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If you asked Claire Danvers to describe herself, she'd tell you that she was an average girl with long brown hair and above average grades. Now if you asked Shane Collins the same question, he'd tell you Claire was the most infuriating girl he'd ever laid eyes on, though at the same time the most beautiful, intriguing, perfect girl he could imagine. Not that you would be able to tell by the way Shane treated Claire. Things are rarely as they seem in Morganville.


Claire Danvers grew up in Morganville. It was not your average small town – for one you couldn't go out after dark. Well, it wasn't so much a rule as it was a precaution… If you decided to go out during nighttime there was a really big chance you'd never come home again. Why? you ask…. The simple answer to that would be vampires.

Vampires ruled Morganville. Oh, they'd let you believe that people had at least some power, some influence about what happened in the city. Heck, Morganville even had a human mayor and most of the policeforce was human… The simple truth was that it wouldn't matter if you'd crossed the wrong people…. The vampires controlled everything there was to control in Morganville – and if you wanted to leave, you'd have to have special permission to do so… Even then you'd lose your memory about vampires and everything else about Morganville, except maybe vague memories.

Why is this important you ask…. Well, this is a story about a girl who grew up in Morganville, got to move away and then came back. Not many people who moved away from Morganville came back.

Chapter 1
Claire POV

I was packing up my things. I'd been living in L.A. with my parents for about 3 years and now I was going away to college. I remembered little about living in a small town called Morganville prior to moving to L.A, it was all very vague. I wasn't a big city girl, L.A was okay but people at high school had mostly ignored me and I didn't really have any close friends. The only thing I really enjoyed about L.A was the evergrowing, everchanging music scene you'd find there. I was a very hardworking student, which is why I, at the age of 16, was going to college early.

I wasn't really sure how I'd agreed to go to the university in Morganville. It wasn't like I remembered life there. Apparently mom and dad thought that since we'd lived there once, it would be better for me to go to the small college there, instead of going away to one of the major league colleges, which I could've gotten into easily by the way. So here I was, packing to go back to Morganville.

I felt more and more nervous about it, though I didn't really understand why. It wasn't just the normal butterflies because of something new happening, it wasn't even the fact that I'd be living far away from my parent… It was this weird feeling of dread. I tried to calm myself down.
"It's only college – and even in a town where I've lived most of my life" I muttered to herself. Though it was weird I couldn't really remember my former life there, I thought to myself.

"Mom, I'm all packed" I yelled to mom who was downstairs.
"Good job sweetie, I'll get your dad to pack the car. You should get some rest, we're leaving early tomorrow" mom yelled back.
I still couldn't believe that mom and dad would actually drive all the way to Morganville, instead of me just flying out to Texas, but being as nervous as I was, I was really happy about it.

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