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Dean still couldn't believe how close he came to lose his brother, even thinking about it scared him shitless. He sat vigil beside Sam's bed all night only to watch him breath.

Sam didn't have a very pleasant night either. His whole body still ached and his breathing was still labored, but in the morning when the sun light happily crept into the room and a cool breeze danced with the curtains before coming to the room, Dean knew that every thing was going to be just fine.

He unattached the now empty IV from Sam's hand, but left the needle in, because Sam still was sleeping and he didn't want to disturb him.

Dean went to the window and looked out; every thing seemed so peaceful outside. He looked at his baby who was parked in front of the house and was shining in the morning light, a smile found his way to his lips.

Dean hasn't seen so many families closely in his life, but he knew Mary's relationship with her dad was something totally different from what he and his dad had. Not that his relationship with his dad was bad, it was just… different.

A soft knocking on the door dragged him from his thoughts. Mary came in quietly.

"Don't you want to come down and have breakfast?" She asked.

"No. I guess I'll wait for Sam to wake up." Dean answered.

"Did you sleep last night at all?" Mary went to window and stood beside Dean. They both looked outside.

"No, Sam didn't have a good night. His fever didn't break until morning. I had to stay awake."

"Is he fine now?"

"He'll be fine."

They both stood there and listened to chirping of two small birds on the tree in the yard.

"What you have with your brother is so special, isn't it?" Mary asked out of the blue.

"Yeah, he's the only one I've got left... He makes my life easier." Gives me a reason to live.

"What happened to your parents?"

"They are both dead… my mother died when Sam was six months old. My father died trying to save my life two years ago."

"I am so sorry." Mary said with sympathy. "Your life must be hard." She looked at him. "I mean all these dangerous creatures and hunting."

"Yeah." Dean said softly.

Mary knew behind this yeah so many untold words and stories were hidden that Dean didn't seem to be interested in sharing.

"Funny, I was thinking about you and your dad. You are really close aren't you? He seems like a pretty nice man." Dean said to change the subject.

"Yeah, he is the most important thing in my life. My mother got divorced when I was two. He never got remarried, just because of me."

Some times a moment of affection make you so close to some one, some times you can't get this close to some one even with living a lifetime with them; and it makes you to seek safety in their presence. This was how Dean and Mary felt just by telling a few sentences about their lives.

Dean looked at Mary with warmth, and Mary held his glance for a long moment. They started to lean closer to each other…

"Mary." Ann peeped into the room. "You were supposed to get Dean."

They both backed up before any thing happened.

"We're coming." Mary said hastily.


It was almost noon. Sam was sitting on his bed fiddling with the taped needle in his hand, trying to take it off.

"Do you want me to take it out?" Dean asked from where he was sitting on a chair near him.

"No. From what I see you are a really crappy doctor." He said after he saw the dark bruising on the back of his hand. "People are so lucky you didn't become a real doctor." He winced when the sore spot on his hand was pulled with the tape.

"What happened to thank you Dean for saving my life, bitch."

"Thank you, but don't try to start an IV on me next time." Sam said grinning.

"Try dying on me one more time just to see what I'm gonna do next time." Dean yanked Sam's hand and took off the tapes and the needle roughly.

"Ouch, Dean that hurt."

"Serves you right." Dean said contently.

"Jerk." Sam winced rubbing the back of his hand to ease the pain.


Two days later Sam felt much better. The sore spots on his neck were healing quickly and he could walk in the house without passing out or feeling dizzy. Even though he was still far from being healthy, Winchesters were ready to leave and put this hunt behind just like numerous previous hunts.

Mary and Ann were sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee.

"Sam and Dean are leaving this evening." Mary said before taking a sip.

"I know." Ann answered coldly.

"You know? Just this?" Mary asked incredulously.

"What do you want me to say?" Ann snapped. "They weren't going to stay. We knew it."

"Ok, grumpy. I just thought since you like Sam you must… you know… do something. And don't even try to deny you like him."

"Like him?" Ann snorted. "I love him, but what can I do? He is not going to like me in a few hours. Who ever would?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean look at me. I'm just a typical, dull, skinny girl."

"You are not ugly, if that's what you mean." Ann answered. "You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. If I had your face, I would get any man I wanted in a moment. You know, your face looks both innocent and sexy."

"Thanks." Ann smiled. "And you get any man you want already."

"Yeah. I did." Ann said absent mindedly, thinking about last night.

"You did?...Oh, no Mary. You didn't…. with Dean?…. No!" Ann gasped.

"Yes, I did, last night." She said smiling. "Look, I'm sure Sam likes you too."

"Yeah, but not in that way." Ann looked inside now her empty cup, as if she could find some answer there. "Mary?"


"I kissed Sam." Ann said still looking at her cup.

"I knew he likes you. That was so obvious." Mary said smiling.

"No he doesn't, I said I kissed him, he didn't kiss me."

"What are you talking about, are you drunk?" Mary knew her cousin had never drunk in her life, but it was the only logical reason for what she was saying.

"Remember when your father came home and you found grandma's book?"


"Dean came in the attic to see the book and he asked me to keep an eye on Sam till he came back."

"Ok." Mary said impatiently.

"I kissed Sam when he was unconscious."

None of them said any thing; they let the silence hang between them, no one knew what to say.

"At least tell me you didn't kiss his cheek or forehead, tell me it was a real kiss." Mary broke the awkward silence.

Ann looked up. "I kissed his lips." She said innocently.

"Who knew my innocent sweet cousin can steal kisses like this?" Mary said to lighten the mood and make her sad cousin smile.

Ann didn't smile. "You think I should tell him?" She asked guiltily.


"Sam, are you sure you're ready to leave? I mean you're still lethargic, feel dizzy and as pale as a sheet." Dean said stuffing their clothes in their duffel.

"I'm fine." Sam answered from where he was sitting on the bed.

Dean eyed him doubtfully.

"We can rest in a motel, if I don't feel good."

Sam was getting better, but occasionally he would feel dizzy and sway suddenly or would feel nauseous and spend a long time in the bath room.

"You tell me if you're nauseous, dizzy or weak again, ok?" Dean put the last clothes in the duffle and zipped it.

"Ok. Mommy." Sam teased.

"I'll kick your ass when you get well." Dean threatened.


It was time to say good byes. Aria family escorted Winchesters to their cars.

Mr. Aria gave both Sam and Dean a quick hug.

"I don't know how to thank you enough. You saved my daughter and niece, whiteout them I wouldn't know how to live."

"It's our job, Mr. Aria. No need to thank." Dean answered.

"I hope I see you again, Dean." Mary hugged Dean tight.

"Me too."

"You too Sam. Take care, both of you." Mary gave Sam a hug too.

"Sam, I don't know what to say to some one who saved my life and went through that much of trouble." Ann said shyly. She knew it was now or never, if she wanted to tell him about the kiss.

But in the most surprising moment of her life Sam leaned down and planted a small kiss on her cheek before hugging him.

Ann hugged him back. She closed her eyes and wished time could freeze in that moment.

"You are a very nice girl, I'm sure it was worth it." Sam broke the hug.

And like that he and his brother get in their car and sped away.

"Good bye Dean, Good bye Sam." Mary shouted and the boys waved for them from the car.

"Good bye Sam." Ann whispered to no one in particular, knowing that she would never see the boy that was her first love. She put her hand on her cheek and wished he could always feel that kiss there. It was definitely better than that kiss he stole quickly from Sam's lips.

Sam left with his brother never knowing that he left a girl who a few nights ago went to that scary basement to trade her life for his.


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