Sometimes you think that people are always going to be there for you forever.

"So how was your day at school?" asked my best friend. "It was like any other day and why must you always ask me this question? My best friend responded. "I like to know what is happening to you in school and I'm not like you. I care what people have to say." I was responding.

"Well sorry but I don't feel like listening to your problems all the time. I mean you have so many of them! Really!" she stated.

"Well I am sorry for caring about you! Next time I won't ask you. Gosh!" I remarked.

The next morning she woke up and was getting ready for school. As she went to school she was wondering the strangest thing. She asked herself, why does the new guy look so...remarkable?"Well class I would love to tell you about our new student. His name is Gerard. Please class makes him feel as if he is welcome and already one of us." The teacher points to were the seat next to me is open and tells me to help him on the assignment.

"Hello, I'm Gerard. Who are you?"Gerard asked me in a shy voice. I respond in a clear, nevous, voice,"Hey. My name is Christy. Well we are support to write a hinder word essay about what love is and how it starts." "I think I can find this assignment very easy."He said in a strange voice.

I start to write; well I believe that love is just an expression that two people can have. As I glance next to myself I see that he is looking at what I am writing down and onto my paper. Yet I pretend like it didn't bother me.

As I hear the bell ring for lunch Gerard asked me if he could sit with me and get to know me better and so I could get to know him. I responded with a yes of course. DA! "So what do you like to do for fun?'' I asked. "Well actually I would like to ask you out on a date if that are ok with you? If it bothers you or if you find it unconvertible then that fine." He asked me in a small voice. " I would just love torso would you like to pick me up around...say...2:00 pm that sound good to you or...?" I started to stutter. "That's sounding very hardcore!"

So the next morning I am waiting outside and my befriend asks me, "why are you all dressed up?" I responded with, "I am going on a date with a cute guy at school that I met. Why do you want to know?" She said, "no reason."

"Hey Gerard." "Sup Christy." "Nothing. What about you?" "I am just looking at a really hot girl." "Nice to know."

So we walk into the restaurant and we sat a table. So get to know each other a bit and Gerard asks me, "Would you like to be my girlfriend?"I said,"Yes!I would love to." Later that day at around 4:30 I see Gerard in his car with an unknown girl. But I seem to think that that was my best friend. Yet it turns out it is. So I go up to the car and I tell Gerard why you didn't tell me you knew my best friend." Yet as I get even closer to the car I knock on the window and I see Gerard kissing her. Then I knock on the window and say," what the hell are you doing with my befriend?" "It is nothing as it seems." Then would you like to explain why you lips were on here?" "I didn't do anything." "Oh did you. Well we are over!" "Wait! I can explain...I just...?"