Summary: "I'm not here because I want to, Troy, I'm here against my will."

Twenty-four year old, Gabriella Montez has already been considered to be "past her sell by date" by her four sisters and best friend because of her numerous failed relationships. When they band together, the five girls end up getting Gabriella on the brand new reality T.V show, "The Reality Of Love", where twenty girls must fight to win the love of the sexy bachelor, Troy Bolton. Against her will, Gabriella enters a house full of overdone, two-faced girls, all falling for Troy's charm and immediately plans to be eliminated as soon as possible. However Troy finds her too intriguing to let her go and attempts to get to know her more. But, can they really dive into the depths together, when there are nineteen other girls battling to win his affection and when there are cameras that follow them around twenty-four-seven?

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The Reality Of Love

Chapter 1 – Reality Television Show

"Gabriella is going to kill us, when she finds out!" Eva Montez exclaimed loudly to her three sisters whilst chewing her lip nervously, as they stood around the kitchen counter, a letter in the middle of it, laying there so innocently yet making two of the Montez girls tremble with fear. "She is going to kill us!"

"Shut up, Eva!" Heidi snapped as she bit her nails, whilst she stared intently at the black ink on the white paper. "I think we know that Gabriella is going to slaughter us when she sees this! I don't know what we can do. I didn't think it would actually happen; that she would actually get in."

"Maybe we should just, turn it down?" Eva suggested. "I'm sure it's simple enough, we can just call them up, one of us can pretend to be Gabriella, maybe? Or, we could tell them she died! Gabriella will never have to know about this which means she'll never have to get angry!"

"Eva, we're not going to say she died!" Heidi told her sternly, glaring at Eva who had begun pacing the room. "But, if one of us says we're Gabriella, I'm sure they'll be happy to pick another woman. Really, how hard could it be? I bet they got, like, a million responses."

"No." Anna, the eldest of the family, stated clearly. "We're not cancelling anything. She's been accepted and she's going."

"What part of, she's going to kill us, don't you understand?" Eva squeaked, if there was one thing she feared, it was seeing Gabriella angry and Eva didn't particularly want to be at the end of her older sister's wrath.

"Actually, I agree with Anna." Brooke replied calmly, turning her attention completely on the letter that was still placed in front of them before adding enthusiastically. "I think it will be good for her, if she's not willing to get into a stable relationship by herself, then we'll have to do it for her."

"She'll be angry at first, but I'm sure she'll thank us in the long run." Anna added, her arms folded across her chest. "Plus, you've all seen the picture of this man, not only is he completely gorgeous but don't you think that Gabby and him would look adorable together?" She asked, looking around at her sisters; showing the picture of a blue-eyed male that could make women weak-at-the-knees with his lop-sided smile.

"I have to admit," Heidi replied slowly, staring at the picture by tilting her head, "they would make absolutely beautiful children." Eva gave an exasperated and loud sigh, her head in her hands as she rested on the kitchen counter. "Maybe...maybe she should go."

"Have you guys ever thought about how, Gabriella is going to kill us?" Eva asked casually, knowing that she wouldn't get a response. "Because, I have."

"I knew she would get picked! I knew it!" Brooke exclaimed, brightly. "She's an absolutely stunning girl, there is no doubt about that and like you said, I bet you those producers thought that they'll look great together because I'm sure they're not blind."

"I reckon, she'll make us suffer as long as possible." Eva continued, basically talking to herself as her sisters ignored her; examining her nails in the process. "Maybe she'll buy a new knife specially for the occasion?"

"If I knew he looked like that, I would of applied myself!" Heidi giggled and picked up the photo of the man. "God, look at his eyes, they're stunning. Gabriella won't be able to deny he's handsome."

"Or, maybe she'll just chuck us in a bonfire. That way she can watch us all burn slowly and painfully."

"Mum and dad will be pleased. They've wanted her to get a man for a while now." Anna told them, Heidi and Brooke nodding in agreement. "Especially mum, half of it was her idea so Gabriella can't blame us completely."

"Oh great!" Eva exclaimed flamboyantly with sarcasm dripping off her words, however the girls continued to blank her. "Mum's going to die as well. You know, I wonder if Gabriella will get caught? What do you guys think?"

"I'm sure dad will be more than pleased as well," Heidi turned her head to her sisters, "because this way, he can see exactly what they're doing. They'll constantly be filmed so they can't get up to too much."

"Do you think, if I offer to help Gabby to murder you girls, she'll spare my life?" Eva asked, knowing that she wouldn't get any response. "I'll make it quick so you won't suffer much, don't worry, I'll give you some mercy."

"You know," Brooke pondered for a moment, "this is one heck of a fabulous excuse to go shopping! We could get her some brand new clothes, maybe something a little more sexier than what she usually wears. We want her to entice this guy and, of course, Gabriella will outshine them all! She'll definitely be number one with our help!" Being extremely competitive, the Montez family based it down to the face that because Brooke adored shopping, it wasn't a taboo for her to battle it out for the last pair of shoes or jeans or shirts or dresses...the list is really endless. "If he doesn't pick our little sister, then he's mental!"

"True, no one in their right mind would say no to her." Heidi agreed quickly, the whole idea becoming more and more appealing to her. "I don't know why I even doubted her getting a place there. What was I thinking?"

"How would you girls prefer to die?" Eva asked lightly, standing up straighter, "because I'm sure that if Gabriella does use me as an accomplice, then I can try and persuade her to kill you the way you would want to be killed."

"Eva," Anna gave an exasperated sigh, turning to her younger sister and placing a hand on Eva's shoulder, "I know that worrying about telling, Gabriella is getting to you but that doesn't give you any excuse to start talking about a bunch of complete shit, okay?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, remember the baby hears everything you say!" Heidi rested her hand on her stomach, where a small bump had formed over the past few weeks, protectively. "I don't want my baby coming out with a foul mouth, thank you; I know that Johnny would be less than pleased so could you please watch what you say?"

"Yes, of course, sorry Heidi." Anna apologised quickly but turned back to Eva who was chewing her lip anxiously. "Just stop worrying, okay? Of course, Gabby is going to be mad at first but I have a very good feeling about this, I reckon he could be the one for her."

"Just by looking at his picture?" Eva scoffed loudly before saying, "yeah, you're definitely dead."

"Eva! Shut the hell up!" Brooke shouted, before giving a frustrated sigh. Heidi, however, was not amused and shot a deathly glare at her sister whilst rubbing her stomach. "What?" Brooke asked innocently, shrugging her shoulders as she did. "Oh, come on, Heidi! Hell isn't exactly a form of cussing anymore, seriously get over it."

"Well, I know that Gabriella will be going to hell when she kills you all," Eva muttered, "I'm sure she'll drag me down with her, of course. Hey, at least it'll be hot."

"Eva, you really do talk a load of sh-" Anna began but Heidi quickly cut her off.

"Just, stay quiet, Eva." Heidi ordered. "No more talking."

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry." Eva replied quickly, holding her hands up in defence before she sighed heavily, a pause lingering between the Montez sisters until, Eva asked the question that they were all wondering, "when are we going to tell, Gabriella?"

"I'm not sure," Brooke replied, her eyes scanning over the letter. "But we don't have a lot of time, she has to be at the house in one week."

"One week!" Heidi squeaked, snatching the letter from Brooke's grasp. "One week? But, that's so close."

"She is not going to take this well." Eva ran her hands through her wavy hair. "I hope she doesn't freak out too much. Pfft, who am I kidding? We really are going to die."

"Right, in that case, we better do it soon." Anna clapped her hands together happily. "First things first, we must call Taylor over, explain everything to her. Then we'll tell mum and dad the good news. That's when we'll explain everything and, who knows? Maybe she'll take it better than we think?"

"You did, what?" Gabriella asked, shock evident in her voice, her hands clenched into small fists by her side after hearing Anna explain to her what her family and best friend had done behind her back.

"We sent a form with your details on and a picture of yourself to 'Spaceman' productions and you've been one of the lucky twenty girls to be picked to take part in a reality television show." Brooke repeated happily, oblivious to Gabriella's harsh glare. "It's called, The Reality of Love, and you will be trying to win the heart of Troy Bolton. If you win, you become the future Mrs. Bolton."

"Can you believe it?" Anna continued, "you got picked out a thousands, possibly millions of girls."

"Of course she did." Mark Montez, the father to the many girls, stated. "Gabriella is one of my daughters, no one would dare turn her down."

"Oh. My. God." Gabriella replied slowly, staring at the people in front of her with disbelief. "I can not believe you've done this to me."

"I know it must be a shock, sweetheart but-" her mother began however, Gabriella held up her hand to stop her from continuing.

"A shock? A shock! Of course I am fucking shocked!" Gabriella screamed, her eyes flashing with fury. "You've sent me on a reality television show behind my back! I can't believe you've done this; especially you Taylor! You know how I feel about these kind of things, how could you do this to me?" She asked, frustrated with each and every person that situated themselves in the room. "Why, did you do this to me?"

"Gabby," Mark stood up and sighed, "we did this because it's for your own good."

"My own good?" Gabriella scoffed loudly, "please, father, enlighten me as to how this is for my own good?"

"If you would let me finish, then I would tell you." Mark Montez told her sternly, "we all know that you have...trouble with your relationships," Gabriella opened her mouth to argue however Mark raised his voice above her, cutting her off, "we merely want to help you along. I want to see you settle down, have a family but it just doesn't seem to be happening with you."

"Dad, I'm only twenty-four!" She screeched and threw her arms into the air. "Just because, I'm not married yet doesn't mean I never will! I know that those lot," she pointed to her sisters, "have all got married and started families but that's because they found people they love enough to do that with. I haven't, therefore I am not marrying the first man I see, especially not someone on a reality television show!" She scrunched her nose up in disgust at the mere thought of it and folded her arms. "Look at Taylor, she hasn't got married to Jack and you don't see her family pestering her about it." Taylor shuffled uncomfortably as Gabriella put attention on her.

"But, honey, the point is, she's got a man in her life." Maria answered swiftly and stood next to Mark. "I have to say, you don't seem to be having any stable man in your life at all and soon twenty-four will turn to thirty-four and you'll still have no one."

"Oh, thanks mum!" Gabriella said sarcastically, "real nice to see you have faith in me to find a man."

"I didn't mean it like that," Maria quickly corrected herself, blushing slightly and immediately a wave of guilt washed over her. "I just, I think this will be good for you. This, Troy Bolton, man looks extremely handsome and from what I hear, he's really very sweet too."

"I'm not doing it." Gabriella said through gritted teeth, stubbornly. "I refuse to go on a stupid television show to find love. How will I find that when I have to, not only compete with other girls who probably don't have a brain, but I will be filmed twenty-four-seven. Do you not understand how humiliating this is for me?" She then turned to her best friend. "Taylor, surely you're on my side here. You should be on my side!"

"I can see how you would be embarrassed," Taylor began slowly and Gabriella shot a smug look at her parents, "but," a frown quickly replaced the smile and it seemed to only get worse for Gabriella as Taylor continued, "you would probably end up forgetting they were even there. I agree with everyone else, you and this Troy Bolton, guy, well I reckon there is potential."

"Potential?" Gabriella questioned, shock clearly evident in her tone and manner as her arms fell from being folded back to her sides as Taylor answered her question. "I can not believe you're siding with them, Taylor! You're supposed to be my best friend!" Gabriella exclaimed childishly and Taylor shot an apologetic look. "You are all infuriating! This is my life, you can't meddle with my life!"

"Yes, yes we can actually." Brooke stood up and brushed her trousers, "and we have. You will go on that show and you will compete with the other girls."

"You never know, Gabs." Anna began slowly, a warm smile on her face, "you might even like this guy. You might eventually fall in love with him."

"And that would be awesome," Gabriella replied quickly, "if it weren't on a television show. Why don't you understand that I just don't want to be publicly humiliated on national television, because when I get chucked out, that'll happen and you lot will live with the shame of it."

"You won't get eliminated." Heidi told her confidently. "We can already tell that you won't be eliminated."

"Right, so when were you able to look into the future?" Gabriella asked sarcastically and Heidi rolled her eyes. "Look, it's very simple, I will not do it."

"You will do it, Gabriella because you have no choice." Anna told her sternly. "We've already discussed this and you can't get out of it. You're going to that house and you're going in one week."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Gabriella shook her hands in front of her, "did you just say, one week?" When Anna nodded, Gabriella collapsed onto the chair behind her. "One, fucking week!" She screamed and before anyone could scold her for her language she had continued, "you have to be joking! You expect me to accept this, forgive you and pack in one week?"

"I guess so." Mark confirmed with a shrug and Gabriella ran her hands through her dark brown, wavy locks. "I know this is hard, but I think it will be good for you, plus, I'm sure you'll meet some lovely people there who you'll become friends with and you never know, you might have fun!" He said, optimistically. "And when this fellow picks you, you'll have a wonderful husband."

"Dad, there is a very high chance that I will not be picked." Gabriella lifted her head from her hands and stated, "there are nineteen other girls there, I'm going to say that it will be highly likely I'm voted out on the first go."

"Hey, I've already said, you're my daughter!" Mark exclaimed loudly and seriously. "No one votes my daughter off and I know that he won't because you're going to win."

"I love the support and enthusiasm, dad, I really do," Gabriella replied sarcastically before turning back to her frustrated tone, "but can't you be like that without me going on some stupid, dramatic television reality show?"

"No." Mark replied simply. "Now, the girls are going to take you shopping. You've been told that you need beautiful dresses and they want to treat you anyway, so off you go because I know you'll want to be ready for when the time comes to leave." He told her and she shook her head.

"Dad, I simply refuse to do this!" She answered stubbornly, "I will not be embarrassed this way, I don't even know this man whore."

"Gabriella, one: please don't say language like that and two: I honestly don't think he is a man whore." Heidi picked up the letter from the coffee table and scanned over it until she got to a particular line, "it says here that he is a very sensitive, smart and caring gentleman that is looking for a strong, independent, down-to-earth woman who has a heart of gold but isn't afraid to be adventurous and has a great laugh. He naturally prefers brunettes and hopes to find someone that has that sparkle to them and is smart enough to hold an intellectual conversation. See it says that, right here."

"See, you're perfect for him!" Brooke squealed excitedly, "you have all those qualities and more, not to mention that you would look so perfect with him. He is very dishy; look here's a picture of him." She handed the photo and Gabriella looked at him, raising her eyebrows as she did find him attractive.

"Of course he's going to be good-looking." Gabriella quickly shook her head and sent the photo back to Brooke. "He's probably some actor who they've hired, as soon as he picks his "wife" he'll dump them straight afterwards."

"You really are testing our patience here, Gabriella." Anna said sternly. "There is absolutely no way out of this, it's already been decided so that's that."

"Plus, he's not an actor, Gabby." Brooke stated clearly, "apparently he's a doctor, that's what Harry told me anyway, don't you want to marry someone as successful as this guy?"

"No." Gabriella replied simply, he arms folded across her chest and a blank expression, "I refuse to do this show."

"Welcome ladies to, The Reality Of Love, my name is Sharpay Evans and I am the producer of the show. Word of advice, you better get used to my face because you'll be seeing it a lot more than you think and from now on." Sharpay joked, sending a pearly white smile to the many women standing in front of her. "I'll be showing you where to go, what to do and I'll be informing you on what is happening."

The golden blonde women with lovely rich coloured eyes and high cheekbones that had been accentuated by some bronzer stood before the twenty girls. Her small, perfectly manicured fingers clutched onto the clipboard in her hands that had details of every girl on it and a schedule of the many days ahead along with it. Gabriella inwardly groaned, thinking to herself, 'I'm bored already!'

"Now, I'm assuming that you all have the correct clothing. A list was included in your letter but we will be able to accommodate those who have not brought everything required. When you are shown to your rooms you'll find another list by your beds. I suggest you check through everything before the first episode is filmed." She added sternly before letting her clipboard fall to her side and asked, "that is all I have to say for the time being, I apologise for the brief introduction but are there any questions?"

"When can we meet, Troy?" A girl squeaked and the excited murmurs followed shortly after from all of the girls surrounding Sharpay, excluding Gabriella, of course. Looking over, Gabriella saw that the girl who had spoken up was reasonably small, she had a caramel colour to her hair, a light brunette but a dark blond, she had brown eyes and was quite attractive with her small features.

"I thought someone might ask that." Sharpay responded with a smile but also a small sigh and Gabriella could have sworn she saw the blonde roll her eyes but decided to shake it off. "You'll meet Troy when the rest of the country meets Troy."

"And when will that be?" Another girl piped up.

"Well, the show is airing live this evening at eight o'clock." Sharpay informed them professionally. "In the time between now and seven-thirty, we need you girls to go to your rooms where you can check your belongings, get to know each other a bit better and just chill out for a bit before we send you into hair and make-up."

"What should we wear?" A third girl asked, her voice sounding very nasally.

"Dresses have already been chosen for you." Sharpay replied, almost dully, "they will be given to you when you go in for hair and make-up. In the meantime, I'll show you to your rooms and I will be seeing you again in about an hour's time where you'll receive a small book of the rules and a contract."

"A contract? What in God's name do we have to sign?"

"Well, you'll be on television twenty-four-seven." Sharpay answered, turning to a red head who, in Gabriella's opinion, looked very stuck-up. "Cameras will be following you at all times, even whilst you sleep. The only place cameras aren't is the bathroom for obvious reasons. It's a standard procedure to ask you to sign contracts, it just gives us permission to film you. It's for legal reasons."

"When you say twenty-four-seven...?"

"I mean all the time, around the clock, you'll be filmed." Sharpay replied quickly and waited for the murmurs to die down before continuing. "It doesn't matter what you're doing, there is a chance it will end up on air; more so if you're with, Troy. It may even be a simple thing like reading a book or cooking a meal, it really does not matter, you'll be filmed." Sharpay stated and Gabriella felt the blood drain from her cheeks and she became very pale.

Everyone was going to be watching her. America was going to be watching her do her everyday things, although, they weren't exactly everyday because she was going to be stuck inside a mansion with nineteen girls, one man who she was "trying" to get and too many cameras. How in God's name, was she supposed to survive? Not to mention the red head who had spoken up was glaring at her and Gabriella was certain that those two wouldn't get along, in fact, Gabriella was positive that she wasn't going to get along with any of the girls in the house.

"Now, I'm urging you all to read the rule book." Sharpay began, snapping Gabriella out of her trance and the red head too. "Don't worry, it's not long, only two pages but they're important. Break any of the rules and you will not be allowed to stay on the show. That, is final, that make perfect sense?" She finished sternly and a few of the girls nodded their heads vigorously. Sharpay then broke out into a smile. "Wonderful, anymore questions before you're shown to your rooms?"

"Does Troy know who we are?" One girl asked quietly but with interest, "as in, has he seen our pictures, read anything about us?"

"No." Sharpay shook her head, "Troy has been left in the dark just as much as you have." She laughed slightly, noticing how a few other girls laughed along with her. "When you meet him for the first time, he'll be meeting you for the first time. Again, more information will be given to you later on but, for now, are we all ready to see our rooms?"

"Wait!" The red head called out and Sharpay pursed her lips before smiling and motioning her to carry on. "When will eliminations take place? Will we know before hand? What's happening with that?"

"Ah, of course, eliminations, how could I forget?" Sharpay looked down at her clipboard. "Eliminations will take place every Friday evening live. During the week, Troy will have time to get to know you a little bit better, decide who he wants to know even more. I ask for those who do get eliminated to please not make a scene. It won't change Troy's mind for he is under strict instructions to eliminate the girl he is sure about. If anything, it will make things worse and if you turn violent, that is against the rules and if you go even further with that violence, we have the right to involve the police, another reason why it would be a good and sensible idea to read the rules and the contract carefully."

Sharpay looked around at the twenty different girls, varying in height, shape and colour, each one as excited as the last, except one girl that Sharpay knew from the very beginning, Gabriella Montez. Being the producer, Sharpay was one of the few people to choose who was entering the show and, as soon as Gabriella's picture came up with her details, Sharpay had put a big, red tick next to her name. She didn't know why she had been so optimistic straight away but, seeing her now, knew that Gabriella was different, maybe the different Troy wanted because Troy and Sharpay were close; like brother and sister and finding the perfect girl for him was just as important to her as it was to Troy.

"Thank you all for your questions, if you have any queries then please, don't hesitate to ask." Sharpay continued, "oh, and on our way to the bedrooms, I'll be showing you the Confession Camera where you'll be able to vent out your thoughts and feelings, you are required to go in there, at least, twice a week." Sharpay took another glance around the room, seeing heads nod quickly, before adding, "great, well, follow me then ladies."

Troy sighed heavily and collapsed onto the bed that would be his for the next few months. Closing his eyes, Troy let out a heavy groan, already feeling tired from his plane journey and nervous for the up-coming day. Here he was, a young, newly twenty-six year old man who had an amazing job that paid extremely well and one that he loved, worried to meet twenty girls who were apparently very beautiful and only one of those girls would be left, more importantly they would become his wife. This wasn't exactly how he planned to meet his future wife, in fact, he wasn't planning this at all. In his head, he pictured meeting the girl of his dreams in a movie like style; bumping into them in the middle of the street, eyes meet and they instantly fall in love, however, as soon as he turned twenty-five, the pressure from his mother to get married was overwhelming and, after, six months of persuading, Troy finally gave in to become the bachelor on The Reality of Love, a show that, luckily, one of his best friends were working on; Sharpay Evans.

"Why am I doing this?" Troy asked himself out loud, "why, why, why am I doing this?"

"Because your mother says so." Troy shot up to see the familiar flash of blonde walk through his door. "The girls are here." Sharpay stated and Troy let out a loud, puff of air. "Excited?"

"More...nervous." Troy replied hesitantly, running a hand through his hair, "I just don't know what to expect really, what are the girls like? Are they scary?"

"They're fine." Sharpay giggled behind her hand, "don't panic, you'll be absolutely fine and anyway, Ryan will be showing up a lot too as he's the shows host so you won't be on your own that much. Plus, you'll be spending so much time with these women that you're sure to hit it off with someone, even if it's not romantic."

"I hate my mother." Troy groaned, rubbing his face with his hands. "I can't believe she's making me do this."

"Well, you know what they say, Troy," Sharpay smirked, "life is a bitch." Troy let out a louder groan, making Sharpay roll her eyes before sitting on the end of the bed next to him, "look, don't see this as a task, see it experience."

"Life experience? How is this- you know what, I can't even be bothered to listen." Troy chewed on his lip slightly before saying, "So, I'll be meeting them when they come through the door?"

"Yes, that's right." Sharpay nodded, "although, being the most amazing best friend in the world," she paused as she pulled out a small file, "these are all the pictures of the girls that could possibly be your future wife. They haven't got names on them because I wasn't able to print them onto the picture, plus it would have looked too suspicious if I did that."

"Least I'll be able to check out what they look like." Troy grinned, "thanks, Shar. I know this isn't apart of your job."

"Hey, best friends first, right?"

"You're are definitely awesome." Troy chuckled, opening up the file but stopped abruptly, "oh yeah, Chad said something about make-up...I'm not wearing any...right?"


"Sharpay." Troy warned in a low voice.

"Look," Sharpay giggled, "you might need a little bit for the cameras but it's not like you're wearing the full thing. No foundation, no blusher, maybe just a bit of powder, nothing more. Hey, don't hit me!" She exclaimed, slapping his arm playfully. "Most of the make-up is on the girls, okay? And, lighten up a bit, will you? You're about to meet your future wife soon!"

"Oh, God!" Troy fell back on his bed, his hands coming up to rub his temples in a circular motion. "This better be worth it. Man, this better be worth it...what if I don't find love?"

"It's not compulsory that you marry them, Troy." Sharpay explained, "it's just apart of the show but we hope you will; especially your mother. We want you to find love, we want them to find love but whether or not it will happen," she shrugged, "we just don't know that part."

"How long till I need to be ready?"

"You've still got a couple of hours left or so, someone will come get you in plenty of time, don't worry." Sharpay informed him softly, "well, I better go, I need to send some contracts around and make sure those girls have everything they need." She rolled her eyes, standing up to walk to the door. "See you later, Troy."

"Bye, Shar."

"Oh, and Troy?" Sharpay asked, pausing at the door and turning round to face Troy who had returned back to the file. Once he looked up, she sent him a wide, bubbly grin and said, "welcome to The Reality of Love."