* * * * *

She slept well, and awakened feeling peaceful.

Her first workshop in the morning was about playing with other musicians. Most of her friends were in this workshop, and it was fun to be able to sit together. She made eye contact with Hihara at one point and flashed him a warm smile. He looked surprised, but smiled back readily. She could feel his eyes on her throughout the workshop.

* * * * *

After the workshop she pulled him aside. "I have a break right now until lunch. Do you?"

He was supposed to be in a class, but he was more than happy to create a 'break' for her. "Yes, me too."

"Will you walk with me? There is an atrium on the mezzanine level that I would like to see."

He nodded, smiling. His heart warmed to see her looking so content.

They walked slowly, she thinking about what she was going to say to him. He was watching her, wishing he could hold her hand.

The atrium was a large beautiful indoor courtyard containing trees, garden beds, small fountains and even a stream. Kahoko motioned for him to sit with her on one of the more secluded benches. She looked into his eyes and smiled. "I would like to be your girlfriend."

"Really?!" He grabbed her shoulders and stared at her. "Really?" he asked again.

"Really." She smiled.

He hugged her, then hugged her tighter. He looked deep into her eyes for a while and then kissed her tenderly.

"Will you please call me Kazuki?"


He smiled and kissed her again.

He held both her hands in his, looking very serious now. "Kaho-chan, I want you to be happy. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please please let me know! I don't have any experience with girls, so you might have to tell me stuff." His earnest expression made her smile.

"Thank you, I will."

* * * * *

During lunch it was obvious to the other Seiso students that Kazuki and Kahoko were emotionally connected. Yunoki was the first to comment. "What's with you two?"

Both of them blushed. Kazuki said "We're…together."

"Since when?!" Tsuchiura wanted to know.

"Since…yesterday?" Kazuki looked at her for confirmation. She nodded, smiling.

The guys looked shocked and none-too-happy about the news, but Fuyuumi-chan congratulated them.

* * * * *

After lunch he walked her to her room and waited while she packed. At one point he snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck. She put her hands on his arms and leaned back into him. So far she was liking this relationship thing.

They went to his room, packed his things and took the shuttle to the bus station. Waiting hand in hand for the bus, they thought about how much had changed since the previous time they were in the bus line. She looked up at him and got lost in his warm eyes. He looked at her, feeling that he would cherish her forever.

On the bus she slept in his lap again. This time he rested his hand on her waist, when he wasn't busy stroking her hair or caressing her face.

* * * * *

The End