Title: Torture

Ship: Chloe/Oliver (Chlollie)

Rating: T? for mature subject matter I guess.

Summary: She's doing this on purpose. Chloe is driving Oliver insane.

A/N: Ficlet, short and very briefly don right before I had to go to work. Hope u like even though the ending is a bit abrupt. Set shortly after Persuasion, with spoilers for Warrior.

Disclaimer: Not my sandbox, I just get to play in it.


She's doing this on purpose.

Oliver drummed his fingers on the tabletop of the desk staring at Chloe as she paced back and forth, hand to her earpiece, talking to Clark.

"Clark, I know, but burning down the towers? Couldn't you have done something, I dunno, a little more Country and a little less Rock n Roll?" she sigh and rubbed her temples listening to Clark's response.

It wasn't that Oliver wasn't used to sexy women. Quite the opposite in fact, they were the norm for him. It was that most of said sexy women were usually, a little easier to handle. After all most of them were generally trying to seduce him so there was generally very little will power involved on his part.

Low cut shirts? No problem. Tiny skirts? Been there, done that. Visible Bras? Don't make me laugh.

But of course Chloe Sullivan won't be caught dead in anything indecent.

Noooo. No instead she parades around in those damn Fuck Me Heels.

Obviously Chloe being half the height of most of the men she worked with had taken to wearing high heels on a regular basis. Again, no big deal; it was just that she decided that she had to wear the green peep-toes with unnaturally high heels.

I think she's trying to kill me. His eyes followed the line of her calves up to where it disappeared under her skirt.

Damn don't even get me started on the skirts.

Even when Lois was up to something, she had the decency to be obvious about it. Short skirt equals sex tonight. Simple and to the point.

But Chloe? God forbid.The damn girl walks in with nothing above the knee and you think you're safe but then she turns around and BAM! There's the slit. Right up to the top of her thigh.

Like "Well Helloo Mr. Queen! Like what you see? Hmm? Oh well! You can't have it!"

"I know, I know, I'm looking" Chloe's voice cut sharply into his thoughts "Well it looks like the Planet is running with the story of some sort of inner combustion problem. 'Faulty engineering lead to the explosion of several of the heating pipes on the inside of two rather highly anticipated towers built by Luthorcorp'," she recited leaning against the side of the monitor then frowned when it suddenly went blank. "Hold on Clark, there's something wrong with the monitor."

And then to Oliver's eternal horror she leaned over behind the wiring of the screen reaching for a wire that had come unplugged.

Oliver failed silently nearly falling off his chair.

Green Panties. The woman is wearing LACY GREEN SEE-THROUGH PANTIES.

She IS trying to KILL ME.

Straightening Chloe turned around to face him, "Hey, Mr. Superhero, I can't reach the wire, wanna give a girl a hand?"

Standing up Oliver focused on making sure his knees didn't buckle and send him toppling to the ground.


"Uhh… yeah, yeah sure." Chloe cocked an eyebrow, clueless to the damage she had just done.

"It's the blue one," she offered, pointing.


As Oliver bent over Chloe smiled and titled her head.

Theeere it is.

She grinned, staring at his lovely derrière.

"Which blue one? There are hundreds of blue wires down here!"

"Oh the little blue one," she bent over sticking her head in next to his and letting her legs brush briefly up against his, "that one, there you go"

"Thanks", She smiled at him as he plugged it in, this time shifting closer so her butt was flush with his right leg.


Oh dear God.


Oliver flailed as he hastily tried to remove himself from behind her, tripping over his own feet and land on his butt behind her.

Chloe turned around with a small smile, "You ok?"

No. Actually I haven't been okay for a while. Thanks to you and your damn 'clothing'.

"Yeah, fine."

"You sure?"

No, but you know what might help? If I could rip that damn skirt off you right now. That would make it all better.

"No, I'm good, no worries"

"That looked like it hurt", she said offering a hand to help him up.

Shut up!

"Really, I'm fine."


It's going to be a long day.

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