Twilight isn't mine. This little version of it's world is.

The chains that bind us the most closely are the ones we have broken.
-Antonio Porchia

The trio sat before us, silently communicating with each other. Their quiet army stood anxiously behind them, tensed for a battle that they knew they could lose. They were outnumbered, not in number but in talent. They knew that I was the queen of this game. I held all the power here and I wouldn't hesitate to use it if I had to.

I stole a sideways glace at my companion, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. In return, I was rewarded a tight-lipped smile that, while it lasted only seconds, still managed to steal my breath away. It amazed me how I could only know a person for two weeks and yet already be willing to risk everything for them. After all, I had a pretty nice life before I ever met him. As long as I did what I was told, I got to do what I pleased. But now that my life was more than just myself, I was no longer satisfied with my previous arrangement.

His family formed a loose line behind us, ready to help should things turn sour. It was a foreign feeling, having people on your side for no other reason other than they wanted to be. In my old life, you had to watch your back not only for your enemies, but also for your allies. For people who would only be too willing to kill you so they could get ahead.

I instinctively knew the people at my back would defend us if necessary. I knew it as much as I knew that I couldn't live without the man on my right, who clasped my hand and rubbed my skin with his thumb in a small, calming gesture.

I will protect these people. I will cast myself around them so that they are safe.

After a few tense moments, the trio finally came to an agreement. My old master looked into my eyes with a sad smile. I had been his favorite "child"; the crown jewel (a fact that his other "children" despised). I knew how much it hurt him to see me turn against him. But he knew from the start that things could end like this. He knew I was a loose canon, entirely out of his control.

I scrutinized his face, looking for the telltale signs that things were about to get unpleasant. Everyone in the room waited with baited breath. A pin drop would have sounded like a gong.

And then he sighed.

We were screwed.

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