back and the fear of Shiro waking up from his drunkened state. This morning, he managed to leave the house without being noticed by the passed out albino. If he had woken up, Ichigo would have been forced to give him a quickie and made him late for his job. He and two of his female friends were working as waiters in a decent restaurant, but Ichigo was the only one who was struggling to keep it.

"But he's such a douche, he doesn't like to drive some ugly old car," frowned Nel. "The only thing he drives is that fancy old motorcycle that he cherished so much. It's like looking after a spoiled kid."

"But you must help him, right?" shrugged Orihime. "After all, he's family."

"Don't remind me," Nel grimaced. "You'd think he was a saint if it wasn't for that blue hair of his--"

"Blue?" Ichigo questioned suddenly and the girls glanced at him. "Nel, did you say blue hair?"

"Yeah," replied the green-haired woman. "I know, it's weird, right? I know my hair color is unusually natural, but his takes the cake. Then again, yours is just as odd."

"Shut up," scoffed Ichigo. "At least I don't have a weird tattoo on my face."

"Ah! You're so mean," pouted Nel.

"Whatever," muttered Ichigo, returning back his chore. However, the back of his head was jarring from last night's event; he bumped into a stranger who happened to be Nel's cousin by chance. What was more awkward was that he had stolen his pack of beer. But he doubted that he might run into him anytime soon.

"What's he doing now?" asked Orihime, setting the chairs around the tables.

"When I left, he was sleeping in his boxers," Nel replied as she helped her. "But he did say that he's coming by to ask for a job." This time, Ichigo flinched in surprise. Damn, now he has to face the blue-haired stranger.

"Uh, I'm gonna get the menus out," he muttered, walking briskly into the back room. He was worried, what if that man had found out that he took his beer? Even if he suspected it, he could just try to deny it. Sighing, he took out a crateful of menus just as his cell phone rang. He took it out and shivered a little at the caller id. "Hello, Shiro," he answered.

"Fuck, Ichi, why'd ya left so early?" asked Shiro, his voice sounded hoarse from the hard drinking.

"I told you last night, I have to work early," replied Ichigo.

"Tch, ya could've stay an' cuddle wit' me," he mumbled. "Ya know I like ya ta be in my arms, Ichi."

"I know, Shiro," muttered Ichigo.

"So, yer comin' home tonight so we can have time fer ourselves?" Shiro asked, almost purring in anticipating.

"I . . . . I'm sorry, I can't," he muttered quietly, hearing an angry huff of breath in response.

"Why not?" he seethed lowly.

"I'm working overtime, I told you that we need the money," mumbled Ichigo.

"Bullshit!" cursed Shiro, and the teen flinched from his reaction. "This past weekend, ya kept avoidin' me an' now yer working longer?!"

"But Shiro, you know that without any money coming, we won't be able to pay for the rent and bills--"

"Is that right? Ya know what I think? I think yer tryin' ta leave me!"

"Please don't say that," Ichigo whimpered frantically, crouching in the corner. "I'm not leaving you, Shiro. I just need the money, that's why I'm working so hard. You know I love you."

". . . . Sometimes I wonder," spat Shiro.

"I do, I really do," he reassured quickly. "That's why I stay with you after all this time. Please Shiro, I promise to make it up to you after I finished working. I'd do anything for you, baby."

"Really?" Shiro drawled, with a sickly sweet voice. "I love it when ya call me that, Ichi. All right, I'm sorry 'bout overreactin' like that."

"It's okay, baby," Ichigo sighed happily.

"I love ya," smiled the albino.

"Love you, too," he smiled. He hung up the phone and sighed, he was fortunate enough that his boyfriend hadn't thought about coming to his workplace and create a scene. Speaking of which, he stood up and carried the menus out of the back room.

Taking a much needed break, Ichigo walked through the kitchen and opened the door to the back alley. He sighed deeply and shivered slightly from the breeze, only two weeks left until spring. He walked out of the alley and walked into a local diner next door. His mind was constantly reeling from the altercation on the phone with Shiro. He wasn't sure if his boyfriend would be patient enough to wait until he finished with his overtime phase. His overtime shifts last for a few more nights until he earns enough money. Taking his usual seat by the counter, he ordered a turkey sandwich and checked on his phone.

So far, he hadn't received any messages from him and he smiled a little. At least he gave him some decent enough space. He had missed at how Shiro would just pine for him whenever he had to go to work like a small puppy. And when he would come back, the albino would just rained him with loving kisses. Now he was just lucky if he even gets a sober kiss from him on any day.

"Damn," he sighed as he glanced at the time on his phone, only four hours left in his shift. After finishing his quick meal, he paid his order and left. As soon as he walked back into the restaurant, his eyes widened in shock. It was the blue-haired stranger aka Nel's cousin walking inside. He didn't notice the orange-haired teen, who quickly ran back into the alley door. "Woah, that was close," he muttered.

"Ichigo, what happened?" asked Orihime, as she finished getting the ordered dishes from the cook.

"I . . . . I thought I saw a stray dog walking around," Ichigo muttered, rubbing at his eyes stressfully.

"Well, hurry and get back to work," she said. "You were asked to help with the new worker. You know, Nel's cousin."

"Great," he frowned. He walked out of the kitchen and towards the entrance, he gulped at the sight of the man; he noticed that his hair color was much lighter and brighter under better lights and his sky blue eyes were intense. He realized that the man had his back turned and wasn't aware of him.

"Grimmie! Grimmie, over here!" Nel shouted joyfully behind him, jolting the teen in shock. Said man turned around and his eyes fell instantly on Ichigo. "My friend right here is gonna help you--"

"Hey, it's you!" the blue-haired man exclaimed in surprise, pointing at him.

"Wh-what?!" stuttered Ichigo.

"You're that kid that knocked me down last night," frowned the stranger.

"Listen, guy, I'm sorry about that," Ichigo replied quickly.

"Ichigo, you ran into Grimmjow?" questioned Nel in surprise.


"Yeah, and I think he stole some of my booze," scoffed Grimmjow. "You did, didn't you?"

"Look, I don't know what're you talking about," Ichigo quickly lied. "It was just a simple accident, that's all."

"You're lucky I didn't--"

"Grimmjow, calm down," frowned Nel. "This isn't the time to fight now, especially since you're here to get the job. Just let it go."


"Let it go, or you'll be living in the street," she warned. Grimmjow scoffed in annoyance before glaring at the teen.

"Fine, let's go," he grumbled. Ichigo sighed and kept his glanced aaway as he walked into a special hallway with the man following him. "I know you took my beer, kid," he muttered. "I can tell by your guilt."

"What guilt?" huffed Ichigo.

"C'mon, you expect me a teen like you had never drink alcohol?"

"Why would I drink? I'd rather have my job," he frowned at him as he stopped in front of a office door. "Here, go in there. If the boss offered you the job, consider yourself lucky."

"Tch, I don't like your attitude," scoffed Grimmjow. Ichigo merely rolled his eyes before walking away. "Hey, I'm not finished talking to you, kid," he frowned as he grabbed at his arm. To his surprise, Ichigo suddenly glared back at him with absolute fear. His eyes were full of terror as his body started to tremble.

"Please . . . . let go of me," he whimpered softly. Grimmjow blinked at him and let go of him, Ichigo immediately flinched away from him and had his head bowed down.

"Sorry, kid . . . . didn't mean to touch you," muttered Grimmjow. Ichigo shuddered a little and turned to leave.

"Don't . . . . don't grab me like that again," he muttered with a trembled voice before walking away. The blue-haired man blinked in confusion and frowned slightly. What was wrong with that teen? Did he do something wrong that made him absolutely terrified?

"I'm home," Ichigo sighed, walking inside his home. It was just past midnight, the entire apartment was pitch-black until he put on the light. There was no one in the living room or kitchen, Ichigo safely assumed that Shiro was sleeping in the bedroom. As he reached into the room, he was right. Shiro was sleeping peacefully on the bed, his face appeared peaceful and gentle. It was like staring at a marble statue, Ichigo smiled a little at the sight. He took off his uniform and slipped into a simple pair of sweatpants. Carefully, he slipped into the bedsheets and nestled close to his sleeping boyfriend.

"Hmm . . . . Ichi?" mumbled Shiro from his deep sleep.

"Hi, Shiro," whispered Ichigo, kissing lightly on his lips.

"How's work?"

"Tiring," he muttered quietly.

"Aw, ya work too much," sighed Shiro, wrapping his arm around his slim waist as he completely woke up from his sleep.

"I know, I wish I didn't have to, baby," Ichigo sighed. The albino smirked as he nipped at his lips, earning a soft moan from the teen. "Shiro . . . ."

"C'mon, Ichi," purred Shiro, his hand tugged at the waistband. "I just wanna give ya a quick fuck."

"But I told you, I'm gonna keep working overtime for a while," murmured Ichigo. "I can't have sex when I'm too tired." Shiro simply scoffed as he continued to tug down his sweatpants, freeing his half-hard erection. As much as he wanted to plea him to stop, he can't. He doesn't want to anger him.

"Ya still sore from last night, Ichi?" Shiro asked tenderly, caressing his bare behind.

". . . . A little," mumbled the orange-haired teen.

"Want me ta go easy on ya?"

"Yes, please," he muttered. Shiro smiled before removing his own clothing, leaning down to kiss at his lips. Ichigo couldn't help but sighed and kissed him back, his fingers combed tenderly through his snow-white tresses. If this was the only way to have his old boyfriend back in this state, then he would just go along with it.

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