Chapter one

Okay first of all, I am so sorry for having to delete this story last time but I have a good reason for it. My parents finally let me have a fanfiction account so now I don't have to take advantage of my friend who was posting this story for me before. Again, I am very sorry for deleting it before but here it is now so enjoy!

I do not own 'the little vampire' I only own Tanya who is my own character.

"Hey Tanya, wake up. Wake up Tanya!" someone said as they lightly shook my shoulder.

"Mhfmah" I replied, I was just barely awake and whoever was trying to wake me was disturbing my much needed rest.

"Tanya, wake up!"

I opened my eyes to fine my little eight year old brother, Tony, standing next to my bed as he shook my shoulder. "What do you want Tony?" I tiredly asked.

"I had another nightmare" Tony replied. My family and I had just moved here to Scotland from San Diego, California. Dad was offered a job here working for the McAshton family and he had accepted the offer. We have been here for just over a week and Tony has been having nightmares almost every night since we got here. He usually escapes to mom and dad's room but I guess my room was the closest this time.

"Alright, get in" I said as I pulled back the covers for Tony to climb into my bed. I didn't bother asking him what his nightmare was about, it was always the same.


I wrapped my arm around my little brother as he curled up next to me, trying to fall back asleep. These nightmares of his must really scare the hell out of this kid to come to my room instead of mom and dad's. There was a small screeching sound outside for a second making Tony jump. "Did you hear that?" Tony asked.

"It's just the wind" I answered hoping that my answer was right. Tony curled up closer to me and I lightly tightened my arm around him as we both closed our eyes and tried to go to sleep once more.

The next morning, mom drove Tony to school while I stayed behind and cleaned up the breakfast mess in the kitchen. My new school didn't start for another hour so I had more time to get ready. My first day of school wasn't too bad, I guess. I met a couple of nice girls in my English class and they invited me to sit with them at lunch. After lunch I had history for the remainder of the day. It was so boring! I had already done chapter three in my old school before I left for Scotland. I sat through most of the class pretending to pay close attention and only writing notes when I needed to. History was easy for me; it was one of the few subjects I was actually good at. I had a knack for remembering certain dates, events, and people in history.

Mom came and picked me up after school and we endured the quiet drive home. Mom tried to make conversation with me by asking me how my day was and so forth. I replied as little as possible, I wasn't exactly in the mood to talk. "Tanya, I need you to babysit Tony tonight" mom suddenly said and I turned to her.

"Why?" I asked.

"Your father and I have been invited to the McAshton house for a party and you know we can't refuse"

I wanted to object but I knew how important dad's job was to him so I stayed quiet and nodded. After mom and dad left I headed upstairs to see what Tony was up to. I opened the door to Tony's room and found him sitting at his desk drawing. "Hey kiddo, watcha drawing?" I asked as I walked up to his desk.

"Stuff" Tony answered, I picked up one of his drawings that was set aside and examined it. The picture showed a cliff with a group of people standing near the edge, the people seemed like they all looked alike in some way. I never realized how much talent my little brother had in drawing. I set the picture down on the desk and watched as Tony drew an old looking pendant of some sort. I don't know where he gets this kind of imagination but if it makes him happy then I'm cool with it. "I'll be downstairs if you need me" I said, Tony nodded and I walked out of his room and headed downstairs to watch some TV.