The Change-Up

Chapter 5

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…One year later…

Bella stands in her plum purple boycut panties and a matching bra as she flings shirt after shirt out of her shared closet and into the bedroom.

"Where the fuck is that shirt? Damn it! EDWARD?" She shouts, her voice carrying through the apartment.

Edward stands at the kitchen sink, rinsing out his orange juice glass, then places it inside of the dishwasher. He is all ready to go…dressed to the nines, and just waiting for Bella to finish up so they can leave. He smirks as he hears her yell for him, and knows that she has already forgotten that she put her shirt in the dryer to release the wrinkles. Walking across the kitchen and toward the laundry room, Edward's black patent leather shoes squeak on the floor as he goes to retrieve Bella's shirt from the dryer. With it in hand, he makes his way to the bedroom and holds it out in front of his body, without saying a word.

Bella doesn't even notice Edward enter the room as she continues to fling errant particles of clothing out of the closet, muttering to herself. She straightens up and is just about to yell for Edward again, when she sees his form from the corner of her eye…holding up her shirt. She smiles and blushes. "I totally fucking forgot I put it in there."

Edward chuckles, then looks at his watch. "We have to go really, really soon, baby. It's called a surprise party for a reason."

Bella nods and quickly grabs the shirt from him, slipping it on over her slender shoulders and buttons it up. She is usually more of a pants kind of girl, but it is a very special occasion, so she opts for the black pencil skirt to accompany her silk lavender top. With her hair and makeup already done, her clothes on, she only has one last thing to do, and that's to choose her shoes. Her eyes rest on her flats in want, but instead, she reaches for the black spike stilettos…because Rose will be proud of her for it.

Edward watches her as she slips the heels onto her feet and raises an eyebrow up at her, knowing she detests stilettos and avoids them at all costs. Bella shrugs at him, explaining, "Rose got them for me. She'll be excited to see me wearing them."

Chuckling at her explanation, Edward follows her out of the bedroom and wanders through the apartment, making sure all of the lights have been turned off. Bella shrugs on her jacket, with Edward helping it up the rest of the way over her shoulders, then winds her dainty scarf around her neck.

"You look sexy as hell, baby," he whispers in her ear, then gently nibbles the shell of it.

Bella's body immediately breaks out in both warmth and chills, with goosebumps pricking up on her skin. She squeals and runs out the door, leaving Edward to lock up the apartment.

On the ride over to Rose and Emmett's place, Edward and Bella are both quiet, contemplating the party they will be attending later in the evening. From what Edward has told her, Bella understands that Emmett plans to surprise Rose with an engagement party. Bella is to keep Rose occupied until the party is supposed to start so that Emmett and Edward can get last minute plans figured out and guests into the restaurant they rented, and hidden away.

Bella is broken from her thoughts, hearing Edward's voice. "I'm sorry, what were you saying, hon? I was stuck in my head there."

Edward smiles at her as he drives and repeats himself, "I said that I told Rose you two should do something fun, for yourselves, and made something up about Emmett wanting to go watch a game somewhere until supper time."

Bella smiles and nods at Edward; a few short minutes later, they are both hopping out of the car and heading up to the newer, seventh floor apartment. It was a definite upgrade from Rose's old apartment, but when she and Emmett had decided to move in together, she got one look at all of his stuff and decided the space she had wouldn't be enough. They weren't ready to buy a place yet, so they looked at slightly nicer apartments and when they were showed the three bedroom on the seventh floor and overlooking the river, they couldn't turn it down. That was the last time Bella was able to actually do anything with her two friends, when she helped move them in.

Inside the elevator, Edward bends down to kiss along Bella's jaw. She wraps her arms around his waist, pulling him closer. His lips move to hers, kissing her with heat and passion; she will never grow tired of it, of him. He is the one for her. Just as she starts to think maybe they should go back home so she can ravage his body, the elevator door dings and they quickly disentangle themselves from each other. Bella smoothes her hair, which, is slightly disheveled from Edward's hands tousling it, then walks over to Rose and Emmett's door and knocks.

On the other side of the door, Rose continues to get ready in the bathroom, but hears the knock at the door. A strand of her long, blonde hair is trapped, wrapped up in a curling iron and she is unable to go open the door.

"EMM! Get the door, please!" she hollers, aiming her voice towards the living room where a football game blares from the surround sound speakers.

It's a good time for Emmett to get up, because if he watches the game for much longer, he may end up throwing something through the television, and he doesn't want to deal with the wrath he would have to endure from Rose for that kind of stunt. He quickly makes his way over to the door and swings it open. Before anyone can say even a 'hello', Emmett pulls Bella to him and picks her up, hugging her. Bella's feet dangle in the air, two feet above the ceramic flooring as Emmett crushes her to him, swinging them a little.

"Shrimpy Girl! I've missed you so fucking much! How are you, Bellaroo?" Emmett booms. Still holding her with one arm around her small waist, he extends his other hand to grip Edward's in a handshake. "Hey bro, how's it going? It's really good to see you!"

"Put me down, you bear," Bella scolds and Emmett chuckles, lowering her back down to the floor. "It's good to see you too, Em. How've you been? It's been too long since we've actually seen each other."

Rose quickly finishes getting ready and the foursome sit down for a drink and talk about the game, the club, and other random topics. Before long, Emmett announces that he and Edward have beers to drink, and want to get a move on.

Emmett and Rose stand in the kitchen, kissing and whispering silliness into one another's ears. Emmett reminds Rose of their supper arrangements and tells her not to be late, but if she needs him beforehand, to call. Rose assures him she will be there on time and gives him one last kiss before he goes. She presses against his body, forcing him against the kitchen counter; she devours his mouth and grips his face in her hands. Emmett quickly grows hard, and kisses her back with equal passion and desire.

In the living room, Edward nibbles at Bella's neck and reminds her to have fun, whispers that he loves her and he will be doing dirty, sexy things to her later on. He gives her one last, long kiss. He licks at her lips, nips them, then kisses her hard. They hear throats clear behind them and smile against each other's mouths, then break apart. Edward leans in to Bella's ear and whispers one more thing, "Remember, keep it a secret…and have fun."

Bella shivers a little at his last word, his tone of voice almost suggestive. As the men walk out the door, Bella looks over at Rose, who wears a smirk on her face. Bella bites her lip, holding back a smile and walks over to Rose, enveloping her in a tight hug. She has missed her friend.

Over the course of the year, business at the club had been so great, that Rose decided to open another location across town. Bella and Rose went from seeing each other every day, to perhaps once every three weeks, and for only minutes at a time. Rose had been so confident in Bella, she had left her in charge of the main club, with Ang filling in as manager when Bella needed time off. Bella had never expected to like working in the club so much, and working there had brought out a certain strength in her. Where once she was afraid to make a simple rum and coke, she could now make the most elaborate of drinks and was very comfortable with the mostly female clientele.

"Let's get something to drink," Rose says as she extracts herself from Bella's embrace. The smell of her skin and the feel of Bella in her arms - is lovely, but she wants to prolong her plans for the evening. And oh, what plans they are.

Bella follows Rose into the kitchen, watching her ass sway in the tight red dress that looks like it was made special for Rose. She can't help it, she will always have this attraction to Rose, and while Rose is going to be proposed to very shortly, she can't help but want at least another kiss from her.

Rose mixes several liquors and fruit juices together into the shaker while Bella sits at the island behind her. As Rose shakes the drink, mixing it, Bella continues to watch her ass, not even noticing when Rose turns around, seeing her ogling her ass. Rose chuckles and Bella quickly glances up to her face.

"Things never change, do they? Rose asks, then continues, "not that I want them to."

Bella bites her lip again and nods, not sure what to say. While she may have gotten rid of some of her shyness in the club over the year, she was never able to rid the nervousness the Rose brings out in her.

Rose sets the mixed drink down in front of Bella, and Bella asks, "What did you make?" She takes a sip.

"Screaming orgasm with a twist," Rose replies, then flashes a radiant smile at Bella. Bella almost spits the drink out, but somehow manages to choke it down. Her eyes water as the liquor goes up into her nasal passage just a bit. She sputters and Rose comes and pats her on the back. The women laugh together once Bella can speak, and for the next hour, they talk and laugh, offering each other small touches and beautiful smiles.

Bella is beginning to feel a little tipsy, and she decides she better cut herself off before she gets too drunk and blurts out the surprise to Rose.

"What surprise?" Rose asks.

Bella slaps her forehead, realizing she said that out loud. "Oh, ahhh, nothing really. A surprise party for Edward's sister is all." Bella struggles to make something up and Rose looks at her suspiciously.

"Whatever, Bella, you never could lie. It's probably Emmett asking me to marry him or something. He would do something like that."

Bella pales; the surprise is ruined. She feels like she could cry, and Rose notices that she has gone sheet-white. Rose quickly goes to sit closer to her and rubs her back. "Bella honey, don't freak out. Emmett kind of already asked me...a while ago. I found a piece of paper he had written on for the surprise party, but he doesn't know that I know about the surprise party. You didn't out him or the surprise, I promise."

Bella quickly snaps her head up and looks at Rose, searching her eyes. "He already asked you to marry him?" Bella is both elated, and if she's honest, slightly saddened.

"Yep. He asked me last week. It was really cute - he was so nervous. And of course, I said yes, so don't even ask me that. I love that man so much and I love you for introducing us!" Rose gets a far off look in her eyes and Bella grabs her hand, squeezing it. She is so happy for her friend.

"So you knew about the surprise, but didn't say anything?" Bella asks as she relaxes back into the couch. Rose sits back next to her, their shoulders touch.

"Yeah, but he seemed excited about something the last week or so, and I didn't want to ruin his surprise for me, so I pretended not to know. I'm not trying to be devious, but I don't want to rain on his parade, ya know?"

Bella nods. "Yeah, I know. It's good that you didn't say anything."

Rose looks at the clock sitting on the television console, noticing they still have an hour before they need to leave. "Do you want to watch a movie or something? We have some time to kill and I think I still have a good movie in the DVD player. The Fifth Element."

"Sure. I love that movie. Milla Jovavich is hot," Bella replies. She gets up from the couch, goes to the kitchen, grabbing two bottles of water from the fridge, and returns to the living room. She plops back down on the couch next Rose and again, their shoulders graze. She hands the second bottle of water to Rose as the movie is just starting.

In an instant, the room is filled with moans and Bella quickly looks up at the TV., quickly to Rose, and back to the TV. The scene being played out is of two women, kissing and touching; Bella can't take her eyes from the screen. She lets out a giggle and finally glances at Rose, who is already staring at her.

"I think Emmett must have watched something after I went to bed last night," Rose admits and chuckles.

Bella can see the desire in Rose's eyes. She looks back to the screen and watches the two women for a beat longer, then turns back to Rose.

Rose has now turned her body and sits facing Bella. One leg rests hanging over the edge of the couch as the other is tucked up under her. Her arm is propped along the back of the couch and she reaches out, grabbing a lock of Bella's hair and begins to twist in her fingers. "Well, how about that..." she ponders aloud.

"Yeah, how about that?" Bella responds, more whisper than question.

Rose drops the lock of hair and moves her long finger to Bella's face, tracing her soft mouth. She runs them over each plump lip, then up to Bella's eyes, tracing the line where the lashes meet skin. She moves her hand out to Bella's ear and traces the curve of it, then trailing her finger down along Bella's neck.

Bella's heart begins to pick up. She is excited, yet nervous. She would love to be with Rose one more time, knowing that she will be getting married and that she wouldn't dare intrude into that kind of commitment, but she also worries about Edward. She doesn't want to do anything that would hurt him. Would he be upset about this? He knows of Rose and Bella's past, has taken part in it, and he did say to have fun.

Rose suddenly gets up from the couch and starts to walk to the bedroom. She doesn't want to wait any longer. She needsBella at least one more time before life changes drastically. She hopes that Bella will follow her to the bedroom so she can kiss her, taste her, play with her. Just before she is out of sight in the long hall, she looks over her shoulder to see Bella watching her, and smiles. Bella is quickly up off of the sofa.

Bella finds Rose in her bedroom, staring into her large closet. "What are you doing?" she asks.

"Looking for shoes to match this dress," Rose replies and walks the rest of the way into the closet.

"Why bother?" Bella questions, knowing that she only wants Rose undressed before her, blonde hair like a golden halo around her head and fanned out on a pillow. On a bed. Yeah, she wants to get there.

Rose quickly turns around, flashing a devious grin at Bella and makes her way back into the bedroom. Bella stands in the middle of the room, biting her lip once again as she awaits Rose's reaction. Rose stalks Bella, taking slow, calculated steps toward her and Bella slowly creeps backward, feeling hunted, yet like the hunter at the same time. She takes another step and her back hits the wall. Rose smiles deviously and with her next step, is directly in front of Bella; she raises both arms and places one palm on the wall beside Bella's face.

With one of her hands, Rose pushes Bella harder up against the wall, holding her in place with a palm against her chest, long manicured fingernails resting against rigid collar bones. A blush begins to rise over Bella's skin, visible above the neckline of her blouse, rising up her neck and crawling to her cheeks. Her breath picks up as Rose begins to slowly drag her fingernail across one collarbone and over to the other; Bella's feels her body prickle with gooseflesh. Rose taunts her with dips and caresses into the pools created by the bones of her shoulder and clavicles; she leans in and quickly licks at the delicate flesh there.

Bella gasps; her body quivers with need as it begins to remember all of the things that Rose did in the past. The way she can make her feel. Bella reaches for the hand that pins her to the wall and quickly pulls it from her chest, making Rose slam into her, caught off guard. Their breasts are pressed together and Bella takes Rose's long finger and slowly, raises it to her lips. She teases Rose as she licks at it, then nips at the tip before sliding it into her hot mouth.

Rose lets out a shaky sigh and watches Bella's mouth sucking on her finger. She feels her panties dampen ever so slightly.

Bella laps at her finger a few more times before Rose pulls her hand away. Rose begins to slowly unbutton Bella's shirt, torturously slow, keeping their eyes on each other the entire time. She takes her time, watching Bella as she moves from one button to the next, and when the shirt is completely unbuttoned, Rose slides one side from Bella's slender shoulder; she leans in and begins to kiss a trail down her arm, as the sleeve falls off. She kisses her way across Bella's chest, staying above her breasts, and moves to the other shoulder. She nips at it, licks it and trails kisses around her shoulder before she moves her mouth back to Bella's neck.

Bella's breaths are coming out in heavy, wet pants and she feels the band in her abdomen tighten in want.

Rose admires the plum colored lace bra that Bella is wearing, a beautiful contrast to her milky, pale skin. She bends down ever so slightly, licking and nipping at Bella's skin as she moves down, and nibbles at her nipple through the lace covering. Bella moans in need and anticipation. Her chest breaks out in a light perspiration from the warmth her body feels from Rose's mouth on her breast. Bella's body quivers and she pushes off of the wall, needing to be closer to Rose.

"God, Rose, you make me so fucking wet. Please…please touch me," Bella pleads.

Rose pushes her body closer to Bella, moving the woman back up flush against the wall. Rose takes a step away and looks down at Bella's pencil skirt; she looks sexy and Rose is excited to actually see her in something other then pants. The skirt accentuates her long legs and pert ass; Bella looks delicious in it, edible, but Rose wants it off.

"Turn around," Rose commands.

Bella turns around and Rose pushes her up against the wall once again. She takes each one of Bella's hands and places them up on the wall, high above her head and palms against the slightly bumpy textured wall. With one hand, Rose keeps Bella's hands in place, over her head, and with the other, she reaches down and lowering the zipper of the skirt. It falls to the floor, a heap at Bella's ankles.

"Step out, sexy."

Bella steps out of the mass of fabric on the floor at her feet, still pressed up against the wall. Rose grips Bella by the shoulder and turns her back around and pins her to the painted blue wall. Moving away once again, Rose takes in the sight before her. Bella, still wearing her high heels and her matching plum lace undergarments, looks like a desert oasis, and Rose is thirsty - very, very thirsty. Her legs go on forever and Rose follows them up and up to Bella's core, to the lace boy shorts that cling to her hips tightly, accentuating her feminity. Rose's eyes move up to the purple lace covered peaks of Bella's breasts and up to her slim shoulders.

Rose moves to within a foot of her and reaches her arm out, gently pulling the strap of the bra off of Bella's shoulder. Bella says nothing, only watches Rose as she is slowly undressed.

The straps come off her shoulders one by one. A wrist slips through the hole and then the other. Bella is gently pulled away from the wall and she feels Rose's urgent, yet tender fingers, work the clasp of her bra undone. Rose slowly moves from her chest and Bella feels the need to cover herself, but doesn't.

With long fingers splayed across Bella's back, Rose lowers her mouth to Bella's neck, licking a trail down between Bella's breasts. "So beautiful," she whispers. Bella whimpers at her touch, at the sensations – a warm tingling that starts in her abdomen and zings out to all of her limbs, building a fire all throughout her body.

For Bella, it's no longer enough. The feelings, the need, the tingle, they surge through her and she needs to feel Rose's warm skin against hers. Bella reaches down and gently pulls Rose's mouth up to hers. She can wait no longer as the need to kiss Rose is becoming all-consuming, intense. Their lips crash together and Rose moans against Bella's.

Bella takes command of the situation, grabbing Rose's hand and pulls her over to the bed. Bella walks backward, and when she feels the cool, slippery material of the satin sheets at the back of her thighs, she lowers herself down. She opens her legs and pulls Rose between them, but pushes on her hip, turning Rose to the side. The red dress fits Rose's curves in all the right ways, but it must come off.

Bella raises her hand up to the side zipper and slowly begins pulling it down. The lower and lower it gets, the more of Rose's skin she sees. Creamy and flawless. Once the zipper is down, Bella leans in and trails her tongue up Rose's side where it had just been. She moves slowly and she feels the goosebumps erupt over Rose's skin as she licks upward. When she gets to Rose's ribcage, she stops and nibbles at the sensitive flesh there, then blows air across the skin.

"Bella," Rose whimpers, needing so much more.

Bella pulls the thin straps of the dress down over Rose's arms and without anything to hold it up, it falls to the floor, looking like a pool of bloody silk. Rose steps out, standing before Bella in her black lace, strapless bra and thong. She smiles at Bella, a devious, cunning smile, then pushes her back on the bed.

As Bella stares up at Rose standing over her, she has a moment of clarity. She can't do this to Edward. He will be devastated, won't he? Will this break his heart, and his trust in her forever? Bella opens her mouth to tell Rose to stop and Rose can see the look in her eyes. She is frantic with worry, yet desperate. Rose holds up a finger, asking for a moment and walks over to her small rhinestone-studded black purse. She opens it up, retrieves her cell from it, and walks back over to the bed.

Bella watches Rose, searching her phone for something and wondering what she is doing, and how it is relevant to the current "mood." Rose smiles triumphantly down at Bella and thrusts the phone in her face. It's a text, from Edward to Rose from just after Edward and Emmett left:

I know this is your last chance together. I'm giving it to Bella. Tell her to have a good time and to stop freaking out, and that I love her. Be good to her, Ro, that's my woman. ~E

Bella feels a large smile take over her face. He planned this. That little shit. Bella gently tosses the phone to the floor then grabs Rose by the hips and pulls her down on top of her, relishing in the feel of smooth skin touching hers and the halo of golden hair surrounding them.

Leaving one hand to rest on Rose's curvaceous hip, Bella lifts the other one up to her face and traces the outline of her lips, the ridge of her nose, the line of her brow. She cups Rose's jaw and pulls her face closer. They kiss tenderly, tongues mingling, caressing and teasing the other. Bella traces her fingers from Rose's hip to the round curve of her ass and squeezes it. Rose groans into Bella's mouth and kisses harder.

The women break away from each other, panting and breathing heavily. Rose starts kissing down Bella's neck, licking into the pool of her clavicle, lapping at it, then moves further south to the mountainous terrain of Bella's breasts. She doesn't waste any time, going for her nipple and sucking it into her mouth. She licks circles around it, nibbling gently, then moves her mouth away to blow cold air across it and against Bella's skin. The body beneath her bucks and Bella whimpers.

Rose moves to the other breast and teases it with her fingers, lightly pinching, then nipping at it with her teeth. Bella's body shudders under her once again, and then Rose is taken completely by surprise as Bella rolls them over, now sitting atop her and smiling down.

"Mmmmm, much better," Bella says and smiles wickedly at Rose.

Bella grabs Rose's hands and puts them above her head, pinning them to the bed. She leans in close and runs her nose along Rose's jaw, then slips her tongue out, tasting her. Rose parts her lips and Bella slides just the tip of her tongue into Rose's mouth. She lets go of her hands and slides one of hers into the long, sunshine hair, gripping it, as she begins to kiss Rose harder. Rose whimpers beneath her, needing more, yet not wanting to give up just this sweet kissing.

Rose can't get enough of Bella's scent, tropical and sweet with a hint of musk; she breathes her in deeply, vowing never to forget her perfect smell. Rose mingles her tongue with Bella's, making little discoveries in her mouth. They moan in unison, one craving the other.

Bella removes her mouth from Rose's abruptly and tugs her hair to the side, pulling her head with it. She does it gently enough that it doesn't hurt Rose, but hard enough to show her demand. She runs her lips up and down Rose's neck, flicking her tongue against the silky skin, then grazes it with her teeth, biting gently. Rose moans and her body shudders from the sensations. Bella releases her hair and with one hand, runs the palm of it down to Rose's hips, slightly pushing against them, and grinding their panty-clad cores together. Bella is desperate to see Rose fall apart at her doing. She craves every part of her.

Bella maneuvers herself off Rose, moving down the bed and hooks a finger into it the waist of the scant black lace that still remains on her. Slowly, she begins to lower them and Rose wiggles her hips to help them down. When they are down to her knees, she shimmies them the rest of the way down to her ankles, kicking them who knows where in the room. Rose does the same for Bella until they are both completely naked, bare to each other; they drink in each other's bodies, and for a moment, they share a look, but not for long.

Mouths crash together again, as do their bodies. Bare breasts upon bare breasts, cores grinding together in need of friction.

Bella breaks her mouth away. "More, I need more of you, Rose," she begs.

Rose flips them over once again, letting her mouth move freely over Bella's body. She sucks on her tight little nipples, relishes the little sounds of want that Bella makes. Bella squirms under her as her mouth moves lower, near Bella's hips, then higher again. Rose, of course, does it on purpose. She wants Bella on the brink, wants to hold her there until they are both so close to shattering.

Rose trails her long finger up the inside of Bella's leg, bringing it to her center, and traces the outside of her pussy. Bella sucks in a breath, hissing and squirming and shoves her hand into Rose's hair.

Rose rubs at Bella's clit, then gently pushes two fingers inside of her. Bella moans loudly as her hips come up off of the bed. They move in silence for a few moments, but already, Bella is getting close to the edge.

"Rose...I..." Bella says, breathily.

Rose pulls her fingers out, licking at them as her eyes connect with Bella's.

"You still taste so fucking good, Bella."

Bella pulls Rose's mouth down to hers again and their two bodies begin to grind against each other.

Bella keeps her hand in Rose's hair, but with the other, she finds Rose's wet pussy and begins to circle around her entrance. She wants Rose to go first. This is about them, but to Bella, it's really about Rose.

"Let's switch," Bella whispers.

So they trade places and instead of Bella moving her mouth to Rose's again, she instead begins to kiss down her torso, taking nibbles and licks around Rose's hips. She blows across Rose's center.

"Oh fuck, oh fucking hell, Bella. Please. Fucking please fuck me," Rose begs.

Bella moves down the bed, centering herself between Rose's parted legs. She wastes no time as she puts her mouth to Rose's clit and begins to lick, then suck. Rose's hips buck off of the bed and Bella wraps one arm under her leg, wrapping it around to hold her in place. She licks and sucks and then adds her fingers. She pushes them in and out of Rose as she continues to taste her.

Rose's hands tear at the sheets on the bed as incoherent whimpers and words slip out of her mouth. They might be actual words, but they most likely aren't. Her head is simply caught up in the pleasure—the pleasure that Bella gives her.

Bella continues to deliver pleasure and Rose is so close. She grabs onto Bella's arm that is wrapped around her leg and she cannot hold it in anymore. Her body begins to tighten all over as waves of desire and lust, pure white light pleasure flow out of her. She moans loudly and Bella licks harder, pushes her fingers into her faster, and Rose slips over the edge.

Her body sags to the bed, limp and used and feeling so fucking good. Bella's tongue strokes her a few more times, and then she begins to kiss back up to Rose's mouth.

They kiss in a relaxed manner, but Rose wants to return the favor to Bella. She begins to move down her body, but Bella stops her.

"Actually, Rose. I want it to be you against me that makes me cum." Bella arches her eyebrow as she says it, question as to whether Rose understand what she wants.

"That's fucking hot, Bella. I want that, too. I want to feel your pussy against mine."

Rose isn't concerned with getting off again. It's Bella's turn, but with how Bella wants to accomplish it, there is no doubt in her mind that she willcome again. This is as close as they can come to being inside of each other, and this is what Rose wants most. She needs this closeness just once, before she gives her away completely.

Rose moves to Bella's breasts and begins to tease them. This is something that really gives Bella pleasure and starts to work her up. Besides, Rose just really fucking loves Bella's tits.

She moves around to her neck and down to Bella's hips, but she comes back up, teasing her. She knows Bella is getting close because she begins to circle her hips a little. Bella begins to finger herself and Rose watches for a few moments, loving the sight, but pulls her hand away.

"Don't want you to get too carried away, baby."

Bella lets out a low laugh, but it is tight with urgency and need. She's ready, and they both know it. Rose is ready, too, so she moves to the other end of the bed and the two women scissor. They inch closer together on the bed and Bella lets out a giggle, she can't help it. Then Rose begins to giggle and neither of them can stop.

"Stop making me laugh, Bella, or you'll never get off," Rose warns.

Bella laughs harder and Rose realizes she has to refocus Bella's attention. She grazes Bella's pussy with her finger and Bella moans. It works.

The women pull and push at each other with fervor, gripping hands. Panting, moaning, it feels good, but not quite enough. Bella quickly extracts herself and climbs up the bed, laying on her side, beside Rose. Her hand lowers to Rose's core and she begins to trace her folds, then rubbing in that rightspot. Rose attacks Bella's mouth and moves her hand to Bella. The two women kiss each other hard, and let their fingers express their need for each other.

Bella begins to fall over the edge and with her mouth still on Rose's, she begins to moan, pant. Rose pushes faster, and Bella returns this new frequency. Bella tips her head back and lets out a loud moan, coming hard over Rose's fingers. She continues to work Rose over, and leans back in to kiss her again. Rose squirms, her body going rigid and she lets out a heated sigh.

"Oh God," Rose whispers and the women collapse, arms flung everywhere, legs flopped to the sides in exhaustion.

"That was...that, that was..."

"Amazing," Bella finishes.

The two women break into a fit of giggles, and Bella rolls back to her side. She kisses Rose on the shoulder.

"We can't ever grow apart, Rose. I'll always need you in my life. Obviously, it can't be like this. But I will always want you in my life, no matter what."

Rose looks over at Bella and smiles. "No matter what, B."


The night is young, and there is a surprise party to be carried out, so the two women quickly dress, Bella reminding Rose that they are going to be late for supper.

"Whatever. Do you think the game is even over yet?" Rose questions.

"It should be. I'll text Edward to see if they are ready to eat."

Bella goes through the motions of pretending to text Edward, and minutes later, announces, "Yep. They are starved."

Rose rolls here eyes. "Imagine that," Rose mutters, eliciting giggles from the both of them.

Rose drives to the restaurant with Bella giving her directions, and fifteen minutes later, they arrive. Bella tries to hurry, to be the first in the door so she can hold it open for Rose, the guest of honor, but she is too slow. Rose beats her inside, and when she gets in there...

"Holy SHIT!"

Edward stands near the bar, under a sign that says "Marry me, Bella?"

And it was all a ruse. The party was never for Rose at all.

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