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She was flying, far above the world, weightless.


It would not last, it never did. "Hey sleepyhead, it's time to get up, today's the big day." The voice was painfully playful, and could belong to one person, the one enjoying to wake her up. Lynn Tabris frowned, her eyes still closed despite being awake. Big day...? Big day usually meant...oh...right.

She let her eyelids flutter open, finding her amber eyes looking up at a wooden ceiling, a ceiling she absently noted, that was beginning to sag downwards, the wood about to give in. Ignoring that was easy though, repairs of the house was father's job after all, she slipped her legs out of the covers and down on the floor, the texture of it familiar to her bare feet.

Shianni was a mere six feet away, smiling at her as she crossed her arms in front of her: "Well, nice to see you spent your last night of freedom in your own bed."

Lynn, still too tired to notice any sort of sarcasm, yawned and stretched her arms up, making the sleeves to the all too large white shirt she wore bunch up around her shoulders. It was far fancier then anything else she had, but not really a garment she could wear outside considering it was a human shirt...that she had stolen from one of her customers. "Good morning to you too." She eyed her cousin carefully. "And big day? I thought the wedding was in two days?"

Shianni was already dressed, slightly fancier then normal, it was the green dress without holes in it after all. She also had her thick red hair tied up in a more elaborate way then normal too, something Lynn knew didn't happen often. At times she wondered how they could be cousins, her own hair, black and stringy, was nothing compared to Shianni's lustrous red, and the amber of her own eyes stood in sharp contrast to Shianni's green ones. It was as if Lynn was part dirt, Shianni part flower.

Of course she was sure some of her customers would disagree with that statement, all the while exploring any bared skin... Maker I'll miss those extra coins...she had already had that conversation with Cyrion though, there would be no laying with humans to make ends meet after the marriage, despite Lynn's protests. "They arrived early! Late last night in fact...I got an eyeful, you're fiancée is dreamy!"

"Really?" Lynn drew a sigh of relief, at least he wouldn't be ugly like some of the humans she'd been with, it would make the transition less painful... "Does he have some muscles on him? I don't want a scrawny one." Maker knows my income will become lower even without my husband being too weak to be a dockworker... A small part of her mind wondered at how little she cared about how he was as a person, but it was easily silenced.

"Oh definitely..." Shianni muttered, a distant smile on her lips as she remembered back, drawing a chuckle from Lynn. Yes, criticise me for making money on married men, but dreaming of soon to be married men is okay... "And he seemed to like the description of you I gave him last night...oh this will be so much fun!" Jumping up and down the woman clapped her hands together in a sudden bout of girlishness, surprising Lynn.

"Oh?" Lynn wearily rubbed her forehead and pushed some stray strings of hair aside, Shianni's cheerfulness about the day souring her mood. "Like the fact my head looks like a heater shield? He must have some odd tastes in women." It was partly true, Shianni had far softer features then Lynn, not at all as angular...not that Lynn didn't know she could make herself very cute when she wanted to...but right now she felt no need to point that out. It's my wedding and I'm entitled to be grumpy...

Shianni snorted. "Don't you try that on me missy, I'm sure you'll get more then enough compliments from your betrothed. We wouldn't want you to get spoiled now do we?"

"Perish the thought." Lynn muttered as she got up, feeling an odd crick in her back at that. When had...oh right...she had made some money last night. Though more violently...

Lynn was proud of her profession. She was a thief, or at least that was she herself called herself, most other elves seemed to disagree. In their minds she was either a whore or a murderess. So she didn't pickpocket people for their what? Wasn't it better to either make the victim part with his money willingly, or to make sure he couldn't hold a grudge for you taking them from him? Either screwing the victim or killing him...both meant money in the pocket and no one coming back for revenge...

Of course the screwing is smarter in the long makes people come back for more rather then shy away from the alienage's outskirts...and creates less trouble with the authorities.

Despite this she wasn't unpopular among the others, in fact she was sure to get quite a few guests and well-wishers today. Whatever they might think of her behaviour none could argue that the money she brought to the alienage was more then what anyone else brought. And she was known to share her wealth too, which none so far had said no to, despite questioning the way she had acquired the money.

They all appreciated her upholding her duty to them.

"Would you look at this? It's so nice...Maker I hope I can borrow it from you on my day." Shianni gasped as she dug into Lynn's trunk and retrieved the dress even Lynn had looked at twice since she'd received it. Holding it close to her Shianni whirled around, giving a nice show of just how nice it looked. Lynn had to grudgingly admit...Shianni would look far better in it. Damn her... "Oh you'll be the bell of the ball!"

"It's a wedding, not a ball." Lynn stepped forth and pried the dress from Shianni's fingers, suddenly feeling the urge to put it on, something she hadn't thought would be possible. It was a nice dress...if a little tight around the legs, meaning she would get to move like she normally wanted to. And it didn't have the buttons on the side of it like her normal dress did, meaning she wouldn't be able to unbutton it so as to show off her leg to any passing human with coins for half an hour...Lynn smiled, wondering if Cyrion had picked it out with that in mind.

Not that she would waste such a thing on any human. It was so white and pristine, with colourful embroidery along the seams and down the centre...she was a little afraid of putting it on actually. "Oh whatever, put it on so we can get to the drinking and ogling of your husband to be!"

Chuckling Lynn pulled her nightshirt off, surprised that the cold she normaly experienced when she did that wasn't present this time. Father must have made a fire...the thought made her smile, despite disliking all she did...he still loved her. Not wasting time to experience the warmth, Shianni was staring at her after all, Lynn pulled the dress on. It was just as tight around the legs as she had expected...but it was soft enough against her skin for her not to care.

When she looked up she found Shianni still staring at her. "What?"

"'re beautiful, that's for sure." The woman hesitated, but familiarity won out. "And I can't believe the muscles you sport! Poor Nelaros..." Ah, right, my betrothal's name...good to remember that.

Lynn decided to shoot Shianni a coy smile. "Well you know, I get a lot of exercise..."

"Eww!" Shianni shot her hands up between the two and shook her head. "It's your wedding day! I don't want to hear stories about stinking humans!"

"Really? Because they're strong enough to really-"

"Shut up! Shut up!" Shianni exclaimed. "Just...Maker...will you go find Soris while I go set up the decorations? Or will you just torture him like you do me?"

"I can do both." Lynn replied with a smile, drawing a sigh from Shianni. Ignoring the scowling aimed at her Lynn went for her dresser, which was basically a table with boxes nailed to it, and cupped the water in the bowl that lay waiting for her. "And no drinking before setting the decorations, remember last time?" She splashed some of the water over her face, careful as to not stain the dress, instantly she felt fresher, ready to tackle...the day. I'm getting didn't really want to properly register in her mind.

Looking up she realised Shianni had left, only to have been replaced by Cyrion. Her father odd look on his face. Running a hand through her hair Lynn straightened, feeling the beginning of a blush actually appear on her cheeks. "My daughter...Maker you look just like her at times." Cyrion smiled and looked her over. "Though I wouldn't lie if I said you look a little tougher...I didn't think that was possible."

The blush instantly disappeared as Lynn's shoulders dropped, a sigh escaping her. "Dada, I've already told you, I won't do any of that after marrying him...despite that it'll mean we won't afford firewood next winter."

"I know, I was not what I meant." Cyrion raised his hands in placation. "I just wants what's best for you."

"Odd coming from a man that'll make me freeze next winter." Lynn grumbled, more out of a need to vent some of her growing nervousness then anything else. It was sort of sweet of her father and...dear maker she was getting married! Married!

Cyrion laughed. "Still with your mother's wit I see!" His smile didn't fade, only softened. "She would have been so proud seeing you this day..."

"Yes...sure." Lynn nodded and swallowed down the sudden lump in her throat. "Though I'm sure she could have gotten a better price on me, you're supposed to try and barter downwards you fool!" She forced a smile, which wasn't too difficult. Married...

"No daughter of mine will come cheaply!" Cyrion argued with a grin as he puffed his chest out in one of his rare bouts of silliness, making Lynn laugh. Then the grin turned serious, his hands coming up to her shoulders. "And don't forget that..." Lynn looked away, suddenly feeling very small, damn him and his caring... "Besides, Nelaros is a fine man. A good cook, which I know you will appreciate, and with quite an education to boot, he'll pay back what was given back ten times over."

"Oh really? Is that so? Or are you just trying to butter me up for the final march?" Lynn asked with a nervous laughter. The more she heard about this man the less her normal confidence was making itself known. Maker knew she could handle men...but a good those were more difficult. "I was supposed to go see Soris so if you'll..." She made a move for the door, only to stopped as Cyrion intercepted her with a surprisingly tight hug. "Father you're-"

"Don't...don't scare him off with those knives and...everything." Cyrion's voice was but a whisper. "He'll make you happy, I know it."

"Dada I..." Lynn felt some of the growing tension disappear as she placed a hand on her father's shoulder. "...okay...I'll...behave."

"Good." Cyrion stepped back, looking serious and proud as he normally did, only thing different was the slight wetness in the corners of his eyes. "Now get out there and find your cousin and your husband to be...I'm sure they're both eagerly awaiting you." is really happening. Nodding Lynn bowed her head as she brushed past her father, feeling a sudden need to run as she headed for the door. Of course this dress won't allow that either...wonder if he thought about that too?

"Cousin!" Looking up Lynn realised she had already gotten outside, in honour of the occasion it was a beautiful day, the sun warm as it shone down over the alienage. The place was cleaner then normal, old wood and grimy stones polished as best anyone could manage. From Vhenadahl, the great tree of the alienage, decorations of red and white paper hung, gently moving in the wind. And the central stage...its sides had been decorated with more flowers then Lynn thought existed in Denerim. Maker...all for... "Cousin!?"

Snapping back to reality Lynn turned to face Soris. Her other cousin had darker red hair then Shianni, cut short and crisp and giving him a smart look. Which wasn't at all ruined by the yellow and red suit he wore, nearly nice enough for a human noble...maybe because Lynn had stolen it from one? She had to admit that it looked way better on Soris though...the large grey eyes looking at her looked a little annoyed though. "I get it, I look like a bird, get the teasing out of you."

"Well if you already know it there's no fun..." Lynn teased, keeping her compliment of him to herself, she couldn't very well do that when she was supposed to be the one harassing him after all... "I'm just surprised you're still here, I take it your wife to be tackled you down before you could run away?" She shot his thinner arm a playful punch, drawing a irritated wince from him. It was a constant sore point for him that she was stronger then him...and she intended to take full advantage of it until she was made 'respectable'.

Though I bet I can get away with it at times when I'm a respected wife too...Maker I'm getting married! She wasn't sure wherever to run away or throw up at the thought.

"Well at least I have already met my budding spouse." Soris pointed out with a snort. "She's...okay I guess." A grimace, not unlike the one he'd had last night when he'd admitted he feared the married life weighting him down, apparently meeting his future wife hadn't eased that worry. "And your fellow...he really makes one feel inadequate."

"Really?" Lynn arched her eyebrow, this was the third time...were they trying to set her up for a joke or something? No man-

"Yes, in fact, lets meet him." Before she could protest Soris stepped to his left and waved over at someone hidden behind a wall to her right. "My cousin is awake now! Care to see her?"

The two elves appearing showed up so quickly Lynn couldn't help but wonder if Soris had planed it, the slight snicker escaping him sure implied so. I'll kill him...

The woman...she seemed quite plain, pale blond hair, large blue eyes...obscenely large ears...not ugly though, just...plain. As for the man...oh Maker... The man was tall, broad shouldered for an elf...and the green vest he wore somehow made the kind blue eyes looking down at her seem paler then they already were. His hair was thick and pale blond...shining ever so slightly in the sunlight. His skin was slightly tanned, smooth and just...Maker.

His wide mouth formed an awkward smile, flashing her his pearly whites. Wow...Shianni wasn't joking... "H-hello there, I'm glad to finally meet you...I'm Nelaros...I guess this is as good a time as any to say...hello."

The voice of the man was soft, sounding as kind as his eyes look-

A jab in her side made Lynn realise she was staring. Giving silent thanks to Soris she dropped her head low and instead stared at her feet. Get it together dammit... "Hi Nelaros...Lynn Tabris, though you of course already know that..." I said get it together!

"Y-yes of course." The man replied, obviously equally nervous.

And when they're nervous...Lynn smiled, feeling some of her normal confidence return. Looking up she met Nelaros' gaze, and this time those eyes didn't make her legs melt. Instead she smiled, making his eyes widen a little. "Had a nice trip? I'm sure you have all manner of stories to tell me?"

"I-yes...I suppose I do." Nelaros visibly relaxed at that. "Roads aren't safe for elves you know, but we made it."

"All for little're quite the hero aren't you?" Lynn cocked her head to the side and crossed her arms in front of her, making sure to push a little extra against her breasts, however small they might be they were still useful...she was rewarded with the man's gaze darting down, so quickly she barely caught it.

" was the least I could do." Nelaros replied, awkwardly shifting his weight as a hand came up to rub the back of his head. Lynn got an odd feeling he did that a lot... "For my future wife that is...erm...that came out wrong." A frustrated sigh. "Look...I'm a little nervous here...I'm not really-"

Lynn placed a hand on Nelaros shoulder, making the man's mouth slam shut as he went rigid, as if fearing her touch. Smiling coyly she rubbed the shoulder, making sure to squeeze the muscles there for further emphasis. Huh, Shianni hadn't lied about that either... "I understand, I was nervous too...was." The man's eyes widened, making Lynn inwardly praise her skills. "But not anymore."

"I...I don't know what to say to that." Nelaros muttered, looking uncomfortable. "I...thank you. Huh, maybe this won't be so bad..."

"A beautiful wife usually isn't." Lynn replied with a laugh containing just enough modesty so as to not come across as arrogant. No, you don't want arrogant, you want playful.... "Or am I wrong?" She gave her husband to be an innocent look.

The man opened his mouth to answer, but no words came. Yes! I'll have him wrapped around my little finger in no- Suddenly Soris hand was on her shoulder. "Excuse me Nelaros, but might I have a word with the blushing bride in question?"

"O-of course." The man stuttered and quickly turned to say something to the other new arrival, the woman wearing an irritated frown as she looked over at Soris.

Ignoring that Soris pulled Lynn aside, scowling at her like the time she had burned all the bread they had been baking...Maker that had been embarrassing. "What do you think you're doing?" He hissed the question, obviously mad at her for some reason.

"What? I'm talking to my betrothal...what's wrong?" Lynn asked even as Soris practically dragged her to the massive tree that she only a few years ago had spent an entire summer climbing on. Much to the weaker Soris' and Shianni's annoyance if she remembered correctly. "Just because your girl is a little boring doesn't mean I can't have fun with my guy."

"He's not a toy." Soris grabbed her by both shoulders and forced her to look at him, which wasn't difficult since she already was looking at him...but she let him play the bigger brother thing or whatever he thought he was doing. "Look, don't do the thing when you charm everything but his pants off, it's-"

"Actually a wedding usually involves-"

"Stop that!" The man blushed ever so slightly at the words, but maintained his grip on her. "He's going to be your husband, to try and play the seductive woman at's not fair to him, nor you. You want it to be honest, or the marriage...will get hard." He almost looked pained, making Lynn hesitate to protest. "I know you don' being honest like that with that. But he will be your husband, it's different from...the other stuff."

"I..." Lynn hesitated, feeling as if someone had just slapped her face with a towel. "...I'm just trying to..." She bit her lip, searching for words. "...get past the initial hurdle." She managed a smile as she looked up at Soris. "Come on, you know it's efficient, you've seen it. Why do you think I get a discount at Alarith's store?" She shot a thumb towards the direction of the only elf-run store in all of Ferelden as far she knew. "It's all about choosing the right dress you know..."

"That's just it, this isn't someone you can just flirt with to get something you want, he's going to be your husband!" Soris sighed in irritation at the blank look she gave him. "Just...give it a rest will you?"

I'm not even sure what he's talking about... Pushing aside the strange thought Lynn's gaze turned away...only to find the oddest of sights. "Tell you what...I'll show you how far my way can get getting that troublemaker to leave." She pointed over at the human that for some reason had entered the alienage, making Soris' eyes bulge as he saw the man.

Humans did not enter the alienage, they made deals with elves at the outskirts of it, it was a silent agreement that humans stayed out of the alienage and elves only entered the rest of Denerim on business. If a human wanted elves for some sort of business he went to the outskirts of the alienage, not into it! Apparently this man hadn't understood that though.

With his legs wide apart the man stood in an militaristic fashion, despite looking at ease with where he was otherwise. No doubt some of his confidence had to do with the two expensive looking blades strapped to his back, and the white robe he wore did nothing to conceal the silvery cuirass and and shoulder guards. He's wearing a fortune while standing in an alienage...maybe he's suicidal? The man didn't look crazy though, nor worried about the looks he was getting from some passing elves. His skin was far more tanned then any person Lynn had ever seen, hinting at a life of out in the wilds, despite the fancy stuff he wore. The hair of the man was as black as Lynn's, but far better groomed...Lynn grimaced as she ran a hand through her own hair. It never gets right... She also noticed he sported a thick beard, something only a human could do...and something Lynn always had found a little strange...who would want hair on their face?

His dark brown eyes carefully moved as he gazed across the area, there was no judgement in the eyes, no disgust over the place that probably looked like one big eyesore for such an obviously wealthy man. Nor was there compassion, there just was...observation. Lynn had to admit that she found it a little eerie.

"Erm...maybe you shouldn't..." Soris muttered, eyeing the human's weapons with hesitation, the man had never liked violence...

"Don't worry so much." Lynn shot him a punch, making him wince even as she headed for the human, ignoring the flailing of her cousin as he uselessly panicked.

Assuming a well-trained saunter that she knew men liked Lynn approached the man, an equally trained smile on her lips.

The man instantly noticed her, but to her surprise he didn't seem to notice anything but her. Before him she became transparent and...Lynn found herself stumbling the last steps, then felt her stomach lurch as the dress she'd almost forgotten she wore tripped her.

The man moved, faster then she thought a human capable of, catching her easily. The hands holding her by the arms were like vices, making her feel very did the eyes looking down at her. There was...something unreal in if he wasn't really human but something else, something lurking just beneath his exterior. "Hello there milady, I believe you're one of the women about to get married? My congratulations."

The voice was dark and soft, she could practically feel the calm in it, a confidence she'd never encountered before. And...had he said milady? Lynn forced back the charming smile she had lost and put her hands on the cold metal covering the man's chest. "Well...I'm not married yet...perhaps we can do business?"

"I'm not sure I understand what you mean." The man arched an eyebrow at her.

" humans aren't exactly well liked here, but I get the impression you won't leave if I just ask you."

"That's correct." The man pulled her back to her feet and took a step back, watching her with calm eyes, unnerving her further.

"So...maybe I can get you to leave in another way?" Lynn fluttered her eyelashes at him as she tapped her lower lip with a finger, trying to look as innocent as possible...and at the same time not. "I'm told I'm quite good with my hands...just a few minutes behind a corner and you'll leave...okay?" It was the first time since her first time that she felt foolish giving the offer as the eyes boring down at her narrowed, making her swallow.

"Your mother would not like to hear you say such a thing."

That was the last thing Lynn had expected to hear from a human.

How does he know her? And why would...the nerve! Lynn reacted the only way she could: "Oh is that's right? You think you know her opinion? That you can just come here and judge me?!" Lynn's hands balled into fists, which she angrily shoved into her sides. "You think you knew her!? Is that it!?"

"Cousin please, this is hardly-" Soris muttered as the man hurried to her 'rescue'. The hand on her shoulder was merely shrugged off though, and when he tried to grab her she shoved him aside, sending him stumbling away. The human merely watched, eyebrow raised.

Finding the calm look on the human's face irritating Lynn shot a finger towards him. "I was willing to try and help you get out of here without getting hurt! But now I'm thinking I'll be the one hurting you!"

"Really? I am the one armed and armoured here." The man stated it as mere facts, watching her with some interest, as one would study a strange insect...

...and it made her furious! "Which I'll greatly enjoy selling once I've shoved your face into the ground, taken your fancy sword and shoved it up yo-!"

"Lynn Tabris!" The familiar voice cutting in made Lynn groan, turning she forced her fists to drop as she saw elder Valendrian approach. The old man looked wearier then normal, no doubt due to the many preparations of the feast, his white hair was neatly combed however and he was wearing his nicest clothes with the stance of a man that knew his importance and didn't need to point it out. "What have I told you about starting a scene?"

"Sorry elder but this man-" Lynn begun while bowing her head and gesturing towards the human.

"Is an honoured guest." Valendrian cut in, making her and Soris both wince. Oh great... "Duncan, I'm so terribly sorry for this, young Lynn here has a habit of" Yep, just great...this is my wedding dammit!

"That is quite alright old friend." The human said and took a step forward to shake Valendrian's hand. To Lynn's surprise there now was something except the calm in the man's eyes, a warmth. "I have a habit of testing people for what they are when it is not needed, and I apologise to young Tabris." He turned his head towards her...and bowed to her! me? A human...bowed? By the spirits who is this!? Valendrian read her expression like a book, as always: "I'm surprised you're here Duncan, aren't the grey wardens needed in the south?"

Lynn frowned, grey wardens...weren't those these weird warriors? South...that was the wilds...but grey wardens didn't fight barbarians...did they? She noticed both Valendrian and Duncan watching her, almost expectantly. "I heard something of...darkspawn?" The word meant nothing to her, but it seemed to satisfy the two men. "So Duncan was it? Why are you here?"

"I'm recruiting, we need many more grey wardens if we are to counter this blight." Duncan answered, for some reason answering her instead of Valendrian.

The elder seemed to notice that too as he frowned. "Yes well this is a wedding day, not exactly the best of times for that."

Duncan looked at Lynn just a bit longer, as if seizing her up. Not liking it she felt some of the old anger return...but he gave her no reason to argue any more as he turned to the elder, eyes warm once more. "My apologies, I will not disturb your ceremony, we can talk later."

"You still haven't told me how you know my mother." Lynn pointed out, the words coming out a bit harsher then she had meant it. Temper, temper...a sweet word can always be turned into a dagger...harsh words makes the prey wary. The words that she had used to guide herself by ever since mother had died felt hollow with her simmering anger, but she forced herself to abide and turned her frown into a curt smile.

Duncan watched her face with an odd interest, and once more she found it as if he was looking right through her, seeing something she didn't want to show. Creepy... "I once tried to recruit her into the grey wardens in fact."

"Oh..." Lynn took a step back, mind going blank, yet filling with questions.

He seized her up again, his head slightly tilted, then the human turned back to Valendrian. "Now, I have some things to speak with you about, so perhaps we shall let the young ones enjoy their day?"

"Quite right old friend, quite right..." Valendrian patted Duncan on the shoulder as they begun to walk away, but still had the time to shoot Lynn a look that told her they were anything but finished.

"Well...that went well...good work there." Soris chuckled at the back, apparently finding her for once making a fool of herself greatly enjoyable. "Maybe you should have punched him while you were at it?"

"You're forgetting one thing..."


"I can still punch you."

Lynn whirled about and slammed her fist into Soris' shoulder. It wasn't as hard as she could have done it, but it still made him groan in pain, one hand instantly coming up to rub the sore spot as he stepped away. " a nerve and she breaks it." He still managed a smile though, mellowing Lynn just a little.

"Lets just...get this over with." Lynn made a tired gesture for the stage where she was supposed to get married on. To think her mother once was nearly recruited by that...that was an odd thought. Elves weren't soldiers, not in any organisation, why fight in human wars? Had her mother wished to join? Duncan hadn't really said anything, leaving her to guessing... The grey wardens...they were supposed to be some legendary warriors weren't they? Maker she wished she had studied...just so she could know what her mother had almost been dragged into.

"Sure" Lynn looked away from looking at the retreating form of the 'legendary warrior' to see what Soris was referring to...and nearly groaned herself There was only one reason for a human noble to visit the alienage, but he usually didn't do it at daytime, and never was he so...blatant with it. It was sure to make trouble, especially on a day like this.

And Lynn could already see a few people glance at her, expecting her to do something, because that's what you waited for Lynn to fix it, despite despising the way she fixed it... Sighing she tapped Soris on the shoulder, drawing another wince from him. "Okay, lets go and get this under control before someone loses their temper." Not waiting for him to answer she made straight for the source of the commotion.

The man dominating the three human nobles was finely dressed in a golden shirt, so fine that he shone like a small sun compared to the comparatively drab elves around him. His brown hair and beard was finely groomed, his eyes dark green. Lynn would almost have called him attractive if it hadn't been for the disgusting leer on his face. The frowns on the elves around him were deepening even as the man grabbed a woman by the waist with one hand as the other went to cup a breast. Oh great, this is a fight in the making... "Come friends, grab a whore and have a good time."

"Sure thing Vaughan, anything you say." The dark haired man of the three nodded, grabbed another woman by the wrist and pulled her close, making the woman pull her face away even as he playfully snapped at her neck with his mouth, as if he was some sort of animal. Which he is...Lynn found it somewhat hard to assume the seductive smile as she approached them, hoping to distract them.

Instead the man apparently named Vaughan noticed Shianni, the woman fearlessly glaring at the man while clenching the ceramic jug she was holding with a pale hand. Dropping the woman he was currently groping, letting her quickly run away, Vaughan smiled at his new prey, making Shianni's glare somehow get worse...and Lynn to groan. She doesn't even realise how foolish she is...don't challenge him! "Well, well, what do we have here? A flower growing in the mud?" Turning his head he sought the laughter from his friends, which came quickly. Turning back he smiled at Shianni, like a dog eyeing its meal. "Will wonders never cease?"

"Try anything and I'll gut you shem!" Shianni hissed from bared teeth, making the man take a step back in surprise.

The surprise quickly turned to glee though. "Well, well, the flower has thorns, excellent!" He took a long step forward, closing the distance between the two. "That will make plucking it all the nicer..." He reached out towards Shianni even as the woman raised her jug...and then Lynn was there.

Catching Vaughan's hand with her own she interlocked her fingers with his even as she smiled the best smile she had. The man whirled his head around, ready to yell at her, but the smile stopped any words from escaping, instead the irritation of being interrupted turned to one of delight. "Well hello there sir..." She cocked her head to the side with a coy look on her face, at which the man was staring at with great interest by now, leaving Lynn free to chase Shianni aside with a nudging foot. "...what may I assist you with?"

"Ah, finally one who knows its place." It? Oh this will be least most customers have some politeness in them. "Well aren't you just lovely, and in your favourite rag...all for my sake." Rag!? He's not even trying to...okay...calm, he's an idiot shem, and worse, an idiot shem thinking he's divine, just work with it. "Perhaps we should...take this to my castle? I have this party and there's so few female guests..."

Lynn managed to laugh, even managed to make it sound husky, turning her face away she inched her head closer, giving him ample time to leer at her without being bothered by her eyes looking at him. Scum like that liked eyes...for they scared them. "More women then me? Oh but I'll get so about you only bring me and I' the work of four women? I promise you won't regret it..." She closed her eyes at the last words and swallowed, knowing what to come would require a fake smile for the rest of the week...and knowing she would need every ounce of strength to endure.

"I suppose I could be per-" A hollow clonking sound and Vaughan stopped mid-sentence. Looking up in surprise Lynn found the man's eyes unfocused, then he stumbled towards her as he lost his balance. Barely catching him without she herself falling over Lynn caught the eye of Shianni, the woman still holding that jug of wine now ever so slightly stained by blood...and a look of utter horror on her face as she realised what she just had done.

"You attack the arl's son!?" The brown-haired man that so far had been quiet cried out, shocked. "Have you lost your mind!?"

"Oh...I didn't mean...I just..." Shianni dropped the jug to the ground, shattering it even as she stumbled backwards, her hands going to her mouth. "Can't we just..."

"No, we can't." Vaughan growled and steadied himself, one hand brushing his hair back as the other grabbed Lynn by the throat, making her jump in sudden fright. The grip wasn't hard...but she realised all too well what it meant: stay. "Men!"

They came as ordered, so fast that Lynn wondered how she couldn't have smelled them. Over a dozen guards in chainmail, swords drawn, faces grim under their helmets. Oh no, this is really bad...swallowing she forced herself to speak: "Now surely we can..."

"No, we can't." Vaughan growled, the dark rage in his voice making her skin crawl. "Men..." He eyed the elves around them, daring them to do something, nothing happened though. "...grab the women!"

There were cries, fleeing, mailed fists punching their way through those opposing them, then closing around the arms of still shocked women. Lynn, suddenly feeling real fear close around her heart, tried to pull herself free of Vaughan's grip, only to stumble on her skirt and fall to the ground.

Rolling away from a guard's stomping feet she tried to get up, only to have another's foot slam into her back and force her back into the dirt. Looking up she saw Nelaros, the man's mouth open in a scream as he tried to reach them, only to be held back by Soris and two other men.

Then something struck her in the back of her head, slamming her face into the dirt and turning everything into a hazy mist.

My'll get dirty...the strange thought drifted lazily through her mind...disjointed from the chaos around her.

Then all turned black.