Chapter 8- Departure

The next day, Snape and Miss Hardbroom found lots of disgusting jobs for Ethel and Malfoy to do in the potions classroom. Meanwhile, Mildred, Harry, Merlin and all their friends were making the most of the remaing couple of days before they returned to Cackle's.

Mildred, Maud, Enid, Ron and Hermione had visited Harry's owl, Hedwig, and the other owls in the owlery. Now, they were all in the Cackle's rooms, Tabby and the others' black cats playing with Hermione's ginger cat, crookshanks. Miss Hardbroom did not normally approve of non-Hogwarts students being in the Cackle's rooms, especially boys. But that wasn't a problem at the moment, as Miss Hardbroom was with Snape, supervising Ethel and Malfoy's punishment.

"Mildred Hubble," said Miss Drill. "You might attract trouble, but you do have the knack of saving the day!"

"Meow," said Tabby, wrapping himself around Mildred.

"Your cat agrees," said Miss Bat.

"I think so," said Mildred.

"Meow!" Tabby looked at her.

"All right, defiantly" Mildred laughed.

"That cat knows what he's talking about." said Fenny.

"Yeah, agreed Gris. "I've never seen anyone get out of trouble with HB so many times!"

When it came time to leave, everyone assembled in the courtyard, to say their goodbyes. Mildred knew she would almost certainly see Merlin and Charlie again; Cackle's often did things with Camelot College. But she was not so sure about her new Hogwarts friends. "I hope we get to see them again." Said Maud.

"Maybe they can visit Cackle's." suggested Mildred.

"Yeah!" agreed Enid. "That would be awesome!"

"HB would probably not approve." Said Maud. "She doesn't like the wizards visiting as it is!"

"Don't be so sure about that," said Miss Hardbroom, not unkindly, as she appeared from nowhere. "You may yet get to see them again!" she vanished.

"She wants to see Snape again!" said Enid.

"I heard that, Enid Nightshade!" said Miss Hardbroom's voice from nowhere. Mildred, Maud and Enid supressed a fit of the giggles.

"Proudly on our brooms we fly, girls!" said Miss Cackle. "Up, up, and away!" they flew into the sky, leaving Hogwarts castle glowing in the afternoon sun.