Hey this is my first fanfiction!!!! i'm very excited to see it online, i hope you guys like it!! the story is going to be based about the sibling love between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru along with the sister INuyasha never knew. theres going to be alot of fighting, some tough love between Inuyasha and his sister, and even a little romance with Inuyasha and Kagome. what's a fanfiction without a little romance between those two!!! i hope you guys like it please review!!!!!!

And i would also like to say i do not own Inuyasha, or any other characters, i do own the main character that is INuyasha's sister, but everyone else, there not mine.

Summary: Kara is ther younger sister of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, only Inuyasha doesn't know he has a sister, and Kara has no clue she has another brother. When Sesshomaru is injured Kara vows to kill the one who hurt her brother not knowing it was Inuyasha himself, while she leaves her home Kara runs into the Inu group and decides to travel to him so she can get her brother's revenge not knowing she is traveling with the enemy himself

Title The Lost Sister

150 years ago

It was the night of the solar eclipse, and all was still in the dark forest, all the demons knew that tonight was not the night to be going out into a village, or anywhere for the matter. The trees where still, and not a single animal was out.

Even the people surrounding the forest knew they should be locked inside there huts, but only one person was out in the dark. She was holding her huge belly as she walked up a cliff so she could see the view of the western lands. Already the child inside her wanted out to see the beautiful night sky, and who was she to ignore her child's wishes. Panting she leaned against the cliffs edge, she was so close to the top but she was already getting weak and the child was getting restless. She smiled weakly, will her child be like the father? She prayed that her child will be strong, and wise just like the father is, or was.

She knew that the father of her unborn child didn't chose her, but the other women who held his heart but she did not care at all. No, she did not hold any anger, or hatred towards them. Instead she was grateful that in the end she would have a piece of him with her, that both she and the other woman would have a piece of him. She cried out in pain as her belly ached. She couldn't waste anymore time she had to reach the top. She looked up at the dark sky, the moon was her light up, and so she followed it.

After what seemed forever she had finally reached the top, she gasped out in relief seeing the meadow in front of her eyes. Tears filled in her eyes as she laid down and stared at the sky. It was quiet, and she knew it was time without anymore hesitations she pushed the child out; crying out in the process. She could feel her entire forehead begin to sweat, but she couldn't stop, her child had to be born in the exact moment as the solar eclipse. She watched the sky, and saw it. The moon was slowly disappearing, and already she could feel the infant coming out. She let out one last breathless push just as the solar eclipse turned the night sky pitch black, and all you heard was the sound of her child's cries. She signed in relief and looked down between her legs, and gasped out in shock. She had given birth to a beautiful baby. She ripped the edge of her kimono wrapping her child and hugging it close to her. It had stopped crying, and was now enjoying the presence of being with her. She felt warm tears slowly go down her cheeks, and smiled up at the sky. She was overjoyed with having the child of the man she loved in her arms now, after waiting so long.

'Oh, this is a gift from the heavens.' she thought. She closed her eyes kissing her babies soft head, when she heard it. The sound of the trees moving, her weak muscles tensed up she was so weak that she knew that she could not fight a demon not in her state. She couldn't even stand up. No she couldn't die, not her or her child who had just been born. She looked at the trees, even if she was weak she would not let her child be killed by anyone.

"I see you also gave birth tonight." a male voice said, and she relaxed when she recognized the voice.

"I thought you where with him." she said weakly. She could see his form standing a few feet away from her. He looked just like his father, but she knew that his attitude was more like the mother who abounded him.

"I was, but you know how he gets when it comes to that women, I'm surprised he didn't come here to check on you." he said. She sign looking down at her child.

"He knows then." she said.

"Of course he knows I told him myself, don't worry your child will not be forgotten. If he dies tonight I will personally look after the child." he said. This stunned her, he would look after her child?

"You can smell me, can't you." she said looking straight at him. He didn't say anything, and she knew he could.

"I'm dying soon I will join your father." she said. He moved closer to her, this was not the first time he's gotten closer to the human, in fact the last time they met, he had reached out and touched her by the arm. Of course they both knew that he had feelings for the human, he did not love her, but he did care for her like the mother he had never loved.

"Do not say stupid things, I'll take you and you're child to a demon I know." he said, but she shook his head.

"No." she said. He stopped in his tracks, his ears heard her, but at the same time he didn't. she looked up at him with those eyes that seemed to look right through him.

"This is the end for me, but I need you to do me this last favor." she said. He stared at the human, and then at the infant in her arms he knelt down, and stared at the child. He could tell that it was sleeping, and not only that but he could also smell the blood of their father in it's veins. He would do anything for this women for she was like the mother he always wanted to have, and he knew that his new sibling would not get the chance to be with its mother.

"What is it you want from me?" he asked. She smiled softly knowing full well that he would agree. She looked down her child, feeling more tears come out this would be the last time she would ever see her child this beautiful again.

"Watch over my child, I want you to look after my baby. Please once I die bury me here, and take the child with you." she said. He looked at her stunned. Why would she ask that of him? Did she not know who she was talking to? She looked at him with those pleading eyes, for a moment he felt his cold heart ache.

"Please, you're the only one I can trust, the villagers would kill my baby I know you can protect the baby. You're strong just like your father." she said. He didn't know what to say, so instead he looked at her, and nodded.

"Then I shall look after the child." he said. She smiled weakly, and then softly kissed her baby one last time before handing over her child to the demon in front of her.

"Thank you, please visit my grave every year." she said. He looked at the dying women in front of her, and nodded.

"What shall be the child's name?" he asked. She smiled looking at her baby just as the solar eclipse passes, and the full moon appearing back to the night sky. She closed her eyes, and whispered the name. He looked at the dead women in front of him who seemed like she was sleeping than dead, he was a full-demon that would not shed tears know matter how much he wanted to. Soon the infant began to stir, and soon they where off into the night sky.