Chapter 1 - The Fertility Pill

January's forecast of rain, slosh and snow began to take effect on the new year, as the raindrops pelted on the roof of Muppet Labs, as if Animal was on the roof performing a wild drum solo. Inside, however, it was of great contrast to outside, where the weather soaked you right through or slapped you round the face with a gust of wind. Inside was toasty, warm and most motivating, as inside Muppet Labs, it was clear that Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his loyal assistant Beaker were yet again going to prove that science can change the world.

All eyes were on the warm and friendly face of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his trusted but timid assistant Beaker, as the doctor proudly announced his latest and greatest experiment yet.

"Dr. Bunsen Honeydew here at Muppet Labs, where the future is being made today. And we're proud to announce that we've just invented a new and able pill that will induce fertility with high chance that the offspring will resemble the mother almost perfectly. The revelation will mean no need for a man to be involved in the procedure."

The green-faced doctor held the half-blue-half-pink pill in front of him as he explained. "And to test this lovely new invention - my assistant, Beaker - will do the honour. Ah, but of course, you see the chance of no effect, but you never really be sure unless you try!"

Beaker's nerves nearly forced him to faint, but then what harm could a fertility pill do? He's just a guy - it's girls that will get an effect. Then Beaker realized that Bunsen sounded very pleased about success - his amusement towards his assistant's pain.

'This wasn't happening,' Beaker thought as he gawped at the pill with very wide eyes indeed.

"So Beaker, what are you waiting for?" the doctor said consistently, holding the pill out to him. Beaker meeped a desperate refusal, but Bunsen then saw his chance - he slipped the pill in as Beaker cried out for help.

That was it - no going back now.

"Within the next few days, we should be able to provide results for this experiment. Thank you for listening and goodnight!" When Bunsen had been given the "sketch-end" cue, he turned to his assistant and smiled with sheer glee. Beaker, however, helplessly stared at his "friend", and meeped to the doctor about the fact that there were other girls. This was followed by a reply of, "I've already told you, Beaker, Pipette is off sick - and no-one else is willing to test it for us."

Beaker sunk his thin head into his shirt and stared at his abdomen in defeat - 'Why me?'

Moments later, after Beaker had downheartedly reminisced of the times when he had been the "guinea-pig" who had no say, he tried to replace those thoughts with the questions and wonders of what this experiment might bring. What would Beaker have to go through if the experiment is a success? Could this experiment provide the world with more scientific knowledge? How's Beaker going to react?

Beaker was brought out of this trance by the look of bewilderment on the doctor's face, "Are you all right, Beaker, you seem awfully confused?"

Beaker gave Bunsen a positive meep in answer to his question.

The doctor looked at Beaker in such a way that he was able to read him like a book. "Oh, I know you all too well, Beaker - it's clear that you're not all right." The doctor put a hand to his assistant's shoulder, "It's about the experiment, isn't it? I understand you're worried and scared and confused, and that's very normal for someone like you." Bunsen's voice sounded very quivery - and he was worried too, but then with a leap of confidence, he said, "But it's going to be okay, and even if something goes wrong, I'll be there for you."

That remark just about gave Beaker the confidence he needed to smile at his friend, that was very sweet of Bunsen to say that - but then again, what will go wrong? Oh yeah, the fact that Beaker just might be expecting the pitter-patter of tiny little Muppet feet, and if that wasn't enough - there was the huge fact that Beaker had to give birth to him or her. But that was just a chance - like it's ever going to happen. Beaker's mind was going crazy, with things left, right and weird - and the only grown-up thing to do here was to chill out - and wait until tomorrow, or whenever those results would come. Though still deep in thought, Beaker got on with the rest of the day.

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