Chad with a chance of caring, improved

Setting: Everybody is getting ready for the Falls rehearsal.

The director shouts, "Action!" Chad enters and interrupts him. "Wait! I have to get a drink of water, this special mouth is thirsty." He traces his lips. "Alright but make it quick, we've got to start in 10 minutes," the director explains.

Chad leaves and comes back 15 minutes later. "What took you so long? It doesn't take that long to just get a drink of water," the director complains. "Why would I just get a drink of water, if I have a break, I should at least look at myself in the mirror, and fix my hair, duh?" he comments. The director was about to argue with him, but all he screamed was, "Get your spoiled butt to the stage."

"Be nice! I'm the best actor of my generation!" Chad wines. The director just rolls his eyes.

After Rehearsal

Portylon comes up to Chad and asks him, "Hey Chad, I need a favor, can I leave tonight's rehearsal to call my grandma, and she's in the hospital." "Why, we have a special episode to rehearse. Just send her a card or some flowers." He turns around, and Portylon runs out of the stage crying. "She seriously cries too much." He complains and leaves.

Later on

Tawny walks up to Chad and says with a sweet voice, "Hey Chad my cousin is a huge fan, can you sign an autograph for her, she seriously has not taste." She pretends to throw up. "Not with that attitude." He says back completely ignoring her.

"Come on please."


"Pretty please,"

"No, you're not special enough."

"You gave an autograph to Sonny, does that mean she's special." She starts to flutter her eyelashes.

"Maybe, but still no to you,"

"You're so annoying Chad," she stomps out. Chad needed advice, and it would be weird to ask someone like her but he really needed her now.

Chad goes to Sonny. "Hey Chad." She says cutely to him. (Chad's thoughts) Aw why does she have to be so cute, stupid cute. Chad thinks to himself out of nowhere.

"Hey Sonny, I need help." He asks back, smiling, staring into her eyes. Stupid cute, he again thinks to himself.

"Everybody keeps yelling at me. It's so annoying. I get it if they yell or get mad at you, but me, special, beautiful, handsome me." He is all of those. O my God, did I just think that what's wrong with me! Snap out of it Monroe! Sonny thinks.

"Sonny, earth to sonny, anybody there," Chad starts to wave back and forth in front of Sonny's face.

"Oh sorry," she quickly snaps out of her thoughts on Chad and starts to blush.

"Yeah back to me… I want to make people happy but my smile isn't enough I guess." He says starting to rub the back of his hair.

"Try being nice," she says in a sourly way.

"Come on; don't be mad, I've already had enough of that." He starts to make puppy dog eyes.

"Alright, who did you make mad first."

"Well it was my director, he told me to come back in 10 minutes, when I was going to get a drink, but on the way I got distracted by a mirror, and came back 15 minutes later. I was only 5 minutes late!"

"Maybe you should go apologize. You should try listening to people."

"Okay, but for the record I always listen to you."

"I wonder why?" She starts to blush and he starts to smile.

"Who else," she quickly interrupts his gazing at her.

"Well Portylon asked to call her grandma which is in a hospital during a special episode rehearsing. I said no."

"Chad! Her grandma's in the hospital be at least a little caring." She snaps.

"Alright, Ms. Bossy Pants." He snaps back.

"Hey, you asked me to help you, and I'm being nice while you're being mean to me." She says and turns around.

"Alright, I'm sorry. I only have one person left." He starts to say sweetly.

Sonny turns around and asks, "Who?"

"It's Tawny, she asked for an autograph for her little cousin. I said no."

"Really Chad, really… Wow I'm shocked, Chad Dylan Cooper not giving an autograph, do you really want that girl to not be your fan anymore."

"Of course not!" he gasps. "Thanks Sonny, you really are nice." He says sweetly.

"When did you not ever expect that?" She starts to wonder.

"Never," he says, she blushes and he quickly kisses her on the cheek and runs out of the room. Sonny just sat there smiling and blushing even more.


Chad said sorry to his director, which his director was surprised that would ever happen. He gave Portylon the whole day off to visit her grandma and he gave Tawny and autograph for her cousin. And last but not least, he sends sonny flowers, with a little note attached.

To Sonny:

Thanks for helping me,

I really appreciate it and since you're

So special here are some special

Flowers for you.


Chad Dylan Cooper.

She actually hid the flowers from her friends, to not get them suspicious but she seemed to be really happy about him caring, maybe a little more than just happy.

After Sonny hid the flowers from Chad in the closet with plenty of water, Zora was cooking up a scheme. She went to go get her catapult which she hid in Sonny's closet. It was in Sonny's closet because Sonny never went in there because Tawni wouldn't let her look at those clothes or wear them. When Zora opened the closet, she found the flowers. After reading the note, Zora gasped. She quickly ran to the Prop room where everybody was discussing sketches.

"How about one with talking bunnies." Grady said. Everybody stared at them.

"What we were brainstorming." He explained. Everybody continued back to work.

Zora runs in. "Hey Zora what-"Niko was saying but Zora interrupted him.

"She's helping the enemy!" Zora screamed pointing to Sonny.

"What? What did I do?" Sonny said looking confused.

"I saw the flowers from Chad, you helped him." Zora said continuing to point towards Sonny.

"Yea, I helped him be caring, like to give Tawni's cousin an autograph from Chad. Everybody was yelling at him so I gave him advice." She told them explaining.

"You sure, nothing else you hiding?" Zora said looking suspicious.

"No." Sonny said trying to convince them.

"Alright but I'm watching you." Zora said pointing two fingers to her eyes and back at Sonny. Sonny gulped. She had a thing with Chad, but there was nothing going on with them, or was there. Sonny needed fresh air so she wanted to leave from So Random.

"Hey guys I'm going to go out, kay?" She told her cast mates. They all nodded and went back to brainstorming. She left to go 'Thank you' for the flowers. She searched the stage, but no Chad so she went to his dressing room. She knocked but no answer.

She opened the door a little bit, and asked,

"Anybody there?" She looked but nobody so she thought to wait. Maybe I could write him a thank you note. She tried to find a pencil and there was one on his table. Now she needed paper. She found a small book at the edge of his table labeled, "Chad's Perfect Life." Trying to flip through the papers to find an empty one she found out that so many pages had her name. She went to a page with her name.

I went to Sonny for advice. How could I be asking a random for advice? Oh yea, because Sonny's a random. She is a random but she is one great girl. Her cute laugh, her cute clothes and how about that cute ringtone on her cell phone, nobody does it and so it makes it to so cute. Stupid cute,

Sonny gasped that he thought she was cute. It looked like that Chad had a thing for her too, so they could be together. She was going to read on when Chad barged in sipping a loganberry. He came in and looked at Sonny with his journal.

"WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!?! YOU CAN'T JUST BARGED INTO MY ROOM AND READ MY BOOKS!?!?" His face looked like it was going to explode and his eyes were filled with anger.

"Sorry, I was waiting for you, to thank you but I waited and you weren't there so I thought I should leave a note and I was looking for paper." She hid the fact that she had looked at his journal.

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WERE DOING! GET OUT!!!!" He pointed his finger to the door. She ran tears coming running out of his room stabbing the journal to his chest and ran out crying. Chad stood there speechless, wondering if she did anything else. He went out of his room to see Sonny running out the studio with her hands covering her eyes from crying. He felt bad but at the same time really angry. Bad for being mean to Sonny, and mad that Sonny went through his stuff. He didn't know what to do. Go apologize and or just never talk to Sonny. He knew he couldn't do the second one because…well… he loved Sonny. So he ran to go after Sonny.

Sonny was sitting on the couch in her dressing room crying burying her head in her knees that were folded up. He knocked, and Sonny wiped her tears off to open the door revealing Chad.

"I'm so sorry Chad, I didn't mean to go through your journal… it was… a…-." She stopped between crying but finally Chad stopped her by putting his finger to her lips.

"You should be sorry…" She cried more and tilted her head down, he lifted her chin up, "but I'm sorry for yelling." He smiled and she looked up at his perfect smile and hugged him but backed off acting like a weirdo. He pulled her back into the hug and she happily accepted.

"So do you really think I'm cute?" She asked giggling, and he backed off looking mad.

"YOU READ MY JOURNAL!!!" His face turned mad and Sonny buried her face in her hands wanting to run back inside her dressing room. But Chad grabbed her arm and made her open her eyes.

"Yes… I think you're cute… and it's stupid… because you would never like a conceited, arrogant jerk like me… I'm so annoying and-." This time Sonny brought her finger to his lips and smiled.

"You are conceited and arrogant… but you can be caring, sweet and funny sometimes, and that's why I liked you." She giggled.


"In a cute way," she reassured him and laughed.

"That's better, and will you go out with the best actor of our generation?" He smiled at her. She cupped her hands to her face.


"Oh you did not just go there!" He laughed and tickled her.

"S..t..o..p..I'm…ticklish…please…s…t…o…p." He stopped tickling her and she giggled.

"So what about it?" He asked her.

"Yes, I'll go out with the… SOMEWHAT… best actor of our generation." She giggled.

"That's it! I'll tickle you." He threatened, but didn't let her respond and tickled her.

"Alright… you're… the…" She was going to continue but Chad continued to tickle her.


"Best…….JERK!" He tickled her harder.

"SAY IT!" He yelled and she grunted.

"YOU'RE THE BEST ACTOR OF OUR GENERATION!" She finally confessed and he let her go.

"Meet you at your apartment at 7 tomorrow." He did his signature point-and-shoot at Sonny, she sighed and he laughed. But little did they know that Zora had been watching the whole time and was not happy.

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