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Sam and dean were sitting in Hot Dinner, eating their lunch. Dean's was deep in thoughts as he slowly chewed another bite of his sandwich.

"So this thing whatever it is kills young girls and eats their liver hot and fresh?" Sam looked away from his laptop curious.

"Yeah, you know something?"

Dean wiped his face with a napkin. "I guess there is a creature…. Shubaa….. no, Subar….yeah. It survives on human flesh…"

"It's Subara, and it's not a Subara."


"The creature's name is Subara, it kills its victims, hides them and use human organs as the source of power and his connection to the soul of the victims. It doesn't leave the body….."

"Ok! I get it, it's not a Subar."

"Subara." Sam said under his breath.

Dean put the lunch's money on the table, Sam grabbed his laptop. "So what do you think it is?"

"I really don't know, seems very strange. I can't find anything even close to it. The murders started about 4 years ago. Five victims, two in three past years and three this year."

"Seems its getting more active." Dean said as they walked out of Hot Dinner.

"Police thinks it's a psycho serial killer obsessed with brunets. I really don't know what's with the black hair." There has to be a reason all the victims had dark hair.

"Maybe it IS a serial killer." What ever was killing these girls, they should have found at least a clue.


"No way can a man pull out all the hairs from the root." Sam and Dean were standing in front of a body in the morgue. The body's head was shining in the light of florescent of morgue. It was completely bald, not even a single hair. Another dead end.


They both got in the car; Dean started the engine and put the car in gear. "So maybe it's a witch and she wants the livers and hairs for some mojo." Dean said as he pulled into the street.

"Why would she wait four years to get all the hairs and livers for her mojo? And why hair, why liver?" even if it was some mojo or spell, it was very strange and unknown one.

"I guess it's another long night researching spell books." Dean told in a frustrated voice. He needed an escape from this very weird case, so he turned the radio on and turned the Rock music up. Good old music.


"We are not getting any where. It's not a witch." Sam said yawning. He was sitting on his bed among a pile of old rusty books.

Dean closed the book in front of him, laid on the bed and grabbed the remote. "It's your turn to go and get dinner. And not from that Hot Dinner again."

"It's not my turn, but you aren't going to get us dinner too." Sam grabbed his jacket.

"Sammy you've always been the smart one. I like that." Dean greened.

"And you've always been the lazy one." Sam said before heading out and closing the door behind him.

"Bitch." Dean said to the closed door after Sam left.


Dean was channel surfing when Sam came back. Drama crappy shows, documents, rap music, local news….. local news? Yeah, it may get us some clues and helps us get some action after all these researches.

"The Black Owl attacked again. Last night 23 years old Jane Peterson was killed on the street near her house." The girl's picture was on TV.

"This one doesn't have dark hair." Sam put the dinner down.

The reporter went on "this time police is getting closer to this serial killer." It was the murder's nick name, "There is an eye witness. 24 year old Mary was with the victim the night of murder. She survived the attack without a scratch. Police says she described the attacker as a woman. Yes, this black owl can indeed be a female." The picture of another girl flashed on the screen.

"Oh. This one is very dark. I say this chick can be good news. She can give us some real clues to fallow… I'm tired of going on with guesses." Dean seemed to be cheered up.

"Yeah. First thing tomorrow."


Sam and Dean were in suit, standing at the door of a somehow big house, waiting for someone to answer the door. A girl opened the door.

"Hi, I'm detective Johnson; this is my partner detective Jefferson." They both hold their Badges.

The girl had long black raven hair. She was skinny in her first twenties. She stared at the badges. "Mary it's for you. Come in please." She called.

Inside they were sitting on the couch, Dean looked around; and saw a large tableau on the wall. Dean wasn't an art fan, but it sounded beautiful to him.

"What is this?" Dean walked closer to the tableau.

To look closer Sam got up too. It was a picture of a woman sitting at the bank of a creek to drink water. She had dark clothes and long golden braids. The scenery just had a few bushes and trees and the woman was sitting on the dirt.

"This is a carpet, a tableau carpet. This old thing has been in the family as long as I remember." A feminine voice approached from behind them. The girl from the last night news.

Old things, always source of problem. Dean thought.

"Mary Aria?"

"Yes. You are from police department?"

"Yeah. I'm Jefferson, this is my partner Johnson." Dean introduced themselves.

"Have a sit, please."

At this point it was obvious for Sam that this family is not American. First of all the family name second that strange piece of antique, last the accent that the girl had.

"Look. I don't think I can help you much. I just saw the attacker for a few moments; she killed that girl after I ran away."

"She didn't attack you? Cause you know, I've heard the killer is after dark hair chicks… eer…young women." Dean said with a smirk.

"She wanted attack me, but the moment I brought out my pepper spray she freaked out. She took some steps back, and I ran as fast as I could. Before I ran I saw the girl behind her. I guess she attacked her after I ran."

The boys looked at each other "She freaked out when she saw your pepper spray?" They have never heard of a supernatural entity which was scared of pepper spray of something close to it.

"If you ask me she wasn't a killer, I think she just was a copy cat."

"You saw her face?" Dean asked.

"Yes. Tall blond woman, short straight hair, and pale face. That's all I can say."

Sam knew they can't understand anything more about last night attack, so he changed the subject. He wanted to gain some information about that old carpet, his hunter instincts were telling him something was going on with that old thing, "Can I ask were you are from?"

"Does it help you to close the case?" Mary wasn't willing to say where she was from; some people didn't have good reactions when they knew she was from Iran. She was aware that her country wasn't so popular in the world.

"Uhh…. Is that a reason you can't tell me?"

She hesitated "No…… I guess. I'm from Iran. We came here four years ago. My father works here, he is a carpet merchant."

"The woman in the carpet, she has blond hair. I thought you from somewhere else."

"Well I guess it's just Asian obsession with blond hair and blue eyes. An ideal beautiful woman in my country has blond hair and colorful eyes." In her country where almost every one had dark hair and eyes, blonds and those who had green or blue eyes were so popular.

"She is not a woman." The girl who had answered the door came in with a tray and three cup of coffee. "It's a legendary creature." She continued.



Is it a harmless creature or not. Winchester luck will tell.