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A/N: So this is the VERY FIRST thing I have written since college. Please let me know what you think.


Stupid truck. I banged my head on the steering wheel for the 50th time, wondering why I kept this thing around. It was new in 1945, and I knew that I was expecting a lot, but was it too much to ask that it just starts so I could get home from class?

I had just finished my last class of my freshman year at Seattle Pacific University. Having taken every Gen. Ed course known to man, I still had no idea what to major in. I was just glad that the year was over and I had a full summer to think about what I wanted to do with my life. But right now I just had to find my cell and call my Dad, Charlie to see if there was any way he could come and pick me up, since the 'Beast' was dead.

I had no idea what shift Charlie was working at the Police station, but hopefully he could drive the 3 ½ hours one way and pick my ass up. It was the least he could do since I had been his own personal chef and slave since my freshman year of high school when I left my Mom and moved in with him. He never really asked me to do all the things I did for him, it was just what I was used to doing. My Mom was a horrid cook and could not keep track of a check book to save her life. So it was left to me to be the adult in that relationship and it just worked out the same when I went to live with him.

I was still digging through the shithole I call a purse when I caught a whiff of something wonderful. It smelled like limes and green grass and fresh rain, and I wanted to bottle that shit and sell it on QVC, I would make millions. As I turned to see what it was, I was thrown against the door of the 'Beast,' and I dropped to the asphalt. Man that shit hurt. My shoulder was screaming, but I used all of my self defense training to push myself up from the ground and launch my elbow toward my attacker's crotch. He moved faster than I could adjust for and I ended up gracelessly falling back on the ground. My arm was wrenched up at an awkward angle and I screamed in pain. The mystery asshole only chuckled at my outburst, and with that dark sound I knew I was in a shitload of trouble. This was not just your everyday rapist. Something told me I was not gonna survive it all intact.

He grabbed my face and waved a vial under my nose, causing blinding pain to rocket up into my brain as I inhaled. It felt like I had overdosed on wasabi, and my brain was gonna shoot through the top of my skull. Thankfully the pain did not last long and I lapsed into darkness. I could still feel everything, but my mind had shut off. My body was lifted and placed into a car. I heard the car start, but I could not move or yell or fight. I could only lay there and listen as my life was whisked away.


Why am I here?

Alice. I was really starting to hate these visions of hers, especially when she hides them from me. If I heard her recite "Romeo and Juliet" in Portuguese one more time, I thought I might go insane.

She told me nothing except that I had to be in this God awful place. My first human auction. I knew these things existed, but never thought that I would have to attend one. This is where the worst kind of vampires find a slave, or God forbid, a suck and fuck. I was there for neither. In fact I had no idea why I was there.

I stood alone, watching and trying not to listen to the revolting thoughts that were surrounding me. I could tell which vampires would be going home with a housekeeper and which would be going home with a snack. I could only imagine the thoughts of the humans who would be on the auction block.

I had no idea where they found these humans. Were they willing or had they been kidnapped and forced to be here? I guess their thoughts would tell me soon enough. A gong sounded somewhere, and the crowd got anxious. There were more then fifty Vampires gathered in the room, none of which were familiar to me. My family had never participated in this kind of thing. We could do our own laundry and cleaning, and there was no reason to have a chef. I can't imagine how hard it would be for a human to find and catch a mountain lion and serve it up for me.

The auctioneer appeared at the top of the stairs and immediately everyone's attention was on him. He was very tall and lean, with long brown hair and bright maroon eyes. I was the only one here with golden eyes, a testament to my "vegetarian" lifestyle. He spoke rapidly, faster than the best human auctioneer but everyone here could understand. There would be nine humans up for auction. Again, I was at a loss as to why I was here, but as the women and men descended the stairs, I started to understand why Alice would want to keep this vision from me.

Most of their thoughts were of fear. They had no idea why they were there. Some found a listing on Craigslist looking for an "open minded individual to serve a household, excellent pay." Their lives were singular, no family waiting for them at home and the thought of easy money swayed them. Now here they were in a room full of red eyed monsters about to live out their worst nightmare. There were six women and three men. The men were hoping to be purchased by one of the several incredibly beautiful women in the room. They had no idea how vicious a succubus could be, they would simply be used for sex and then drained. There was no hope for them.

The six women at least stood a chance of finding a place in a decent household as a housekeeper, washing human blood out of clothes and helping to entice humans in for a "dinner party." There were five women there willingly, ready to work for money. The last one was terrified, I could tell from her body language alone. She was shaking and hiding behind long brown hair, and I was completely intrigued. Of all the minds in this room, hers was the only one I was unable to hear. I could hear and see the thoughts of sex and fear and money, but hers were silent. I knew then why Alice had sent me, I was there for her.