Hey you guys welcome back to the story and when we left off Bella and Alec had a little girl Sophia. Well we leave off when Sophia was 2 and now she is 17 and her transformation dead line is coming up in less than a year. She had a boyfriend Duke and spends her summers with the Cullens and Porters, going back and forth. So enough chit chat on with the story! Enjoy! P.S there is no preface :P

My name is Sophia Rose and I live with my mother Bella and my dad Alec. I live with vampire royalty also known as The Volturi. The Volturi is made up of my aunts Heidi and Jane, my uncles Felix and Demitri, my grandparents Aro, Marcus, Caius, Sulpicia, and Athenodoara . I spend my summers in the Americas because I am currently living in Volterra Italy. In America I go to Forks Washington and spend my time with a coven of vampires known as the Olympic Coven. But people refer to them as the Cullens. I also spend my summers with another family in Canada know as the Canadian coven also referred to as the Porters. My family I live with are vampires except for me and my 'nanny' Alex who is my mother's hand maid.

Today I am off to a private high school known as St. Marcus High. Now in the Volturi there are three leaders, 'kings' if you will. There's Aro who can read your whole mind, every thought you have thought, but only on skin contact. Caius doesn't really have a special power, he has the basic vampire skills that anyone has, the running at the speed of light, super strength, super eye sight, and hearing. Now the third king is who the school is named after. There's also a holiday named after him conveniently named St. Marcus day. The story behind it is that Marcus drove all the vampires out of Volterra Italy.

"Sophia, are you ready for school?" Mom called.

"Yes Mom, I'm finishing my hair." I called to her. I put my hair in a side ponytail and put on my Volturi necklace, my mother daughter ring, I grabbed my books and purse. I walked down to the garage and there Santiago was waiting for me with my mocha hot chocolate. I had this almost every day. Santiago drove me to and from school, my parents were over protective when it came to me driving myself.

"You're the best Santiago." I smiled as I took it from him. He helped me in the limo and he shut the door. My phone went off as soon as we pulled onto the main road. I looked at caller id and it was my best friend Camille. Camille had long brown curvy hair and she's been my best friend since pre-school.

"Bo journo." I greeted.

"SOPHIA, oh my goodness you will never believe what just happened!" Camille said excitedly.

"Your parents are letting you stay two weeks with me in Washington!" I guessed matching her excitement tone in her voice.

"No, that hasn't been approved yet." Camille sighed. "Marc McGoey just asked me out!" Camille squealed.

"Did you say yes?" I asked, not surprised. Camille has loved this guy since the 6th grade! She's finally been dropping hints for about 6 months now.

"Of course! I have a date Friday night!" Camille cheered.

"Woo-hoo! Way to go Camille." I smiled when we pulled up to the school and there was my boyfriend, Duke Esposito.

"I'm at school, Ciao." I told her and hung up. Duke opened the door for me and I told Santiago that Duke would take me home.

The limo pulled away and Duke finally spoke, "Hello beautiful." He greeted.

"Do I know you handsome?" I purred and he kissed my lips hello.

"Come on we need to go see Camille, Marc finally asked her out." I told him.

"Whatever you say, I'll follow you anywhere Sophia." Duke smiled and put his hands on my hips.

I didn't speak, letting him think I fell for it, "You're so cheesy Duke." I laughed finally and walked into the school.

Duke was my best friend and we have been dating for a year and a half. Duke was captain of the soccer team, so we were one of those 'popular' couples and told we would last forever. Only he and Camille know I live in a castle and I tend to keep it that way. Once people know you live in a castle, you tend to start to make these 'friends' and I just didn't want fake friends. Duke had short brown hair and he had beautiful blue green eyes and they made you melt every time you stared in them for too long.

"Did you ask your parents if you could go with me to Washington this summer for a few weeks.?" I asked.

"Yep." Duke sighed,

"And…" I nodded waiting for an answer.

"I can go!" Duke smiled.

"OH YES!" I cheered and clapped my hands. "For how long?" I asked

"A week and a half." Duke smiled.

"Woo-hoo!" I smiled.

"You know I love you?" Duke smiled.

"Yeah, I know." I smiled, "See you at lunch?" I asked

"You know it." Duke smiled and kissed my cheek.

I walked into homeroom and the principal came over the loud speaker and announced that there was a soccer game today, after she read through the announcements and we were dismissed to first period. The day passed quickly and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. I got my lunch and sat next to Duke at our table and Camille was sitting across from us.

"Is Marc coming to sit with us?" Duke asked.

Camille and I looked at him like he was crazy.

"What?" He asked taking a bite of French fry.

"You don't invite a guy to sit next to you until after the date, you would seem too clingy." Camille explained shaking his head.

"Oh gee well sorry." Duke said once he swallowed.

"What if he was walking over and asked to sit with us?" Duke asked looking behind Camille.

"That's a whole different story." She smiled.

Marc came up behind her and smiled, "Mind if I sit here?" He asked.

Camille was speechless. "Sure, go ahead." I told him, answering for her. I kicked Camille's leg and she snapped out of it.

"Ow." She mouthed.

I smiled stealing one of Duke's fries and taking a bite. While Camille and Marc were having their own conversation so Duke and I were talking.

"After the game, can you take me home?" I asked when there was a pause in the conversation.

"Sure no problem, did you want to grab a bite to eat before I take you home?" Duke asked.

"Sounds perfect." I cooed and he pecked my lips.

"Just meet me at my car." He smiled as the bell rang.

"See you later." I told him and Camille and I walked to our next class as did Duke and Marc.

"SO you and Duke are really close." Camille smiled.

"Yeah, we are. I can't imagine myself without him." I told her

And that was the truth. I couldn't see myself with anyone else. I loved him more than anything. The only problem was that my transformation date was coming up soon and I would have to give Duke up. Mom didn't want me to be changed, because she didn't want that life for her, but Aro was forcing it upon me.

"You seriously need to go to America with me." I told her.

"I'll ask if they made up their minds right after the game." Camille promised.

"You better, Duke is coming for a week and a half." I told her and the teacher started the lesson.

The minutes didn't go by without my thoughts drifting to summer and thinking how amazing it would be with my family and Duke and maybe even Camille.

"Sophia, what is tonight's homework?" The teacher asked.

"Uh, the 15 math questions." I told her.

"Thank you." The teacher said, "Yes folks, the 15 algebra problems is your homework." She finished as the bella rang signaling school was over.

I walked out to the field's bleachers and watched the boys practice for a little before my phone rang and it was Aunt Alice.

"Bo journo, Aunt Alice." I answered.

"Hello Darling, how are you?" Alice asked.

"Fine, did you need something?" I asked.

"I was wondering if you were bringing any friends this summer." Aunt Alice said.

"Duke is coming for a week and a half and Camille has to double check." I told her.

"Duke, who's Duke?" She asked.

"My boyfriend, look I have to go. I'll call you later when I get home." I told her.

"Bye Sophia." Aunt Alice said,

"Ciao." I said and hit end on my black berry and focused on the game that had started.

Duke had scored most of the points like he does every game and I walked off to his car when the game ended. Duke's family was a very well off family, just like mine except I had more money that was saved over decades, but that didn't matter. Duke had a white 2011 Lexus LFA. Don't ask what that means to me but that's just what it is. How do I know, well Duke think of it as his baby. He cares for it as if it were a real human baby.

"Hey pretty Lady, you need a lift?" Duke smiled as he came around the corner of the parking lot.

"If you wouldn't mind." I smiled.

"It would be my pleasure." He said and kissed my lips hello for the millionth time.

"We still going out to dinner?" He asked

"If you want, I can have Chief Rocco make us something, he is here to talk to my grandfather about our next party." I told him.

To be honest I was hoping Aunt Jane and Aunt Heidi were home, they have been in Ireland because the Irish Coven didn't show for their census.

"Sure, we can do that. I haven't seen your family in like forever." Duke said. Duke got along great with Uncle Felix and Uncle Demitri. He drove off in the direction of the castle. We pulled up to the castle and I handed Duke my pass key and the iron gates opened wide with a loud rumble.

Duke handed me my card back and he drove up to the garage as I watched the gates close behind us.

I got out and hit my code in the garage key pad and the doors opened and he parked his car next to mine.

"So you have a really hot car, but you don't drive it?" Duke said confused.

"Right Mom and Dad don't want me to drive it around and they don't want me to get in an accident and so they have Santiago drive me. They are so over protective." I sighed.

"You are spoiled rotten." Duke teases and took my hand.

"Thank you." I smiled and I led him into the lobby where Gianna was working.

"Hello Sophia, Hello Duke." Gianna smiled.

"Hello Gianna." We greeted in unison.

"Is Mom or Dad around?" I asked.

"I think your mother is still working." Gianna said and pointed toward the door.

"Right, no visitors." I nodded.

"How about Dad?" I asked.

"On a mission He has left you a letter and a gift for you in your room." Gianna smiled and I nodded.

"Are Heidi and Jane back yet?" I asked.

"Right here." Aunt Jane said from behind us.

"Aunt Jane!" I smiled and ran to her.

"How are you sweetie?" She asked.

"Perfect now that you and Aunt Heidi are back." I told her. She giggled.

"Get me anything good?" I asked.

"Yep, your favorite." Aunt Jane smiled.

"Irish Potatoes?" I smiled. She nodded.

"Yes, love you!" I told her and took Duke by the hand and lead him to the kitchen.

"Come on, I'm hungry." I told him and we walked to the kitchen where Chief Rocco was cooking, you could smell it.

"Hmm, something smells good." I told him as we walked in.

"Ciao Miss casa Sophia benvenuto. Cena Tonight's nitro è la pasta con un sugo rosso vodka." Chief Rocco smiled. Duke looked confused.

"Hello Miss Sophia welcome home. Tonight's dinner is ribbon pasta with a red vodka sauce." I translated.

"Ringrazio Rocco." I told him as I took the plate from him and handed Duke his plate. (Thank you Rocco)

Duke and I walked out to the garden where the sun has already set and the moon had already come up. "So have you lived like this your whole life?" Duke asked as we settled on the love seat on the patio. I didn't answer until I had finished taking my bite.

"Yep, ever since I got my first pony." I told him.

He almost choked on his food, "Pony, you have a pony?" He asked.

"Yeah, I got her when I was two." I told him.

"You truly are spoiled." Duke cooed.

"Sophia, you out here?" Mom called.

"Yeah Mom, we're out here." I called.

She appeared a little too quickly but Duke didn't seem to notice.

"Hello Duke, glad you could come." Mom smiled.

"Thank you for having me Mrs. Swan." Duke told her.

We went under the Swans because the last name of Volturi just didn't go right. Sophia Rose Volturi? No that didn't go.

"So where did Dad go?" I asked her.

She looked down at me and gave me that 'not now' look. "We'll talk about it before bed." She said "I'll be inside if you need me."

"Alright." I nodded and she left. Duke and I finished our pasta and cuddled closer talking about anything and everything.

"Did you get math homework?" I asked him

"Yeah, the 15 questions?" Duke clarified.

"Yeah, you wanna go finish that up so we have the rest of the night to ourselves?" I asked him.

"If we must." Duke smiled and kissed my lips softly but tenderly and full of passion. His lips were soft against mine and soon enough my jaw dropped. Duke traced my bottom lip with his tongue and demanded for entrance as he filled it with more excitement and passion. I let out a small sigh when he pulled away. I could kiss Duke for hours if I could. His kisses were always sweet and enjoyable.

"Come on, math homework waits." Duke chuckled.

I sighed once more and we walked inside to my room to do homework. On my dresser there was a shoe box. I lifted the lid and it was a pair of neon pink Uggs. I laughed and read the note that went with it.


I'm sorry I am not here to greet you from school. I am off on a newborn mission, there's been an outbreak and I have to survey how bad it is and stop it before we are exposed. I'll call you when I can. Take care of your mother, she can be a handful trust me. I love you, Dad.

"Everything okay?" Duke asked as I wiped away a tear. I tended to over react when someone in the Volturi was sent out on a mission. Newborns were fierce and they were strong but now I was dealing with my father, my flesh in blood.

"Yeah, my Dad gets sent out on missions, kind of like the FBI in America." I explained. "He always leaves a gift and a letter explaining why he left." I told him.

"Oh, well is everything okay?" Duke asked.

"I don't know this mission is serious." I told him. I put the letter in my drawer and walked over to him where he had already started on my bed. I got out my work and started my homework with Duke.


Duke had left around 9 pm and I still had to call Aunt Alice. I got changed into my sweat pants and sweatshirt, and sat out on my balcony with my laptop. I hit redial on my cell and Aunt Alice answered it on the first ring.

"Gee, took you long enough." Aunt Alice chastised.

"Sorry, Duke came over and left around 9." I told her

"You're forgiven if you tell me who Duke is." Aunt Alice bargained,

"We've been dating for a year and a half now, where have you been?" I asked as I out my feet up on the railing.

"You may have, I guess I forgot." Alice laughed.

"Some kind of vampire you are." I teased.

"Shut up." Alice played.

"So he is coming Forks." Alice clarified.

"Yes." I told her. I was talking to Camille online on Face book.

Are you aloud to go, my aunt is on the phone and wants to know.

"Can Camille?" Alice asked.

Yes, I can go for 2 weeks, thanks for the invite.

"Yes, she can. For 2 weeks." I told her.

"Alright." Alice said.

"Sophia, you still up?" Mom asked as she walked through my room.

"Yeah Mom, on the phone with Aunt Alice." I told her.

"Hi Alice." Mom said.

"Tell her I'll call her later tonight." Alice said.

"She says she'll call you later." I told her.

She nodded, "Sophia say goodnight, it's time for bed, and 6:30 comes early." Mom said.

"Mom, I am 17!" I told her.

"And I am 46, time for bed." Mom said.

"Listen to your mother." Alice demanded. "Goodnight Honey." She cooed and I heard dial tone.

I shut down the laptop and turned off my phone. "So where's Dad exactly?" I asked as I got in my bed.

"In Brazil, there was a newborn outbreak, he was sent out with Felix and Demitri. Jane and Heidi may have to be shipped out." She sighed.

"Alright goodnight Mom." I told her.

"Goodnight honey, sleep well." She said and tucked me into bed like I was 4.

"Will he be okay?" I asked

"Dad knows how to take care of himself. The question is how big this outbreak is." She sighed and kissed my forehead and walked out of my room.

To be honest, I didn't know what would be the outcome of this outbreak. Dad knew how to fight, but he hadn't had to leave for a mission since I was 3 years old. So I was too young to feel the loneliness for him leaving. I was too young to worry.

Okay I am looking for a beta for this story, preferably one that went through the journey and wait of the last story. But if no one will beta it, I won't have a beta or ill have someone who wasn't with me. As long as someone has read the last one and knows what I'm talking about. So thanks for reading and if you are interested in being this story's beta pm me or leave it in a comment. Carrie