Even after months here I still felt like a stranger. I guess New York wasn't something you belonged to when you're from a small town like I am. I came to New York about six months ago to study at Julliard. I didn't want to at first; I was reluctant to leave my beloved Grandfather by himself back home but he begged me to go.

My Grandfather was the only family member I had; he raised me since I was a little girl. After my parents died Grandpa Charlie was all I really knew and it hurt me to leave him back in Forks. I visited as often as I could but it wasn't the same. I missed his hugs by the fire, I missed his joyous laugh in the mornings, and I missed Forks.

I really should be working. But the place was basically dead which was nothing new for a Monday morning. I worked in Joes Diner as a waitress; this helped me pay my way through Julliard. I refused to take Grandpa's money. Just then the bell above the door rang signalling me out of my day dreaming.

As I looked towards the door I saw a group of about fifteen men walking in, all in fancy suits. All looking rather dangerous. There was one man who walked in front of all of them. He must be in charge of whatever this is. He was tall and unbelievably handsome, with dark bronze hair and green eyes, he was unbelievably fit. I immediately blushed when his eyes landed on me.

"Sit yourself in the corner I'll be with you in a minute" I whispered but I knew they heard me.

"That's alright doll" The 'leader' said to me. Taking a deep breath I grabbed a huge handful of menus and made my way towards them. As I did I could sense all eyes on me but I didn't meet any of the stares. The closer I got to the table the more intense the stares got.

"Oi," I sharp voice barked. "Stop staring at her." I turned my head to the sound of the voice and was met with the green eyes of the 'leader'. He winked at me as I smiled appreciatively.

"What can I get you?" I asked as I reached the first table. They all ordered the same thing, black coffee. That was it.

"Go help the girl. She can't do it by herself." The 'leader' shouted.

"No. It's fine honestly." I mumbled. He looked at me.

"He will help you." His reply came in a very cold, hard tone and I instantly let the other man help me, though I wasn't too happy about it. As I was placing the water in the cups in the kitchen I felt hot breath on my neck.

"So babe, what would you do if I offered you fifty quid?" I froze instantly at his words and his hands started to travel up my side.

"Get off me." I whispered. One of his hands came up to grasp my hair and he pulled sharply and I let out a whimper.

"No." He growled. I started to struggle and as I moved my hand one of the mugs fell from the side and hit the floor with a deafening crash.

"You little bitch" He growled as he threw me across the room. He slowly started walking towards me as he raised his fist; someone came barging through the door. With one look in our direction he only had one thing to shout.

"EDWARD!" At his shout the 'leader' came barging through the door with a gun pointing at the sleazy guys head.

"MOVE" The leader who I guess was Edward shouted at the guy. "OUTSIDE" I stayed staring at the place where the guy was and barely noticed someone coming up beside me.

"Hey. You're ok. What's your name?"

"Bella" I gasped and then the world went black.


"What ya mean she fainted?" I heard a voice growl from far of.

"She said her name and then fainted." I heard a sigh and then someone leaving.

"Doll? You awake?" I slowly opened my eyes and came face to face with the Edward guy. "You alright doll?" I nodded dumbly. "I took care of that piece of scum, don't worry."

"What do you mean you took care of him?" I asked starting to feel slightly afraid.

"Well he touched something that belonged to me-"

"What did he touch?" I interrupted him.

"You. You're mine."

"I'm not yours."

"Yes you are. Or you will be"

"No." I started to shake my head backwards and forwards. "No. I'm not yours."

"Doll-" As he reached towards me I saw the gun lying on the floor beside him and screamed. "Baby what?"

"Get out. You're a murderer. Leave." He looked stricken.

"Doll, I won't hurt you."

"Leave. Get out." I started crying hysterically. I wanted nothing more for this man to leave, I was scared and I felt dirty. I was the reason a man was dead, however disgusting he was.

"Boss I think we should leave. The pigs are coming." I vaguely heard Edward move away from me and the order that I couldn't hear. When I felt I was alone I slowly stood up, and then realised I wasn't.

"Hey I'm Angela. Edward told me to watch over you." Great, a baby sitter.

"How long have you been here?"

"The guys rang me when you freaked out at Edward; that was about an hour ago."

"Oh" I took in her appearance and she was small, dark skinned and had short but beautiful brown hair. She was wearing white faded jeans and a pink top. "How do you know them?" She smiled.

"I'm married to Ben, Edward's little brother. Come on" She held out her hand and gently pulled me to my feet when I placed my hand in hers. Slowly she led me to a seat out front and poured me a cup of coffee. "So…how long have you been in New York?" From that moment on I knew I had found my first friend in New York. She didn't mind that I had nothing and was supportive of my decision to work my way through Julliard. Whenever I mentioned Edward she deflected all question I had involving any of them.

I knew they were something big. I didn't know what but I wasn't sure I wanted to know anyway.


I shot the bastard in the face. Touching my girl when she obviously didn't want him to. Granted she wasn't officially my girl... yet, but I knew I had found something I wanted. And I always get what I want.

The first thing I saw on the girl was the silver Lily tattoo she had on her left side. It was three Lilies joined by a ribbon wrapping around her left ribcage to her back. It was simple but beautiful and when she turned she didn't disappoint. She had long luscious brown hair and a shade of brown eyes I have never seen before, they were brighter than a normal muddy brown. She had a pale heart shaped face with plump little lips. And I knew I had to have her.

I had Angela sit with her whilst I dealt with the dogs I employed. That girl was now mine and she would need to be protected. Liam and Garrett were going to be following her in the day time with Jasper and Ben at night. My doll wouldn't go a second without being protected.

There was something so innocent and sweet about my doll that I felt compelled to protect. Maybe it was the way she blushed at the littlest things or maybe it was the way she held herself as she walked.

When I got back to the club I had one of the boys deal with my Godfather I wasn't in the mood to deal with his whining. Being a mafia boss sure had its benefits; Men doing as you wish when you click your fingers, beautiful girls fawning over you and the money was certainly a benefit. Speaking of beautiful girls, the bunch of fucking hookers in front of me aren't doing shit for me right now. I'll I can see is Bella's face.

"Get the fuck out." I finally snapped. The girls looked shocked at my words. I never turned them down. Ever. I closed my eyes in frustration and all I could see was my little doll underneath me writhing in pleasure. Groaning I made my way to the joined bathroom in my office. Sitting on the toilet I jerked myself off to images of Bella and it only took me a minute to cum. And I came. Hard.

"Fuck." I growled. What was this girl doing to me? I wanted her more than anything.

"Rosalie" I barked from my office. My little receptionist sauntered in. "Bend over." She immediately complied and I fucked her hard imagining Bella the whole time.


The next morning I made the guys report in about Bella. Every time I thought about her unprotected my heart started thundering in my chest. And it was really starting to fuck me right off. After several fucks from Rosalie last night I was still hard as fuck an unable to cum at all while buried inside her. In the end I told her to get the fuck out.

Jasper and Ben told me she didn't do much and didn't leave her apartment after Angela dropped her off. I had some private investigator digging up what they could about her. I was just waiting in my office when Garret called.

"Hey Boss. She's just left for work and you wouldn't believe who's in there now." I didn't like where this is going.

"Who…?" I barked.

"Michael Newton." The growl I let out filled the room and my Godfather came barging through the door at the sound. My Godfather went to say something but I silenced him with my finger.

"Fucking watch him. I don't want him anywhere near my doll. Ok? He makes one move her direction I want you in there. You understand?" I told him and then closed the phone.

"You can be such a bitch when you PMS Edward did you know that?" He said to me I flipped him my middle finger. "Seriously what's up with you?"

"Nothing Aro" I mumbled.

"There's some little chicka getting those little boxers of yours in a twist?" He asked.

"No." I growled. He howled with laughter.

"Yes." I just shut up. "See I don't see why you go for pussy instead of dick, much less hassle." Did I mention my Godfather is Gay as fuck? I gave him a disgusted look and he howled with laughter and left.

"Prick" I mumbled, settling back into the office. After a little paper working and shouting at Rosalie there was a knock on my door.

"Come in" I hollered. In sauntered Tanya and Emmett, my private investigator.

"Hi Eddie" Tanya said in her nasally voice. I cringed, Emmett looked highly amused.

"Get the fuck out Tanya." She looked abashed and embarrassed and left immediately. I stood to shake Emmett's hand "Emmett."

"Edward. So I found your girl. She was hard to track." I nodded for him to continue. "Her full name is Isabella Marie Swan; she's 21 from Forks, Washington. She only has one member of her family left, her Grandpa Charlie. She attends Juilliard; She started three years behind because she refused to leave him. Her birthday is September 13th."

"Is that all?" I asked.


"What's she studying at Juilliard?"

"Ballet" I grinned wickedly. Flexible, that should be fun.

"Cheers Em." I threw a big amount of cash at him and he left soon after. I could hear him outside flirting with Rosalie. Maybe he could take her?

After about ten minutes of staring at the wall I dialled the information centre number.

"Can I have the phone number and address for an Isabella Swan please?"

It's time to set everything in motion.