You pay for it?


AN: Okay I was in a quirky mood, and I was going through my old challenge lists, and found this one for HP 30 minutes challenge and started laughing. You had to pick one of three quotes to work with and the one I laughed at was this so I wrote up this really quick little snip it. The quote is in bold, I do not own Harry Potter.


"I don't think private matters between myself and the Minister are any concern of yours, Potter," said Malfoy, smoothing the front of his robes. Harry distinctly heard the gentle clinking of what sounded like a full pocket of gold. "Really, just because you are Dumbledore's favourite boy, you must not expect the same indulgence from the rest of us...shall we go up to your office, then, Minister?" (page 141, UK edition)

Harry struggled hard to keep a straight face, his cheeks turning red from his effort. He turned his head, and caught sight of several of the Wizengamaut leaving the court room then looked back at Malfoy. Lucius narrowed his eyes at the teen and then glared, "and what is so funny Potter?" he finally asked.

Harry couldn't keep his laughter in any more, "you actually pay to have sex with Fudge?"

A man who looked to be older than Dumbledore stumbled at Harry's words as several other members turned to look at the group in shock, then looked worriedly over at Lucius, his eyes looking the blond good looking wizard up and down. "Pity that," the man wheezed as he walked away, "such a pity, nice wife too."

Fudge began to sputter, Lucius went pale his grip tightening on his cane, and Mr. Weasley took a firm hold on Harry's arm and quickly pulled the still chuckling teen away.


AN2: If you come across any other quirky lines that made you go, huh? Feel free to send them and I will see if I can't put them into a small drabble or something.

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