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Juan looked at his wife as if he were trying to memorize her. Her emerald colored eyes, once vibrant and full of life now looked dull and listless. Her hair once looking like it was spun from silk now was thin and falling out from the chemotherapy. How could this be happening, he whispered to himself. Doesn't heaven know how much I love her?


Their relationship began as a political one. They liked each other well enough. It was more of a friendship then a romance in Juan's mind though. It would be 6 months into their relationship before that would change. Juan was getting ready for his day when Eva kissed him goodbye as normal.

He returned the kiss. She looked up at him and said, "I love you". Juan was startled. Did he love Eva? All he knew is he couldn't imagine his life without her.

Suddenly he realized that Eva was what made his day worth getting up in the morning. He looked forward to seeing her every single day and it wasn't just sexual. That was a bonus. Still, he could live without the sex. He could not on the other hand live without Eva.

Down on my knees again tonight

I'm hoping this pray will turn out right

See there is someone who needs your help

I've done all that I can do myself

I know she is tired

I'm sure you can understand

Each night when she sleeps

I go in to hold her hand

And I try

Not to cry

As the tears

Fill my eyes

Can you hear me?

Am I getting through tonight?

Can you see her?

Can you make her be alright?

If you can hear me

Let me take her place somehow

See she's not just anyone

She's my sun

***She's the sunshine in his life***

Juan refused to let go of Eva's hand. He felt helpless as he watched her fade away.

"Please," he whispered to the heavens above, "save her"

The heavens heard his prayers

"Hey Ms. Wings," Tess told Monica, "you got a new assignment"

Monica looked up as Tess came into her room. She was sitting on a cloud talking with Jezzy.

"Who is my next case," she asked in a gentle Irish accent.

"Her name is Eva Peron and her husband.

"The lady that is dying?"

"That's correct"

"So why are you sending me? I am not the Angel of Death."

"This is also not a death case Ms Wings"

"She will recover," Monica asked cheerfully.

"She will," Tess replied, "but that will depend on you"

"I know you can do it Monica," Jezzy said supportively.

Monica whispered a prayer of thanks to her heavenly Father and Monica and Jezzy exchanged a smile.

"Any time you need me," Jezzy said, "just call and I'll be there"