Greetings TTI Readers!

No, you're not seeing things, it's a message from yours truly! It has been several years since I finished writing Take the Ice and I've missed spending time with Hockeyward and Skaterella. I'm not sure if it's a result of playoff season or what, but recently Hockeyward started talking to me again, totally out of the blue! How would you like to see a little bit more? I have three EPOV outtakes already written, one in the works, and at least one more plotted in my head. If you want to read, make sure to hit follow on the original story; I'll be posting them as additional chapters in the near future!

Thanks again for reading and all your continued support!


P.S. If there's anything you want to see, feel free to drop me a review or PM. I'm having fun playing with these guys again and am open to any ideas you may have!