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Devin pov

We entered the kitchen our jaw dropped it was my parents. (AN: YOU THOUGHT WHO IT WAS BUT YOUR WRONG HA HA HA )

They were supposed to be like away for another 5 days on the mystery murder game. They must of gave up.

" Hey dad, mum what are you doing here" I said with a surprised voice. I was a little sad that there back. I liked it when I was alone.

" What a surprise to see you " said gabby. She had shock written all over her face.

" Well the case was very tough we caught the murderer right in front of our eye's it was quite surprising.

You wouldn't even guess who it was." said my mom. " It was the daughter of the guy who was murdered, who would of knew" my dad said.

" Wow" I said as I tried to so excited as in TRIED.

" well were going to my room " I said to my parents. " Well work on your homework them " my mom said

We went up stairs and went strait to my room. We both know what we wanted to talk about

what's going to happen tomorrow when the new students arrived.

I almost forgot we didn't tell you one thing the vice principle came to talk to us and said that

the new students had asked us to show them around the school. Its like

they know who we are. I had no idea who they were it couldn't be ….. no….. theres no such way it could be them.

You know what I'm saying, of course you do.

I hope that? " Well Gabbie lets get stait to the buissness " I said to her in the most serious tone I could ever have in my life you know.

" Okay so you know what the vice principle had wanted from us.

Those people talked like they actually wanted us to show them like they were so excited to have those

new student at this high school which is like a death trap to me." I said " It's like who would want to come here.

This school is already as worst than it is" I said I hada scowel on my face.

We had fan girls funning around this crap school for the past year.

There was this new kid who was extremley hot and sweet and also... WHOA

Im gettin way to carried awayhere. So he was carming and the girls where drooling over him. They were like wild cats scurring around.

" This is actually suspicious. Why would they ask us to show them around? It's like them wanted

us to show them around the school." Gabbie said. She right. In awanted us to show them around.

Here let me explain the new kids ask some person they know to show them around. Like I know anyone thats coming to

school. No cousins called saying there transfering to our school.

" So there could be one possiblity that those ' new kids' know us, do you think it them Gabbie. " The 5 leo rise "

I ask her in a worried be no way it could be them. Could there?

" hey Devon why don't I sleep over and well talk about it later lets just do our home worke

before we forget about that essay." said Gabbie she was right why dont we start on that know.

" Hey let me ask my mom about you stayin over so we can work together on that essay." I said

We go to the same school so it be fine.


'' so you think were ready to leave " said some one

" I dont know what about tomorrow, I don't like alot of attention

it gets me nervous and all you know man " the 2nd person said

" We'll just have to wait and see can for tomorrow dude" said the 1st person

" why can't It be tomorrow now" said the 2nd person



Devon's (pov) (Point of veiw)

I woke up to see Gabbie on the air mattress that was on the ground. Yeah we had one of those sleep overs.

No we didn't stay up late that night. Why? Because it's a school night want 8 hours of sleep.

( AN For those who don't get 8 hours of sleep GET THEM )

Gabbie woke up right know so we better get ready.

" Hey lets go we have to see those new students today" I said.

" yeah, yeah I'm comin " said Gabbie. So after we went to the bathroom and change we went down stairs.

When we got there my mom was already making breakfeast. " hey good morning " She said

" good morning " We both said back.

We ate quickly as we can. We were so excited to see who were those mysterious people.

When we finish we put the plates away and walked to school.

" Hey Devon arn't you excited to see those people who are making such a comotion around school" Gabbie said.

" Can't wait it been driving me crazy, insain" I said. It was true I just couldn't stop thinking about them.

They wouldn't get out of this damn head on mine.

Then we saw Lincoln walking up to us." Hey " he said

sayin little words I see again. " so " i said

" Can't wait can you" said Lincoln. He's on my nerves already.

" No " I siply said. " so where on one word bases I see " he had said

" No" I said again. Damn one word he cought me. " Yeah I see" he said I growled at him.

" Hey calm down we need no fight " Gabbie said braking us up.

" so who do you think those lame new kids are" Lincoln said. "hey how do you know if there lame" I said to him

" I just do" he said back. " Didn't I say no fighting you guys are you even listening to me." Gabbie said

" yeah were listening to you anyway he said it " I said

" No I didn't" He said

" Yes you did

" No "

" Yes "

"NO "

" YES "

" STOP IT " Gabbie screamed. Wow didn't know she could.

" Alright we'll stop" I said


(Devon pov)

Well we arrived at school and headed to the aditorium for the introduction for the new students.

We were all so excited to see who they were.

People were sayin like " hope there guys " " Hot one while your at it " " They must be special since there being introduce to everyone"

Know that one hit me. There showing the new student who they where to everyone.

They don't usually do that.

" Okay everyone settle down you all must be wondering who they marvalous student are. " the Principle said

"They came from LA." the principle said again. 'LA' you say

" Okay you can come out " he said agian

The girls broke out screaming. I couldn't beleve that 2 OF the 5 leo rise was her at are school.

The girls almost broke my ear drum. There was Ritchie and Mason at the middle of the stage. They were

looking for some thing . Then there eyes landed on us. ME and GABBIE.

They started to walke to the mike the first thing that said was " Hey Gabbie and Devon "

I almost fainted on the spot. Are they kidding my now will be eated by the fans.

I could see glare already looking at me. I gulped. Well good look on this year Devon .

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