What the Night can Do….



Part One

These are the things the night can do…It could make you the heroes you always knew you could be and make you better than you ever you could be. These are the secret the night can keep. Something so good that it could be really deep….These are the things the night can say…Do everything you can until the break of day.


Parker was hanging on the bridge as she was trying to figure out what to do about Hardison and Sophie. Hardison was the plan all along but Sophie was the X factor, she was the loose end and it was driving Parker nuts on how to tie it up. As she flipped her body up then stood on the bridge, she walked back home and saw Hardison there. As he was lying on the couch and she lean into him then kissed him. He caught her kissing him and then she took him back to her house…


Parker woke up after sleeping for fifteen minutes and got up to go for a walk. She saw Hardison sleeping besides her and before she did that. She thought maybe she could stay next to him for 15 more minutes….As 12:16 blared through the light of the alarm clock Parker got up and then she got dressed. As she walked, she needed to think because a certain woman was keeping her up tonight and when she has sex, the thought of Hardison having tits shouldn't come up in her mind but you know they are doing great things with padded bras as of late…

She never heard a British woman moan like Sophie did to her that day and scratch her back that night. The thought that always came back to her was that Sophie found her first. It was Sophie that night who got Parker off by licking her just…Parker had to shake that off but…It was so good when Sophie kissed because it was wanting and…Parker shook that off.

As she was about to climb, she saw across the street and there was a woman standing on the corner. She was in her mid-twenties and had a slim red dress, Parker walked across the street to see she had gun in the back of her dress.

"Jessie." Parker said she instantly recognized the girl from her high school days. Jessie turned to Parker and then turned the other way. "Third strip club I've been kicked out of…." Jessie said and the last time Parker remembered Jessie was at prom when she "politely" took Parker's date away from her after she was dump with tar…Jessie was one of those mean girls who Parker made her life a living hell all because Jessie made Hardison high school stay difficult. Parker taking her prom date was the arch of a three year plan of Parker to make Jessie's life a living hell.. However, karma caught up to her. Now it looks like it caught up with Jessie. Now Parker was curious that's the only reason she was standing in front of Jessie.