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Ten months later in Berlin, Germany.

Father Viktor Krauste walked up the front steps of the orphanage silently. It had been two days since the owner of the orphanage Fräulein Gretchen had told him about the two mutants who were hiding out there.

Two days since Father Viktor had agreed to take them in.

Father Viktor knocked on the door silently. "Hello," he said to Fräulein Gretchen when she answered the door a few seconds later. "Where are they?"

"They're upstairs," Fräulein Gretchen said. "Come in, come in."

Father Viktor stepped over the threshold of the orphanage and the sound of children playing happily flooded his ears.

"Quiet down!" Fräulein Gretchen shouted to the children. "There are children sleeping upstairs."

Father Viktor followed Fräulein Gretchen up the carpeted stairs and down a long hallway. Then they entered a tiny room that was equipped with only a twin bed, a dresser, and a small crib.

Father Viktor stared at the mutant girl who sat on the floor silently. He took in her appearance -- the scales, the blood-red eyes, and the large, leathery, dragon-like wings.

"I thought you said she was normal-looking," Father Viktor said, looking at Fräulein Gretchen.

"Show him the trick your watch can do," Fräulein Gretchen told the girl.

The girl stood up and pressed a button on her bright red sports watch. Then suddenly she was almost normal-looking, and the only unusual thing about her that was visible were her wings.

"I have a harness for my wings," the girl said. "No one will be able to see them as long as I wear it."

Father Viktor frowned at her crude German. "What is your name?" he asked the girl.

"Kiara," the girl said simply.

"And where is the other mutant?" Father Viktor asked her.

"My daughter," Kiara said, wandering over to the crib in the corner of the room, "is here." She picked up a tiny bundle wrapped in a pink blanket, and held onto it carefully.

"Your daughter?" Father Viktor repeated.

"Yes," Kiara said, looking up at him. "Her father is a mutant who lives in America."

"I see," Father Viktor said, sighing. "Well, then, you and your daughter may come live with me. You will wear that watch and look normal at all times --"

"I can't wear it forever," Kiara said. "I'll outgrow it eventually. The hologram, I mean."

Father Viktor sighed. "I can accept that," he said. "You will work for me for food, shelter, and clothing. You will receive no pay and my wife will help to raise your daughter."

"That's fine," Kiara said, nodding.

"Good," Father Viktor said. "I'll give a moment to gather your things." He turned and started to leave the room. Then he paused and turned back to the girl. "Your daughter -- what do you call her?"

Kiara looked down and smiled at the tiny bundle in her arms. "Mischa Wagner," she whispered.


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