Chapter one. He's back.

Deep in the core of the planet of the dragons an evil was beginning to awaken after a year of slumber. The spell that sealed him was growing weak under his malice as the purple crystal encasing him started to crack. Without warning his murderous yellow eyes flew open and a whole corner of the crystal exploded sending shards everywhere.

The purple dragon known as Malefor lifted his great head and roared in rage. He flew to the nearest ledge and shot a ball of orange energy at it an two big trolls with clubs for hands emerged from the wall. Like puppies to a master they walked up to Malefor and stood still.

"Go my minions, and find the two who defeated me. Bring them to me alive." Malefor sneered in rage.

At that the trolls dove into the earth like it was water.


Far away in a snowy region known as Dante's freezer two young dragons, one black who was Cynder, and one purple who was Spyro, where chasing one another threw a field of frozen over bones of long dead warriors. Once these things would come to life and attack you, but for an unknown reason none moved anymore. The two dragons crossed an ice bridge.

"You will never catch me at that speed my love" mocked Cynder.

"You always were the faster on but try dogging" replied Spyro as he blasted a froze tree with a fireball.

Cynder stopped as the tree fell in front of her but she was soon tackled by Spyro. "Hey no fair" she said under him. Spyro laughed as he said, "you didn't say what I can or cant do my dear."

"Well you didn't say I couldn't do this" said Cynder as she put her lips to his and entwined their tails.

Spyro closed his eyes and enjoyed her warmth. He began thinking how they got here. It was after they defeated the evil dragon Malefor and Spyro had stopped the world from ending. Spyro had suggested
they come and live here rather then return to Warfang. They wanted to be alone with each other forever.

Ever since then the two have never been happier. Spyro had built a house for them in the room where the ice king had been. Using dragon time it didn't take long. Every day he would spend his time making Cynder happy but it didn't take long for her to wonder why. When she asked, he told her he was making up for the sins of Malefor. He had stopped him from destroying the world but that was not all Malefor had done. He had made Cynders life miserable since the day she came out of her egg, so Spyro told her he would make the rest of it as wonderful as he could. Then Spyro came back from his memory when Cynder broke their kiss. They stared at each other for awhile but then a roar was heard.
But before they could react they felt a powerful shock and everything went black.