Title: (Sweet) Torture

Ship: Chloe/Oliver (Chlollie)

Rating: T

Summary: Follow up to Torture. Chloe is making Oliver loose his mind.

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But I do have to warn you that I am planning a multi-chapter version on my take of Escape, so I dunno what will happen with this little monster. I think only 1 more chappie after this one, but don't worry it will be long. This really just to tide you over till then and thank you for all the lovely reviews

Oliver Queen was confused.

No scratch that. Oliver Queen was FREAKING OUT.

A week ago he would have considered himself in charge. He had instigated the 'situation' the night she came home to Watchtower. He had invited her to shoot his arrow (in every possible sense of the word) to 'blow some steam'. He had towered over her, 'readjusting' her stance, lingering for an inappropriately long period of time.

Unfortunately they never really got past the actual archery lesson, because something happened, as something always does. Just as he was about to make his move one of the monitors had lit up with a ping and Chloe had raced across the room to respond.

Cock-blocked by a machine. Great.

Apparently a bug Chloe had planted in Tess' computer had finally done its job and for the next 6 hours Chloe planted herself in front of her computer pouring over documents. Oliver had finally woken up around 8am the next day to find a sticky note on the coffee maker that occupied a lonely corner in the little nook that served as a kitchen.

Meeting with Emil. Help yourself to whatever's in the mini-fridge.

He found his mind wandering in the middle of yoga.

Maybe, this isn't a good idea.

Maybe she's not ready. Her ex-husband just died.

And I dated her cousin. Hell I loved her cousin. She watched me get over her cousin.

Oh God. She watched me mope. MOPE.

It was then that he came to the conclusion that he was in fact royally screwed.

Forget the fact that she has my social security number on file, she's seen me MOPE.

Oliver Queen doesn't mope. Not in front of the women he wants to seduce.

Lois hadn't even seen him mope. Lois had seen him drunk, hell most of the women he'd slept with had seen him drunk, but none of them had ever seen him pine and sulk and brood and mope for months on end, even after coming back from his tequila-infused-suicide-extravaganza.

Real manly Queen. Yeah she'll wanna sleep with you after seeing that. Sure.

Now he was sitting next to her at the bar of their favorite Japanese restaurant, watching her laugh as the regular chef, Haru, tossed a bowl of rice above his head as if it was a pancake.

He remembered being a bit shocked after the first couple times they hung out, with or without John. It seemed so normal, so natural. So teamly.

Ok so that's not a word, but whatever.

Now it was just something he expected, either out or at Watchtower, as long as they were together, working or not, they made time to sit and eat. Which was why when Clark called delaying said regular outing he was slightly peeved.

Stupid Clark.

Chloe smiled and laughed again as the waitress took their order and then his and proceeded to yell it to the chef and who then yelled it back to the waitress, who then accompanied by the entire wait staff of the restaurant yelled one last time back to the chef. In Japanese. (Despite the fact that the restaurant couldn't possibly be more than a quarter of the size of his apartment.)

It was one of Chloe's favorite places to eat but it certainly wasn't quiet. Her eyes danced with mirth as she watched the people around her. He wasn't sure when he'd realized it, especially because it's really basic logic, but being alone in that Tower was killing her slowly. Chloe needed people. Everyone needs people. That should be obvious, and he should have taken better care of her after all she'd done for him but maybe because she always pretended to be fine, to be totally in charge he just never thought he needed to be there. He knew it was better late than never but he found himself wondering from time to time about the damage that had been done to her over the past 6 months.

He wasn't even sure what he'd been talking about last week in the Tower, all he knew was that he was frustrated and sick and tierd of the Lois and Clark Train that seemed to have taken over his life for such a long time. He hadn't even defined the terms of his "fun" in his own head when he'd made the suggestion.

Is that even an option?

"She's back" said Chloe interrupting his thoughts, as the little elderly owner refilled his green tea for the 6th time in 5 minutes.

"More tea, Mr. Queen? Yes?"

Yeah sure. It tastes like you dipped a fish in a glass of luke-warm water, but sure, filler'up.

"Thank you Thanks so Mrs. Tora," was all he said though.

But the damn woman wouldn't leave. "Tell you all the time Mr. Queen call me Yurie! Drink! Drink! It's good for you! Handsome man like you needs his strength! Lots of activity to do, yes?" she said wagging her eyebrows suggestively at him and moving a bit too far into his personal bubble for him to be entirely comfortable.

"Thank you, Yurie" he said taking a deep gulp of the light yellow liquid.

Just drink the damn tea, and maybe she won't try to remove your clothing.

Suddenly someone yelled something for the kitchen and Mrs. Tora took off like a gun yelling back and waving her hand in the air as she retreated behind the counter.

Oliver let out a sigh of relief just as Chloe burst out laughing.

"Oh she wants you, Mr. Queen," she said wagging her eyebrows suggestively as Mrs. Tora had.

What the hell are you playing at?

"Yes thank you so much for your support. Couldn't you have asked for tea or something? Get the damn woman off my back?"

Under the table her leg brush his. Oliver froze.

It's just a leg, Queen. You've dealt with legs before. You know the two stick-like things that pop out of the hips? Pull it together.

"No, I think I prefer to watch you suffer. It's really amazing how someone who regularly saves the world while running a billion-dollar empire is afraid to say no to a little old lady. Oh! Maybe next time I'll mention you're single too."

Her leg moved away as she shifted her position looking for Mrs. Tora over the crowd. Oliver relaxed allowing his brain to come up with a retort.

"Forget Zod, you're the evil one here," he replied as Haru set their order of Kimchi Udon Noddles down in front of them.

Oliver ate off her plate regularly, something he noticed she wasn't entirely used to but didn't fight him on. Eventually it just reached the point that they just ordered a bunch of stuff and shared. Normally this was something her enjoyed but now it gave her an excuse to get unfortunately close to him. Or rather her damn legs to get close to him again. She leaned back slightly in her chair reaching for the soy sauce across the counter.


Oh NO.

Because of the angle her leg had slid up his, gently brushing the inside of his thigh as she reached for the bottle.


Not good.

Move. MOVE.

She'd taken off her heels for better access and her foot now continued it's track, it's path obvious.

She is SO doing this on purpose.

Oliver couldn't see her face but her intent was clear.

HERE? In the middle of a restaurant??

Not that he wasn't guilty of plenty of more scandalous escapes himself, but he wasn't the one doing it this time, she was.

Chloe Sullivan doesn't seduce men in public venues. Does she?

Her foot slid higher.

No time to think about it, move it or loose it Queen.

Pushing back from the bar Oliver managed to wiggle far enough out of his seat to get a descent enough space between himself and her damn foot.

"Haru? Do you mind passing the-- yeah, thanks!" she said pulling back into her normal position. Trying right himself in time to keep her from suspecting anything he pulled himself back to the bar with a jerk but ended up tipping his chair over instead.

He found himself face first on the ground, facing a rather startled Mrs. Tora, whom he'd had the fantastic luck of landing on top of.

"Mr. Queen!" she said, sounding absolutely delighted.

Oh no…

Luckily the entire restaurant rushed to his aid lifting him off the floor and apologizing profusely for the 'flimsy' bar stools.

This is the second time today that woman has landed me on the ground.

He glanced over his shoulder to see her trying to control her laughter. She met his gaze and sputtered unable to control herself any longer.

She's laughing at me.

She—Oh Hell No.

This means war.


ok so I know that wasn't as delicious as u would have hoped but don't worry it'll get dirty by the next chapter. *wags eyebrows a la Mrs. Tora* I just didn't have a plan for this so I'm just spitting it out as I go.

Also I felt I had to explore Oliver a bit more this chappie but I'm not sure it turned out quite right. Oh well it's 1:30 so I'm beyond gcaring at this point, lol.

On a side note the resataurant is based off a place I went last night. If you'r ein Vancouver for the Olympics or whatever you should definitely check it out, it's called Guu. Google it, there are at least 4 of them in the city. The yelling thing is something they actually do (to my eternal delight ) and the chefs do make the food in front of you, but Mrs. Tora is a creation of my ridiculous imagination.

Also I rather love green tea, but I kind of thought, despite all his "zeness" Oliver might not. I dunno the character seem a little OOC in this chappie anyways so whatever.

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