Summary: Chun- Li has been on many dates before, but not like the one she had three weeks ago. It was practically her fantasies that she thought would never happen, but the question that Cammy wants to know is, who did she go out with? A Nash/Chun-Li fanfic.

Disclaimer: I don't own Street Fighter or the characters, just the made up story. As we all know, Capcom owns Street Fighter.

3:00 in London, England

Chun-Li pays a little visit to her best friend, Cammy. While they chat about girl stuff and who's a stronger fighter, Cammy asks something Chun-Li didn't expect.

Cammy: Chun?

Chun-Li: What's up?

Cammy: Who exactly did you go out with?

Chun-Li almost fell backwards. Why would Cammy want to know that?

Chun-Li: Why do you want to know?

Cammy: Because Guile is acting suspicious lately. I want to make sure he's not hitting on me.

Chun-Li: Oh. Well, it's your lucky day because it wasn't Guile. It was his hot best friend.


Chun-Li: Yep. It was everything I pictured to.

Cammy: Well…tell me what happened. Did you two make out?

Chun-Li: Ok, ok. Don't rush me. I'll tell.

Initiating Flashback

Three weeks earlier, Ryu, Ken, Nash, and Chun-Li were spending a few weeks at Ken's Mansion.

Ken: Nash, where's Guile?

Nash: He said he had to go somewhere first. He took Sakura, Sean, and Dan with him.

Ken: Oh well. Whatever.

Ryu: So Ken, what are we going to do first?

Ken: Dudes and dudettes, pack your bags. WE'RE GOIN TO JAMAICA!

Nash: YA MON!

Chun-Li: I'm in.

Ryu: YES!!!!!!! VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dead silence soon hit the room.

Everyone except Ryu: ……….O………K……

Ryu: What?

Chun-Li: Hehe. Nothin'.

Ryu: Whatever.

In Jamaica:

Nash: Chun?

Chun-Li: Yes?

Nash: Wanna go out with me later?

Chun-Li: Sure.

Guile, Sakura, Sean, and Dan decided to visit the beach with Ryu and Ken, giving Nash and Chun-Li some free time to themselves.

So Nash and Chun-Li go to a beach at sunset after their romantic candle light dinner where the magical moment begins.

Chun-Li: Nash?

Nash: Yeah, what's up?

Chun-Li: This is the best date I've ever been on in my life.

Nash: I asked you out because I wanted to ask you somethin'. Will you be my girlfriend?

Chun-Li was stunned at the offer. She's had a crush on Nash ever since they went on the mission to destroy Shadoloo together, and ever since he was supposedly "dead", her heart was broken and it heart for all these years. So of course she immediately said…

Chun-Li: YES!!

Nash was screaming yes in his head for a thousand times before leaning closer for his first passionate kiss with Chun-Li.

End of Flashback

Cammy: Aw. That's so romantic.

Chun-Li: Isn't it? And from that day on, Nash and I "lived happily ever after".

*Beep Beep*

Cammy: Well, time to shop.

Chun-Li: Ah. My favorite part of the day.

And I should mention that 5 years later, Nash and Chun-Li soon got married and had twins one day. Chun-Li was right, it was a "happily ever after"!

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