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Devin POV

It's been like 2 years since that day.

I woke up in my room when the sun light hit my eye's. I remember when Danielle went with Scooter and the band. We still stay in contact but she rarely visits. I was in my room getting ready for school.

"What a sleepless night" I said. I didn't sleep at all last night. I just felt wide awake when I went to bed. Well there's school today and it's my 3 year and school. I got out of bed and started to get ready.

When I went down stairs I saw Gaby the eating breakfast there as usual. " Hey" I said. " well how'd you been" She said. " fine" I replied. I sat down and ate." well it's been like 2 years since the day we went with that crazy stunt right" I froze. She was right. She saw me froze and said "are you all right." " yeah I'm fine" I said. " Well lets go before we miss the school bus.

We left the house and walk to the bus stop. " Hey, Dev" She said. " what" I said. " Well do you think they'll come back" Gaby said." How should I know" I said "It's not like there come. There like a chance if Danielle comes and visit" I said. " Well do you think she'll come" she said. " I don't know" I replied. Then the bus came. We went on and sat in the middle row. " Hey" a girls said to her friend. " yeah whats up" the friend said. " I herd that the 5 Leo Rise is coming to town". the girl said. Now that got my attention.

" I never herd that there coming to play for the concert." the friend said. I notice that Gaby was listening too. " There not that's what surprise me. There here to visit someone." the girls said. Now then I froze so did Gaby.'Could it be possible, no it couldn't' I thought." They said that it was a surprise visit" the girls said.

" I'll tell you every thing in homeroom were at school" the girls said. We got off the bus. That conversation we eavesdropped on was still in my head going crazy. Then Gaby broke the silence." hey dev do you think it true that there coming" gaby said. She sounded surprised. " Well anyone could of made that up let not get are hopes up. We went inside the school. We went to our lockers witch are near each other. We grabbed out binder and fled to the meeting room were we do our meeting.

Kira was still the president off the school. ( Is that what she is )" well come everyone for Monday's meeting" Kira said. She babbled on about something about decorating. My mind was some were else. ' Are they really coming' ' Is Danielle visiting or what '? I thought. "Well what do you guys think the prom theme should be" Kira said. ' were having a prom when " I thought

" Hey gabs when is the prom" I asked Gaby." You weren't listening right" " Thinking about what those girls said" Gabs said." yeah" I said " so when is it " I said " In 2 weeks " she said " ok " I said.

We exit the meeting and went to our class room. When we got there the homeroom teacher was there already.'wow' I thought ' she's never this early' We still had like 10 before classes start. Great gym first block what a day. So I decided to talk to Gabs. " hey gabs." I said " hm" she said. " well why is the homeroom teacher here so early. She rarely comes to see if everyone is in the class or even in school. " Well maybe she has something important to say." yeah" I said.

In about ten minutes every one was in the class." hey dev, gaby" said Lincoln " hey " we both said at the same time " I herd that they're come back but not to play isn't that suspicious" he said " Well we guess" we said together again.

Then the teacher got our attention by this big bang which almost broke by ear drum. " Listen up " she said " I'm Mrs. Bunner" she said " I have an announcement and I will say this one. " get it got it good" said. ' wow touchy ' I thought " We'll be having transfer student " she said " I think 5 if that's correct" Mrs. B said

OMG are school rarely get new student. One once in awhile BUT 5 wow. The whole class was shocked. " Wow 5 new student's " I said " yeah 5 hope there boy's " Gabs said. Then the bell rung. We got up and went to our next class gym. I think this class is Adventure section now. Yeah love that section. Gaby and I have all the same classes too. So lets got to gym.

Everyones pov

So we changed and entered the gym. After we did the warm up run and stretches the teacher or captain as i should say called us over. " all right " he said " now we would have a little competition you all will do the competition that you draw. So we all draw our competition. I was shocked as hell. " OMG I got climbing ropes" Devin said. " So do I " Gaby said and also every one else.

" Well I thought we would all have a little competition of climbing rope." the captain said. " As you can see you will have a number in the left corner. ' great round 1' I thought. I looked over at gabs and saw she's round 2. 'so were in different rounds' I thought. " As you can see those are your rounds so let have round one.

I walked up and there were like 20 ropes down and hanging right now. So 20 people were at each group. " I can do this " Devin said. " You can do it " I heard people say even my friends. We practice some couple of times.

I climb to the middle of the rope a couple of time. I would say I was good and fast if I say so my self. " Alright practice time is over" the captain said. " lets get into position. Oh did I mention we had to run to the ropes.

I was scared or nervous as hell. " ON YOUR MARKS GET SET GO!" the teacher said. We all sprinted off. all the contestants can here people rutting for them. I also her my friend saying "' You can do this DEVIN"'. I grabbed onto the rope and started climbing. There was someone in front of me and not to in front.

I pushed my self and was pacing my self to her pace. We were climbing and the same rate. ' Faster, Faster, Faster' I said. I went faster and rang the bell first. I got first place and slid down all the way. My friend were there to congregate me when I got down. I was really tired.

" Nice job dev" said my friends. " You did well" Gabs said.

Time skip

No ones pov

So school ended we were getting our things and heading towards the buses. " Hey dev we have aof home don't we" Gaby said " Yeah. Are the teachs trying to kill us or what" I said ( devin). " Well you do have a point" Gabs said. We got on the our bus.

They were talking about them again. You know who I'm talking about right. You guessed it the 5 leo rise coming back her to visit. It's been bugging me all day. " hey gabs lets listen what they have to say about the 5 leo rise coming into town." I said ( devin) "yeah I was wondering what peoples been thinking about" Gaby said.

So we listen " Hey Tristien did you hear that 5 leo rise is coming into our town. OUR TOWN" The girl said. " yeah I heard I hope we get to meet them again" The girl name tristien said. " I do hope we see them after 2 years." the girls said.

I hope I would hope to see Ritchie again. Also I could tell by the face Gaby was showing she wanted to see Mason again. This was out stop so we went off the bus into the house. When I was walking up the Driveway I saw this car. " Hey Gabs who car is this" I said ( devin) " I don't know who it is " I said ( Gaby).

We both walked into the house. When we entered we saw no one. " hey no one's here so how owned the car" Devin said. " I don't know it not like I know the person" Gabs said. " hey let get a drink in the kitchen" I said ( devin) " alright " said gabs

When we entered the kitchen we both froze we saw something we could never imagine.

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