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~Chapter 1~


Kai frowned intently at the four turtles in the center of one of the foot's many poisonous gas chambers. She stopped at the blue banded turtle, who was breathing heavy from the amount of bleeding wounds on his body made by the woman's katana.

"Now Leonardo," she hissed swiping her sword towards his throat.

He looked up at her, four parts sorrow, one part confusion.

She smiled, "I'm going to give you a choice Leonardo, two of you may walk away from here and the other two will die. Your choice."

Leo closed his eyes and let a small smile cross his face, he held back his laughter as he thought, "It's as if she expects me to save myself."

"If he says my name I will yank these chains out the floor and strangle him with them," Raph thought.

"Donatello and Michelangelo," Leo said his eyes still closed with a small smile.

Raph sighed in relief. Of course Leo wouldn't put their little brothers through anymore than he would.

"NO! LEO! RAPH!" Don and Mikey yelled as they were dragged away from their big brothers.

"Mikey, Donny, don't worry," Leo said opening his eyes to stare at them.

"Good luck you two," Raph whispered, his eyes closed and a smile similar to Leo's on his face.

"NOOOOOO!" the two youngest turtles yelled as they were pushed out the door.

Leo looked behind him and met Raph's eyes. They agreed and turned their gazes to their vanishing siblings.

"We love you both," they said in unison as the door closed, leaving the two remaining turtles sitting shell to shell.

Leo slightly cringed at the slam of the door. The last time they would see their little brothers.

"Hey Leo?" Raph asked.


"Thanks, for not choosing me."

Leo laughed once, "Oh please, if I had you'd have found a way to kill me then and there."

Raph laughed once as well, "Yeah, I would've."

Leo sighed shortly, he knew Raph would have done just that if he had chosen him. Raph would die for his family, just as he would. Choosing Raph with a limit of two would have destroyed the red banded turtle in the worst way. Five long minutes passed by, no doubt the air already filling with the toxins the foot would kill them with.



"Would you have-?"

"Yeah, I would've done the same."

Leo sighed again and stared at the white floor. The entire room was white, poisoning and binding them to the floor with heavy chains wasn't good enough, they had to blind them too? Well that was the Foot, Karai, the Shredder.

Raph shifted a bit, "Leo?"

"Yes Raph?"

"Listen, we've said a lot…in the past…"

"We've done a lot as well," Leo interrupted.

"Yeah…I just………" Raph smiled, "I'm not sorry."

Leo smiled understandingly, "Yeah, me neither."

"I love you big brother."

"I love you too little brother."

With that the white room faded to gray and then to pitch blackness.

No, they weren't sorry because they both knew that the other had forgiven them long ago and found a way to blame themselves instead.

"I'm sorry," they both thought to themselves as they faded.

They each had blamed themselves, now they had to forgive themselves to move on and they knew they could because they never blamed each other.

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