Hey all who follow or who are reading, I have decided to redo the story What No one Saw Coming. I reread a lot of my stories after they are finished and I get down on myself because I don't like the way it sounds when I read it. But I was doodling in English this past week and I found myself rewriting the story WNSC. So I liked it and it's going to be the vampire version of the story, new names, same plot line, (kind of haven't finished it) Like the Porters are the Porters they are the Gilberts and the names will be changed because I decided that Steve and Madi just don't sound good together with the last name of Porter, and Steve is a no-no I don't really like the name for a husband of Madi. Sorry if that situation pertains to you. There will be a few scenes that are in the current WNSC in the new one because maybe I liked that part of the story, but there won't be endless lyrics and yeah, I don't know depending on how this new one goes I might change the sequel too. So yeah stay tuned I think I'll have the prologue and the 1st chapter posted by Monday. So stay tuned for the revamped version of What No One Saw Coming. (P.S it might not even have the same title. I don't know haven't gotten there yet but I'll let you all know what it's called :))