What The Night Can Do



Part Four

Hardison got all this information to his e-mail snickering all the way. Then on the reverse again, the cell phone was never lost or "stolen". Hardison made his way and sold the con. Sophie did her job to counter it saying that maybe she wasn't wild enough. I mean this "character" had to show depth from a wild girl to a hit woman. It was perfect it was beginners night at this strip club…

The girl was up later and Parker wanted this to be over then could sink the father easily. Parker had the flash drive in her hand.. She turned to see how Jessie was doing. She walked to Jessie and sat across from her. "Who was she?" Parker asked and Jessie rolled her head up. "She was a girl that was….She was a girl like you." Jessie said and talked about how Parker was so set and focus on ruining her life for someone she loved. Jessie never knew dedication like that and that's why she went back at her to show that maybe Parker would date her.

"Why didn't you just ask me for coffee?" Parker asked and Jessie responded, "I was a teenager." Parker shook her head. "So you and Hardison." Jessie said and Parker nodded, she didn't want Jessie to know what was on the flash drive just in case of a double cross.

Parker got a call and it was Hardison, they got what they needed. So here it was a video of the girl doing girls gone wild, the father being a public figure and most of all…..The son would be humiliated if this got on you tube. So as Sophie was minding Jessie. Hardison showed Parker pictures of the husband trying out certain baby outfits. At four O'clock in the morning, a ghost You-tube account was made.

So everything about the night, Hardison made sure it wasn't trace back to them. Parker had did something she never thought she would do and that was help Jessie. As Parker said her goodbyes, she turned to see Sophie standing there.

"You would great." Sophie said and Parker responded, "Thank you. I'm going to thank Hardison later.." It was Parker way of shield how torn she was. "Bitch!" Sophie yelled and walked away from Parker. Parker didn't take that way. "What?!" Parker asked but yelled and Sophie ripped her for doing that. She noted that this is how Nate would act and thought Parker was better than that. "You're comparing me to Nate! Sophie I didn't think we had anything! I might have…." Parker said and Sophie responded, "What?!" Parker paused and then Sophie just walked to her then said. "Have you told Hardison about me and you? Have you told him that…" Sophie then saw Hardison who looked like he was standing there the whole time. "Who do you want Parker?" Hardison asked and added, "You have to make a choice."

In the last three weeks everyone was working as they always do…As Sophie called about the bomb and everyone left. Parker paused and kept wanting to go back because she had a bad feeling. Everyone was fine…I mean if Sophie died then it could be Hardison for now on. No more loose… The explosion happened. Parker stopped in her tracks and turned around. Parker prayed the pudding gave her a good start….