What is this…the long awaited Epilogue? Yes…your eyes are not lying…

"Demetri…come here boy." I yelled, knocking the bag of treats against my thigh to encourage him to come back inside.

"I can't believe you named him that." Edward chuckled behind me. He set his chin on my shoulder and let out an ear piercing whistle that had our boxer sprinting up the stairs and into the house.

"Wow…we should call you the dog whistler." I joked. He did not think it was funny.

"So Charlie is okay with watching him while we are gone?" He asked, pulling the bag of treats out of my hand and stuffing it into the already overflowing basket of Demetri's toys and food.

"Yep…he said he was excited to have his Grandson over for a visit." I said, rolling my eyes. Charlie was devastated when I told him that my 'condition' had made me infertile. Of course it was not that fake disease that made me unable to bear children, but we were not telling my father that.

"Well I know how much Esme and Carlisle enjoy when he visits." Edward smiled as he clipped the leash on Dem's collar and pulled him out the door.

We were heading off on our honeymoon…a few years late. After everything that happened after the battle we decided to just lay low for a while. We got married in a beautiful ceremony in the Cullen's backyard and I could not have asked for anything better. Edward found us a small house close by and we visited frequently but we needed to have that time by ourselves. We needed to get to know each other. Even though we knew we loved each other and were mates, we still were practically strangers.

Now we knew each other inside and out and I was ready to have him all to myself on a secluded island beach. I did not want to have to worry about anyone seeing us in all our sparkly glory and Carlisle generously offered up the use of his private island in the Caribbean. A private jet was standing by at SeaTac to fly us down and after we dropped off Demetri it would be a month of nothing but sand, blood and Edward.


"Bye Dad! Remember not to give him any Vitamin R or else you will have to clean up his puke!" I yelled as Edward pulled away from the curb. I relaxed back in the seat and propped my feet up on the dash, even though I knew Edward hated when I did that. And as always, he reached over and swiped my feet down.

"Party pooper." I sneered, sticking my tongue out at him. He laughed and tried to grab my tongue but I was quicker.

"Stop it Mrs. Cullen…" He laughed as he easily maneuvered the car through the city streets and towards the airport.

"You know you love it." I smiled.

"You know I do."


"Oh my God Edward…this is amazing!" I sighed as he carried me over the threshold of the little house. The walls were all cream and the floors a blond wood. I loved it.

"Do you want to go swimming?" He smirked, knowing how much I loved it when he would hold his breath and go at me under the water.

"Not yet…I think I need some practice on land before we take it into the water." I laughed as I slowly started to peel my shirt off. His jaw dropped when he saw what I was wearing underneath.

"Dear God Bella…you will be the death of me." He breathed as he took in the black lace and leather corset and matching panties.

"Come here my big bad vampire." I demanded, trying to make my voice all sexy. It must have worked because not seconds later he was at my side, his own shirt gone and his pants only held up by the sharp points of his hipbones.

"You want to play Bella?" He whispered in my ear as he slowly walked around me.

"Yes." I breathed.

"Okay." He said, as he walked over to one the chairs at the dinning room table and pulled it over.

"The bidding starts at $10,000. Do we have any takers?" He said, trying to make his voice sound deeper. Chills ran up and down my spine at his words and I linked my fingers together to keep them from shaking. I remember that day so vividly. I was so scared…petrified really. But if it had never happened then I would not have my happily ever after with Edward.

Edward looked right in my eyes before he slowly raised his hand.

"I'll start the bidding…and I'll end the bidding…cause she is mine. She's my destiny."


I know…I know…totally fail.

More than a year to get this out.

I suck.

But there it is. A happy ending for our pair.

I hope this was not too disjointed from the original 43 chapters because I would hope that my writing has gotten a bit better by now.

Thank you so much!